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  1. Blue Fish

    EU PVp 255ping

    its something that been happening to me for week now that everytime i start playing the game i got that 225 ping which i can barley play the game with i dont think it only happens to me as i saw multy players reporting about it in discord for being something not fixed so i really hope u can do something or atleast give temp solution thank you
  2. Blue Fish

    Not much will change.

    4h Window ??? so why u play in pvp go play in pve u will be ok
  3. Blue Fish

    who design these skins

    https://ibb.co/WkW539k i think these skins for Stone Age games not a pirate game. -example how skin of pirate game looks like (not Stone Age), game Ring of Elysium made one https://ibb.co/F80Qx54 -video :
  4. Blue Fish

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    you guys keep killing this game with every delay atlas already lost most of its players guess for this week or next one none will be playing it
  5. Blue Fish

    Running TO Free Port while in fight

    i mean we are looking for them but as you know the wipe is near and everyone has stopet playing only few are still in game + i have big all that has another things to go on with not to deal with bunch of homless so that option is out i mean if you keep doing this kind of thing what would this game be really going to free port everyday and living there like it normal lol wow whats that is that even gaming it isnt any smart its just fooling the game and their devs they should really take look at what the devision and other games tactics looks like when you fighting you cant get to the safe zone that how it should be
  6. Blue Fish

    Running TO Free Port while in fight

    different time zone some times we cross and like i said they leave in their ships we wait for like 5 to 10 hours but nothing they stay at freeport you know that there is bottracker that can let you see which players are in the grid so everytime they see we are offline they attack and run catching them off gard how that can be if they stay whole day if freeport we always wait for them to get out still that never happens till we go offline we have RLF mate cant play full time
  7. Blue Fish

    Running TO Free Port while in fight

    they where setteling in lawless we found their main base they had two other tiny bases we destroyed them note: we didnt started it they did what happend next is above it would be really helpfull and its fair for everyone you are in war dont keep running everytime face it
  8. it been a week now while my company is fighting some homeless players that hit and run everytime we go after them the thing they do is when ever we follow them they run to free port were you cant destroy their brig or do anything to them they actually live there and for every 7 hour they keep fixing their planks and go back we really need system or something when you are at war or in fight OR something simple as if ur planks are damaged you cant get in free port simple as that you should really do that as fast as you can as i guess we are not they only company that has this situation thanks
  9. cheaters here and talk there is no cheat hhhh what the hell they want the devs to sleep and let them do what they want ahahahah
  10. Blue Fish


    i did kill the drake but it did not drope the key that was the problem
  11. Blue Fish


    ive gone with my team for hunting the power stone we killed two hydras and 2 fire elementals but not single stone key where given to us i dont know whats the problem or why we did that on different two days still nothing we start giving up so any solution or help we do want it thank you take look https://imgur.com/OJm1Vhd
  12. hey chemB cheaters cant play a game normal
  13. yeah this is battle shit not battle eye
  14. yeah and there is more if they come back i will make sure to catch the best prove