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Having multiple wolf tames can give you a running as a pack or riding a male lion with a bunch of lionesses gives you a pride.

Killing sheep in wild gives the same hide we get now but once domesticated they can give fibre?

Seagulls like in my previous post storm warning and SotD highlight on Sextant Map (Perhaps having them perched in your crow's nest on your ship?)

Rabbits could increase crop yields if left roaming in a farm area (Although IRL the opposite is more of the case)

Shoulder tames must NOT count towards crew... People choose a cannoneer before they choose a shoulder tame.

An auto flee for shoulder tames that uses there stamina - hide in a tree near your body if you get killed (If I'm getting attached to my shoulder tame I really don't want to lose it as easily as I have several previous ones)

Crew (As they are technically a tame) - better stat increase on leveling... Not at player level but close. Perhaps giving them job to do when stationed at a base. Perhaps placing them in a tax bank you can have them passively gather the resources you have in the area at a slow but steady rate. if you have farms in the area they could gather a slightly lower yield but again slow and steady. Could increase there value to gold ratio

A patrol mechanic would be cool although not sure what kind of performance hit that would deliver to the servers

Teleporting a tame to you is super OP especially in PvP (A whole company spawning in lions on aggressive in an enemy base) but if it was a feat that could be used once every in-game day (On one of my claims/ships or building I built) it could help with those glitched/bugged tames - (I would seriously spend points on this)

Passive tames should be increased as almost killing a generally passive creature to make it love you is weird...

Tames should also not be what the game is about... Shoulder tames sure. I get this is a fantasy pirate game but I'd much rather have a steampunk like machine than an animal to harvest things. In the same vein as the sub basically, I love the look of the concept art and think it will help in getting people over this "reskin of Ark" mentality if it is used to enrich the lore of the game... If this was a thing you focus on then I'd make cows, bulls, sheep etc. purely farm animals there to supply the pathfinder with certain resources. Large creatures: Elephants, Giraffe, Rhino etc. would be siege creatures only and other predators attack/defensive only. I'd also make the ostrich the fastest mount to purely get from point to point and then have the horse or multiple horses to haul large weights. As cool as it is at the moment having "multipurpose mounts" they dominate the game. Having the steampunk machines be mountable by crew could also be really cool to setup port towns that are self sustaining and interesting to visit.

Kinda off topic but I'd also like to see a Captain's Skill Tree feat for quick dock when close to port (with the smaller ships) would help getting tames on the ship in a less "clunky" manner 

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Long disclaimer: I play solo pve on a high rate unofficial and my views are skewed towards that. Ideally I would love to have the variety and functionality of tames from Ark combined with the new foliage and building from Atlas.


Is in a good place.


Chicken, Cow, Pig:

Would automatically become more useful with a rework of cooking/farming, which we all know it needs. Would love to see (limited) riding added to cow just for parking purposes.



Could become a plow, replacing the shovel mini-game.



Collecting flotsam and maybe lock picking, although the latter might be a problem.


Shieldhorn and Razortooth:

I'm too much of a wimpy carebear to venture into our pvp zone but maybe the shieldhorn could protect against fire elementals or fire in general. Pvp players probably have better suggestions here.



Is in a good place. Like mentioned above, it could use better stam regen. There's also something about the hitbox around their tusks that gets me stuck on them a bit much.



Mostly in a good place. Would prefer passive tame. A real cart, with an inventory and two horses pulling, would also look nice. I remember Wurm had these adorable gypsy wagons.



I'll join the chorus and ask for thatch.



Grab and carry should work in pve also but only on wild animals or your own tames.



Love my tigers.



Saps harvesting and weight reduction for it.



I still get more metal with higher hand harvesting (might be the server settings) and they tend to get stuck on everything. One rock strewn desert island made me pull my hair out just trying to move.



Many will hate this but I could see them as a kind of ersatz-npc in some very reduced capacity. Maybe they could operate mortar & pestle or forges.



It would be so funny to be able to teach them words or even phrases. They could even act as a kind of mailbox. But yeah, I understand that it may be too difficult to implement.



Some greatly enhanced functionality as a breeding aid. I would go as far as allowing them to remove biome restrictions for breeding.



It's a natural born thief. Maybe the turtle or croc could become tameable and take over the oxygen supply.



Could give wool which adds hypothermic buff to any armor and can be added optionally when making any armor or maybe a new armor.



