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  1. The balancing on upkeep is probably going to take a lot longer than the PTR to get dialed in and shouldn't be the focus of the PTR. Finding big potential bugs and issues with the changes should be the job of the PTR. That isn't to say they can't extrapolate some information in regards to upkeep by using the multiplier in reverse against the data.
  2. I don't know what multipliers they plan for the PTR but hopefully its insanely high this will promote just getting to the game play where the bugs can be found. We don't need normal speeds on anything otherwise the PTR will take far to long to find issues and I agree no one will want to invest time to lose it all if the speed isn't crazy high. 10x 15x hell 20 x isn't out of the question for taming, xp, gathering. Could also massively bump up the weight so people can move mats to get to building quickly and actually test the game play. They also need to massively bump the timer on resources.
  3. @Sklex I couldn't agree with you more 100% with your mindset. The trading system is a great idea but there isn't much worth trading. Yes the higher tier blueprints do take more resources but as I had seen others comment and stat and have stated the current blueprint system is borked. Many times a mid tier Fine or Journeyman rolls better on damage than most legendary/Mythic (both because they are more common and because the way the stats randomly roll). We made a few legendary items and had been grinding mythos for some mythical items and resources for but for what? I feel like the game has so much potential but it's currently a shell of what will be a good game once they get content in. But that is obvious it's EA and I am looking forward to them filling it in. Winter Thorne makes a valid point they really should make true specializations this would encourage trade. They really need to expand on items you collect to make things. They can expand on items you can make as well. Carpenters for furniture and making unique items for boats, fishermen who have boats with nets to go fishing, whalers for whaling, black smiths, artillery, armorer, leather worker, lumberjack, miner etc etc. You could have items that only specializations can gather and craft and are required for recipes by other crafting specializations. This would definitely encourage an economy and trade. I Totally agree at the moment there is no point to trade. The PvP content already exists at the core of the game, players create that by just having the stuff that exists in a PvE world but by being in a PvP zone. Edit: Never say never on official... People said they would never wipe because they never wiped Ark... Yet here we are. They are listening to feedback and making changes. It's very possible it will be sorted by the end of EA.
  4. I would hope they discussed the PvPVE aspect at some point and would really like to see them try this out in a test server. I know of a couple unofficial servers which already use this method and have multiple PVE only squares with PVP squares in the rest. I would just like to see them actually try this out on official. Maybe they need to sort out the current next big update first since it's making huge adjustments to claims, war etc. But I definitely think it should be done during an iteration on the public servers after it's been tried on a test server. Just my opinion though.
  5. My whole opinion on the PVP vs PVE argument is that most MMO style games they exist on the same server side by side to a degree with an opt in/opt out when you want (not all but most). We should not be comparing a game like Atlas to CS:GO, CoD, Battlefield, fortnite, Apex etc. These kinds of games are the kind you jump in with no time investment, couple minutes to 20 minutes for a match or whatever. You loot and shoot. You gain progress outside of the match which you never lose and then you can logout come back the next day and be in the same starting position. I have played these kinds of games tons in the past. They are very enjoyable. Now if I had to spend 4 hours before a single round to equip myself, make ammo, etc to die and lose it all while I was not even in a match... you get the point here these don't compare... Atlas on the other hand is an mmo survival. You have to invest time into infrastructure, ships, defenses, offense etc etc. You can spend an entire evening working on a portion of it and login the next day on PvP currently and have it all taken away. I personally think the game is an MMO and players on the PvE and PvP should be playing on the same server map, but grids should be PvE and PvP based and players should play alongside each other. PvP players who may not enjoy PvE content don't have to do it but PvE content could bring PvE players into the realm of PvP players periodically for high reward but a lot of potential risk. PvP players who may not enjoy the grinding of PvE content could trade with PvE players as well as occasionally catch a PvE player off guard and take their stuff (On a PvP server). PvP players can then live in PvP if they enjoy the constant PvP or also live in PvE with protection when they have to be someone who also has to do the whole life thing but be able to also partake both vs the PvP groups who enjoy the non stop part but also against the other PvE people who venture out while they are in PvP mode. Essentially no one is specifically PVP or PVP but can be both when they can or choose to be. To think that Atlas will somehow survive with a FPS mentality of never ending PvP is going to lead to the official servers becoming a toxic environment most players would rather avoid and tons of unofficial servers like on ARK. I for one would much rather see a few big PVPVE official servers with content for both sides and mechanics to deal with griefing on both ends. It's not that I dislike PvE and think PvP deserves more or that PvE deserves more. They BOTH deserve equal attention but I think they also exist better side by side in this kind of a game for the sake of both groups of players.
  6. I don't have an issue with the npcs. I think you should have to turn the ship for a broadside though and the angle at which the canon can turn left and right should be reduced some or the speed at which they turn should be turned way down. Cannons should be on straight carts with wheels and use pulleys to push them out to fire. You could angle them some with the pulleys but turning them constantly left and right wouldn't be that easy to do once it's in firing position.
