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  1. BE LEGENDARY RP We have a friendly lite RP 4x4 Atlas grid for those wishing to escape the dregs of official. Very helpful community with over 90 islands, admin run events and markets. Soon to be adding powerstones and Kracken for the late game PVE experience! Since this is a roleplay server, new sailors are expected to create a realistic character (no odd or misproportioned bodies). If you have any questions or interested in joining us on the open seas, please feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/s88VqdX 2x XP -- extra xp for kills & building 5x Harvest 5x Tame All engrams available Other custom settings. Our Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1642536783 CustomShip(add Ship MaxExperience) eco's ATLAS Foliage Editable Server UI (WBUI) LightGoldCoinV2 Peachy Atlas Decor Peachy Atlas Furniture Peachy Ship Decor eco's RP Decor Market NPCs One Pay Crew TCs Auto Rewards Lanterns & Torches Galore TnM Gaming Server Mod Pack Breedable Creatures Enhanced Navigation Regenerating Ships Chronicles RP Town Builder Automated Atlas 1.05 Soap's Medieval Structures [SPUK] Advanced Structures Atlas Hitching Post CrewGoodies Alchemy Atlas_Extras Our Map:
  2. foulblade

    Devs please read this.

    So devs you guys have fixed the offline raiding and stealing ships while offline, great job! But we still are missing the pirate aspect of the game...., why does it still take so long to steal someone's ship when I can sink it in less then a minitue???? I understand we don't want people stealing ships while people are afk. Makes perfect sense. Why don't you just make it so anchored ships can't be stolen? Or take the normal amount of time while anchored. But ships that have players aboard?! We should be able to steal them within just a few minutes! Make it so with a few rules! 1# Unanchored ships can not be captured if they have a bed in the ship . 2# ships can not be captured if they have any hostile players on board. 3# the player can not take damage while stealing the ship. With just these simple rules we could have so much pirate action an make the game a little bit more lively. I mean it takes only a few minutes to sink a players ship on the sea so why shouldn't we be able to steal the ship in the same amount of time. Will lead to more fun pvp instead of just trying to sink the ship more boarding and close range combat will happen. Something close to these lines would make the game headed in the right direction. Kinda hard to be a pirate game when it takes 22 hours to steal a boat that can have that canceled by having a hostile just walk into the area.... No reason not to do this. The attacked player is losing their ship both ways. Maybe one day they will steal their ship back. Or put a bounty on that specific ship??? Possibilities are endless.
  3. Come join the new dedicated server The Grave Expanse! Newly created server with PLENTY of room to grow. Privately owned server so very stable and lag free. We were a cluster of ark servers that were in the top 100 on battle metrics. Our admins are always watching discord and helping people learn the game. Looking for large tribes and singles to come help make this a great pvp server to play on! Newly upgraded to 4x4 map!! Current rates are 2x gathering and exp and 5x TAMING! Love official but hate the toxic and laggy state? Come join The Grave Expanse! https://discord.gg/yzHSjWU Check out our discord for more information and updates on the server. Thank you!
