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  1. You can defend this game and its bad developers all you want but the Steam Charts prove my point. This game started with 58k peak players now its down to just 11k. That is no small drop..
  2. It's great to see that 2 months after I made this thread nothing has changed in the slightest. Good work developers underachieving is something worth celebrating.
  3. The devs of this game live in some kind of dreamland, completely void of reality. It took them months to work out that a bear towing around a swivel that functions like aimbot was perhaps unbalanced. They still have yet to discover though that when you market your game as a "naval" game players expect more then 3 warships... We are getting new cosmetics though that will keep everyone happy..
  4. Maybe in PVE land, I don't know of any of my fellow PVP buddies that are still playing this. We pretty much all left when the devs decided to go ahead and delete the PVP server.
  5. No new ships but more pointless cosmetics? A naval game with 3 just warships? This game is a bad joke and the devs seem totally oblivious to it.
  6. About 6-7 months in and still only 3 PVP ships. Yep this game is officially a joke but never mind we get free comsetics that will bring back all the players
  7. They can start by adding more then 3 ships.... For a so called "naval" PVP game its beyond pathetic but I guess adding more pointless cosmetics seems to be their top priority. No wonder this game died so fast, the players left because of boredom. I know I did, that and every second having multiple Mt Everests on it which take a shit on base location balance. This game is like being on a cruise ship that is steadily sinking. Everyone is reaching for the life boats while at the same time the crew is desperately trying to hand out brochures for upcoming cruises. No one cares about that crap.
  8. Not really there is no real logical reason why a 'mortar' should magically do a lot more damage then a cannon given the sizes are very similar.
  9. So you don't have a problem that a naval game only has really 3 ships to choose from and only 2 choice of weapon? Well I guess everyone is different some people are content to have very little others not so much.
  10. There will be less sailing around since there will be less things to do with this new mode. Why bother "exploring" if there is little to gain from it. I don't know about you but if I spent several hours sailing 10+ tiles from my home base and came across a very rich looking base that was designed by a moron but then discovered that even though I can see the tribe's players moving around in it ie they are much "Online", that I still can't attack it I would be mightily disappointed.
  11. It seems to me that its a poor coding job from the devs on this one.
  12. The problem this game has had from the very start is an extreme lack of content and variety. Its a very shallow half baked product atm. It feels more like a demo sandbox then a full fledged sandbox game. Only 3 kinds of useful ships (5 ships all up if you include the pointless "raft" and Sloop), 2 types of cannon, 3 types of firearm and 2 types of melee weapon..................................... I know folks will shout "Early Access" but if I compare this game to ARK when ARK was in early access - ARK was pumping out new content every 2 weeks or so. Even more damning is that this game is more like an ARK mod then a full game. It's using the ARK code base and thus had all the hardwork more or less done for it with the exception of ocean waves and the new server transfer system. There is little reason why the devs have been so slow to release new content other then them likely being a tiny team and having a small budget.
  13. I would say that 60% of the flags on the PVP servers were pointless sea claims. Everyone was spamming those to up their rank even though in real world terms they had little value.
  14. Hows it qualify as "PVP" if you can't even damage his ship???
  15. I am keen to spill some more blood. That is always good fun. I'm looking forward to the mass raids and large PVP battles on the Empires servers.
  16. Yep. He's got the tick for PVER in my notepad with that video. As to his screenshots he is probably playing bots. Would make sense given his PVE background. With regards to mortars on boats they actually did exist in real life. They were called "Bomb Ketchs" and were basically ships about the size of a schooner with a mortar built into the hull and not much else in terms of armament. They were used to bombard shore defenses. They could add this and it would fit in the game. They would just need to make it an expensive and highly specialized vessel on really good at doing one thing.
  17. So player mines stuff in some dangerous zone then parks his ship in the safe zone and can't be touched. Yep that is going to lead to amazing PVP.
  18. If you ask me they need to up the velocity of the cannon shots. Currently the velocity is incredibly low which means if you are chasing someone and they have rear cannons (which they most likely will) its quite hard to be effective since in most cases your shots will be falling short while theirs will not be. This could be somewhat alleviated by upping the velocity and in general I think the overall range should be increased so that players that can aim well can engage at longer ranges while still having the risk of missing a lot of the time.
  19. That base looks very easy to raid. I am surprised you haven't had a crack yet.
  20. You want to attack anyone you see? I'm confused you are playing on a PVP server you know that right.
  21. Yep in real life even in the largest battles it was still fairly uncommon for ships to sink. You see artwork of some of the battles and there are ships completely demastered, many of the crew dead and many of its cannons out of action and on fire but its still floating. That said this is a game so obviously it will be different but that doesn't mean they can't tweak the values. With regards to ship capturing ingame I think the main reason why they have made it take hours is to stop ninja thieves from just throwing a grapple on some galleon in a harbor and claiming it in 10 minutes. They need a system where it can distinguish between boarding at sea vs boarding while docked. Maybe if the ship has been docked for then 10 minutes it goes into a "docked state" and has the current long claim times otherwise the claim times are much shorter.
  22. Basically what they do is they bring together a collection of role players ie people that like to fantasize about dressing up as something. Then they tell them who would you want to dress up the most as. They note down their responses and this is the end result.
  23. I don't use this name ingame for various reasons that is why you haven't heard of me.
  24. This would not work at all. Everyone will just hide with their loot in high sec and low sec will just become pointless. Look at all the dead private servers that tried something similar. They are dead for a reason.
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