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  1. The last update when you had players was v402.6-ish, before the farmhouses, prefab crap, the wipes, and all the excess crap that got added that no one wanted. Want to save the game? roll back that far. The 15x15 map was amazing, could literally roll back that far with minor changes, and many old players would return. For people who just like to tame, breed and farm just add a few Ark size islands. Add greenhouse structures so we can grow crops in any biome, breed tames in any biome. We wanted legacy ships to expand to frigates, sloops should have been slightly bigger. Get rid of or change the weird ship of the damn and army of the damned, pirates or skeletons-ish would work, remove mines, farms anything and everything prefab ships and structures. The point of sailing was to go out and get those recourses, not auto farm and sell them, limit island claims and shipyards, no company should need more than 2 small and 2 large shipyards. If ships sat for too long we should be able to claim them, breeding and raising tames should be less time consuming, these are things most people wanted but no one listens to small or solo players.... the main players of your game, instead you listen to mega comps and pvp players. Sooo many more ideas that we wanted but were ignored. Watch both your trailers and see and remember the aww that we seen and the game we remember and deserve. https://youtu.be/miwYMiEUYiA https://youtu.be/7pXqX73FGFY MAGA ( Make Atlas Great Again)
  2. when they do, they tend to be off by a month or 3
  3. when they do, they tend to be off by a month or 3
  4. really tired of starting over, at least let us keep our levels, i like many other are already about to walk away from this game.
  5. discovery points its a stupid way to get players to explore and level up.
  6. do devs take action for people spamming foundations? We have a guy who just added more because he was asked to stop spamming them.
  7. Can we do away with everyone's least favorite aspect of the game, the incredibly stupid discovery point system used to level up. We get it you want us to go out and explore cookie cutter islands, while evading ridiculous amounts of fleets of the damn. It like crops, half of the people in other sectors refuse to talk, or they are empty, so who do I trade with? and when I find someone to trade with they don't have near the quantities I need which make my trip useless. So why not make all crops growable in all sectors. Finally it sounds like the torpedoes will be content locked like the sub, once again thanks for screwing over solo and small team players, and personal I thing ships should only be able to hold 2 torpedo launchers. Make it interesting maybe give the gun ports for fore and aft part of the ships for torpedoes only, just quit content locking stuff.
  8. can we have an easier time taming, and have pigs did up root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips. and I know it not a tame but the hammer head flees like a chicken when you shoot it, most of the time never to be seen again. Also we ne a Megalodon bigger at least as big as a schooner and 25%-50% spawn chance in every sector.
  9. Honestly disappointed that the submarine is an end game item, talk about a big middle finger to solo and small companies.
  10. It would be nice if we could have snap points for Docks, shipyards, and water reservoirs, trying to eyeball things can throw off a lot and might help clean up some of the clutter. Not to mention for shipyards it may make more room available for other players to build. The picture I provided turns blue at a fraction when I step forward, but spent 2 minutes to find that sweet spot.
  11. My character is 100 and penalized for being old, I went to a Fountain of Youth and watched sever players die at least 20 -30 times. Some ran in with nothing on, others tried in small groups, some went with gun other with tames. Out of those 50 - 70 some players 3 made it, I Died 20 some times myself before I said F**K it, I'm not wasting my time anymore on this Sh*t. It's not worth the stress and wasted time just to get there to be gang raped by every living thing on the beach. People want this fixed, Either do away with aging, make the fountains more accessible by letting small ones spawn random on any and every island or sell Elixir's of Youth in Freeport. We shouldn't have to spend 2-3 hours on a quest that we have a slim chance of passing. Taming is already screwed up at least fix this.
  12. I know this, but seems when I travel too far the lag becomes awful and I start to timeout, last night I got a new message.... So for some of us discoveries isn't much of an option at this moment.
  13. it's kicking me out telling me I need to change servers right now as im out at sea, pve K6
  14. any news on when we will be able to go beyond lvl 51, the game just feels like it forces you to focus on 2-3 areas or have to spread your self out thinly.
  15. We are having issues with this also, and with animals disappearing or dying due to alpha snakes spawning under foundations is just making this whole thing suck. hate to say it but they need a system like ark, use a poison blow gun instead of a bow. We lost a lot of animals we were trying to tame from wild animals too, just hard to find that sweet spot and fight off others at the same time.
  16. once shops become a thing it may take players awhile to make it to the city if they become crowded, they need to ease up on the decay, maybe after 2 hours. Pubs, and other businesses might come into play for players from other sectors to hang out, the decay would feel like a punishment to a point.
  17. had this happen to with an elephant we just tamed, damn thin was under our foundation attacking it, got the notification while we were out to sea.
  18. either have it spawn on any random island, maybe fresh water source or sell elixirs of youth in freeport - the 10% bonus for 100 gold. (great option for us solo players)
  19. the age thing and mini games are killing the game for me, I solo mostly and play with my daughter when she can, but making me age and being already in my 90's going after a fountain of youth near a power stone isn't my idea of fun things to do solo or duo. I suggested they sell elixir of youth or life - the 10% bonus for 100 gold coin in freeport. Or just do away with aging.
  20. My character does not appear to be leveling up as fast as he should, ive been at the same level for a few days now and killed several alpha's. My exp bar isn't even reflecting the amount ive earned.
  21. id rather buy elixirs of youth for 100 gold than spend every few days trying to find a fountain, I solo on most days and when im lucky my daughter plays too. We are both pushing 90 and nowhere near ready for an undertaking of a quest through those kinda waters.
  22. i think the fountain should spawn on every and any island randomly, hell let a vender sell the water in free ports for 100 gold coin. the whole ageing thing is stupid.
  23. Can anything be done about building base in areas were deposits rich resources are? we have one base that built a gate and base at the top of a mountain making it hard for some players to get gems and fresh water.
  24. My crew member made a flintlock, she can fire it but I cannot, she made 2 more and I can't fire either, I've tried reloading and everything else I could think of.
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