  7. I think the gates are fine, I hope they add a wall variant still that you can snap between the gates as well as snap at angles, neither of these would be hard to implement. Allow snaping to the ends with one hotkey and adjusting the angle 5 degrees at a time with a different button. People should be able to build harbors and forts with tall walls with buildings inside of this area. That is not a problem in my opinion. It's probably better to have one single asset to load than lots of little ones. If you force people to use the small walls they will and then you will get tiny holes in their wall of walls vs taking out a whole section when you knock it out. I also agree they should add different sizes and variations all with their own counterpart wall which snaps. I also think the gates should be able to be snapped to foundations if you want. Add a Snap/Free placement option you can click between. I honestly don't get what peoples issues with the gates are. I think they look ugly as an entire row of gates but if they had walls with a gate where ships sail through it wouldn't look so ugly. They could even add ramparts or something you could place at corners and every so many walls or allow a thick walls with battlements to setup cannons etc on. Go do a quick search of Pirate forts, Forts of the 1600's through 1800's. Huh, weird... they all have big walls and gates. How crazy. Even weirder sometimes town squares were built inside with the town expanding out past the fort and people would take shelter during combat. There are grappling hooks, climbing hooks, gliders, you can get over the walls just fine. If the issue is people blocking resources etc. It wouldn't take much for the devs to setup exclusion zones around resources so you can't build on or near rare resources including before and after they are gathered. Honestly should be done anyways. Would love to see them set the respawn radius around buildings to 0.20 or something. Keeps things from spawning inside and about 2-3 squares away on Ark. Assume it would do the same here. And then an exclusion zone around and directly above resources so you can't place anything above or near them. I realize people could still block them off with a super tall large square/circular tower though but it would certainly make it far more effort to do so, they could implement a build height limit above foundations although this hampers creativity of building . Although buildings only got so high in this era so it wouldn't be unrealistic.
  8. Probably under shooter game/saved/localprofiles or somewhere around in there. And yea it's going away with March update so there is that.
  9. I mean, what mmo/fps have you played where a minigame popped up to reload a gun? Usually you just hit r and your guy does the job. There isn't a need to reinvent the wheel here. Click R, guy reloads. Perks increase x,y,z, K.I.S.S.
  10. Yea not 100% sure on the acceleration or how that works. They can definitely better expand on that. I also agree with the tiers. Is a masterwork at 106% better than a journeyman at 115%? I never took the time to figure this out because we kept finding fine and journeyman with much better base stats than any masterwork we got. I think we had finally found a masterwork with a few % higher but we didn't think it was worth the extra effort of gathering up all the extra alloys. If a masterwork at 106% is like a fine at 120% that would make sense to me, but I don't think it is. Maybe each cannon blueprint needs a base damage number in addition to the %. I definitely feel a masterwork should always outperform a lower tier but often the rng roll would give you insanely high durability instead. I think they should go back through and make a min/max for each tier and a masterwork should only ever drop slightly into legendary, legendary slightly into journeymen, etc etc. Each tier should slightly encroach on its neighbors. With the higher tiers having the most durability and damage maximum potential. Sometimes a masterwork will be crappier than a really good legendary but never worse than a journeyman.
  11. If you have all the buffs you can reload quite a bit quicker than default. But I too agree the minigame itself was a stupid concept and never belonged in the game to begin with. The skills buffing reload speed etc sure makes sense. The mini game doesn't. This also applies to the farming mini game to increase growth and yield. Mind you the farming game is even MORE annoying than the reload one because the speed is random sometimes its SUPER fast and sometimes it's like Molasses. Sometimes the area to hit is right next to where the slider spawns so by the time your brain even registers it on the screen it's already moving past the spot to click it. You could easily crank up the stamina drain for drawing and holding a drawn bow. Holding a high weight bow of this style takes a lot of effort to maintain when drawn. The gun reload minigame thing isn't really needed, apply skills that increase the speed and keep it simple like reloading mortars, cannons and swivels. There is enough other things going on in pvp than to juggle that as well. I don't think the farming game has to go although I wouldn't mind some other form of effort to increase the growth or yield. If you keep it add to each tier a bigger bar and slow down the speed of the slider for each tier like the other things do. Also the repair minigame bonuses towards making it easier to hit the correct area seem borked to me half the time it barely increases the correct region and the slider is also of varying speeds. I would like to see this reworked somehow as well. Maybe click a spot on the screen where water is leaking in, manually applying a plug or something to stop the water inflow and some other form on on screen activity to save resources and speed up the repair. The slider minigame just infuriates me, although maybe that's the purpose to take my already stressful situation and make me even more stressed out.
