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  1. Being new to this game — unlike many other players who have been here for several seasons — I would like to share my impressions of the neophyte, so to speak. Many years of experience in another MMO — eve-online — constantly encourages comparisons of these two games, especially since they have a lot in common: separate systems in eve-online — sectors in Atlas, stations and messengers with timers — islands with timers, naval battles on ships — space battles on ships. But the obvious advantage of Atlas is that, firstly, it is much more attractive in the graphical part - that is, the player is constantly surrounded by a picturesque environment, unlike eve—online, where for hours you see only a black screen with a dot in the middle and a set of tables around it, and secondly, the variety of gaming experience — if in eve all your interaction with the game world takes place through a ship that you also practically do not see, then Atlas provides much more opportunities: you can act on your own, you can ride an animal and move/fight on it, and finally you travel and fight on a ship. In addition, you move on land, on water, underwater, in the air, on rocks. And your ship is not just a hull that you contemplate only from the outside — it is a collection of structures, modules, guns, sailors that you yourself assembled and placed, and each of which has a real function, not a decorative element. These are absolutely excellent experiences. Now about what I would like "like in eve". According to my impressions, about 90% of beginners quit the game before even reaching the stage of "built a ship and shot Ships of Damned", not to mention a full-fledged naval battle. A person starts the game, builds a base on the island closest to freeport, collects resources for a couple of days, builds a ship. Then he enters the game — the base is destroyed, there are no resources, the ship is destroyed. Does it all over again, mb in a different place. Everything repeats itself. After a couple of such attempts, people no longer enter the game, and the islands are filled with buildings with a timer on which there are some days left before removal. Atlas is a pirate game, yes, and it's tough. But how many players could have stayed in it and made the sector locale a little more lively if they had had more opportunities to develop somehow and feel more interested in the game at the first steps. Another comparison is how much time a new player needs, who is in the game for the first time, to participate in a naval battle with other players, and not as a helpless victim, but as a full—fledged participant. In eve, we can talk about a week, sometimes even a few days are enough to take part in a full-fledged battle on the simplest ship, and dozens of people can participate. In Atlas, according to my impressions, in order to get to what can be called a full-fledged battle, it takes months. On the one hand, this is the result of the fact that the game cannot boast of a large online. And most of those who are online are experienced players who have been playing it for several seasons, they go to sea on RG of mythical quality. What awaits the player who has assembled the first schooner when meeting with such an opponent? The answer is obvious. At the same time, the advantage of a player who has spent months on his high-class ship is so great that novice players on ships of ordinary quality will not be able to defeat him in two or three or even four. And it seems to me that this is another disadvantage of the game: that is, at first the player is encouraged to quit the game by regular raids when they destroy everything that he has collected and built while he sleeps / at work. Then, if he somehow managed to create a base and started trying to reach the battles, he understands that these battles can take place only after months of searching for high—level BP and resources for them. And it will not work to resist even one player with a high—quality ship, even if you gather several friends in the company — although in eve this is one of the strongest sides of pvp: you can bring the most expensive ship with the most expensive modules into battle - and lose it against newcomers if they are 2-3 and they will do everything right and you're going to make a mistake about something. A high-level ship in Atlas, which has many times more damage than the usual one and is many times less damaged than the usual one, which guarantees victory. That is, the only way to defeat the old pirate is to assemble a ship like his. That is, there is no such important moment "now I will gather friends and let us have ordinary and cheap ships, but because we are more we will destroy your dear ship" — which also does not contribute to the arrival of new players, as it seems to me. Perhaps if the bonuses of modules and high—level ships did not surpass ordinary ships so dramatically, this would lead to greater popularity and frequency of naval battles when novice players would assemble small fleets to resist those who can now sink any of their ships with impunity. In addition, greater involvement of novice players in the game would provoke more of their collisions with each other on ships of equal, entry-level, which would greatly diversify the gaming experience. Another point that surprises me is the complete impunity of those who use cheats, duplicate ships. My familiar players lost an island that was attacked by 12 galleons of mythical quality with torpedoes, and when the ship ran out of ammunition during the attack, the attackers simply destroyed it and transferred to a new one with full ammunition. Of course, such brazen and obvious cheating that does not meet any opposition from the developers is very disappointing — because there is no way to resist such attacks. Despite this, I think Atlas is a great game and I'm looking forward to release! Btw -- im looking for ppl to play together
  2. The Smoking Gun PvP All quests 119 Grids PvP - Only free Port is safe. Portals with maw grid 3x3
  3. I’m very upset that I wasted my time giving this game another chance when some random level 84 comes to my ship in Freeport and opens my doors and steals loot out of all my boxes with pin codes and tanks two pistol shots to the face with no armor on then claims my ship he also must have infinite weight hacks because he had over 3k of weight from my stuff. I never knew that this happened in the past to players but the fact that it’s still happening on pve & pvp servers is very upsetting. Devs need to look into this ASAP because the server just got wiped after 3 years and new players are getting screwed over with this hack as old players were. Create a new anti cheat or get rid of pin codes and make a new way of locking things because this is a bigger game killer than that wipe that happened. How about you add a option to bury our loot so no one can find it?