They can digest the nastiest disease away so maybe they could alleviate symptoms from vitamin deficiency.



Can be domesticated into a guard dog. Maybe howls (loudly) when enemies approach.



With their big ears they could be the warning call while travelling.


P.S.: Would love to see Fennec Foxes, which could be the weather warning system.



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Forgot rabbit and P.S.

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Make it so babies don't die when dropped out of render. Lost about 20 bears because they stop eating when they aren't in render of other players.

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  • Chicken - Glide  like in zelda
  • Crow - Intel buff is boring, give us ability to cool a room with crows (like penguins can warm a room)
  • Elephant - Increase stamina regen rate
  • Giant Pig - Deodon!!! 
  • Giraffe - thatch Harvest!!!!
  • Horse - More carry weight
  • Lion - Nerf the Leap/Grab 

  • Rest are fine as is. 

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18 hours ago, Dropdeadfred said:

Cargo saddles - Make them actual cargo saddles.  Remove the ability to put guns on them.  Make the saddle a container that has 20% reduced weight for all resources (resources only).  Weight on the saddle is counted against the tames total weight allowance.

NEW CREATION - War saddles - What the current cargo saddle is.  Reduction in speed to any tame with it on.

I like this idea. Make the war saddle require dual tames too and if one dies speed goes to nothing.

- Fix breeding, it's currently stupid (lol temperatures, lol can't breed in native biomes). While fixing breeding, make it so that if you're a beastmastery spec'd character and you raise babies, those babies can be ridden with regular, not cargo/war/carriage saddles, by people who aren't beastmasters to bring trade value to speccing into it. (Every tree should have trade or utility value too but not creature related).

- Make the bull useful, able to use the cargo saddle and able to gather thatch.

- Make something gather metal decently without the silly rhino charge.

- Buff the T3 offensive creatures so they are worth taking the time to tame or fix breeding as above and add the ability to breed them.



