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  1. Love this server. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a much better take on the game compared to officials. Easy to get by as a solo player.
  2. Echz

    ATLAS Roadmap

    wild pirate encampments when?
  3. Has anyone gotten a json that isnt the default 15x15 to work in singleplayer yet?
  4. Elephant -No changes Notes: Elephants are quite possibly too effective at what they do, but I do not disagree with anything that reduces the monotony of farming materials. Bear - Health reduced by 25%. - Can only gather fiber. Notes: Bears are above and beyond all other tames in terms of combat abilities. They trivialize even the highest level treasure maps and can have such high damage reduction and health that you have to really mess up to risk killing one. They could probably use more overall nerfs, but I think it would be wise to go bit by bit until they are in a fair place. The fact that bears can forage food and gather fiber can be quite annoying at times, having to constantly empty put one's inventory of berries and plants. This also takes away from making a lesser used animal such as the Pig useful by being a dedicated foraging animal. Bull -Increase thatch gathering rate and increase the thatch to wood ratio. Notes: Bulls do not excel at anything except for the small niche of gathering bamboo/darkwood plants. Right now it is difficult to find a good thatch gathering tame, so it would be a good step on the way before obtaining a shieldhorn. Cobra -Remove from the game. Notes: Cobras are messed up. When you shoot them with arrows, they soak them up half of the time without taking damage. If you have a small amount of fortitude they can incapacitate you in 2-3 hits, leading to some horrible losses and bad situations where you are unable to defend a tame, etc. Crocodile -Can now be tamed. Will function similar to the bear, being a strong rideable tame with good speed in water and slower on land. Good for gathering fish, killing sharks, etc. Giraffe -Increase carrying capacity -Remove ability to gather anything other than plants/berries. Notes: Giraffes are huge and difficult to navigate with. Considering an elephant can get to the point of having around 4000 weight quite easily with post tame levels, the Giraffe should fulfill the role of being a dedicated cargo hauler. I suggest a max carry weight of around 5500~6000. Lion -Health and carrying capacity increased by 25%. -Tamed lions give their owners an aura that prevents monsters lower than the Lion's level from aggroing. Tiger -Health and carrying capacity increased by 25%. -Tamed tigers give their owners an aura that provides a speed bonus = (0.1 x tame level)%. If multiple tamed tigers are in range only the strongest aura is applied Wolf -Health and carrying capacity increased by 25%. -Tamed wolves give their owners an aura that provides a melee damage = (0.25 x tame level)%. If multiple tamed wolves are in range only the strongest aura is applied. Notes: Lions, tigers and wolves all suffer from being rideable tames with low weight capacity, and have also suffered collateral damage from being nerfed due to predator spawns being out of control early in the game. There is nothing they can do that bears dont do better, so I propose removing them as rideable animals entirely and turning them into follower tames that have relevant buffs. Ostrich -can now jump twice as high vertically. Notes: The ostrich is a cool fusion of the mobility of a horse while being slightly more combat ready and providing a temperature regulation buff. They could use a little extra push though to firmly establish a niche for their use, which I propose to be a rideable tame that can scale mountains better than any other tame. Pig -Change to be a pure foraging tame. Notes: Many other tames currently have the ability to forage plants and berries right now, so in my opinion either we remove the pig entirely as a tame or we make it so fewer tames can forage and that the pig forages the best out of all of them by a large margin. Rhino -Change the gathering rates so that Rhinos also get metal from rocks that yield metal in small amounts. -Increase base Stamina and Weight by 15%. Notes: Rhinos are not quite the elephants of rock gathering just yet, and considering the similar size and difficulty of obtaining them, should be more in line with Elephants. Rabbit -Provides a 10% chance of avoiding incoming melee damage while in shoulder. Notes: rabbits are quite useless right now, the good shoulder tames have set a precedent of decent passive bonuses, so the rabbit should be put in line with them as well.
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