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  1. M4 server 255 ping, can't play, needs restart.
  2. Had a few suggestions to correct current issues in the game, would love to hear more player input on how we can make this game amazing, as it clearly has a TON of potential. GHOST SHIPS -Reduce speed to be slower than PROPERLY SAILED player owned ships, this pve content should pose a threat, but players wanting to escape them should be able to given the opportunity, as it stands these ships have no issue sailing against the wind at full bore, and can sail faster than player ships even with the wind. GATHERING -Gathering is a bit on the heavy side for the game to be enjoyable, hand gathering and gathering with stone tools being awful MAKES SENSE, however particularly with better tools, the gathering rates are still quite abysmal. Increase the gather rate of materials using metal tools by ~50%, increase fiber gathering rate with a sickle by ~100% (as it stands its almost worse than gathering by hand because it costs resources AND STAMINA) OR increase the amount granted by the HEAVY INVESTMENT OF SKILL POINTS to acquire increased gathering rates. IMO skill points that increase gathering should be +100/200/300% METAL -Either increase the amount of metal nodes that spawn on islands, or heavily increase the VISIBILITY of nodes, in my experience of painstakingly scouting over 10 islands I have found ONE with ample amounts of metal nodes, AND IT WAS A FREE PORT LAWLESS SPAWNS -Beds in lawless areas don't work, which is ridiculous for a few reasons, players spawning outside of free ports have virtually NO chance of getting a spawn point up before death, meaning new players will be forced to either spawn in the over cramped overpopulated freeports (causing server instability) or repeatedly suicide in order to spawn back at the island they died on to recover a body STAYIN ALIVE -as it stands players currently have almost no benefit or reason to NOT suicide when they get low aside from not having a bed to spawn at, to circumvent this, consider adding an XP boost that goes active after staying alive a certain amount of time, that goes up with time, encouraging players to make smart survival decisions and not having to drown themselves repeatedly to save time. BOAT DECAY - boat decay in a freeport is borderline ridiculous, a schooner decays inside of a day, I understand you don't want players using freeports as places to log their boat safely for the night, but perhaps a docking fee paid at the port, or some sort of resource cost to dock for a set amount of time may not be a bad idea. MEGACOMPANIES -As it stands there is almost NO benefit of having a smaller company, in real life larger organizations come with the drawback of increased overhead, why not apply the same thing to atlas to tip the scales against the swarm. My suggestion: When joining a company you have a force skill wipe, companies over a set amount of players (10?) start getting an increase in skill point cost to acquire skills (larger companies should have no issue assigning roles to individuals in order to circumvent this, while smaller companies will be able to effectively acquire more skills to compensate for their reduced numbers and overhead) For example, company A has 8 members, each skill requires 1 point to acquire, resulting in players in company A access to a much broader spectrum of abilities. Company B has 200 members, each skill requires 5 points, requiring members to selectively acquire skill points and specialize to work effectively as a team. LAND CLAIM Currently there is NO penalty for spamming land claims, in fact it is highly encouraged. Instead of having land claim flags be free, why not let the first 1-3 be free of cost, and each additional land claim costs more and more resources to craft exponentially, This would encourage alliances, having smaller companies as subsidiaries, and smart calming of land allowing players to get their own piece of the pie. HOLD H FOR MORE INFO Can we make this a toggle, holding down H looking at rocks for the metal node is killing me, so much so that I've made a mouse macro for it. I'd love to hear others opinions on these matters, as well as your own ways that we can make atlas great.
  3. Got kicked while playing on j9 an hour ago, cannot connect to any NA PVP servers. CAN connect to other servers (EU PVP, NA PVE) cannot connect to any tile in NA PVP
  4. Theres plenty of people with plenty of complaints about the game, but most don't offer suggestions to improve their complaint. I'd like players responding to this to suggest fix actions to the problems so we can maybe highlight to the developers what are some issues currently with the game. Format for your post Complain: Solution: I'll start with a few Complaint: Farming fiber with a metal scythe produces barely more resources than hand picking, and drains stamina Solution: Increase the fiber gathered with a scythe by 100% or make the scythe aoe gather all nodes in range Complaint: The skillpoint requirement for investing into increased hand farming basically makes you unable to make anything at all, making their purchase almost impossible Solution: Either reduce skill points back to the way they were prior, or increase the amount that hand gathering gives to make it more appealing Complaint: Small companies have no way to compete with mega companies whatsoever Solution: This can actually get two birds with one stone. as company size grows increase the amount of skill points required to acquire skills, allowing smaller companies to fully acquire trees, helping out new solo players, and putting a damper on giant mega companies that they are still able to overcome using cooperation and strategy. For example: companies with up to 10 folks have skill point values similar to what they used to be, and as the company increases it slowly increases
  5. two seperate instances, same outcome. 1st Crossing border FROM j9 to j8, in a sloop, going full speed through the border, as we load into j8 the ship makes crashing noise like it hit a wall, flies into the air, takes a ridiculous amount of damage, then sinks in under a minute 2nd Crossing border from j8 into j9, in a sloop, this time we slowed to 20% speed hoping to prevent the previous bug, no luck, same thing happened, ship took heavy damage and sank within a minute. No other ships in sight, no ghost ships around, nothing in the water, just instantly sunk.
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