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  1. Pirate Hunters is chill PvP server, this mean you dont need to spend many hours in game to get some fun. NEW SEASON START 27 JANUARY Connect URL steam://connect/ Discord invite URL https://discord.gg/YuU8KmbVcG Short Custom Mods Custom Drop All Qeusts Shop Kits 2h Combat phase HUGE balance changes Every part of the game was changed on PH to give every player (new or old) chance to play. Tier system Most items on PH got new tier system. All what you need you can craft. No more wasting time for search BP (does not apply cannons, weapons and other offensive structures). Wild and Company islands Wild island - Island where you can farm resources, tames etc. Cannot be claimed. Company island - Small island for your Company, with great harbor, walls and pillar for main base. Go to our Discord to get more info. Harbor Defence Structures On PH you can craft great Harbor Defence Structures to protect your harbor and ships. Harbor raid on PH need something more than one ships. Simple rules On PH you got simple rules to give you more freedom like on official servers. Players abuses are fixed by programming code, not by many rules. Some screenshots
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