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  1. Email

    HELP A1

    How do you get to A1 have used all portals in South America and Africa
  2. so is it anyone or just anyone from that company?
  3. So waited the 10 days to place a claim on a property on the dock that was now claimed is a galleon brig and a couple of other ships all anchored how long will it take for these ships to decay, sink or just go way in H11 polar if that makes a difference i know they have been sitting here for over 14 days?
  4. Thanks new schooner oh well lol
  5. i was stuck between i3 going into h3 on west side boat got stuck between regions now i cant get back on and says above rejoin the game server but not region i can hit join atlas it asks me to choose a region will i lose me charter if i choose this or will my boat drift far enough to get into as region and i be able to get in
  6. We would be glad to have you we are the northern most island in I4 Pasland Island owned by Danelaw we ask you build in the north half of the island (island runs from SW to NE) but not in the ruins we have a discord with a map posted in to it just holler at Yosef Ironside He is the leader of the company
  7. Email

    pve Price Check

    Price check on a Large mythical Shipyard crafted with 525 int on Pve NA
  8. My wife would love to play BUT!!!!! the official servers when trying to join are not found if choose unofficial it populates the unofficial servers. i have even tried to longing on my computer(which has no problem populating servers for my account). it still dose not populate on mine, then sign in to my steam and i have no problem populating the servers. deleted and reinstalled atlas on her computer 3 times and still same problem. Any ideas? she has never been able to play on official servers so cant choose favorite
  9. in the PvP make one channel for EU and one for NA in the market channel PvP-NA PvP-EU PvE- NA PvE-EU this would make it so easy to find what your looking for especially in the Market Place
  10. i see your in b9 just below us and i see the prices 8k to 9k so will let u know if we get gold thanks
  11. How much for crabs and what zone are u in
  12. i leveled up the 10 on my boat (had 22 points each) and was able to buy 10 had a company mate lvl his 3 up and had him come try and buy no go. i swam back to my ship and had 2 lvls on the ones i just bought so lvl them up and went back just to see and was able to buy 10 more. didnt have any lvls to try to get 10 more so u can at least buy 20 if you lvl the first 10 up. thanks for all help
  13. I have been to the free port for the last 4 days going at different times thru the day and even after server restarts. I can not buy ant crew i have gold in my inventory, and have bought crew in this free port before, but i haven't been able to buy any in 4 days. Is it broke? Do i need to go to a different free port? Help please trying to crew a galleon. I know you can only buy so many at a time 1st bought got 10 next buy got for a company member only gave me 9 3rd time only able to buy 1 now NOTHING cant buy any...
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