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  1. Does that mean oculus will stop launching every time I try to open atlas now?
  2. Bet you've not seen this page before. It's a pain in the ass to get to if you're not logged into the forums (it just takes you back to the main atlas page if you're not logged in). I didn't even know it actually worked until I talked to a Discord MOD. FIX THIS. The game deserves to have a cleaner global chat. I'm tired of seeing a lot of bullship. Want to fix this community? Start fixing it.
  3. Barrels need to be completely removed from this current iteration of the game. This is going to be your biggest contention point for any type of PVP player. They are just too powerful. They do way too much damage. There is no real way to mitigate barrels right now in this game. Barrels should only be able to be used from Catapults. Or placed manually and lit. They should NOT be able to be fired from cannons. Full stop. Barrels should not be able to remove a row of planks from a ship. Either make them incredibly heavy, or make the materials excessive. They are too easy to make, too light and too disposable for the amount of damage they can do to not only ships but player structures. You say you want this to be a sea focused pvp game. Barrels have made it so you can no longer leave your harbor because you're too busy trying to defend the structures it took you weeks to build and get destroyed in under 5 minutes. This is ridiculous and you need to change this if you ever hope to get any player base back into the game. Limit the number of catapults on a ship by ship type. Remove the ability for cannons to fire barrels. 0 on sloop. 1 on schooner 2 on brig 4 on galleon. Reload time on catapults on animals should be 10+ seconds.
  4. Yup. It's incredibly disappointing and such a let down that this current dev team seems to be following the same mistakes that the old team set forth. (Lack of communication, no patch notes, terrible/broken patches with no more hotfixes). It's like they don't even RESPECT their player base anymore. Which truly is a sad state of affairs.
  5. Some more food for thought: Ever since this patch was released/"hotfixed" we've lost about 80% of not only our companies playerbase, but those of our alliance as well. The seas are barren. Bases are shells of what they once were. I don't see how this can be seen as a "win" or an acceptable amount of losses after a patch that was so destructive to the community and so poorly (or at all) addressed by the developers. There has been some talk that the barrel patch was put in place in preparation for things to come. So why put these changes in now!? Why release it prematurely before the countermeasures are put in place that these changes are supposed to coincide with. This seems like such a rookie move by this point.
  6. This happens when you level them while they are stationed on something. If you put a single piece of fiber in their inventory they will move at normal speed again.
  7. I figured I would put this here instead of the Discord since it seems the dev's have gone silent in there for reasons. Reasons this game is broken right now: No updates from dev's in over a week about an explosive topic. This is a really bad look for any gaming company. Barrel Bombs are OP as fuck. There is no way to defend from them right now without spamming pillars completely everywhere. They are the new land/sea meta in a game that was by the developers own admission needing better ship pvp. Barrels fired from a boat will instantly deplank anything below a galleon from a single barrel. If you salvo barrels, its bye bye ship. Not to mention they clear a deck completely if fired from height. There's almost no ship battles happening any more due to this. Barrels on land make honeycombing completely useless. With the amount of splash damage that barrels have walls don't even really matter anymore. I'm not quite sure what the theory is behind an explosive surrounded by wood being shot safely out of a cannon by an explosive is. Either the cost per barrel needs to be increased exponentially, the weight, or the reload time needs to be increased 10 fold. They shouldn't be able to be carried at all. If they are, they should have a placement timer. IE, 5 seconds to set it down and set the fuse. This will hopefully stop/slow suicide runners. Barrels that are "thrown" on land should be destroyable the same way as a "placed" barrel. Either by melee or defusing. Right now if a barrel is thrown by hand or from a catapult and it hits land/water it is not defuseable/destroyable. Warehouses are pretty much useless. You can only place 1 effectively on an island. Doesn't matter what company. So the first person to put one down wins. They don't collect wood at all. Their gather rates are incredibly slow. They have very little gather range even though their placement range is HUGE. SOTD's are broken. They spawn frozen in place, with bright red flags and don't move and take little damage. You can sail right through them. They don't drop loot/give XP and block spawns for real SOTD's. Cannon mounts are able to get into a submarine and shoot from inside a submarine. You can also throw grenades from inside a submarine as well. The reason the community is upset is because this was an unneeded change. Barrels were introduced in Season 1 and everyone thought they were terrible then too. Barrels just need to be removed from the game until they find a proper place. What they are now is not it. Test Server... what happened to this? There have been test servers for previous seasons. This needs to be a thing that is done for any kind of major game-play mechanic change such as barrels. This completely changed the way the game was played, and it would have been more useful to find this out in a test environment before putting it on the live servers. You would have saved your community a lot of grief, and a lot of players would likely still be playing right now. The BIGGEST issue right now is the clear lack of communication from the developers. This happened the last 3 seasons. It's why people left this game in droves. And it's already happening again less than 2 months into the season.
  8. If only they had some kind of Early Access/testing phase for players to help them test out their game before actual game release.
  9. This is also happening in N6.
  10. Hello, There is a bug that if you create crews and setup certain ranks, admins are not able to click F for quick inventory access. I know its not a crew group issue because if I remove myself from admin, I am able to F into the inventory just fine. This bug is reproducible. Just create a crew, set it to rank 1 and try to quick access any inventory as an admin. You will not be able to until you remove yourself as admin.
  11. I got to level 10 and made the mistake of moving my homepoint to L12 and now I can't reconnect to the servers either. Sucks.
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