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  • Bear - I think this tame is in a good place I never leave my port without a bear on the boat. It is the workhouse tame and best all around. Fiber, Berries, Sugar, Meat, Fur, Mapping, hauling. If there was a tame worth getting the bear is the first on my list.
  • Chicken - Seems to be doing it's job just fine. Would love to see a way to build bird boxes or a chicken roost to stick them in and have the eggs gather in an inventory.
  • Cow - Milk is nice give a fairly big bump to vitamin D without bumping up food but instead pushing up water. 
  • Bull - I haven't really used this tame much, I hear it gathers thatch from small trees but so do bears. Could make this the thatch gather animal as that one is missing.
  • Crow - I haven't tamed one yet, I have been meaning to test out how huge of a bump Intelligence gives on doing blueprints. Not sure if its just a few % on top or a huge chunk more. Something I need to figure out. Not sure what other uses these guys have beyond that so can't speak to it.
  • Razortooth - Have not tamed in here so no idea what it does.
  • Shieldhorn - I hear this is a tanking beast that reflects damage like in ARK. Have yet to tame one and see how effective/useful it is.
  • Elephant - Probably my number 2 favorite tame between split between a rhino and Elephant. Gathers TONS of wood so quickly and a little thatch. Can haul a bit more weight than a bear if it's base stat roll is good. I use these in a conga line for hauling weight back from metal nodes or as I am running around manually gathering thatch. Also good at getting berries although I usually use a bear for filling larders/troughs. 
  • Giant Pig (Boar?) Kind of a meh tame. I have a few since they poop a lot and you can have them poop on command to get fertilizer. Don't gather much of anything well. If you don't have any other ride able tames on the island they are ok for getting around if you need to scout and don't require a saddle.
  • Giraffe - Elephant is better although these guys move much faster but I still prefer the elephant. Not sure what I would change about them, could make these better at thatch gathering instead of the Bull and drop their wood gathering rate.
  • Horse - A great scouter, decent weight. Confused as to how these don't also include the cart as an option. Also why does the cart not have an inventory. In my mind the cart should offload some of the "carry weight" off the tame it's attached to. Say the cart is behind and has 5K weight the animal will be burdened by 50% of it since the cart is offloading the weight to the ground. Also would like to see the cannon carts adjusted somehow or make a new saddle called combat saddle that serves that and a work saddle which work's as a hauling cart for the horse, bear, possibly a tier for the elephant.
  • Lion - Bit weak on stats tamed for health and can die fairly easy. But they have the bleed ability that causes some massive damage. Biggest issue is they also have terrible base weight and it takes a decent tame, lucky rolls and lots of levels to make them worth using if you are fully geared up for exploring/combat. Sometimes bring these to map and bear to carry the gold. Removing from mount ability is a bit op.
  • Monkey - Love this guy I carry one when I am taming stuff. They have saved me quite a few times from dying healing me up between feedings after being knocked back.I hear they can unlock doors of houses supposedly if there is a window but I have never actually tried this no one ever has windows and using a cannon is a much faster way to knock on the door. Poo flinging is funny but not sure how useful.
  • Ostrich - Another great scout. Decent weight, SUPER FAST. Bit weak but it can pretty much avoid all danger if you don't d/c or something. Use this to bring predator tames into the taming pen since it can jump a wall with no problem. Not sure what I would change on them we use these a lot around the base and when exploring.
  • Parrot - Another tame I use a lot if not having the monkey. the foritude bonus is nice if you get a good high level base and get it leveled up a bunch you can easily get the fortitude bonus to survive some of the heat waves /deep freezes without needing to crank a ton of points into fortitude.
  • Penguin - Have yet to tame one. I have mostly killed them for blubber, it feels wrong but I need the oil... poor guys. I know they are supposed to provide a slight heat bonus when close but haven't had issues with the cold areas once I got my fortitude up a bit and a decent parrot and fur armor on it's no problem.
  • Rabbit - Not sure what these are useful for, assuming nothing. I haven't taken the time to tame them.
  • Rhino - Love this tame about the same as the elephant. Carry weight could use a bit of love but use for gathering stone and flint. Would use on metal nodes but gathering with pick is usually better especially on bonus weekends. I know some people wish it would gather metal off rocks as well. I wouldn't mind it but don't think its necessary. Also great for charging and pretty much 1 hit killing most non alpha creatures. 
  • Seagull - Most annoying creature to accidently hit in game at the start. Probably could use some love as I haven't found a reason to tame any.
  • Sheep - Wool... yep does it's job. 
  • Tiger - Same as lion. The removing off mounted tames is really annoying... especially since once you get free they bleed you, break your bone and you are pretty well doomed if your tames don't save you or you fail to get a good headshot.
  • Vulture - A funny tame to sick on people.
  • Wolf - Overly weak since the nerfs. We have some and have tamed some... and have accidently killed so many while taming. They are useful ish but could honestly be brought back up in their glory. People who found these hard to deal with were doing it wrong.

All of these tames could be given a unique type of meat. Mutton, Bacon, Ham, Chicken, Horse, rabbit, beef etc etc. Ostrich could also lay really big eggs periodically. You could REALLY expand the cooking tree and recipes by having different types of meats and incorporating them into the menus. If .. No when you fix breeding and it doesn't take 2 days and the heat/cold is fixed people could setup farms raising some of these for the purpose of slaughtering for meat. Probably would be controversial to some people but could get some other resources off some of these like Ivory off elephants to make things like pipes, chess pieces, other things down the road. Feathers off some of the foul types to be used in making arrows and flashy clothing down the road.

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Even though an arrow is hit, damage does not enter. Clicking does not reload. It gets worse and worse.

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18 hours ago, Tezcatlipoca said:

A Pig as Shovelpet might be a little bit more realistic, i think. But a shovel pet sounds like a nice idea. But should not be usable for treasures. 

Yeah, Pig would be more realistic! Make the Pig get a bonus amount of potatoes as well.
I was thinking of the Ostrich because in animated kids movies the Ostrich always buries there head in the sand, lol.

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I would like to see more involved passive taming, rather than just walking next to an animal feeding berries I would like to see a two stage tame.

Make it that passive tame animals can all be lassoed (I think that's a word) or grappled in some way and immobilised (hog tied) they then need to be taken to a taming pen where the player must spend time in proximity to the animal so that it can get used to the player, effectively a reducing skittishness bar. Once the animal is accepting of the player they can then tame the animal by feeding it in the same way as normal taming but the animal doesn't walk away, rather as you tame it it will follow the player the more.

This option should be used for horses at least if nothing else.