  4. Server Objective: Our goal is to provide players with a community they can call home. A community that's fun and active, but can still battle under respectable terms . PVP is enabled but please no griefing! Server configurations have been setup to accommodate players with a working/gaming lifestyle. Server Details: 4x4 Grid Colonies PVEVP Max Player Ship Level Ups - 100 Wild Level 120 Tames 200 MAX Island Points - Company 4 Hour Combat Phase, 20 Hour Peace Phase Grids With Boosted SOTD & Treasure = More Challenge, Loot, & Gold!!! Boosted Mytho Drops Cross Server Chat (Chat With All Players From Global Chat!) Globalchat Shop (Earn currency for time spent on the server!) Voting Reward System (Get rewarded gold & chance of mythos for voting for the community) Fog Of War Disabled Unlimited Player Respecs All Quests & Resources Structure Collision Disabled 5x Experience 5x Gathering 10x Taming 10x Breeding 3x Player Engram Points 3x Player Stat Level Ups 2x Treasure Map Gold Multiplier 2x Floatsam Multiplier Automatic Updates Crash Detection & Launching MODS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854853733 Website: www.infinitisquadron.com Join our Discord https://discord.gg/hNajVE7 In-Game Server Name: |7x7|InfinitiSquadron.com|PVP|Shop|Rewards|
  5. *NOTE* Originally posted on Reddit May 19, 2019... Wendigo paid us a visit tonight. They came with 3 armored brigs with cannons mounted mostly on one side. The first brig did the most damage. On the first pass, it damaged the Corpus Christi (an armored brig) and removed a rear plank from the San Jacinto (a standard brig). They posted in global chat "Texas, anyone on? Knock knock. Come out and play." To which I responded, "Hello?" while we were on a nearby island collecting metal. I informed the Texas Volunteers that Wendigo was paying us a visit and I jumped the bed to the San Jacinto to find it already flooded and sinking. I replaced the missing rear plank and ran up on deck to see the Wendigo brig #1 circling and lining up for its second run. I decided to try to back the SanJack out of the shipyard and targeted the brig. As she passed within range I began landing hits as well as our other ships in the harbor. The captain of the Corpus Christi arrived just as the enemy brig turned to fire. I couldn't tell how damaged the Christi already was, but as the brig's salvo landed she went down. I was about half-way backed out of the shipyard when the brig landed a full broadside on the SanJack and removed two more planks. A second volley knocked out the main deck and myself and my entire crew fell into the bottom of the ship in a hail storm of debris. As reinforcements were spawning in the zone, I abandoned the SanJack by demolishing a lower plank and whistling the crew to follow me to shore. Some made it, most got hung up in the wreckage and the shipyard, eventually to drown or feed the sharks. Once on shore, I whistled everyone to hold their ground and I jumped onto the little Rockport fishing sloop which I had just completed an hour or so earlier. She was fitted with two rear-mounted cannon and a freshly installed ballista...as well as a forward swivel. Even though she was not intended as a ship of war but strictly for whaling and fishing, her guns were manned and ready. Most of all, she had gone unnoticed by the raiding party thus far and was undamaged...and only a few yards away! As I was raising sail, I noticed that a second enemy brig had arrived and rammed the SanJack at the end of the shipyard. The first enemy brig was just then firing on the Dallas (a schooner) and I saw her shipyard destroyed in that moment. I targeted the second brig and my rear cannons began firing over the SanJack's shipyard and through her rigging to land on the enemy. Upon clearing the shipyard, the SanJack took her last breath and fell beneath the waves. Her service was ended. Our harbor defenses began issuing notices that the enemy was on shore. The puckles were firing and several kills were scored against at least one enemy player. Where ever he was, he was being persistent. The