  4. DonyBoi

    pvp MXGaming 15x9 going 15x15

    ahoy meh heartys Are you looking for a good place to settle then MXGaming is the place to go, We currently have a 15x9 map with plans to go the full 15x15 , We have a team of dedicated admins with discord and teamspeak3 servers and website , Our server is Hosted by a Uk server Hosting Owner ( http://www.monsterx-hosting.com ) hence why we are able to offer this huge map on gold cpu servers run through TCAdmin to give a very stable gaming experience unlike Vps servers, So far all the way from A1 to I15 is open with plans as i said to go the full 15x15 we have a very active community in discord where company's can have their own channels and plan wars we also have teamspeak3 with private company channels , come join the fun on the ever growing server this is a copy of the ATLAS official map and all of it features power stones quest everything as is on official Discord https://discord.gg/38asd6N Teamspeak3 Website: https://www.monsterx-gaming.co.uk/ Rates Harvest: x 10 Tame: x 10 Xp: x 10 WaterDrain : 0.7 Mods custom Stack Mod Custom GUI Current Free Ports connection list A6 steam://connect/ A10 steam://connect/ C14 steam://connect/ D8 steam://connect/ E4 steam://connect/ E12 steam://connect/ G7 steam://connect/ H13 steam://connect/ I3 steam://connect/
  5. [RU] POSEIDON [ALL X5/X10] [KITS] [FULL QUEST] these are servers connected by a cluster, sociable players and responsive administration. A cluster is a set of 3x2 cards Server SettingsMap Size - 3x2Players / Grid - 6Difficulty FreePorts - 150 LvL; Claim Flags - 180 LvLHarvesting - 5x in the weekend 10xExperience - 3.5x : 4.5 weekendTaming - 5xMaturation - 10xMod - CustomItemStacksMax Character Level - 51; after quest - 101 LvLMax Tame Level - 150 - 180 LvL Kit Start - http://poseidon.survivalshop.org/ Discord Linkhttps://discord.gg/KnuHUsG Live Map - ServerLinkEquitorial A1 Freeport: steam://connect/ Tropical C1 Freeport: steam://connect/ Temperate B1 steam://connect/ Tundra B2 steam://connect/ Desert C2 steam://connect/ KRAKEN A2 steam://connect/
  6. NEW pve/protection System! -Everyone starts off as PVE. -To activate PVP, Tribe OWNER types /pvp which activates entire company to be pvp. -Once pvp, you cannot switch back to PVE -PVE cannot damage PVP and vica versa. -PVE Cannot claim any pvp flags and vica versa. -To check a companies status, type: /check COMPANYNAME or /check <look at structure or player> -Admins can switch tribes from pvp to pve and vica versa for various reasons. AKA, you got wiped as pvp and need rebuild time. ***This gives us two incentives: Gives people protection time who join later in wipe cycle or simply just join for first time and prevents them from getting wiped day 1. Gives Pvers free roaming instead of grid restrictions.*** Just wiped BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM MAP!! CUSTOM STAT DISCORD BOT! REVIEW ALL YOUR STATS YOU ACCOMPLISH IN GAME AND VIEW THEM ON DISCORD! ONE OF A KIND! With our 3+ years experience of being at the forefront of Ark: Survival Evolved, we have now delved into the world of Atlas to bring everyone the experience they know and love from our other games. Our first server consists of our very own custom 7x7 Grid that contains PvP and PvE zones. With players from all over the world already playing with us we can guarantee that there is always something exciting for our players to experience. Our dedicated admin team are committed to serving our members by upholding rules and reviewing any feedback. Map Info Our incredible map is consistently being developed to bring new updates every week. With locations within NA and EU, players from across the world can play here knowing it'll be active at any hour of the day. The main features of our map is currently: -Increased max Tame levels and wild dino levels - Increased Player (151) and Ship (71) levels - Increased Rates for Gathering/Breeding to 15x - Increased Skill Points per level - Custom Stats - PvP and PvE zones - NA and EU servers - Offline Raid Protection - Stack Mod - Power Stones - Merchant & Ghost Ships - Consists of all islands found on official servers - Claims are visible on atlas map - Points/Lootbox System Community Info Our community is the most rewarding part to what we do. With over 5k members currently within our discord it's an ever growing family that all have one thing in common: Gaming. With frequent contests with in game prizes and rewards for extraordinary community members, this is one community you can be proud of being involved in. Links https://eliteark.com https://discord.gg/XwBvXJ3 PVP steam://connect/ steam://connect/
