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  1. I may found the reason. I have different keyboard layout for browser, desktop, etc and different for games. Sometimes I cannot crouch or prone, when I switch to my default layout and then back to the ENG layout I can prone and crouch without problem. Same applies to the guns, If I cycle the layout, the guns will fire. Nothing 100%, will test more.
  2. Yes, they did and they do work even now. But I cannot take them for granted because I never know if they will fire or not. Sometimes they will fire four times and everything looks good and then I'm trying to fire with them again and they won't fire. For example, ten minutes ago, I was treasure hunting and they fired two times in a row. Now, as I'm typing this, I am on the ship and they won't fire.
  3. Hey, I'm not sure if it's a bug report, since its probably happening only me. But in ticket system the isn't a choice to report this kind of problem. I can fire with any weapon in game (shotgun, rife, flare gun, bow) without any problem. But Flintlocks are different. They will fire maybe once in ten tries. Doesn't matter if I am in combat or not. Doesn't matter if I try firing while dual-wielding, or just single Flintlock. I tried resolving this issue with: verifying game files resetting to default settings and keybinding changing slots where I use the Flintlocks manually removing ammo and then reloading trying with and without r.vsync 1 Nothing above helped. My friend said it happened to her only once and now she can use Flintlocks without any problem.
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