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  1. When they don't work,go to school ect ect. they have all the time in world man.
  2. ButtPirate


    doesn't matter if taxes are 0 or 30% the players don't pay it. If I hit a tree I get 30 wood on a settlement with 0 taxes if I hit a tree I get 30 wood on a settlement with 30% taxes. So it doesn't effect anyone building on an island.
  3. ButtPirate


    If players are not taxed then what is the point with setting a tax rate, every claim owner should set this max. Why wouldn't they? seems like another stupid mechanic added to the game that does nothing.
  4. ButtPirate

    L6 Onocastle

    whats onacastle?
  5. ButtPirate

    Another Wipe?

    Well being as you don't have a pc that can run anything other than Minecraft, I will explain how it works. I can be on the game, this forum and anything else as my pc is able to do that. I'm not trying to take away anyone's free speech, however being as you have never played this game you give a lot of false information and post about things you don't know anything about. Your post are always telling someone how sad they are. When in reality it is you that is sad and bitter. Perhaps if you spent less time trolling these forums you could get a job or a second job and buy a pc that can run the game. Then when you make 1500 post maybe one or two of them will be relevant.
  6. ButtPirate

    Another Wipe?

    Once again they did not buy the final product they bought EARLY ACCESS. So it is not "an unsatisfied customer". These forums should be locked to people who don't own the game. You have over 1500 post about things you don't know anything about.
  7. ButtPirate

    Roads and Cars

    I think we should be able to build roads and cars on our islands to go with all the other dumb shit you guys are adding to a pirate game
  8. ButtPirate

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    only time I ever lost a tame was when it was set to aggressive or neutral and a ship of the damned attacked me, the will jump off the ship
  9. ButtPirate

    Is there any in game support?

    I can get it out tell me where you are.
  10. ButtPirate

    Too much to accept.

    Ya shit is getting old
  11. you can build really close to someone on lawless. someguy can come in and put shipyards all around you ships blocking them in. can come in and build a wall around your base then your fucked. if you don't like people spamming foundations every where go block them in. In that pic you posted can go and post pillers in between them foundation then the guy wont be able to build. lawless is trash. Gold is very easy to get use a bear and do treasure maps. you can alsp spam those little flags all over those foundations.
  12. Yeah no one should take REALIST serious. She is just a jelly troll. Doesn't even own the game. for the 29.99 I spent I'm very pleased the product.
  13. How would you know? You cant even play it...…..
  14. ButtPirate

    Please prove to me that it is hard to build

    Hey she don't have a pc to play atlas it doesn't work on chromebook.