  7. OVERVIEW Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark and Conan servers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods (as they become available). We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary. Our servers are built for the community. If you've ever wanted to know that your voice is heard in mods and settings suggestions, this is the place for you! Don't take our word for it, join our Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. We have over 1200 members! HARDWARE Dedicated Hardware 20 core processor 256GB RAM NVMe SSDs Unlike many other servers, we control all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for the optimal Atlas Experience providing a highly optimised server. ADDITIONAL SETTINGS: - Doubled Spoil Timers - Water drain reduced by 50% - Resource respawn radius reduced by 80% - Resource respawn timer reduced by 50% - All Powerstone Content including Ghost Ship (Hydra/Elementals/Rock Golems/Gorgons/etc) - Kraken summon - Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players) - Increased per level Health, Weight and Fortitude for players and tames SERVER IP'S You can search for us in the unofficial listing under "Supreme Atlas" or add the following IPs to your favourites list (these are the spawn zones for your first connection): Supreme Atlas * G9 (PVE Spawn) : [s0.supremegaming.gg:57555] * H12 (PVP Spawn) : [s0.supremegaming.gg:57581] * H13 (PVE Spawn) : [s0.supremegaming.gg:57589] As Atlas evolves there will be several settings and configurations to fix, change and update. With this in mind please make sure you join our Discord server to you can be up-to-date with the most recent information and notified of server restarts and issues. Happy sailing!
  8. EchoValley PVE/PVP 7X7 Trenches and new quests/Mods/Powerstones/opTreasure PVP 5X gather and XP, Map 7X7 grids PVPE Compass Point - Connect: steam://connect/ Our Home Server and Freeport Location Discord www.discord.echovalleyserver.com LIVE MAP
  9. PlayPortRoyal.com 5x5 PVP 8XALL+Quests+Shop [Dedicated Server] Port Royal is OWNED in-house and hosted on a c6220 blade server with 8 processors and nearly 400GB of ram to ensure the highest quality gameplay available. This means that we do not have any worries about the future of the server. As long as we have a player base, we will host it. We also have our own custom mod made specifically for Port Royal that allows us to modify the gameplay as we see fit. This allows us to give users features that are otherwise unseen on other servers. We welcome all players that are looking for a complete experience. Although we do have a shop/points system, Port Royal is NOT a play to win server. In fact, everything that can be purchased in the shop can also be purchased by utilizing our discord chat. You can play games, help others and simply be active within the community and use those points towards buying in-game items such as treasure boxes, shop points, VIP packages and so on. We do not have ANY PVE zones nor do we plan on having ORP. This is a PVP server - if you're unable to handle that - please do not play. We do have a rule-set that we expect each player to abide by and WILL enforce those rules accordingly to grant all players a solid experience. Admin command logging is turned on at all times, however, the admin does not play on the server. In fact, there will never be any admins that play on the server. Rates: 8x ALL Map: 100% custom, with all Power Stone islands, The Kraken, Ghost Ship, NPC trade ships and correct settings to emulate Official gameplay (minus the rates). Website: https://www.PlayPortRoyal.com Shop: https://shop.PlayPortRoyal.com Discord: https://discord.gg/56Ck5SM *Note* When you join the discord, you must click the "Welcome" channel, read the rules and then type "agree" in the welcome channel to see all of the other channels. Once you join the discord, click "server info" to get all of the connection info for the server. *Another Note*: This server is brand new and still may have some growing pains to go through, please be aware that we are on top of every issue that may arise and will fix any issues as soon as they come to be known.