Rockport was under full sail and I turned to bring my rear cannons and ballista to fire on the first brig (#1) which was making for another approach. Her bare side faced me and I felt confident enough to run up along side her within easy range. Ballista and cannon shots landed true but as I turned around to see where I should be turning next, a third armored brig was bearing straight for me. I was being caught between the two enemy vessels, so I lowered my handling sail and made to turn hard right to pass behind the first brig as she passed me....midway through the maneuver, the third brig rammed me at full sail and as the Rockport spun away from the impact I was thrown from the deck and landed in the water. The third brig was armed with fire swivels and the surface of the water lit up above me. I dove under the Rockport and could hear her medium cannons still firing as I swam below her keel and made my way for the second brig (#2) which was still pinned against the SanJack's wreck and shipyard. I came up with grappling hook in hand and caught her rigging. I climbed aboard and found myself well hidden between the enemy's hull and her outer armor plating. I resigned myself to stay aboard and see what would happen next. A few moments later, the enemy began to withdraw....as there were no more surviving Texas vessels in the harbor, the skirmish had been little more than chaos amid the puckle fire. Crew losses were filling the screen with deaths due to cannon, fire or shark attacks and comms were excited and hectic. As the enemy ships departed, I noted on the Atlas map that we were heading south, so I finally took a few moments to announce in Alliance chat that it looked to me like the Wendigo ships were heading south to their next destination. As recovery efforts were getting underway in the Texas harbor, the Wendigo fleet ran through a SotD patrol and began taking fire. One of the crew aboard the brig that I was hiding on was running around and making repairs. He spotted me in the ship's armor and attempted to route me out with sword and pistol. After taking a round of musket ball and black powder I elected to throw myself overboard and risk the sea. It was futile as I succumbed to my wounds and shortly died. Upon arriving back at our harbor, the Texas Volunteers were already busy at the work of salvaging what could be had. Some gold had already been plundered or lost from the wreck of the San Jacinto, but most all other material was left to rest. The Galleon which we had framed only hours before was left undamaged save for a few hits to the shipyard itself. All other vessels of note were at the bottom and ready for plunder. We lost the Dallas and the Riptide shipyards. However, a small yard and two large shipyards remain intact. We lost the Dallas, San Jacinto, Corpus Christi, Rockport and at the time of this writing, a recently acquired schooner claim was un-accounted for. I'm not sure if it made it back to our support base or if it was lost in the fray as well. We lost many crew. However several survived and were relocated to the crafting hall taming yard. Of a humorous note, one of our fine captains put together a small salvage sloop for recovery efforts and was able to salvage the wreck of the Rockport which was beyond swimming distance from shore. But upon returning to the docks, the Recovery was also lost due to an unfortunate mishap which I witnessed first-hand when she ran up on the dock and lost her entire forward planking. It was quite the spectacle and a huge laugh was enjoyed by all. For what it's worth, it was fun...but also somewhat discouraging to see the work of the last two weeks so easily destroyed by such a well practiced enemy. We have enjoyed some success in small skirmishes in nearby grids among other similarly sized groups...mostly fighting over resources and ship anchorages. But with this raid by a much larger group, the Texas Volunteers are looking to up our game. Wish us luck in our endeavors. And join us next time for more adventures on the Texas frontier. ~Remember the Alamo!
