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  1. aladinf

    Rule Question

    I think it is about time to test it myself. I have as many people saying you can place mortars on the enemy island and fire them after the cooldown (even with the setting of allies only can build defensive structures) as i have people saying you cant . I really hope you cant.
  2. aladinf

    Rule Question

    And on islands with that setting, you cant place cannons even during combat phase as a non ally?
  3. aladinf

    Rule Question

    When you come to a claimed island that is in combat phase (no war declared just normal combat phase), can you place cannons?
  4. aladinf

    offline protection

    Is this really discussed again, now that we have two servers for both styles? Maybe just wait and see how the numbers on the 2 servers develop to see where the majority really is. And more important in which system more PvP happens which is the only thing that should matter for "true" Pvpers.
  5. aladinf

    New pvp changes are trash.

    I am not kidding you. I just explained the notes. And of course raiding will be harder when you compare it to the way raiding currently works brcause it will be more likely that it involves PvP under the new ruleset
  6. aladinf

    New pvp changes are trash.

    Settlement owners must set a window of vulnerability, currently set to 9 hours, where their island is raidable. Outside of this window, players, structures and ships will not take damage from other players. Only a claimed island counts as a settlement. The part to which you are referring to is unclaimed islands where eg numerous companies settle but no one actually claims it. There will only be a Raid Timer if the island gets claimed. And yes if the people are not on during the raidtime then this would still be considered as offline raiding. EG the raid window is from 15:00 to 24:00 and your company logs out at 23:00 then it can still be raided until 24:00 when everyone is offline.
  7. aladinf

    New pvp changes are trash.

    Seriously guys, read the Notes again. Raid Protection is for the whole Island. Thats the point of it.
  8. aladinf

    New pvp changes are trash.

    I was concerned that because of the 4 company allies, Island defences would be a mess with alot of friendly fire when you have alot of small companies building on your island - now there is a neutralstatus for settlers which will distinguish them Now at least allied companies may be given the right to build and use cannons themselves Demolishing by the owner only in the first 12 hours. As to the war system: I played Darkfall for ages and in the later iteration they had a wartoken system which was working after a few adjustments. There was alot of discussion about wether the announcement should be global or regional (because of the roamers ruining the sieges) and most people wanted to have it regional (so maybe a couple of grids around). There is however the problem of the server limits which wasnt there in Darkfall (to that extent). On the other hand travel times were a bit shorter in Darkfall. In the end i dont expect this system to be working from the start and it will probably be never perfect.
  9. aladinf

    New pvp changes are trash.

    There are a few points which we have to wait and see. How expensive will it be, is there an indicator of some form to show an Island is at War and how long will the immunity be. By adjusting these three parameters it can be made abuse proof. Also they have just adressed my personal points of criticism on the PVP system, which makes me pretty happy actually.
  10. aladinf

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Nice, all my points of concern on the PvP System have been adressed. Thx.
  11. I am totally with you on that point. It takes away alot of fun if you are not able to build your own defenses. And how will you defend your ships then? It will be alot harder with no defense tower. Do people really think the owner will build the cannons for you and man them in the case of an attack. I dont see how this is going to work. It just sounds like as a normal slave you will lose on many aspects of the game. You will pay a high price for the raid protection. It looks like you will gain some content by being more fight ready because you didnt get raided last night but you lose some content (and saftey) on the building side of things. It is definitly no win win thingy. I bet though we will see some really weird ships in the harbours of the future which are meant to replace defense towers.
  12. aladinf

    New pvp changes are trash.

    ORP also has alot of issues. I mean first of all, i am pretty sure it will lead to less vulnerable times than the 9 hour system. And that is because most companies, dont even are on 9 hours a day. It leads to indestructable buildings everywhere when people start to log in less and less. There will be a huge crowd whining over this. It has the issue of logging off when danger is on the horizon and people will argue over and over again which is the best loggin delay - 15 minutes, 1hour, 2 hours... Login retention is alot higher in the 9 hour system as people cant just log off for a couple of days and everything will be fine and dandy when they come back. It is more complicated and needs more tweaks on a series of parameters. I dont say it couldnt work but i dont see why this can be considered as so much better than the 9 hour system.
  13. aladinf

    New rules is not going to work

    You guys really forget that if this stuff is too hardcore, players will leave the game and you are all alone in this 64by64 map. But this game needs thousands of players on one server to work. And It is not going to work if people constanly lose their shit in the night. One raided Base in the night means alot less PvP in the next primetimes or two. Even if those raided guys dont complain, they need to build up again and most likely go into farm, tame, build or pve mode for quite some time. That means alot less PvP for everyone because of some stupid night raids where very few people play against the environment and call it pvp. There is no optimal offline raid protection system. ORP has its flaws as do raid hours. Giving the defender better means to offline protect is also not a good idea as it would also make online raiding alot harder. And there would be constant bitching that this and that is too much or too less.
  14. aladinf

    PVP outside of window.

    The thing is, the large majority of player are not online outside the 9 hour window. If you play in the timezone of your server you won't find any meaningful PvP anyways. What you say sounds like all players wait for the raidtime to end to finally play the game in safety. When the reality is they are simply not online then. Maybe you play at weird times. But the game offers you alot of possibilties to PvP in those times too (play NA, raid Lawless, drop war). Offline raiding has to be restricted. It does besides all issues being discussed already lead to less real PvP in primetime because raided companies have to build up again before engaging in PvP again.
  15. It will be a mess. Especially because of the 4 company alliances restriction. Small Companies will never have a chance to be part of a bigger alliance. If they defend their Island with all other settled companies there will be alot of friendly fire.