  10. Oyez l’aventurier. Je te présente le projet Péons.fr, un projet soutenu par une équipe qui est constituée par des fans de jeux vidéo qui œuvres depuis plus de 5 ans dans le domaine des jeux de survie. Depuis le 6 janvier 2019, nous mettons à ta disposition un serveur Atlas de 16 grilles où des joueurs PvP PvE et Rôleplay se côtoient au quotidien. Un serveur majoritairement PvP où le règlement est avant tout appuyé par nos valeurs qui sont respect et fairplay car pour nous jouer à un jeu vidéo doit être synonyme de plaisir et non une source de frustration. Les settings du serveur sont identiques à ceux des serveurs officiels. Notre serveur sera totalement wipe lors du déploiement de l’Atlas 1.5 Permettant à chacun de repartir sur un pied d’égalité. Tu noteras que toutes les nouveautés seront intégrées sur notre nouvelle map au moment de cette mise à jour majeur et que le serveur sera en mode colonisation. Réouverture prévue mardi 16 avril 2019 à 20h00 https://www.peons.fr/ Discord : https://discord.gg/w2crxs5
  11. Welcome to GamingOGs Atlas Servers! We're OG for a reason! We offer some high-quality atlas servers and community compared to our competition! We believe very strongly in building a safe clean community that everyone can enjoy! We have custom coded plugins being developed that no other atlas server will have to offer! Come check it out and see what you think! Server Details: Rated #1 on Reddit! Fast Rates Giveaways Custom Coded Ranks Outstanding nontoxic community. (Zero Toxicity and friendly all around peeps) Dedicated YouTubers and Streamers (Some of the biggest play our servers!) Amazing Custom Kits Amazing Dedicated Staff Team Godly Ping, Globally! (US - EU - AUS; All have an amazing low ping on our servers!) Rates: 15x Gathering US-EU 15x XP US-EU 15x Taming US-EU Features: Automated Arena Events: Massive PVP Arenas: Custom Coded Death Match Islands: Please note all of these are fully automated and you can join by simple typing /join when prompted. GamingOGs Boss Battles: We have created an insane plugin very complex and advance it will redefine how you do boss battles in Atlas! Our custom coded boss arenas allow you to do waves of boss battles and earn points by killing each dino/boss and earning loot boxes by winning the battles. You work together to fight bosses in waves and you have a max life of 2. BossBattles also have a custom lottery poll system by entering into a custom boss battle you can buy lottery tickets and earn points/gamble points in the boss battle. Earning upward of 10% of what you put into the lottery poll. Daily Rewards Plugin: You can now earn custom coded loot boxes by playtime and earn in-game loot and points every 24hours you log into the server and play. RankUP Plugin: One of our latest most exclusive plugins allows you to earn rewards by playing on our servers. You can now earn ranks - loot boxes - points and XP boost alongside points boost in the game just by playing on our servers. The more you play the more rewards you earn. Blessing Program: We are the first server to launch a program created for everyone on the server. At the end of every month, we give away $50-$100 USD GIFT CARDS that work in our donation store to give back to our community. FreeVIP: Everyone who plays on our server can earn FreeVIP rank! Military Veteran Program: Unlike other servers, We want to give back to the community and people who have served in the military! We reward military vets for playing on our server. They get a custom rank in discord and a custom rank in the game. This rank in-game will give you a special coded loot box that's special for the military rank. Many vets suffer from PTSD and Panic Disorder coming home from the military, We have backgrounds in psychology and we understand that mental health is a grave matter and studies have been done stating video games can provide some sort of relief for PTSD patients. As a result of this, we want to promote positive and provide a system in place to award our vets and offer them something cool. You won't find any server out there that offers what we have with such dedicate care and passions in gaming. Custom Home Teleport System: /addhome NameOfHome --Will create a home tp spot for you. Must be at your home base. /removehome NameOfHome /listhomes- will list your homes and names /home NameOfThatHome -- Will teleport you. You will be frozen for 20 seconds. 2 / Person allowed, cannot teleport near enemy structures, 20sec delay on teleport Custom Coded Shop system: In-game shop with points and loot boxes, earn them by activities or donations to help keep the server going and get more unique features added. Custom Coded Loot boxes Info: Feel like gambling? These loot boxes could contain prizes worth up to 30k points! Over 600 possibilities. Playtime or donations earn these. Custom Coded Auto Protection: You and your tribe mates automatically get structure protection that lasts 48 Hours, meaning no damage can be taken. Open world PVP is allowed, But structure damage is prevented within the 48 hours! Custom Coded Kits: Unlike most servers, We offer some of the most balanced and best kits out there! Custom Kill Feeds: Our Custom coded KillFeed will allow you to use our discord to check your in-game kills and to check the top leaderboard for the most kills on the server. No other server has this but ours! Raidable Admin Events: Custom admin events that pirates can raid and attack each other for amazing loot! The full list of all features/settings is available on website/discord. Website/Discord Links: GamingOGs.com Join Us on Discord! Vote Here! ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to United States Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid A1 US steam://connect/ = Grid A2 US steam://connect/ = Grid A3 US steam://connect/ = Grid A4 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid A5 US steam://connect/ = Grid A6 US steam://connect/ = Grid A7 US steam://connect/ = Grid A8 US steam://connect/ = Grid B1 US steam://connect/ = Grid B2 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B3 US steam://connect/ = Grid B4 US steam://connect/ = Grid B5 US steam://connect/ = Grid B6 US steam://connect/ = Grid B7 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B8 US steam://connect/ = Grid C1 US steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US steam://connect/ = Grid C3 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid C4 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid C5 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid C6 US steam://connect/ = Grid C7 US steam://connect/ = Grid C8 US steam://connect/ = Grid D1 US steam://connect/ = Grid D2 US steam://connect/ = Grid D3 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid D4 US steam://connect/ = Grid D5 US steam://connect/ = Grid D6 US steam://connect/ = Grid D7 US steam://connect/ = Grid D8 US steam://connect/ = Grid E1 US steam://connect/ = Grid E2 US steam://connect/ = Grid E3 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid E4 US steam://connect/ = Grid E5 US MAW steam://connect/ = Grid E6 US steam://connect/ = Grid E7 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid E8 US steam://connect/ = Grid F1 ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to Europe Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid F2 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F3 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid F4 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F5 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F7 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F8 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G1 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G2 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G3 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G4 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid G5 EU Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid G6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G7 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G8 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H1 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H2 EU Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid H3 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H4 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H5 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid H6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H7 EU Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid H8 EU ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to US PVE Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid A1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid A2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid A3 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid B1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid B2 US PVE Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B3 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C3 US PVE ──────────────Direct Connect Links──────────────
  12. Hey, we are currently looking for decent blueprints ( metal armor, bow, any firearms, any melee weapon) and thatch amounts from 50-250k. We have almost every ressource and some animals available for trade. PM with your offer when you are interested. -Yamshu
  13. Hello! If you are looking for a good PVP server, you are in the good place. I won't bore you more, just go to server information Grids We start fron size 3x3. It is enought size for a brand new server. On our discord you will find link to the map and islands locations. We try to ensure you all types of resources to gain. When server will be more popular, we extent size to 5x5. Rates Harvesting - x25 Xp - Instant lvl Taming - x25 Breeding - Accelerated Max Ship lvl - 200 Standard Ship weight - boosted (For example galleon has 200 000 weight at the beggining) ORP In hours from 16:00 to 23:00 CET ORP is turned off. Except this hours ORT turns on 10 minutes after last player from company log out. Mods CustomShip [1632927688] Custom Item Stacks [1629667379] KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX [1633618697] [SPUK] Advanced Structures [1634787296] Editable Server UI (WBUI) [1639088858] MultiVitamin [1628534756] Regenerating Ships [1680540642] Hardware Intel i7-7700K OC 4/8t - 4.7GHz /5GHz 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz NVMe disks (great performance) Steam connect to server steam://connect/ If you want more info, please join to our discord https://discord.gg/xGAjUzT
