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  1. Too little too late. We've already quit, uninstalled and moved onto other games. If you want players to come back, stop throwing these useless modular boats down our throats and listen to the community suggestions. Spiders and potted plants aren't going to fix the problems this game has. The real content in Atlas is the player on player interactions, which currently are unbalanced, and not fun at all. Ship fights are too rare because no one really has a reason to sail around since good blueprints are impossible to find, and the ones that have them are too scared to risk it. Ground pvp is dominated by swivels carts that 1 shot and cheesy stunlock and torpor mechanics with shields and maces. It's just not a fun game to play. These issues with the game go ignored over and over and over again. Either listen to your player base, or just give it up. The path you guys have been taking is doomed for failure.
  2. Barrel bombs have been an issue for as long as i can remember. The community has pleaded to you guys to nerf them, and even remove them from the game. Instead they have been buffed. Able to toss them from a glider. Shoot them out of cannons and catapults. Being able to shoot them from the back of a horse. PvP is dead in atlas now. Boat pvp is done, there is no longer any reason to have a BP'd ship anymore since a common ship with barrels will just 1 shot your planks. Land PvP has just devolved into who can drop more barrels. Tames get 1 shot. Players get 1 shot. Bases get ripped apart by naked's on gliders. Bottom line. The game is not fun anymore. LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY PLEASE! There will be no future for Atlas if these recent changes arent reverted quickly. Just completely remove barrels please. Let the players have some fun and actually engage in battles. One shotting someone with a barrel is not fun. Its not a battle. Its not PvP. It doesn't get the heart racing. There is no skill involved. It's not fun.
  3. "We will continue to explore ways outside of claiming and height to address problems with pillar bases down the road." I know what you ex ARK wildcard guys are thinking: Air ships. More Flying mounts. Magic. No. No. and No. Grow a pair, and just keep the flag changes that you feel are best for the game. Second time now you guys have added this change, then reverted it right after. It should of been done @ start of season 3, but for what ever reason it didnt happen. Revert the revert!!! Let PvP happen.
  4. Another Example. This one is only 1 foundation high. Ankle level with the Giraffe. Rhino, Bear, elephant, horse all able to pass through this gate, Giraffe nope.
  5. Giraffe for some reason is unable to walk up short ramps or stairs. A long/tall ramp or stairs, they work just fine. Put a staircase on 1 or 2 foundations, might as well be building a brick wall. Giraffe will not be able to walk up that staircase. ^ this is a storage pen we built, and our giraffes are unable to exit because of the 1 foundation high lip.
  6. Use a pick for metal. Rhino is only a metal gatherer if you have 200 nodes in 1 area and dont care about the loss.
  7. This was a pain in the ass... Walls vanished on me 4 times. Ended up extending the foundations out 1 unit, and they no longer crumble on the new wall. Network: NA PvP Colony CCC: cheat TP C7 -325452 29029 6955 Repro steps: ????? Place walls on foundation in problem area lol
  8. ^ this was taken after the 100.6 patch. I saw the patch notes, fixed a previous hole that was there from the bug... few minutes later tribe mate places a ship resources box down, and the entire side of the wall crumbled down. 4th time this has happened in this spot, 3x pre patch. 1x After.
  9. If there are going to be more edits/wipes to the map in atlas, marketing a seasons system to the game might be a good idea. A season would be a 3-4 month period. People play the game as usual, at end of the season declare a winning Company, or winning alliance. Give some kinda shitty cosmetic item for winning, show their flag on the website, do what ever. Wipe servers, Start a new season. ^ this right here provides you with a few luxuries as game developers. 1. Can create hype around these events multiple times a year “Log on June 1st for the start of season 2 with these new features bla bla bla ” 2. Most importantly, this gives you the developer more freedom to change things to the world, clean up mistakes, and provide a new experience for your users every time they log on since the atlas will always be changing and improving. 3. Would allow you to combat the over grindy nature of the game by upping the gather rates/XP rates ETC, since things would never get too bloated due to constant impending wipes. Tribes can build up to where they were quicker, level back up to 100 quicker, etc. Starting over won’t be as bad this way and people would be more willing to PvP when they know they can rebuild in a timely manner. There are more benefits to this i'm sure, but you guys get the picture, Seasons.
  10. Cannot interact with NPC crew. Cannot open its inventory, nor can you whistle them off of sails and cannons.
  11. Chicken - Glide like in zelda Crow - Intel buff is boring, give us ability to cool a room with crows (like penguins can warm a room) Elephant - Increase stamina regen rate Giant Pig - Deodon!!! Giraffe - thatch Harvest!!!! Horse - More carry weight Lion - Nerf the Leap/Grab Rest are fine as is.
  12. Found the buoy.... Its way under the map
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