  6. HYDRALANDS.COM (3x3) PVP X25 - MODS - REWARDBOX Opening of the Hydralands pvp server modded Hydralands is a server focused on pvp, the server was thought for solo players or small tribe and be able to have fun while being able to do all the contents. The server currently has 9 grids (3x3). > Rates currently on the server : - Gathering: 25x - Taming: x25 - Experience: x10 - Egg Hatch/Gestation: x25 - Maturation: x25 > Server Settings : - FULL PVP 3X3 - Height restriction removed (you can build on the heights, without restriction for cannons, swivels, puckle...) - The damned on the treasure cards are sensitive to all damage (all damage is multiplied by 4x) - Max Player Level: 130 - Max Wild Animal Level: 120 - Max Ship Level: 100 - 4 Hour Combat Timer - Custom Loot from Floatosm - Custom Loot from Sunken - Custom Loot from Sotd > Server Plugins : - Company Log via Discord - Cross Chat - Kit and Shop - RewardBoxes - Votes Rewards > More information : - The server will be full wipe every month Mods list: - AOD Damage Changes - ATLAS Architect - ATLAS Overseer - ATLAS Shipwright - Atlas Transfer\\Pickup Gun - Custom Shipyards - Item Grinder - LEGACY2019: Custom Item Stacks - Marvelous Spyglass - More Crops - NM Harbor Structure - Reusable Tools - Ship Repair Crew - Editable Server UI - TCs Auto Rewards Map Ressources: https://hydralands.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/6Rqb3UncbQ We are waiting for you !
  7. UberVers Gaming Server Location:East Coast Canada Player Slots:120 36 Total Shards 31 PVE Shards 5 PVP Shards 10x Taming 10x Exp 10x Harvesting 20x Egg Hatching 15x Baby Mature Speed 5x Gold from Treasure Map Mods on our servers Klinger Additional Pirate Ship reforged. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734150705 Klinger Additional Parts reforged. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734144629 Klinger Additional Ships (Ships Only) reforged. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734135825 Item Grinder https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2665169680 NM Harbor Structure https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2401853237 Tame Overhaul https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2279458702 Ship Resource Box + https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2802942044 Custom Shipyards https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2502182917 KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1633618697 Ship Repair Crew https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2510799901 Lanterns & Torches Galore https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1651749898 Crew Resource Silo Fix https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2085809302 CustomShip(add Ship MaxExperience) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632927688 Offical UberVers Gaming Discord https://discord.gg/mrFn2Gp
  8. Hello Everyone, Im looking for people to play with me on my server Server Info: steam://connect/ Or you can type Atlas The Game Hub 5x5 Cluster [ Ocean ] and it should show up on the server list Server Settings: - 5x XP - 10x Harvest - Insta Tame - 5x Gold - Boosted Stats - Custom Map - Maw Waters - Short Nights - Long Days - Quality of Life Mods Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2866816846 Discord: https://discord.gg/PPqNtX56CY
  9. Stock Sails and Skins
  10. I honestly at a loss there is many of is right now not been able to play the game ! Log in a instant dc no matter where we are it was fine on wipe untill yesterday evening 5pm uk time and now we can't get on and when we do we have to stand still we move game dashboards! Please help sort we have support you from the start of xbox preview and would be nice if we could actually play !
  11. Simple as that. Currently a 3x3 but will be moving to a 5x5 as soon as we have the playerbase to need it. https://discord.gg/z2pkSz4PqY Search for "Airidale" on your server list or Join Airidale Should bring you there
  12. AHOY! As the title says, I’m trying to find other players to enjoy this game with. I’m relatively new to the game. After many hours of single player I realized this game was not meant for that. I attempted playing on an official pve server and was very quickly discouraged. I’m hoping to find other players who enjoy this game and wanna team up. Maybe roleplay. I’m not against official or private servers. Pve or pvp. I’m willing to try either, I just wanna find a fun group to play with or find people wanting to join me to start our own. I see the prices of servers are a bit hearty. I’d be willing to host a server myself if that was the consensus or pitch in to an already established server. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Cable
  13. I’ve been playing for a few months now on single player. I’d like to experience the game online with other friendly people. I tried soloing an official server but quickly got confused and discouraged because of the drastic difference between single player and online. I’ve played a lot of Ark and enjoy these type of games. I’m looking to either join an already established group of new players or veterans. Or if there are others like me, we could join up and sail the seas together. The game is clearly meant to be enjoyed with others. I’m not picky about the type of server and am willing to pay to host or pitch in to an already established server. I know the games been out awhile and the player base has dropped significantly but I’m hoping there are others out there looking to enjoy this beautiful game with others.