  14. Search for TheArk.Life and you will find our 5X5 Grid. See our Live Territory map at https://www.atlasplayers.com/ We are the #1 upvoted server on https://atlasserverlist.com/server/260608 All Biome types All Power Stone islands Dedicated Kraken Grid Ghost Ships working x10 Gather x10 Exp Lowered Water Drain Lowered Stam Drain Lower Breeding Timers Better Treasures in PVP Grids Increased SoTD in PVP Grids Higher Level Tames in PVP Grids Lowered SoTD in PVE Grids Stack Mod / Transfer Gun Black Map Fix posted on our Discord PVP are on B4,B5,C4,C5,D4,D5 Grids Rest is all PVE Grids Direct Connect - Copy and paste into browser url A1 - steam://connect/ A2 - steam://connect/ A3 - steam://connect/ A4 - steam://connect/ A5 - steam://connect/ B1 - steam://connect/ B2 - steam://connect/ B3 - steam://connect/ B4 - steam://connect/ B5 - steam://connect/ C1 - steam://connect/ C2 - steam://connect/ C3 - steam://connect/ C4 - steam://connect/ C5 - steam://connect/ D1 - steam://connect/ D2 - steam://connect/ D3 - steam://connect/ D4 - steam://connect/ D5 - steam://connect/ E1 - steam://connect/ E2 - steam://connect/ E3 - steam://connect/ E4 - steam://connect/ E5 - steam://connect/ Discord - https://discord.gg/5wkCmwS
  15. Greetings Shipmates! With the upcoming mega patch I know many of you are looking for a new community to call home. [A1] is a community a cut above the rest with a unique map design that has something for everyone. Are you looking to be a Pirate who terrorizes the seas and lives on their ship? We have you covered! Are you looking to be a Merchant who seeks out the rarest materials and opens up a trading port? We have you covered! Are you looking to be a Mercenary who builds an epic fortress and lays siege to your enemy’s bases? We have you covered there too! At [A1] we have implemented a groundbreaking map design and faction system. Our 7 x 7 world includes multiple Golden Age Ruins so all power stones are obtainable, a zone for the Kraken, Lawless zones, PvE territories, and PvP regions. Our faction system consists of 3 individual groups. Merchants (PvE), which are your more traditional PvE role, will spawn with 20% more carry weight and intelligence. Mercenaries (PvP), which are your traditional PvP role, spawn with 20% more HP and Stamina. Pirates (Lawless PvP), which live on ships or on land that is claimless in Lawless regions spawn with 50% more Oxygen capacity and Gold Find as well as 20% higher Melee. Check out this presentation that goes further into our upcoming changes for post mega patch. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YUiAZ_jalWyp269jjC3sa1hZac-B3bYfTcak7LXRtdk/edit?usp=sharing Features: 7 x 7 world -Custom quests built by the community Weekly bonuses voted on by the community PvE, PvP, and Lawless Zones -Monthly events with epic rewards Clipping turned on for easier building -Unlimited Respecs Active admin team -All Power Stones Kraken (The Maw) Live map ( http://www.A1Atlas.com/ ) Merchant and Ghost Ships Grids are on dedicated boxes based in Canada Rates: Harvesting: 2x PvE & PvP / 2.5 Lawless PvP / 3x Bloodworks Taming: 2x Ship of the Damn: 0.5x Mods: A Custom mod built specifically for the [A1] community Pirate Quest Eco’s Atlas Foliage Eco’s RP Décor Server Link: Steam://connect/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/srRjA9Y
  16. Ahoi Monsterpiraten! Genau, du hast richtig gehört.. wir sind die Monster unter den Piraten und bestehen seit dem Realease von ATLAS. Aktuell besitzen wir einen 5x5 Grid mit 750 Slots und möchten dich als Pirat auf unserem Server anheuern! Allerdings musst du erstmal unsere Aufnahmeprüfung bestehen, sodass du in die Monsterpiraten Spielwelt unsicher machen kannst. Wir spielen hauptsächlich PvP mit einem klaren Regelwerk und regelmäßigen Events. Besuche uns auf unserem Community Discord und erhalte weitere Informationen : ) Kurzer Überblick: aktives erfahrenes Adminteam aktives Eventteam ausführliches Regelwerk whiteliste mit über 200+ Spielern erfahrene Spieler, Streamer und YouTuber aktiven und großen Discordserver (Regelwerk muss gelesen werden) verschiedene Events (Schatzjagt, Seeschlachten, Versteigerungen etc.) verschiedene Mods Streamer werden promoted Serversettings: Harvest Multiplikator auf 2x XP Multiplikator auf 2x Ressource Respawn auf 0,5x Ressource Respawn Range auf 0,4x Weitere Einstellungen, Änderungen und Anpassung sind jederzeit möglich und sind im Discord einsehbar. Falls du Fragen hast oder mehr Informationen zum Monsterpiraten Server benötigst, schreibe uns gerne im #offtopic Kanal auf unserem Discord an. Wir, die Monsterpiraten, freuen uns auf dich! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Du findest die Monsterpiraten auch auf Twitter! // Der Server wird supported durch G-PORTAL.
