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  1. Thor Ragnarock

    So let’s talk about mythic bp’s and practical reality

    I haven't done much looking for jellyfish. I have found a few alphas scorpions and turtles which gave me a good chunk. But I agree on the whole (Ants & Spider) , Scorpions being the worst. Turtles you can actually find lots of so that can be grinded out, although it would be nice if they gave slightly more shell (thinking pigs). Scorpions definitely spawn infrequently in certain areas as do ants my base has a spawn for ants just outside I see them almost daily and also get a spider occasionally and a few of the other islands I frequent have scorpions fairly regularly but compared to bone (I have a fairly big piles), scales (I have tens of thousands of scales from all the cobras), the other 3 I probably have a bit over 1k of maybe? That is getting tens of each per usual gather. Maybe a bit over 100 on an alpha. All the other mats are pretty easy to get/gather in quantity. Even mythos is not terribly hard to get just a bit of work to kill the stuff that gives decent amounts.
  2. Thor Ragnarock

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    Yea if I don't see the lion/tiger first usually the last sound I hear before I know I am going to die is 'thud thud thud' from their feet. Then I get grabbed, punch my way out of it's mouth, shoot the thing in the head and die from the bleed. Even a low level one tears you up. A cobra I can hear from a good distance off. As soon as I hear that sound I just run from the sound, spin around and locate it and try to shoot it under the head if I can, pretty much dies instantly. But the hit box can definitely be wonky sometimes as can their movement so sometimes it takes a few shots.
  3. Thor Ragnarock

    Once again, this is NOT fun.

    Yea behind the head has been broken for a while now. I don't remember what patch it was but at some point belly feeding became the only way to feed them. Periodically I can get a feed in straight on from the head but this usually involves me getting the crap kicked out of me. The belly location is not exact either. I can drop and elephant just slightly left or right of the same spot and have it never hit me once or hit me damn near every time I walk in to feed it. It's very finicky. That said I have done quite a few tames despite the fact it is very bad at the moment. Not sure what exactly they adjusted. It was around the same time people were complaining they could no longer feed a tame through a solid wall which let you feed them without ever taking damage. I did the old door frame tame pen and never had issues until after this periodically if the head is inside a door frame I can't feed them and have to remove the door frame. For anything bigger than a door frame we usually leave a corner out and pull them to the corner constantly and drop them there so their head drops in an open area. For smaller stuff we usually play tag after we get its hp low and drag it back across the middle of the pen as we bola it so its laying in the open. Adds a little more effort. Hopefully they bring back the feeding from above the head sooner than later.
  4. They are different but it wouldn't take much effort to generate different island shapes since the stuff on them is all different in some way or another. Mind you there are still SOME islands with identical features but different foilage etc which does make it look different. The Unofficial I am on has multiple copies of the island I was living on in official and I do agree they were distincly different there was areas under water, or where land was missing but it didn't make sense that the island looked the exact same since those spots should appear differently on the map. But I am hopeful this is something they will adjust before the game comes out of EA because I think it is an important thing to do.
  5. Thor Ragnarock

    Character map marker

    Yea there have been some suggestions to fix this like placing a simple black line around the border of the X to contrast it. Being able to select a color would be even better. Definitely needs something done though.
  6. I sail most of the time but I do also use beds when time doesn't permit me to complete a trip. I live in this place called the real world where I have to be an adult sometimes and I can't plan my life around atlas. If they want to add a config option to remove fast travel for people who want to go hardcore mode that is great go setup a server and get your hard on for sailing but the rest of us have stuff to do and sometimes we have to fast travel to maintain stuff when life happens.
  7. Thor Ragnarock

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    I deal with them just fine, doesn't mean they shouldn't be scaled down (in size) talking the actual physical size of the model. Try reading past the first sentence next time and this would have been obvious
  8. Thor Ragnarock

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    I wish they would scale down some of the wild animals. Rattlesnake is about the right size for what it is. Crocodiles are way to big, so are cobras. Cobras also hit a shit ton harder than rattlesnakes. Cobras should be a lot less common than they are. You could honestly say that for most of the animals in Atlas atm. I would love to see more variety and less of the copy paste of animals on every island. Pretty much going to find cobras, pigs, rattlesnakes, seagulls on every island. The ones which lack these have Yetis, wolves, or tigers. I also love how nothing ever causes the predators to flee or think twice about attacking. And if you walk into a situation where to are attacking each other they suddenly hate you more than each other and both come after you until you or they are dead. If you happen to die then they suddenly hate each other again. I don't mind the survival aspect of the game at all. Just feel it's too much you vs everything. If animals in the real world were actually like they are in Atlas we would have far less people surviving through the ages.
  9. Thor Ragnarock

    is the insta kill climbing pick bug fixed yet?