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23 hours ago, Jatheish said:

Let's play a game! If you were a designer, what would you change about the following tamable creatures? We often hear feedback that players don't find value in most of the ones we've tamable, and I know some ideas have been shared in various threads previously but figured I'd make a giant thread where y'all can suggest. Not saying any of this is going to happen, but curious to see what you suggest.

  • Bear
  • Chicken
  • Cow
  • Bull - improve metal collection rate from stone/metal nodes
  • Crow
  • Razortooth
  • Shieldhorn
  • Elephant
  • Giant Pig
  • Giraffe - improve thatch collection rate
  • Horse
  • Lion
  • Monkey
  • Ostrich
  • Parrot - Improve gold gained from treasure
  • Penguin
  • Rabbit - Improve insulation when on shoulder
  • Rhino
  • Seagull
  • Sheep
  • Tiger
  • Vulture
  • Wolf


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maybe breeding fix?
- please enable breeding for all tameable creatures, except dino's
- please add coolers for breeding. why we can breed only in cold grids?
- why child of tamed bears in tundra is freezing? it is annoying
- fix breed issue, that child dies when new patch has been installed. i lost few childs because of it
- maybe reduce breed time? t1 - 16h, its ok. t2 - 48 - it is not okay. by your logic, t3 child (which cant breed now) breeds 96h, realy? with a lot of current issues it is impossible
- fix issue, when childs dont want eats from iventory and from food feeder. even when you press E at his inventory

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I have a suggestion not entirely related to tames. 

Seeing the theme of the game, it may be good to have  a bigger focus on the player; for example, the main focus on ARK is the tames, you must have tames if you want to progress, in Atlas, is going in a similar way, you must have tames to farm resources. 

Why not use a bigger focus on tecnology, we will get the submarine soon, we have huge ships already, why not add player made machines; add kind of like a light steampunk vibe to the game, for example, we have a hatchet, stone and wood, why not a mechanical hatchet?, allows for faster wood farming similar to an elephant, maybe a drill for faster stone/metal farming, maybe some contraption to increase carry weight, something not too flashy, trying to stick to the aestethics of the game and submarine.

Maybe add a new skill tree, like, inventor or something like that, this will expand the game a lot and will allow the player to be the main focus of the game, it would be good not having to rely on tames and not having most of your people with the riding skill level 3 just to be able to effectively farm resources. 


Just an idea. 


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I Really like the following Idea's so far:

Giraffe - Better thatch farming.

Parrot - possible stationary alert system / fly's off the shoulder or says something when  a predator or enemy is near.  Could be similar to Monkey turret.

Love, Love, Love, the idea about separating edible harvesting and resource harvesting!

Encourage higher level tames by allowing them to have a higher rate of gather or special as they go up in levels give an option other than the normal level upgrade choices.

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On 2/13/2019 at 2:46 PM, Windamere said:

Just fix the crew...Sit locations when manning sails(Need to kneel at sail they're manning not on rails(Or half off the rail in some cases))...Ai Route when following is horrendous..absolutely no value to having crew except don't have to man sails or cannons myself. pain in Arse to move them, use them..... and they eat gold more than food...

Can't they just mount in the crows nest?

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i think, elephant does not needed additional seats. I never used this feature

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Bear is a boring mode, surely our company will stand against our statment here, but hate bears and wish they were gone, they are easy mode yetis, easy mode any animal, easy mode any quality treasure map, gather berries better than a horse, gather fiber like a champ, gather thatch like a champ (in case of having access to thatch bushes), they got gigantic aoe, there's no point in using tools or weapons when having a bear that can keep knocking enemies back with sustained dps. Those pricks also have tons of health and in wild they are pack animals and despite having so much health and speed and damage... they have no head hitbox!

Chicken gives eggs, is fine as is.

Cow gives milk, is fine as is.

Bull is supposed to be a thatch animal, but is useless, also bleeding attacks are useless.

Crow is cool, however inteligence sucks, the initial crafting bonus is a dice roll no matter how high inteligence is and it only slightly matters in upgrading, no point gimping self with inteligence and crow doesn't give enough to matter.

Elephant is a easy wood mode, tbh that's fine, even tho hate tames, choping is boring and there's no hatchet bps.

Pig is almost useless, however is an easy home defense when amassed except against alphas or radiculous bear aoes.

Giraffe is a worse horse.

