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  1. For the love of all things holy, please work on animations. Namely the weird floating animation while jumping. And please work on weird run speed over rocks or over hills. You should slow down traversing terrain like that, not teleport upwards and keep up top speed. And fix the Ue4Shootergame crash. And tone down the groaning while thirsty/injured. And use a different typeface/color/size for the HUD. It's eye cancer. Animations/movement and basic survival is very wonky and weird to play. Refine the basics. Once you refine the basics, then add hats that animals can wear....... =\
  2. This issue has been going on since the game has been released, so don't expect a fix. My wife and I have been struggling with the host pending timeout since we bought the game in Dec. 2018. It's caused us not to play. We check back periodically and every once in a while we can connect to a server. However, the issue may arise the very next day on a server that previously worked.
  3. What is the point of blue prints? Do you do more damage with a better sword blue print? What about shipyards? Why would it matter if I built a higher quality shipyard if I can still build all the same ships from a low quality ship yard? Thanks for an answer because I am generally a bit confused with BPs.
  4. Incorrect. Somewhere between the 2 extremes, there's a better solution. That's a term called "balance". Rust has conquered this in regards to player movement speeds/ jump distance and equipment movement penalties. Reduce current player movement speeds and jump distance by at least 50%. Then tack on movement penalties for equipment. I mean, naked players run faster than many tames. I've never played a game in 2 decades where player movement was this fast, besides sonic the hedgehog.
  5. It's utterly awful. The players run around and comical hyper-sonic speeds, ascending up inclines without a speed penalty at laughably ridiculous speeds, changing direction instantly without a speed penalty jumping like a fully leveled Oblivion character training for the Olypmics... Player movements kill any sort of fun PVP aspect. This should have been a priority after launch. Coming back nearly a year later to find that the movement speed seems to have almost increased from its already ludicrous level.
  6. For the love of god, PvP overhaul! Player movements, weapon balance, sword fighting, all need tremendous work. PvP is not fun in this game. It's too wonky and weird especially with the stupidly fast player movement speeds.
  7. I also enjoy sailing the way it is. The main thing needed to make sailing worthwhile is discovery. That's why XP should be scrapped for items like swords, guns, armor, cannons; instead make those items findable....just leave XP in game for skill based tasks like farming, captoneering, beastmastery etc, but implement a treasure system where you must travel to other islands, complete quests like Army of the Damned in order to achieve a chest which has the potential to include craftable items. Also there should be non player shipwrecks that can be found with a chance to have craftable items. The official world is so huge and you shouldn't expect to discover it all. That's what makes it interesting.
  8. I could get down with that. It's far more substantive than simply earning xp from hitting things.
  9. A hybrid research system rather than an arbitrary unlock system I think would be beneficial for gameplay. This is an old concept, but I feel like it would fit nicely within Atlas. For knowledge based things like most "Captaineering" and "Beastmastery", an unlock system based off experience makes perfect sense. However, for craftable items like large cannons, sword varieties, certain armor sets, guns, guillotines, etc., I think a "find and research" system would make perfect sense. Having to explore in order to find items should be a huge focus in Atlas. As it, a person could theoretically stay on one island killing animals, bashing trees and swiping fiber in order to level up and unlock everything. Exploration should be encouraged. In order to acquire these higher tier items (not starter items), it should be mandatory to explore different islands and complete different tasks. For example, if you choose to go after treasure and fight the Army of the Dead, there should be a chance that they could drop different weapons. Then, this acquired weapon would need to be brought to either an NPC for them to make a drawing/blueprint which can be learned, or implement a player built prototype desk where the players can build the desk and draw up plans themselves. The difficulty of the quest would be based on the potential item which could be found. This system would also help to bolster trading within the game.
  10. They really need a PVP overhaul. It's so stupidly wonky right now. The super speed movements, instant directional changes, weird floaty jumpy physics....PVP right now is cancer, though I do enjoy ship battles.
  11. Both Win 10 professional with wired connection, no boosters. Will do some testing. We both do play Rust and 7 days to die flawlessly, but will still dig into our network. Thanks.
  12. We only try playing on unofficial servers. This has been an ongoing issue for me and my wife. We've given up trying to play Atlas because we both constantly get the "Host Pending Connection Timeout" message or "Unable to Query Server...". Every once in a great while after maybe 10 attempts trying to join many different servers, I'll get in but my wife can't. She has to keep trying different clusters until she can get in. Then, usually the next day, we can't reconnect without the error messages. It's been an ongoing issue for us since this game was released. I'm just so lost at this point. I keep seeing threads about others having this message, but no real solutions.
  13. At least you aren't suffering from the "Unable to Query Server" or "Host Timeout" error.
  14. Many unofficial servers don't even show up for me. Bearded gamers for example; the only way I can find them is through Battle Metrics and then I have to direct connect to them through Steam. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to join without the "Failed to Query" or "Host Timeout Error". My wife and I tried playing last night and I was able to get in. She got in after a few attempts, but then was kicked due to a "Host Timeout" error. I never got kicked. She was not able to log back in so we just gave up. Same shit since the launch of Atlas.
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