  14. Supreme Gaming Overview Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark, Atlas, Conan and Minecraft servers. Our goal is to provide survival servers that reduce unnecessary parts of the grind and increase dynamic gameplay and enjoyment. As such, several of our servers offer a more convenient approach to setup. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, frequent wipes and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods. What you can expect Communication and Transparency We will talk with players and listen to their issues and explain anything players would like to know on how we run, how we're setup, or anything else pertinent. Non-discriminatory rule enforcement Play time, donor status, seniority on the server, etc. don't protect players from receiving the same consideration on rule violations than anyone else. Period. A voice in how the server is setup We have frequent votes, allow players to put suggestion up for community consideration, and more. Servers are built for the community, and only rare executive decisions are made when necessary. What you won't get Pay-to-win schemes offering BPs, Max Tames, Character Boosts, etc. We don't believe in these and you'll never be required to donate to play on our servers or called a leech if you don't. Donations are 100% voluntary. Your progress will always be YOUR progress. Admin corruption All of our admins are volunteers, and we're not paid anything (all donations go straight back into the server). You will not find admins deleting your stuff because they want your location, or banning anyone without discussion from the entire team (unless egregious violations like derogatory comments). Blanket rule violation punishments Every situation is different, and we thoroughly review everything before making a decision as a team. This may lead some decisions to come out differently to similar situations. Hardware Dedicated Machines 4z 2690v3 CPUs (48 cores, 3+ GHz) 512 GB of dedicated ECC RAM, not shared NVMe Storage Low Global Ping Unlike many other servers, we own all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for the optimal Atlas Experience providing a lag free running server. SETTINGS 5x All Rates for PvE (10x Breeding) 10x All Rates for PvP with double flotsam quality (20x Breeding) Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players) Decreased resource despawn radius Taming Able: crocodiles (ride), scorpions (shoulder), cobras (pick-up), rattlesnakes (shoulder), spiders (ride), turtles (shoulder), yetis (ride), gorgons (ride) Bola Timer: 5 min on all animals Mating Timer: 12 hours on all animals Extra Features Dedicated Atlas Shop for armour, wheel, sail and other skins. No pay-to-win schemes. Cross-Grid chat to talk with anyone in any grid. Company Logs can be hooked to your personal Discord server to track your company and island activity. 2-way communication from your Discord to your company in-game MODS You can quick-subscribe to all our mods in this collection Atlas Architect - QoL building improvements. Atlas Overseer - Additional admin tools to help us clean up old structures, boats, etc. Atlas Stables - Store your dinos in the cloud and retrieve them from any grid. CG Captaineering Fix - A fix for the broken Captaineering skill. CG Ships - Highly customised sail configurations and better handling ships. Custom Item Stacks - Adjusts most stacks to 5k and reduces weight by 90%. Custom Shipyards - Ability craft all ships in one place; modded, vanilla and modular. Adds dry docking for ships maintenance. Eco's RP Decor - Round out the look of your base with a collection of decor. More Crops - Grow almost any plant, grow crops on your ship, grow crops in any biome. Re-usuable Tools - An old staple from Ark, don't carry a dozen climbing picks or spears on you or worry about your grapple breaking mid climb. Revy's Mods - Core - Core Mod to enable features from other Revy mods. Smart Decay - Fixes Atlas' decay feature and provides the ability to give out vacation timers. Tame Overhaul -Tame crocodiles, scorpions, cobras, rattlesnakes, spiders, turtles, yetis, gorgons and MORE! Breed in any biome, mate crabs, and enjoy some more realistic sizing of the tames. Connection Information IPs for adding to favourites and direct connection D2 - play.supremegaming.gg:57550 - Click Here for Direct Connection D8 - play.supremegaming.gg:57562 - Click Here for Direct Connection
  15. Hola compañeros Se abre hace un par de semanas un servidor con 2 cuadrantes y unos 15 islas rolplay. Todos ellos como esclavos y para poder abandonar la isla de esclavos hay que ser comprado por una de las 3 facciones afectadas piratas españoles y alemanes, o si se junta un grupo de esclavos pueden formar facción nueva. Siempre pvp con rol, eventos, admin activo,, prohibido claimear la isla principal de cada facción y limpiar las bases. Si alguien está interesado contactar conmigo para proporcionar discordia. Saludos!
