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  1. microphobe

    Creature Designer

    I feel that perhaps with the monkey or something else it could have a repair capability seeing as the crew wont repair my structures have the monkey able to be trained as a odd job repairer that can repair a small amount say 1pt per minute to any structure he is in or on, something very low but enough to repair your base slowly of those annoying 1pt durability damages to floors etc. (resources out of ships chest of course) That or make it so that crew can do it because they certainly don't seem to do it in my base.
  2. microphobe

    Creature Designer

    I would like to see more involved passive taming, rather than just walking next to an animal feeding berries I would like to see a two stage tame. Make it that passive tame animals can all be lassoed (I think that's a word) or grappled in some way and immobilised (hog tied) they then need to be taken to a taming pen where the player must spend time in proximity to the animal so that it can get used to the player, effectively a reducing skittishness bar. Once the animal is accepting of the player they can then tame the animal by feeding it in the same way as normal taming but the animal doesn't walk away, rather as you tame it it will follow the player the more. This option should be used for horses at least if nothing else.
  3. microphobe

    Captain's Log 20: Lunar New Year! 🐷

    nothing about the Kraken being killed by a fleet of 52 ships combined of the top companies on the server? Would have thought that would merit a mention.
  4. microphobe

    Dynamic map won't load

    same for me
  5. The first time I watched streamers was when this game went live, sort of, because no one could play it but the streamers lol. I was sitting there thinking that OMFG these guys have no idea at all what is going one, have they never played a survival game before? The more I watched, the more I realised that it was just that, most people out there are playing fps games and battle royale BS with no real challenging gameplay or mechanics and they just can't handle this sort of game. So when this game got some publicity and a lot of people bought it there were two main issues, they had no idea what EA was (seriously the amount of people that thought that Electronic Arts was involved was crazy) and they had no idea about background mechanics like hunger thirst etc, that are traditional parts of survival games and no ability to cope with PVE, they had spent so much time in PVP only environments that they couldn't handle a couple wolves attacking them. The result is now that I wander around farming, when a lion grabs me I casually switch to a pistol and shoot it in the head, pull out a bow and shoot it's partner a couple times and go on my way because I have ages to take them down because they are so fkn weak because they have been nerfed into the ground.
  6. microphobe

    Max levels

    You go to places you have never been to and make landfall, this will get you one discovery point, on some islands 2 because they have a "special" zone of some sort such as an overlook on a mountain etc. You can do other things things like, Get a Powerstone (50pts x 9 available) Kill a whale (50 pts for the first kill of each type, 2 types available) Kill the kraken (50 points for first kill) These points are discovery points and effectively raise your maximum allowed level, you then have to get the exp as normal to gain levels. You don't have to gain the exp anywhere in particular it's just slower because you are higher level.
  7. the reason we took so many ships was because of the insta kill mechanic. If we had any less we wouldn't have downed it at all.
  8. microphobe

    Kraken insta kill mechanic?

    we had the exact same thing happen, 52ish went in I would say maybe 5 we actually destroyed from combat the rest were just "wiped" with all players killed instantly from nothing in particular. Our whole crew were insta killed and we just had to watch our ship get tossed around till it sank. In the end only 3 ships were still sailing after it went down, and even then one ship was unmanned at the end. The kick in the teeth is that only those alive at the end actually get the reward so out of like 150 people only 6 got anything.
  9. microphobe

    Kraken Kill rewards

    Can we please make it so that all involved with killing the Kraken get the reward not just the few people alive at the end. You have a chance of being insta killed with no warning or way to avoid it, you cannot respawn or port to other ships during the encounter so like 90% of the people didn't get the reward at the end. It was kinda a kick in the teeth at the end to not get anything for building and losing ships.
  10. Hell, I did the fountain the first day it came out and it was fine, laggy AF and difficult to get into the region, but fine to do the actual quest part of running in and getting the fountain. Character ageing was advertised day one, many of the role play oriented people like the idea and it is tied in with having children etc. the FOY is just an option if you don't want the "hassle" of getting children. Complaining about defensive points on an island where the mobs will utterly destroy ANYTHING left on the beach is futile. If they wanted to build stuff to stop that they would already be doing it to stop people getting power stones, they are in the same building. I'm sure they have evaluated it and come to the same conclusion that after the first week of shits and giggles, it's just not worth trying to barricade anything there.
  11. Agreed but the only real justification for a deliberate character wipe is game launch to level the field for the new players or some significant change to the way that the game handles character data and migration would be an issue due to the number of sleepers and the time it takes. I agree with the compensating players part with faster levelling but honestly as a group we can get someone from lvl 10 to 40 in a day of treasure hunts so levelling isn't that much of an issue in this game at least until you get to the 50+.
  12. microphobe

    NO U-Boats Or Airships Please!!!!! !!

    seriously, did you not even look at the game page when you bought atlas? at no point did you question just what the golden age part of golden age ruins meant? the lore is there, this isn't a pirate sim. This is a high seas fantasy game. The airship is even on the initial game art ffs.
  13. didn't happen for ark, unlikely it would happen for atlas, they may wipe the islands but they won't likely erase the characters. They will probably open a new server or two if the population is high enough at launch. Yes I am aware this is an alpha, yes I know other are glitches, crashes and rollbacks. Even major changes to what characters can do, they can wipe whole skill trees out of the game. These things do happen due to or by accident. However in most games the players will tolerate the loss of things like gear or boats etc. Because those are "things", you will lament your lost armour that you had dyed or the ship you had for a long time. But losing the actual character will often sever the players attachment to the game as their "sunk cost" tether is gone. This is why they will usually do everything they can to preserve a character.
  14. microphobe

    Who cares about dieing??

    you get the boost 30 minutes after your vitamins are in equilibrium. It is pretty easy to keep them in that range if you are on land and half paying attention and the buff is certainly worth trying to maintain in general. It is easy to get food and I have yet to dehydrate and die anywhere but on a boat out at sea so maintaining vitamins isn't all that hard.
  15. bases ships etc can be rebuilt easily and while a painful thing to have gone losing a character is far worse. Particularly when there is no reason for it, arbitrarily deleting someone's character is about the best way to make sure they will stop playing the game.