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  1. Hello, Does anyone know how many more levels a ship will get that has been built in a legendary shipyard?
  2. Liking it so far, we are a small company.
  3. As per post on Reddit, it does look like a lot of Megas will be going to the Colonies server and not the server that's intended for them, Empires server. Question: What do you think Empire server will become? - I think it might become a refuge for the small/medium companies if the zerg/steamrolls hit Colonies server, quite ironic due to the fact that it is designed(?) for Megas.
  4. Mektashari

    Two sides?

    Pirates vs Redcoats ?
  5. Mektashari

    Wipe 27/3 at what time EU? *date edited*

    Aha ok, thanks for the info .
  6. Mektashari

    Wipe 27/3 at what time EU? *date edited*

    Yeah figured as much.... Would however help a bunch if we knew ofc...
  7. Some sort of indication at what time wipe will happen would be nice. I've noticed patches happening at 02:00 CET (Central European Time / 01:00 am GMT) quite often. Is this to be expected as well for the wipe??
  8. Mektashari

    Fix Whale Spawms

    Same here
  9. Mektashari

    pvp EU PVP - Land Available to good settlers

    We are Interested as well, which server/grid is this? What company do you belong too?
  10. What's up all in my company lost Connection??? Seems like all official servers down?
  11. Mektashari

    Dynamic Atlas map - Not working

    Finally fixed :)!!
  12. Mektashari

    Dynamic Atlas map - Not working

  13. Mektashari

    New Patch takes up to 100GB of space

    Same happened to me
  14. Mektashari

    Dynamic Atlas map - Not working

    Yeah might be, hope they fix it soon.