Horse is fine as is, sturdy, loyal companion, one of fastest animals, flexible, not a damage dealing animal so no bullshit alpha yeti killing capabilities like a bear. Just remove the fear when standing near the wild ones, infuirating, especialy when there's a whiny alpha horse, they are also almost impossible to tame without them jumping into a trap.

Lion is a douche, alpha lions should not exist as if it grabs us, there's no way to escape or corpse run for items, thankfuly never got into such situation but just wait for it, male lion have screwed head hitbox, they also fly further than frickin horses.

Monkey is a poop turret, never used tho.

Ostrich is like a horse but squishier and with more dmg (for whatever reason)

Parrot... is like crow except with fortitude, however not going to keep parrot 24/7 to keep self warm so just gonna put few own points into it and screw parrots, useless.

Penguin is cute for some, good selling product, nothing else, they are a walking campfire without cooking ability and need fish to eat not berries, definitely useless other than blubber farming or selling for cute factor.

Rabbit is useless.

Rhino is a walking pickaxe, however they are not that usefull as they do nothing to boulders, they only get bonus to pure metal nodes so might aswell just mine those with a pick insteed of hauling heavy and buggy animals arround the world.

Seagull is useless, if will want to go diving, gonna grab a diving suit.

Sheep is useless, just kill some sheep or find an alpha sheep for fleece.

Tiger is a lion on steroids.

Vulture and his six million vulture buddies wanna say hi before nerfs, but in all seriousness, they are useless, just gather than corpse with tools.

Wolf was a cancer, then the guns were nerfed and made them extreme cancer bcs they could take 2-3 bullets in the face while charging at us in numbers of 5 in pack, and then they were nerfed very hard, however, since we hold so much hate and frustration and unfun from pre-nerf times that they may stay like this forever. As a predator we prefer lions bcs they atleast don't knock us arround like a beachball and don't have machine gun attack speed, now atleast they have so weak dmg that those things doesn't matter, just flying arround after being bit is still annoying as hell, they can now be destroyed with any weapon with a headshot. We thought that they would be a good fighting tame, but they have no aoe like bear and have pathetic damage compared to a bear and they have no weight capacity so wearing armor already consumes half of their wegiht capacity lol.


Head hitboxes, yes, know this is about just taming, but those animals have no hitbox: bears, chickens, cows, bulls, crows, elephants, pig (they have but like, inside their throat or something when they bite, almost impossible to hit), giraffe, horse, lion (only male and only slightly, their head hitbox is screwy and sometimes counts as body shot, maybe that's bcs their texture is bigger but their hitboxes were not adjusted to the size from female model), monkey, ostrich, parrot, penguin, rabbit, rhino, seagull, sheep, vulture, (and now non-tamable creatures), bass, tuna, shark, manta ray, turtle, propably also angler fish and jelly fish, propably all those stupid dinos, and other animals that forgot about, why almost all animals have no head, wtf grapeshot?

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Besides rebalancing the gathering and carry abilities to make every tame viable like many suggested, i would also suggest to rearrange the creatures into a more exciting and challenging system.

Normal Creatures
- Reduced Size to real size
- Normal wildlife, plentiful, less aggressive
- normal behavior, wolves hunt at night rest during the day etc.
- tameable, some smaller versions like wolves are not rideable, can be tamed faster than the current taming speed
- levelrange, every creature can spawn at levels considering their strength and size:
  chicken lv 1-20
  wolf lv 20-60
  tiger lv 50-100
  elephant lv 50-80

Alpha Creatures
- using the current size(oversized) of creatures
- tameable, but take more time to be tamed
- rideable, for example alpha wolves are rideable unlike the normal sized ones
- creatures picked to spawn as alpha will double their level and receive a health buff (health buff does not carry over to tamed ones)
- alphas can be accompanied by a pack of normal creatures, for example a pack of wolves following an alpha wolf
- only appropriate alphas, no alpha chickens and stuff

Omega Creatures
- rare and strong monsters of large size like dragons and other beasts. if you come across one while exploring the jungle you be running for your life
- only hunt them in groups (introduce a tracking skill so they can remain rare sights)
- if one is found trigger an local event everyone can join in to fight together (separate loot for all participants)

Titan Creatures
- like the kraken, only for massive groups
- unlike the kraken they also appear randomly triggering world events for everyone to attend
- can attack islands and all need to band together to fend them off, will disappear after a while if not defeated
- is a natural replacement for decay, instead of buildings and ships getting deleted after a while they will get damaged or destroyed by titan attacks that only happen like once a month per island

- attack delay, for example a shark will not attack as soon as you contact the water surface but start circling you for a bit bevor attacking, a wolf will tail you and team up with nearby wolves and is more likely to attack when turning your back on it, etc.