  16. hey is anyone is selling large handling sails must be 115+ accel. EU pvp please inbox me we will buy for any resource or gold.
  17. So went and captured a sea fort and decided to place the tax bank in the walls on the flag as I placed it my game crashed and crashes each time I try to log back in. My buddy tried to drag my body away but when he got close his game crashed too and now neither of us can get back in. Anyone else experiencing this and what to do?
  18. Hello guys, It's been a while since i played but i am back and i was interested to see what is new. There are a lot of things that have changed for the better but i think some things got missed and i want to talk about the loot system in this game.. First, let me describe what i understand what this game is supposed to be. In reality or in this world, you are either a empire guy, a privater or a bit of both. You sail the sea as a navy protecting your cargo ships or you hunt for fat loot as a pirate. You also have Marauders who just do hit and runs on players to see stuff explode, hehe. In all those instances you need a loot system that can support those activity's at and on land. The current system is this.. You drop a box on death that last 15 min or you can drop individual boxes the last 2 min. The box or "little briefcase" you drop on death is brown and not that big, so it's difficult to see. The individual boxes are light brown and even more difficult to see. The decay rate of 15 min and 2 min is also really low and difficult to in the world. Having individual boxes laying around also creates lag on the server. This brings me to the problem. Loot can be easily despawned and there by preventing any reward for the attacker that has invested resources in the attack. What people usually do is to drop everything on the ground when they know they have lost and de spawn the loot. The attacker has no indication that this is happening and finding the boxes can be really difficult in the world mesh or bushes and among trees. In the sea it even worse as boxes and briefcases look smaller and are hidden under the water. My suggestion to solve this problem is to introduce two systems that are perfect for this type of game. For the sea create a loot gathering box that gathers loot as a float some on the surface of the sea and on the ground create a loot chest that gathers loot around it. The more loot stacks that are in the box the longer it will last in the world, the bigger it is and the more it will glow. This is an example: one player drops a stack of gold, it lands on the ground and creates a small chest(gold decay timer could be 1 h). Then another player drops another stack of gold a few meter away and the first chest collect the gold, grows in size and increases the timer for decay. The chest now starts to have a slight yellow glow, showing it's location and showing you that something valuable is in side of it. I am sure you could build a lot on a system like this, the color could be different depending on what is inside and the looks of the chest/float some could change depending on the content. I believe that this type of system is needed in a pirate/navy survival game and it is something that is expected in 2021. I know a lot of other games that have similar loot systems. If made right it should also improve server performance. It's a win win guys, please make it so!
