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  1. WidowMaker

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    Fonias, Yes we did the spamming on an island owned by NWO they blocked me from building on my area with spam so as I stated in a post in the begin of this thread, the only recourse we had was to spam them back to keep anyone from building on their island. This is sad and not what we wanted to do but I guess this must be the way the Admins want it handled. I reached out to the Admins for help then after no answer we said for every foundation or pillar we found blocking us we would add 100 to the Island they were on. And yes the Island is covered and it should not be this way but the admins or dev would not help out so what do you do. They should decay in 10 days and the ones on my island will remain from NWO. BTW I have found NWO has another Island and we have not placed any on it as of this date, but if they add one more to my area we will add to each and every Island they are on. NWO, act nice and we will, we all enjoy the game and hate it no one can build on it as designed.
  2. WidowMaker

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    Yep, he keeps spamming and spamming more and more, the Dev's will do nothing so I guess we need to spam back. Sad day for the game to have to feel this way
  3. This is a Great game but the foundation spamming needs to be addressed, one clan that has an island with a claim is also going around spamming other islands. This behavior will hurt the game if not stopped. The NWO has added 100's of foundations in the D7 area I am located in they were in some kind of grievance with another group on our island and now looks like they want to make it so you can not build or expand.
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    Help Please

  5. WidowMaker

    Help Please

    This says it all