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  1. Had this happen to me in F3. One thing to take note of is when you are at the splash screen (start screen), check the area just above "rejoin atlas". If you don't see "ATLAS: [PVE] The Whales's Solitude" just above "Region" (whatever region type you logged out; lawless for example), you're going to have problems. I found it takes killing yourself 2-3 times to get re-synced to stop the battleye kick, and then make sure to log out in a different zone. I've also found just fast travelling to another zone and spending time there doesn't cause the kick, but as soon as I log out in F3, I have problems.
  2. Cats have to have their feet touching water in order to catch fish. I've made a couple of fishing huts (cat houses?) wherein I have either foundations or ceiling tile sitting right at or just below the water line. In the case of at the water line the normal wave action washes over their feet. It only takes 5-10 minutes (usually 5) for each cat to catch a fish.
  3. Unless I missed it, haven't seen this yet. YoHo.ahk
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