  17. Bolognapwny

    So Everyone can Build???

    Everyone can build 24/7 on your island. Island owners cannot demolish anything built by a non-company member. In combat phase 9 hours of of the day anyone can build cannons and whatever else they want on your island. ANYONE can build cannons... EG: why the hell does it matter if I stop my allies from putting down cannons during peacetime... when they can just wait and put cannons up during combat? ( did you guys even use your head on this? ) Structures are a luxury of the defender and should not be something an attacker gets... this is a completely fucked system and needs to be changed ASAP. So we are clear. You mad a mechanic to please forums nerds that don't play your game. This mechanic is... Anyone can build anywhere... I am guessing this was to allow solos, smalls, and noobs play the game right? Wrong land owner is gonna see this... wait till peace time or not wait and just utterly destroy that place.... The only thing this mechanic does is make it easier to attack the island....
  18. This allows for quite a different tactic. Rather than the lawless the freeport has no enemies apart from *humans*.
  19. Its nice to have this forum. But wouldn't it be utterly cool to have an auction house in freeports where you could auction in game items, tames and services? Comparable with the ones in LOTRO. Along with a rentable vault.
  20. I already made a suggestion post, I think gun damage vs tames needs to be at least tripled ,and puckle dmg needs to be quadrupled. Maybe even more is needed, you can see actual numbers in the suggestion link at the bottom. If you have fought against tames and flame swivels yet, you might think the same. If you like this suggestion, upvote this or the suggestion post please!
  21. FIND THE SERVER... Wanna play on the awesome Thor's Hammer ATLAS server? Add this to your Steam favorites list (View -> Servers -> Add a Server): our discord at https://discord.gg/5nSzNgbWe have 4 PVE maps, 5 PVP maps, with great bonuses that scale based on risk/reward. 4x on PVE, 6X on PVP, and 8X on extreme climate PVP. Breeding bonuses are also in effect across all servers. Powerstones are in along with the Kraken. If you are looking for relief from the official madness, and having some fun with a great group of folks who genuinely care about its server community, come check us out! LOTS of great land spots to claim and build your pirate empire.No mods atm, but we do plan to add a stacker mod and likely some kind of reward mod as well.A few basic rules/guidelines:(1) DONT BUILD OR CLAIM on our 1 Freeport,(2) We are a family friendly server - if u wanna vent your teenage angst or see how many 4 letter words you can get into global, go somewhere else,(3) our 5 PVP zones are wide open for fierce battles (just keep (2) in mind)
  22. Astral ATLAS 4x3 [2xGather/4xTaming/4xHatching/Plugins] HOME PORT NORTH WEST: steam://connect/atlas.astral-imperium.uk:11000 HOME PORT SOUTH EAST: steam://connect/atlas.astral-imperium.uk:11110 Astral Imperium would like to welcome you to our ATLAS cluster of servers! We're offering a huge 4x3 map containing all the different biomes and a grid for an epic boss fight! We have a website (here) where you can find all the information about the servers (including ARK), our Discord and Teamspeak servers, our Facebook page and Twitter account so you can be up to date with our news anywhere. We have an events calendar in place so you know what's happening on the servers. MAP - 4x3 (12 servers) - All biomes - Center Maw (boss spawn) - All Power Stones - All Explorer Notes - NPC trade routes - Ghost Ship Find more @ https://astral-imperium.com/astralatlas/server-info/#map SETTINGS - 2x Resources - 2x Taming - 4x Hatching - 4x Maturation - 698 Skill Points to spend (much more than official servers) - Increased