  12. So I know you have been adding questing and are planning to add player bounties soon but I think you could really expand on the PVE content which would give both PVP players and PVE players tons of repeatable content to do. You could easily expand on levels of difficulty, rewards, etc. So the intent to a degree as previously stated is to have Atlas be a big MMORPG similar in some ways to EVE. Most MMO’s have daily, weekly or other kinds of repeatable content to do on a regular basis. One type of content I would love to see changed is a kind of quest/bounty system that can be repeated. You could either add a menu we can access, maybe a bounty board which can be crafted or which is located on every settlement near a settlement town square or something. You can accept individual bounties, make a party and accept a group bounty or have a company level bounty. For a starting idea it would essentially be to have NPC fleets you can get a bounty to go hunt and sink for X reward. Some of the rewards can be tier based on difficulty as well as quantity etc. You could be given a bounty to chase down a merchant ship, take out Armada X of navy Y, You could also add NPC islands which are prebuilt bases which players can accept bounties to Siege. Clear the fort and get to the loot room. After a while the fort resets. As for the shipping bounties you could be given a location to go to similar to the maps. Once you approach the area you could either 1 spawn in the ships or 2 have a situation where you have to try and find them within the vicinity. The bounty can have a timer from when you start to have to get to the location. More time if it’s further away. Daily limits and reset timers after X time. After the ships spawn in or you find them a ship battle commences of varying ship types and numbers depending on what kind of bounty it is. This could be listed in the bounty. After succeeding to sink the NPC ships you could loot the shipwrecks. This also would leave open a PVP opportunity if someone happens upon you and sees you looting a freshly sunk bounty. You could instead of having SoTD allow the crew members who don’t die and sink to the bottom to be pressed into service aboard your ship, those who refuse can be executed or taken back to a Freeport and turned in for a bounty or other countless options. We are supposed to be pirates and we should be pirating merchants and navies. Sometimes we will work together and sometimes we will fight each other over what the other has. You could have Infamous NPC pirates to fight as well in addition to the bounties placed on other players. As far as what kind of loot you can really expand on it. Gold is an obvious choice. You could also have rare items that get used in additional content which gets added down the road. rare trading spices, metals, woods, blueprints, cosmetics, etc. You could also have items to collect and turn back in for different items in the Freeport. Ship customizations and all sorts of other similar things the options are endless. I really feel like this game is too heavily focused around PVP at the moment and that is going to cause the game to be very limited as to who it draws in. I think by adding non PVP content on both servers will drag in a lot more players and leave everyone with something to do. Even people who PVP enjoy PVE content. Powerstone islands are another big opportunity for content. You could add this as a bounty as well beyond just the quests to do each powerstone for the eventual kraken fight. I would also love to see the powerstone island tunnels expanded upon. You could turn the tunnels into a dungeon, find a key to open the door inside this could be the powerstone key itself or another key that gets you inside. You could fight your way through or have puzzles or really expand on this and make it a fun challenge to get to the powerstone beyond the current cobra/bat maze where you just keep trying until you get through. There could be unique rewards at the end of each one which makes unique items. There could even be multiple types which players could trade parts and pieces with each other to make said items. I really hope the Kraken is just the first kind of “end game” raid style content on the game. This again can be greatly expanded upon as the game goes on having different types of bosses to fight both at sea and on land. I am sure other people have other ideas for PVE content in the game and I think you guys really need to add more. I am really hoping that Atlas does not repeat the Ark style of PVP only content. In my opnion it’s a toxic environment for most players to enjoy. If you want this game to be an EVE style game it needs a lot more content to do beyond PVP and things everyone can enjoy. I also think the PVP server should have low risk low reward zones which players can be safe inside of and high risk high reward areas where PVP is the mainstay. I would personally like to see PVE only servers removed as there are just as many people on those servers whose main goal and purpose is to grief players who are just there to have fun just as much as there are people on PVP who live to do the same. Every MMO I have played to date has PVP on it in some way but PVE and PVP exist side by side to varying degrees. If anyone else has ideas and thoughts feel free to share and expand. Hopefully the devs can pick some of them up and run with them or maybe get inspired on similar content they already have in the works and expand upon it. TLDR; I want to see a lot more MMO style repeatable quests, bounties, dailies, weeklies, dungeon, raiding content with generic and unique rewards and to be expanded upon as development continues. Have any thoughts or ideas feel free to make a post.
  13. I mean if the update doesn't come I will just continue to live my life and do other things. Eventually it will come out and I can come give it a test drive. Honestly not minding the break at the moment.
  14. You can rack up hours in the game leaving the client open... But I agree if you have that much actual IN GAME time you have an addiction problem. I have around 450 hours and I know and feel like I spent too much time in the game... the first few weeks I was definitely excessive and a little unhealthy in my time played, I racked up half the time during the first 3. But then the new smell wore off and the hook slowly came loose. As to the OP they actually can and are wiping the servers and characters which is a good thing to do in EA. Everyone will be back on level footing and they will be able to gain a whole new set of metrics on any adjustments they make and get a clean slate to look at. This will help them continue to tweak and get the game to where they want it. If you don't want to potentially lose anymore time invested into characters during EA it might be best to wait till it's out of EA but it's also important for different players to give feedback to the development of the game. Maybe continue to play but don't invest so much time into the game. Even many unofficial servers are also going ahead and wiping as well.
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