    Yea I have started using grappling hooks as much as possible, If I have to use climbing picks I store all my worthwhile gear made from blueprints.
  10. Thor Ragnarock

    Devs please reconsider breeding timers

    I have yet to try breeding since the temp fix. The server I am currently on has 5x taming which also applies to breeding on the server afaik so will have to give it a whirl this weekend, I had tried before on official and gave up after so many dead babies. I agree on the food stacking. I load larders/troughs up every day and lose 60% of it within 24 hours due to the stacks spoiling. I restack it before I logout and after I first login and ask others to do the same but the few of us all play around the same time so most of it just goes to decay. I mean I would even be ok with needing to stick preserving salt into the larder to get a bonus to decay. Meat stacks really need to be increased. I can't take more than a 2 day break without logging in to refill them (well I could the hunger on them lasts for a bit but then I would have to refill the larder twice when I get back just to makeup for all the food they need to eat.
  11. Thor Ragnarock

    Cannot place lighthouse due to similar structures!

    Afaik there is a cap of like 7 lighthouses per server or something? So likely there are too many on the grid. Go destroy someone else's
  12. Thor Ragnarock


    I have ran into them a few times. A few times right after opening a sotd loot box and a few times just sailing around. Only got pulled to the bottom once, it gave me 3 chances to escape I succeeded the third time. I knew about the three things because my brother had been pulled in once and failed all 3 in very deep water. He then was killed and his body was left at the bottom. We were going to try and dive for it but it started raining and cyclones were spawning non stop so we had to abandon his gear which sucked. The one time I got pulled down it wasn't quite as deep but I was still down in the water quite abit but had the lung perks and was able to swim back up before dying. It happens so fast and the pop up is really quick as well and fast like the farming minigame/reload minigame. The mermaid comes back after a bit. Not sure how long they persist for. There is a circle you can see on the water with floating music notes if you manage to survive and get outside the range.
  13. Thor Ragnarock

    Redesign a Robust Skill Tree

    I would love to see npc bases to raid and npc ships of varying kinds and classes to take out with goodies on board to salvage after sinking them. Could even remove SOTD and have these people, merchants, navy sailors etc etc be recruited and turned into pirates... You know kind of like how pirates worked. So many pirates were pressed into service or were on the right side of the law at some point before becoming pirates for varying reasons. Not sure I agree on really pushing people to specialize into very specialized trees and leaving most of it locked out. I think its good you can be a JoT even in a big company. That said there are a lot of skill trees that just seem silly or whose benefits don't really seem all that worthwhile for what is given. I wouldn't mind seeing them expanding it and adding more skills down the road.
  14. Thor Ragnarock

    Birds! How to store?

    My bird just sits on the ground of my tame barn staring into oblivion.
  15. If that is seriously their way to optimize the game that is a very terrible way to go about it. I was hoping they would slowly keep increasing the render distance on ships and buildings... In this day and age you shouldn't be shrinking it. I should be able to be out sailing at sea and be able to see someones huge fort on land well before I get within range of it. I shouldn't be taking fire from it to finally have it load in. If they seriously can't figure out a way to have stuff load in at distance that is going to suck. Even sailing into my own harbor which I know where stuff is loads in last second. I don't understand how there can be that much strain on the server from letting a player see an object at distance. Perhaps its due to the fact each object has so many variables involved and a big base has tons of objects pushing all of these variables causes strain? Could just load the object location at far distance. If you spy glass it could push the viewed walls info. Once within range to fire upon them or just before you could push health info to see the walls color since they get darker as they get damaged then push timers and stuff only if you are viewing with a spyglass or actually next to it viewing the wall in person. Of course I don't know how they are pushing this info maybe they are already doing that to some degree. Maybe there is a way to offload some of this strain to the client. I hope its something they can figure out shrinking render distance in a big mmo is not a step in the right direction.