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  1. Just an FYI, we'll be here post-wipe again
  2. Are those base stats? Unleveled, nonimprint, and no mutations? Some stats look like there’s points spent in them
  3. What’s are your razortooth and shieldhorn stats?
  4. I have several for sale, can view them here: https://discord.gg/EZRUBYU
  5. We now have a Kraken v1 scheduled this upcoming Saturday as well as an Ice Cave dungeon run this upcoming Sunday!
  6. Have Kraken 2.0 and Ice Cave scheduled for this Saturday
  7. For those unaware, there's a Discord community for people to group up to complete end game content (powerstones, Kraken etc) on the NA PvE server. Currently over 500+ members. All are welcome to join https://discord.gg/FFtTvy6
  8. I don’t know any physical locations here where a bunch have shops set up. Most trading I’m aware of is through discord channels
  9. Have added several bred razortooth to our listings. Levels 26-36 :)
  10. We have started taming/breeding ostriches and have some wild tamed ones available at the moment.
  11. We've begun taming Tortugars and will have listed them as they become available.
  12. I’ll be on in about 5 hours to check our stock. If you wanted it before then you can join the discord and talk to Grae (he’s usually on all day)
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