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  1. PvE and Single Player is no longer "supported" by the Devs as mentioned in previous posts as they focus on PvP. Good Luck Matey. It's the reason for me uninstalling. Lost hours of progress on my SP World and PvE content (One of the Dev Teams) promised has been scrapped. "may your skies be clear, waters calm" I mean they delivering here when all you see is Clear Skies and calm waters right?
  2. Oh That's cause PVP is their focus... Not PvE or Single Player. Infact they have no plans to make Single Player/PvE content so perhaps nows a good time to join PvP or cut your loses.
  3. They don't care about PvE. Read the previous post. To the Devs PvE is comparable to Single Player and that isn't at all their focus... PvErs are just the silent investors in this endeavor. So sit silently in your corner with the rest of us so that PvP can dictate what happens. It's why our servers merged: Oh shoot.... We still have PvErs interested in this game. Lets squeeze them till the move to community managed servers and then we can ignore them further. Different Devs but same M.O. as "Grapeshot/Wildcard" Devs. Lets hope that one day they see value in the PvE and even RP players... As these were some of the best iterations of the game I played (Note that on these servers Mods were involved to fix many of the issues they sit with now. Also that these servers were mainly PvPvE).
  4. Having "World Banks" commenting on how this is great and how you should/could make it more expensive should be all the feedback you need. Some MEGAS that treat ATLAS like they own it don't make it fun to play as they "own" certain features of the game. "Oh I'd like to go kill the Kraken and earn my sub this weekend." Think again! Mega decided we only doing v2 this whole weekend. The feature of lets choose what we fighting when we enter the grid oh that's the old devs that made that promise. Besides, we still in early access guys. While players owning routes is something you looking at doing more make sure you cater to all While I see the benefit of many of the mechanic you want to implement I really hope you make it accessible to all levels of players.
  5. Used to love Atlas... Was all I played every available minute. Had a company that eventually worked it's way to owning an island. Then the "previous" (cash grab) devs left everyone in the dark for ARK. This killed it for most of the company and many never came back. This season I went in solo. Settled on a mega company island - friends I made when I started playing Atlas. As a solo player on PvE it can be a grind and farms and warehouses helped kinda. Farms in your area work well but warehouses... If I have one I kill the ability for the island owner to have one meaning I don't get to have one. This means that the "new content" just doesn't apply to me and I'm sure this will be the case for many. Claiming should be a hybrid of what you have now and had before. Each player has a certain radius they can claim with a flag or tax bank that makes it their spot on an already claimed island. That way it compartmentalises the area and allows a farm and warehouse and tax bank. This way content isn't just for the megas. I had 2 super casual players join my company... So casual that they are dead each time they log in. We managed to make a bit of gold but 95 percent of our purchases in game are with resources. I assume trade routes would help here but again will we even be able to use it. It really would be an awesome shift if this is implemented well. Later I had a friend from previous season come over. Bringing gold earned from being in a large company, which we used to get us up to scratch vs the megas. If ships are going to cost gold... As a solo player I'd have nothing just a ramshackle all season (If even as one storm and SoTD and it's gone). How is this supposed to get people on to the oceans. We have lives outside of the game so unless there is a passive job or trade route that can persist while I'm at work there is no way that'll happen. Lastly while the season started out roughly from a dev stand point it was OK for me till around the farm patch. Something on our grid broke and many couldn't log in. We got stuck in infinite load loops. Tickets were raised and immediately resolved. For a solid few months we couldn't log in. The work around was to not click rejoin but select the server you were on and join from there. This seems to work but something on the persistent players on ships broke players sleeping on islands. It's still broken and we still have to mess with the work around to play. TLDR: Please fix the issues. Please listen to your community (PvE paid for the game too) Please remember that there are solo players out there. Please take our time seriously - we also have lives outside of ATLAS Please take your games community seriously - give us more concrete interaction. Quality communication is beter than putting things out to just have captains logs. Bring back the Dev streams at least once a month. Give us actual lists and progress updates. Currently in the eyes of many players I've interacted with Grapeshot is a bunch of gamers trying to kinda make a game while playing their other favourite games. You need to be seen as a bunch of Devs working for a company that is producing a game that they want to produce and give feedback and join in the frustrations we feel (and perhaps fix them). Sweeping most of it under the rug ain't helping PvE or PvP. As mentioned... Make ATLAS the game the original Devs were excited about and the game you seem to want. All that said if what you previewed here is implemented and balanced properly I'm looking forward to it. Oh and Devs... feel free to contact us if you actually want to interact with the community, most of us have the same user name here and on the Discord server.
  6. It would be kinda cool if it was a liveable space. There are many buildings that we have access to but can't "use". If we could have the warehouse be "liveable" with snap points for the different crafting benches and slight customizations like ships, company island foot prints may become much smaller (Almost like a one stop shop) with one of each farm per grid or something to that affect? You could even reward players by boosting the efficiency of the farm if the use the small foot print. Customisation would be required though so it doesn't look quite as spammy. Perhaps have different base models per biome theme?
