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  1. Bullet Force

    PvP Claim Timers

    Yes & Yes.
  2. Bullet Force

    Inability To Hide

    If your talking to me for recruiting, I'm in a top 10 company atm. This thread was just to highlight an issue I think that is being missed.
  3. Bullet Force

    Heavy cannon meta killing the naval fun?

    The real issue is simply that there are only 3 boats to choose from when it comes to naval battles - schooner, brig or galleon. In addition there is only have 2 types of cannon to pick from and the end result is a pretty boring and limited naval game. Can you imagine playing Eve or some other ship game with just 3 ships and people not finding it slightly dull?
  4. Bullet Force

    Galleon Useless?

    You are obviously new to the game. Basically because of the pathetically low velocity of the cannon balls it is quite hard to use front cannons while chasing a ship. If you are chasing a ship and you have front cannons and they have rear cannons unless their ship is slow and overburdened they will do a lot more damage to you then you will do them. With ship of the damned the principle is similar. You simple kite it and get it to follow you and you rear cannon will shoot while their cannons (if they get into range) will aim where you are currently and not where you will be when the cannon balls land. If you do it correctly you could in theory take out a lvl 50+ ship of the damned using a sloop.
  5. Bullet Force

    Bookshelf - Release Meow

    Yes please don't forget the all important cosmetics...
  6. If you think that is is bad then it gets worse. There is even at least one region that I have noticed that has the exact same island copy pasted twice in it. The only difference is a bit of rotation. I noticed this because I tried to do some treasure maps there and went to the exact same spot where it showed on the map and oddly there was no beams there. So I did a bit more sailing around and discovered this second island which was a 1:1 replica of the first..........
  7. Bullet Force

    Upcoming Claim Changes

    I don't get it. Why don't you hit F1 on your keyboard and put your flag down and take their claim? It's really quite simple. Anyways the best solution to dissuade over claiming is a gold upkeep which is likely to be patched in anyway soon. No one is going to want to hold islands in the distance which they don't use if it costs them a fortune each day in gold.
  8. I noticed in the latest Captain's Log that the devs seem to have given into the "game is too hard" crowd yet again and in particular have said they are going to do something about offline raiding. I have not seen though any thought given to one of the reasons why players offline raid and that is because if you raid someone that is online and has a brain he will drop all the items/loot in his base before you finally breach the wall. This creates a lack of incentive to raid while online especially for smaller companies that actually need that loot. This game needs a mechanic where say you can put a little 'raid stone' which has a radius around it which makes it so that anything in that area cannot be dropped while that stone is still active and not destroyed. The stone could have a health bar and an overall timer on it. Alternatively make it so certain more valuable items such as gold and higher quality items and blueprints take far longer to despawn when dropped. Or even more alternatively do the above with the extra timers but allow players to destroy those items faster by placing them in a special 'incinerator' building which allow them to be burned in faster way. The building would be both large (at least 3x3x3) and expensive so as to make it more rare.
  9. Bullet Force

    Offline raid solutions needed!

    That suggestion doesn't achieve anything. No one completely destroys a base in this game and certainly not a stone one because its not worth the effort or cost given how cheap stone is. This game is already 10x more defensive and passive orientated then ARK was, it doesn't need even more reasons to dissuade people from engaging in PVP.
  10. All on one map? Did you even play the game? That was only the case at the very start. Since about 2016 you have been able to transfer chars, dinos and items between servers to raid.
  11. Bullet Force

    Inability To Hide

    This is the real issue with this game for small tribes not 'Offline raiding'. In ARK you could make a little hut in the jungle on some random server and the chances of someone finding you were fairly minimal and the same is true here. Bases in Lawless Islands can exist for weeks if not months without being found. So that part of the game is working, the same cannot be said for bases in claimed lands though. However the problem with this game and one that ARK did not have is the total reliance on ships. Having a hidden base on some mountain is pointless if you have no access to ships and here in lies the problem. As each zone only has a max of 4 islands it is quite difficult if not impossible to hide your ship effectively for very long. I'm not sure of a way to fix this problem as it seems to be a major design flaw with the game but one way that could help is to remove this silly idea that each zone can only have a max of 4 islands. Why not mix it up have zones with heaps of little islands scattered about and some with far less.
  12. Bullet Force

    New update pushed back

    Yes I'm strictly a PVP player. That's a PVE wide problem that isn't just specific to this game. When you play a game mode that basically has no real challenge then its obvious at some point players will get bored. Isn't that the whole point of PVE and why people play it. To have a peaceful safe space where they can't be hurt? Not really sure you can fight other players but after a while you realise there is a very finite way you can build your ship and design your base. There are only 5 ship types to choose from and of those only 3 are actually viable at all. The problem is the lack of variety and options for players. There is only 2 cannon types and 3 ships to work with. There isn't a whole lot of variety there and so battles more or less play out the same. The current meta is shotgun builds with a lot of cannons stacked on one side to instantly plank other ships. For SOTD it's a lot of cannons on the rear of your ship. It is funny you say this because I remember my first time setting foot on an ARK PVE server. I was curious to see what PVE players did so I spawned in and wandered around and was amazed at the lag and the strange play-style that existed over there. I saw a player on the beach shooting rockets and tossing grenades at wild dinos (rather expensive items in ARK), there was also players using dinos that were of a substandard quality. Dinos that you would never bother with in PVP. As well in general the bases seemed entirely nonfunctional, over-sized and poorly designed and defended. Many bases were painted bright colors had no roofs or were made of glass (one bullet destroys that in PVP), while others were so large that you got extreme lag when you went near them. If you go to the ARK forum you will see thread after thread from PVE players complaining about their inability to tame more dinos, a clear symptom of the lack of attrition. Since no one ever loses anything, everyone keeps taming, breeding and taming until the server eventually hits its limit and no more is allowed. It is only logical that Atlas will have the same issues. The main gold sink in PVP atm is the upkeep cost for NPCs both for ship crew and NPC's manning turrets around the base.
  13. Bullet Force

    New update pushed back

    I know its still early but all the indications are that is what the final product will more or less look like. If I compare this game for instance to ARK, that game had new dinos and new content being added to the game just about every week. What is even more troubling is that ARK did all the hard ground work for this game. The building system, the gun system, the tribe system, the bed system, the taming system, the breeding system, the inventory system even a lot of the items and creatures are more or less copies from ARK. All that is new in this game is the transition system between servers and the boat physics. Given that this game more or less had all the hard work done for it I find it strangely odd that it still has far less content then the game which had to do all of that...
  14. Bullet Force

    300% anchored ship resistance not enough !

    You are clearly missing the point of what this 300% bonus is meant to stop and what its not meant to stop. It is primarily designed to make it harder to sink boats by sneaking into harbors and using explosive barrels and fire gel/flame arrows. It is not designed to stop offline raiding but merely to give those who are online more time to counter ninja raiders.
  15. Bullet Force

    Galleon Useless?

    It really doesn't take long at all and because you take no damage you can do multiple fights without needing to repair which also makes it cheaper. Until they up the velocity of cannon balls this kind of build will remain the meta.