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  1. makes perfect sense, when you open in water shit will fall out.
  2. its mean you have over 20 people in your grid lol, wait till someone logs off.
  3. And they add in this ice cave when everyone knows it will consist of naked players running to the end of it trying to pull aggro so everyone can finish it because this game has the worst combat mechanics ever.
  4. people quit because new games come out, Is really nothing to do in this game. powerstone runs are garbage, you just run inside the cave die rinse and repeat until you get to the stone. stupid.... Can spend months building a base/island only for it to be wiped in 10 minutes. ships getting sunk zoning into another grid because of lag. tames being killed while in pens by snakes. nothing to craft, 3 boats that you can build in one day. weak planks. to easy to sink. very unrealistic. you have thatch,wood,and stone. stone being what everyone uses so wood and thatch aren't even a thought. should be more tyes of walls and shit. each having strength and weakness. canon ball vs stone wall makes sense,but canon vs wood? wood flexs and shouldn't be destroyed as quickly as stone with a canon ball. but fire, or explosive barrel should do more damage to wood than stone. if I build a stone wall around my base made of wood, sure you can sit in your ship and shoot canon balls to destroy the stone walls but then your ass is gonna have to come on land and use flames and barrels to destroy the wood walls. now all you have to do to raid anyone is bring a ship loaded with canons and unload till its all gone then get on bears and maul everything. game is made by very lazy developers who have done nothing but copy arks code and reskinned it. They don't care about the pc population as it will soon hit consoles and that another 6 months of profits till they realize what we know. its a great marketing technique actually cant hate on them for it.
  5. then wait till its not 3x no more lol
  6. every player should have a personal box. being in a company sucks cause is usually one or two guys who don't farm shit but dictate every thing and make rooms where they stash shit that only they can enter.
  7. Its always Americans, offended by everything and anything.... Never mind the fact that you can make a woman with giant tits who runs around in her underwear clubbing other players. That's ok for my kids to see and do, but how dare you make a sign with bad words on it.
  8. if it is an exploit that a company as whole gains from then yes. but one member says something that offends someone isn't.
  9. this is a video game, a hobby, stupid fucking example you just gave.
  10. And you don't have to say voodoo bot was nice, screw that GM he shouldn't even of addressed you with this if you didn't do it. very unprofessional. sounds like to me this GM has nothing better to do. but it does make sense guy is to stupid to find who made the sign just knows it was your company. explains why so much cheating goes unpunished as these GMs don't have the skills to track them.
  11. GMS shouldn't be policing this game for curse words. Handle the exploiters and cheater. It is an adult themed game. GMS can ruining a game faster than anything else. If I wanna paint my boat pink an put big giant pink dildos on my sails. So what? ? if it offends anyone then try and destroy it. don't cry and report in hopes of getting someone banned..... not like the game is really populated as it is.
  12. We need more items to craft. New beds, candles, pictures,fireplace,rugs, an out house to collect to shit.. more items like these are needed.
  13. any way to increase the chat box size?
  14. Hard Work? Playing a video game lmfao...
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