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  1. "we want to focus on player stories rather than PVE content." are you kidding us? My story about crocodile taming?! this is first time i see developers put a gun to the head of their game and eager to push. Good luck guys. I'm glad one wonderful game was released in the start of this year (they sold 6mln of copies btw). ANd that one promise us 4 new bosses. istead of taking awaw what was left here to do. best PVP? a joke
  2. "Solo game content" Give us multipleer game content please! We've been here since the start and the game became so boooring one could not describe. It is too easy as for pve players. To meaningless as there is almost no nice recepies nither from SOD nor from treasures. And even then no place to use your perfect ammo or clothes or cannons. The game is empty. My people are so bored now... it makes me sad.
  3. Is this the end of Official servers?
  4. "We’re excited to reveal to you a new system we’ve been working on, which will be released for Single Player, Non-Dedicated Multiplayer (more on that later!), Unofficial Dedicated Servers (optional), and potentially expanded onto the Official Networks in the future. " Please please please pretty please expand it to Officila Network. There is simply nothing to do after you defeat all the bosses. The Game is dying... I wouldn't mind them, pirates, spawn on our inhabited islands, It may look like simple camp-large camp-fortified camp-fortress or smth but PLEASE bring us challange. We still want to play as a tribe on official servers but it is boring.
  5. Guys, have you seen island points on lawless islands? what is happening? we checked they are still not claimable... upd. next question - how to remove the topic?
  6. ballistas were also different. we tried to beat him before wipe - still: nice preparation organization skills. )) today we still see this picture of lots of ships coming in and dying the first electrical wave. every time...
  7. Are you kidding? Kraken 1.0 can easily be taken down with 3 brigs or 1 brig+galleon. Kraken 2.0 we did with 2 galleons. All official. All documented. With nice preparation organization and skilled captains there is nothing hard there. And the reward is beautifull: Kraken 1.0 Submarine Kraken 2.0 Perks cooldown halved Snowman - harvesting activated perk that gives you 10 minutes x2 on all resourses. In weekends it's smth. Hunters.
  8. It may turn red and you should just feed him as usual. It happens sometimes but do not prevent you from taming creature.
  9. Guys you are doing it all wrong. We own a couple of islands and several forposts in lawless and claimable zones and i must say - move away from lawless asap. I myself talked to lawless settlers (they were in the middle of that kind of fight ) and found out they had never tryed! Also they didn't know the fact that taxes does not work the old way. And they preferred to fight with each over then try to find a friendly place to settle. But i've travelled A LOT in claimable zones and saw A LOT of wellcome territorial messages... Guys this is not a game problem it is people problem. Communicate!
  10. Ответила в личку. Или напиши в дискорд. https://discord.gg/5jxyUZx
  11. It was translated perfectly. ))) Looking all over this conversation (i never new it was a problem) i think devs may just create some subforums then. It will help them greatly. For different languages. More communication = more fun. Also they may choose the font that would show symbols instead of rectangles. We killed Snowman last weekend along with 40 of chineese and the chat went quite otherwhelmed. But there is always allience chat...
  12. am i the one who overreacted? you supposed me a janitor and send clearing tiles. (i respect janitors no offend) but why did you do this? cose i speak language you do not understand? others (non english) mean lowpaid jobs? or maybe you thought i won't understand your comment and it would make some fun for the others? Use some logic. explanations... Have you ever seen those long local server chats in ALL the european languages? Have you ever seen anybody writing smth "sorry guys for dutch only"? It's nonsence )) We just communicate and others wishing to joing use google translation. If they do not - they would not.
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