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    Can't build in water

    still a problem. why havnt they fixed it yet?
  2. i dont think the taming is right.. at least the information available. to learn how to tame the various animals, there is too much trial and error. for example using wheat-grass instead of wheat. or feeding in the wrong place over and over again. nearly made me walk away many times no matter how i approached the elephant it would attack, belly diving and it becoming passive when i interrupt its attack animation. i dont think its intentional
  3. captaincaveman1

    Tame disappear on ship

    sorry to necro, but this is still a thing. lost 2 bears today. silly thing is. i couldn't see them, but to my crew-member they were still on ship. i have lost multiple tames due to this bug. the easiest fix i can think of is to make a tether to tie them to so they become the same way as mounted/seated crew
  4. just in case anyone looks back on this. jack was right. i was spending too much time chasing the elephant down then finding the spot to feed it. i now bring it down and immediately dive for the belly spamming e. for some odd reason, if i interrupt an attack with feeding i can stand much closer to the elephant somehow. i tamed a few elephants to be sure, i have double confirmed it. for some reason, interrupting an attack with feeding makes it easier to approach
  5. i understand about the timing thing (playing since day 1) just recently elephants seem impossible for me
  6. although i do have a gripe with how they changed elephants and giraffe's that isnt my problem. i can feed an elephant from its belly by feeding it when it breathes in. my problem is after its gotten up and i bring it down. i have lost several percent on the taming bar. i am using grown wheat, each time down i get around 6-7% problem is after i bring it down and start feeding it i am at 3% tameing. and this cycle continues. anyway an hour in 50 bolas and 100's of arrows. im at 50%. i finally die and run out of recorces. come back, bring it down only to find i have lost 15% tameing. anyway after a while i am back to 10% after a few deaths. this cycle continues. same elephant, i have billboard trapped it, and also attempted freestyle tameing. all pretty much the same. despite using the best food and feeding it within around 10 sec. i am loosing a ton of tameing progress... any ideas?
  7. captaincaveman1

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    it wouldn't be a problem if us pve'ers could at least use some good weaponry
  8. captaincaveman1

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    just tested with a tribe of 3 on a clifftop map journeyman. pikes did nothing, and ended in the loss of good armour and good equipment, guns ect. the weaponry we have available to us is simply not enough to deal with this. for some reason even when the body with the map on despawned, the AOD was still up there guarding our corpses
  9. captaincaveman1

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    i dont find them easy. and neither do my teammates. its unessesery stress. especially when starting up. we end up having to put a bed up. and also usually end up repeating the same battle over and over again because we miss one or take too long. the AOD immunity is silly, and at first we thought they were bugged or something because there is no explanation