- need more creatures to liven up the world in the long term
- tameable LotD with tarot skills, give us undead breeding, be the first ;)

New taming mechanic optional or replacement however you see fit.

Activate taming skill and hold out the food. This will prevent creatures you look at from getting aggro on you or fleeing from you, does only work if they dont reacted to you already so you have to start from far away with aggressive creatures and always look at them to keep them from reacting in the normal way(aggro/flee).
Creatures will also flee or attack with a certain chance that depends on your sneaking skill and how fast you move towards them. Once you reach them there is a chance they will eat the food depending on its quality and what kind of food you are offering. Agressive creatures will attack when rejecting the food.
You have to repeat until the taming bar is full, if attacked you have to flee and loose aggro to continue taming or if it stays in the game you continue with the bola method.

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-No changes

Notes: Elephants are quite possibly too effective at what they do, but I do not disagree with anything that reduces the monotony of farming materials.



- Health reduced by 25%.

- Can only gather fiber.

Notes: Bears are above and beyond all other tames in terms of combat abilities. They trivialize even the highest level treasure maps and can have such high damage reduction and health that you have to really mess up to risk killing one. They could probably use more overall nerfs, but I think it would be wise to go bit by bit until they are in a fair place. The fact that bears can forage food and gather fiber can be quite annoying at times, having to constantly empty put one's inventory of berries and plants. This also takes away from making a lesser used animal such as the Pig useful by being a dedicated foraging animal.



-Increase thatch gathering rate and increase the thatch to wood ratio.

Notes: Bulls do not excel at anything except for the small niche of gathering bamboo/darkwood plants. Right now it is difficult to find a good thatch gathering tame, so it would be a good step on the way before obtaining a shieldhorn.



-Remove from the game.

Notes: Cobras are messed up. When you shoot them with arrows, they soak them up half of the time without taking damage. If you have a small amount of fortitude they can incapacitate you in 2-3 hits, leading to some horrible losses and bad situations where you are unable to defend a tame, etc.



-Can now be tamed. Will function similar to the bear, being a strong rideable tame with good speed in water and slower on land. Good for gathering fish, killing sharks, etc.



-Increase carrying capacity

-Remove ability to gather anything other than plants/berries.

Notes: Giraffes are huge and difficult to navigate with. Considering an elephant can get to the point of having around 4000 weight quite easily with post tame levels, the Giraffe should fulfill the role of being a dedicated cargo hauler. I suggest a max carry weight of around 5500~6000.



-Health and carrying capacity increased by 25%. -Tamed lions give their owners an aura that prevents monsters lower than the Lion's level from aggroing.



-Health and carrying capacity increased by 25%.

-Tamed tigers give their owners an aura that provides a speed bonus = (0.1 x tame level)%. If multiple tamed tigers are in range only the strongest aura is applied



-Health and carrying capacity increased by 25%. -Tamed wolves give their owners an aura that provides a melee damage = (0.25 x tame level)%. If multiple tamed wolves are in range only the strongest aura is applied.

Notes: Lions, tigers and wolves all suffer from being rideable tames with low weight capacity, and have also suffered collateral damage from being nerfed due to predator spawns being out of control early in the game. There is nothing they can do that bears dont do better, so I propose removing them as rideable animals entirely and turning them into follower tames that have relevant buffs.



-can now jump twice as high vertically.

Notes: The ostrich is a cool fusion of the mobility of a horse while being slightly more combat ready and providing a temperature regulation buff. They could use a little extra push though to firmly establish a niche for their use, which I propose to be a rideable tame that can scale mountains better than any other tame.



-Change to be a pure foraging tame.

Notes: Many other tames currently have the ability to forage plants and berries right now, so in my opinion either we remove the pig entirely as a tame or we make it so fewer tames can forage and that the pig forages the best out of all of them by a large margin.



-Change the gathering rates so that Rhinos also get metal from rocks that yield metal in small amounts.

-Increase base Stamina and Weight by 15%.

Notes: Rhinos are not quite the elephants of rock gathering just yet, and considering the similar size and difficulty of obtaining them, should be more in line with Elephants.