weight for players and creatures - Decreased food and water consumption - Increased max ship level Find more @ https://astral-imperium.com/astralatlas/server-info/#settings EVENTS - Events are run regularly to increase taming, resources, breeding etc. Find more @ https://astral-imperium.com/astralatlas/events PLUGINS - Vote Rewards (earn 250 Gold coins and a chance to get ship parts blueprints of better quality) Find more @ https://astral-imperium.com/astralatlas/server-info/#settings RULES - No racism/abuse/hate - No hacking/exploiting/bug abusing - No advertising/trolling - No offline raiding - Do not block dungeons Find more @ https://astral-imperium.com/astralatlas/server-info/#rules FIND US ON - Website: https://astral-imperium.com/astralatlas/ - Discord: https://discord.gg/jnYzdBj - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AstralImperium - Twitter: https://twitter.com/astralimperium Looking forward to seeing you in-game
  23. Welcome to JetEye Paradise! We host gaming servers for various different games! Currently our servers are running Atlas on a 7x7 grid which is split between two servers located in Thailand and central USA. You can seamlessly sail between these servers and venture across the entire grid. The rates are 10x Tame, 5x Harvest, 3x XP for PVP and 5x Tame, 2x Harvest, 2x XP for PVE. Power Stone quests have been implemented and tested fully. If you have any questions or issues, use either the reporting channel here or on the Facebook group JetEye Gaming Servers. There are currently 50 slots per server. To Join, Search for JetEye 7x7 PVPVE Modded. The direct connect info is for one of the US servers and for one of the Asia servers. Feel free to invite as many as people as you would like!
  24. HellenKares

    PvP solo recommendation

    I have a suggestion for solve the problem with the solo player, Why don't make a non-pvp port with a bank for gold, values things, crew and 1 ship? (for a price of gold) Only for player without a company.
  25. COMING SOON! I have painstakingly created a 5x5 PVP server which will go live shortly after the Official Wipe and the new Islands and Quest lines are released to unofficials After lots of research and finding out what the player base likes best I will implement the best MODS, the best rates, the best progression and best of all, probably the ONLY large map without a built in Shop plugin and NO pay to win like the big servers out there. We will be ran entirely from an extremely high-end PC and updates and restart will be fully automated and quick which means hardly any down time for players. To sign up for the latest in what is to come visit and join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/wMKKAHC We promise to hold regular polls, every change will be community driven, not driven by the Owner or any Admins. We will be holding events voted for by the Community and we will be themed based on the Infinity Stones from the Avengers, and our events will be centered on ship battles against the admin, random admin base raiding events along with lots more. I guarantee satisfaction, I guarantee low ping and I guarantee a decent community for small or larger Companies alike. We will be hard coded to a limit of 15 players per company, and the rules and Discord will be consistently monitored to ensure the help is there when you need it most. We will have 25x all rates with random double XP events and the ability to level up 500 times, player, animal and ship. We will implement a load of stable, tested mods to improve the core game and any changes will be balanced to PVP and as mentioned earlier, no changes will be implemented without a majority vote. We urge you to join our Discord now for updates as to when we go live and to keep up to date with any news etc. Thanks for reading, see you on the seas