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  1. best would be a tri faction system with capture points giving the dominant faction a bonus of some sort, this way the 2 weaker factions ally to over throw the dominant faction, then fight among themselves to become the new dominant faction, this is rinse and repeat, because no one faction can stay dominant for a long period of time.
  2. yep thats how we did it, had a bed on the lever platform, ported to platform open them, then port to gal cross in, port to lever to close etc... only flaw is sloops and subs can slip in and out
  3. the problem with the map is if it sails around the edges you can go from polar to desert which doesnt make sense, and if we cant cross the map edge then you can literally be cornered against a map wall by enemies with no way out except down. also hitting an unzonable wall breaks the immersion...
  4. i got rid of the stutters by added 16gigs of ram total 32, before when i alt tabbed out and looked at task manager game was using 12 to 14 gigs, after increase sometimes id hit 18 gigs ram despite have 8 gigs on my video-card. but i still get stutters in massive 100 player harbor battles.
  5. no offense bud, but yeah were at that point lol
  6. actually tri-realm is the best way to go with pvp , 1 dominates , the 2 underdogs gang up. keeps things dynamic
  7. says a guy averaging 5 posts a day on the forum lolol
  8. im not saying atlas doesnt need improving, but its summer and its vacation time, summer always drops game pops... maybe even more in atlas's case.
  9. sailing out to sea usually helps lower temp during a heat wave, if its bad and i dont want to sail i usually just log off for 10 to 15 minutes to wait it out. of course you can also use an icebox too now, just turn it on stand near it until heat wave is over, but tbh logging off or standing near ice box is about the same, just easier to log off.... you can go do important stuff like take a shit, instead of just waiting at your keyboard
  10. its not decks its planks, if you dont have all the planks in ,certain spots dont want to snap tiles in place especially at the front. also sometimes i get a tile that wont snap in (orange)and if i turn away from the spot all 0f a sudden it turns blue for a fraction of a second, i have to wiggle it until i get it to snap as it briefly turns blue sometimes it takes 5 minutes annoying but i havent had an impossible one yet
  11. dont worry next mega theyll address the issue by adding steel hulled steam boats
  12. Id rather they split the forums one section for whiners and trolls and toxic aholes and another for those that really want to help make this game better lol but yeah good idea
  13. the point which seems to have floated 10 ft over your head is you carry the absolute minimum, so why limit grenades? when only a novice/noob would carry so much as to seem like its too much.... our company has standing orders on this type of thing, so do most successful pvp companies.
  14. its a bit like the render range bubble except instead of graphics its the network bubble for npc's and players which would be much larger, my guess it helps with the lag you get getting close to an island with alot of people on it eg a pvp battle, before it was probably set to render distance range so a pc had to acquire player npc positions at same time as it rendered them, by separating the 2 it gives the pc more time to deal with the information, reducing lag.
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