-Provides a 10% chance of avoiding incoming melee damage while in shoulder.

Notes: rabbits are quite useless right now, the good shoulder tames have set a precedent of decent passive bonuses, so the rabbit should be put in line with them as well.

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I would suggest making cargo saddles and carriages detachable rather than being a saddle of their own as this would add more depth to those carts especially if both of these carts could have their own storage capabilities. As well as fixing the glitch with the carriage kicking people off when going over rocks.

Another subject I would suggest is to change how breeding works as it is far too difficult to breed anything unless you live in the tundra with over 20 penguins. I would for one buff the penguin's insolation ability, and change the temperature ranges that the baby animals can survive and breed as it is strange to see wild animals running around in a biome that supposedly won't allow them to breed. 

I do agree with the idea of having creatures change from harvesting different resources much like how they already have corpse and resource harvesting. Instead break resource into two categories, food, and materials. that way players don't have to constantly sort through all the unneeded items. Also giving the creatures the ability to be aggressive to certain targets like the sailors. 

Finally, the rabbits are useless to have, but I would recommend them to have a sonar ability while on a players shoulder much like the parasaur. This may sound strange to give a rabbit, but it seems like a cool ability given the fact rabbits will turn to any strange noises they hear. This could be useful within pve or pvp as the rabbit can let you know when that damn snake is coming up to munch on the animal on is taming or it can help in pvp to detect players hiding within the shrubs. The whole balance to this detection is the rabbit is really weak and can be one shot.

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Ok let´s Play.

I am a Game Designer now.... Lets See what we have here


1. What Animals are in the Game/sould be in the Game?

2. Sorting Groups of Animals in a more Clear and easy to understand way.

3.What  should the Animals can do, and whats the Target for This Animal ?

3.What Have the Player From the Animals ( Beastmaster Skill Tree/Buff/ )

5 Improving and Polishing  Creatures



1. What Animals are in the Game/sould be in the Game?









Giant Pig
















2.Sorting the Group

Combat: Bear,Razortooth,Lion,Tiger,Wolf

Farming:Shieldhorn,Elephant,Giant Pig,Giraffe,Rhino



2.Sorting the Tier  (Tier 1 Early Game)   (Tier 2 Midgame)   (Tier 3 Endgame)

Combat Tier 1:Wolf

Combat Tier 2:Lion,Tiger,Bear

Combat Tier 3:Razortooth


Farming  (Tier 1 x )  (Tier 2 Rare)  (Tier 3 Super Rare and Hard to get but give best)

Farming Tier 1: x (per hand)

Farming Tier 2: Elephant,Giraffe,Rhino

Farming Tier 3: Shieldhorn



Buffing Tier 1:Crow,Rabbit,Seagull,

Buffing Tier 2:Monkey,Parrot

Buffing Tier 3:Penguin,Vulture,



Utility Tier 1:Chicken,Sheep,Cow

Utility Tier 2:Bull,Horse

Utility Tier 3:Ostrich



3.What  should the Animals can do, and whats the Target for This Animal ?

Every Animals should only have 2 Attacks (Leftclick and Rightclick)

Combat Tier 1:Wolf (Left Single Target Dmg/Right Click short speedbuff)

Combat Tier 2:Lion





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Writing 1 Hour to every Animal an Tier, Target to the Animal, What the Player have from taming this animal, simplyfied the Animal Attacks to an Easy to learn easy to understand .

Write some Creature Improvements and Polishing Ideas for clearing all the Gameflow Breaking issues with creatures... and then the website connection issue and my text is gone :;(

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One suggestion I have not seen: Please make tames count against weight, not as crew. 

Unrelated:  Please make wild creatures not count as crew. If I have 23 out of 23 crew, and a wild seagull lands on my ship, boom, I am sinking through no fault of my own.

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Jatheish, termites!, and the hive, you feed them logs and they turn it into thatch 

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Jatheish, use the accordion to make music for the animals when they mate?

Also, for the babies.

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I feel that perhaps with the monkey or something else it could have a repair capability seeing as the crew wont repair my structures have the monkey able to be trained as a odd job repairer that can repair a small amount say 1pt per minute to any structure he is in or on, something very low but enough to repair your base slowly of those annoying 1pt durability damages to floors etc. (resources out of ships chest of course)
That or make it so that crew can do it because they certainly don't seem to do it in my base.

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