  19. COME JOIN PURR-NATION!! A new 4x4 PVE/PVP ATLAS server just starting out. If your looking for a new fun server to start fresh and be on a equal playing field with everyone on the server this is the one for you. We have a very active and helpful Owner/Admin group. ABSOLUTELY NO ADMIN ABUSE IS TOLERATED ON THE SERVER! We have lootboxes available on our website http://purrnation.tebex.io/ as well as 10 FREE BOXES and 300 POINTS are available on the website. till NOVEMBER 14TH. Lootboxes contain only great stuff in them that most would love to get as well as the possibility of a permanent dragon from the atlas dragons-alpha mod! For more info join our discord and in general chat ask anything and we will answer as soon as possible. https://discord.gg/dsAeE2z We have a custom map with 8 PVE grids across the top and bottom, 8 PVP grids in the middle. We offer a one of a kind pvp setup with our main focus on ship pvp. Combat timer is set to 30 mins if you wanna mess with someone or try to steal their island, but if you are set on raiding we have a 3hr timer on the war token for those that still want the base raiding experience. NO WIPES UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. (SUCH AS CORRUPTED FILES OR FOR NEW CONTENT THAT WE ALL WANT IN GAME IF IS REQUIRED) MOD LIST: Peachy Atlas Decor Peachy Ship Decor Unlockable Submarine Armor Skins CustomShip Lanterns & Torches Galore Eco's Rp Decor Total Structures Regenerating Ships Imoroved Settlements TnM Animal Taming Enhancements LC Atlas Lantern Preserving Feeding Troughs Custom Item Stacks Atlas Dragons-Alpha TnM Powerstone Tameable Animals Market Npc's One Pay Crew Kwaka's Pirate Jukebox Rations SEARCH for 10/29 Purr-Nation I 4x4 I 100PvE/200PvP I Shop/Kits IN UNOFFICIAL AND JOIN US NOW!!
  20. Black Bobs are now recruiting. Looking for friendly active players. Various company events, helpfull players and lots of fun. English, french, spanish, portuguese, danish, swedish!! Large range of players and languages.. If you are interested, send me a msg.
  21. Are you alone and looking for a company or maybe your the only active person in your company? Tired of doing everything by yourself with no help at all? Marital law is recruiting! Very limited rules and aimed at helping each other! We are willing to teach new players as well. We have something for everyone. 1. Taming and breeding 2. Ship building 3. Farming 4. Building 5. pvp and more! Please message me if you are interested!
  22. False Flags | Created by a Player for Players | Http://discord.io/FALSEFLAGS False Flags is not trying to make a new Atlas. Not trying to make new Atlas rules. Not trying to super boost. False Flags is fulfilling the promise of Atlas Official to level the playing field for small Tribes. False Flags is keeping the game play experience authentic. Trying to make as few modifications as possible to Official settings. 16 Grids, Lawless Region Freeports (3), All Biomes, PowerStones, Essences, Yeti and Kraken Here are a few changes to benefit small Tribes and allow players a life outside of Atlas : 1. Seven Members per Tribe Maximum 2. Four Hour Combat Timers (Don’t complain of Offline Raiding) 3. War Decks are 12 Hours Gold is currently boosted 2x Official Setting. XP and Harvest are boosted 2x (current Official Setting) Http://discord.io/FALSEFLAGS
  23. Had a break from Atlas recently? Or looking for new seas to sail on? Underdog Theory has launched a fresh 4x4 map for all the waifs and strays of Atlas! Lets face it, we know Atlas made a bit of a flop in the gaming scene but there are plenty hearty sailors out there that are still fond of the obnoxiously loud intro music and running across server barriers into a fleet of SOTDs. With a full map set up that includes all content and bosses, comfortable gathering rates to support a creative and build and breed friendly community Underdog Theory is a perfect place for builders, breeders, explorers, traders and those guys that just live on their sloops on the coast of someone’s island. (We’ve got mods for smaller workbenches so sloop guys we got your backs!) PVE with one PVP grid for those who enjoy shooting holes in other peoples ships, lightly modded with build friendly, ease of life mods and the ability to get your hands on some colourful animals through trade and events via our friendly community. Why not grab your sailing gear and give the seas another chance! Hardware: Our game servers are running on enterprise grade servers at an OVH datacenter. This ensures the highest possible server availability, but most importantly it gives you the smoothest gaming experience possible. CPU: Ryzen PRO 7 3700 8c/16t @4.4 Ghz RAM: 128 Gb ECC 2666MH Storage: 2x SSD NVMe 960GB Soft RAID Map: https://i.imgur.com/fokYIp0.jpeg Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1649984925 Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/wEpJBgE
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