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  1. I want you to be able to dismantle the ship of those who are no longer login.
  2. As the harvest rate changes, it is better not to change as the motivation disappears when it is low. I like to double or triple.
  3. The radius of the building alone is insufficient. You can occupy the land with a sparsely laid foundation. It is a corresponding idea. ① Change the radius according to the density of the building. In one case it is extremely small. The larger the number of buildings in one place, the larger the radius. ② If the room has a large radius.
  4. There is no sense of accomplishment without difficulty.
  5. To be able to make a ship easily means that you will need more shallowness to keep that ship. It would not be enough to add 200 islands.
  6. You are aware that the more you relax, the fewer simultaneous connections you have.
  7. The problem is that there are too few coasts.
  8. CFT

    Creature Designer

    Even though an arrow is hit, damage does not enter. Clicking does not reload. It gets worse and worse.
  9. CFT

    Creature Designer

    Why do not you return to the strict adjustment around the beginning?