  7. So my suggestion is for tames. Only place I can see this perhaps not working is powerstone islands (for Razors and Shieldhorns) or underwater (Crabs). 90% of people I talk to don't enjoy nearly killing something to tame it. My suggestion is that we build taming pens (this can be what we currently build or be a new structure) A feeding trough can then be snapped to it which will change it to a taming trough. Once you capture the creature you want to tame you will need to keep it fed and interact with it to win it over. After a certain time frame you will eventually tame it. The whole structure can decay or require it be destroyed to release the creature once this has been achieved which could help on Powerstone Islands. The taming pen could also lock off the creature to griefers that run past and kill tames while taming them (As the pen would lock their health to the company that is taming?). Ways to get the animals into these pens could be to set baited taming pens for an passive creatures and "traps"/lures for aggressive creatures. (I haven't played Ark but understand there may be a similar mechanic in a taming mod that is available). For argressive creatures one could potentially have them warm up to you after you "tame" them and by feeding them over time you unlock the ability to ride them. Thanks for the platform Trident
  8. On a single lawless server while trying to deliver silver for a purchase I ran into fog followed by rain and then I got caged in by 5 SotD. Needless to say my Schooner (With only 2 chase cannons) didn't make it. Grinded out a Brig and when trying the same run just leaving my "home" lawless server I ran into +-29 SotD from Oxsend Island to the next sector in the North east corner. There really should be a limit to their spawn numbers and a cool down on their respawn. Also re-look the fact that they can for deadly armadas. I really don't want to lose a Brig (without cannons so I can transport large quantities of metal) to them, unless I'm actually hunting SotD.
  9. Can't they just mount in the crows nest?
  10. Having multiple wolf tames can give you a running as a pack or riding a male lion with a bunch of lionesses gives you a pride. Killing sheep in wild gives the same hide we get now but once domesticated they can give fibre? Seagulls like in my previous post storm warning and SotD highlight on Sextant Map (Perhaps having them perched in your crow's nest on your ship?) Rabbits could increase crop yields if left roaming in a farm area (Although IRL the opposite is more of the case) Shoulder tames must NOT count towards crew... People choose a cannoneer before they choose a shoulder tame. An auto flee for shoulder tames that uses there stamina - hide in a tree near your body if you get killed (If I'm getting attached to my shoulder tame I really don't want to lose it as easily as I have several previous ones) Crew (As they are technically a tame) - better stat increase on leveling... Not at player level but close. Perhaps giving them job to do when stationed at a base. Perhaps placing them in a tax bank you can have them passively gather the resources you have in the area at a slow but steady rate. if you have farms in the area they could gather a slightly lower yield but again slow and steady. Could increase there value to gold ratio A patrol mechanic would be cool although not sure what kind of performance hit that would deliver to the servers Teleporting a tame to you is super OP especially in PvP (A whole company spawning in lions on aggressive in an enemy base) but if it was a feat that could be used once every in-game day (On one of my claims/ships or building I built) it could help with those glitched/bugged tames - (I would seriously spend points on this) Passive tames should be increased as almost killing a generally passive creature to make it love you is weird... Tames should also not be what the game is about... Shoulder tames sure. I get this is a fantasy pirate game but I'd much rather have a steampunk like machine than an animal to harvest things. In the same vein as the sub basically, I love the look of the concept art and think it will help in getting people over this "reskin of Ark" mentality if it is used to enrich the lore of the game... If this was a thing you focus on then I'd make cows, bulls, sheep etc. purely farm animals there to supply the pathfinder with certain resources. Large creatures: Elephants, Giraffe, Rhino etc. would be siege creatures only and other predators attack/defensive only. I'd also make the ostrich the fastest mount to purely get from point to point and then have the horse or multiple horses to haul large weights. As cool as it is at the moment having "multipurpose mounts" they dominate the game. Having the steampunk machines be mountable by crew could also be really cool to setup port towns that are self sustaining and interesting to visit. Kinda off topic but I'd also like to see a Captain's Skill Tree feat for quick dock when close to port (with the smaller ships) would help getting tames on the ship in a less "clunky" manner
  11. Haven't had chance to read through everything but I think it'd be cool if you can add something to the bottom of Beast Mastery skill tree that lets you share a skill with the tame on your shoulder. Like Crow can refresh your skills instantly or make you respec. As everyone mentioned the seagull can either fish or warn about weather conditions. Monkey can be sent to fetch "lost" or glitched out tames if you nearby them. I also think it would be nice to have formations for tames be it NPC Crew or Rhino's/Bears/Tigers etc. to be able to go out and adventure with a herd/pack of animals that defend you or gather what ever you are gathering. (If I have 3 Rhino's for example, Ride one and have 2 following the one I ride they mimic what ever it does with in limits)(Or if I'm on a wolf and tamed a pack they all attack incoming threats) formation example below: (Tame) (Tame) (Tame) (Tame) (You) (Tame) (Tame) (Tame) (Tame) Tier of animal should also matter more like a lvl 4 wolf shouldn't hold a candle to a lvl 4 tiger/lion. Which also covers the fact that a wolf tame dies to a sheep 2 lvls higher than it. (My wolf with a company member - Wasn't there but the message stung hard) Lastly I saw this mentioned but an armour slot for some tames... I don't want a monkey in plate armour but a horse? Yes please! Please please please have a perch for shoulder animals for when you log out that can also be placed on a ship... This might also help "cement" where the creature is when you log off so the don't go missing Thanks for an Awsome game and keep up the good work. Many hours of fun has been had!
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