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  1. gerok zule

    pve NA PVE Selling animals!

    The Iron Vanguard has all of your menagerie needs! Tired of repairing your pickaxe or making endless treks through the wilderness on foot? Look no further! The Iron Vanguard has tamed creatures available for sale!! Creatures currently offered include: - Elephants (Great for gathering wood!) *High carry weight my personal elephant is nearing 5k weight! - Giraffes (Primarily gathers Thatch) *Fast traveling, High Stamina! - Bears (Amazing Fiber collection skills!) *High base weight capacity (580+), Fast sprinter! -Rhinos (Works like a pickaxe) *25% weight reduction for metal! -Tigers (quick mount descent fighter) -Shoulder pets Parrots and monkeys (parrot gives a bit of fortitude and monkey throws poop/slows targets) -Horses (ok carry weight and FAST) Pricing Guide: We also Accept maps of journeyman Quality or higher that are within 4 tiles of D10 as payment contact me with offers. -Elephants/Giraffes: 20,000 Wood/Thatch or a mix of the two i'm flexible or 2000 gold. You can order these any time! -Bears: 20,000 Wood/Thatch or a mix of the two i'm flexible or 2000 gold. Check stock availability. -Tigers lower level ones 800 gold High level 1500 gold *high lvl out of stock currently. -Rhino 3000 gold. Check stock availability. -Shoulder pets are 500 gold. Have quite a few to chose from come by and take a look! -Horses 3500 gold. Check stock availability. Premium Tames: These tames are wild level 40+ after taming and are double the price above. Current stock will be listed below. Elephant wild level 41 Elephant wild level 41 Elephant wild level 44 Elephant wild level 43 Rhino Wild level 40 General stock: *These tames are a minimum of level 20 before taming so normally in the 30's after tame. Elephants/Giraffes: Always available for order. 4x rhino 1x bear *Delivery extra ( 20 gold per tile traveled up to 5 tiles anything further talk with me.) *Based in D10 Contact Gerokzule on Steam or add Gerok#9619 on Discord for questions or to place an order.
  2. Hello, We are "Children of Aule" former Pink Fluffy Unicorns and Nessil, we are back with our animal families! For those who don't know us and xbox players reading this ( welcome to Atlas by the way! ), we are animal tamers, breeders ( and color chasers ) and fine crafters. We will offer a wide variety of tames and breeds, suitable for everyones needs and budget. We will also hold auctions, and giveaways as well as host our famous gift channel ( which will all start later on, cause there is so much to do at the moment :3) - Scarlet. ALso join our discord, if you have questions regarding taming and breeding OR getting XP and BPs. See you on the high sea, Kumba https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  3. Ahoy fellow Captains, gladly we can announce the opening of our new quality animal tradecenter located in K10 CrazyLostIsland. We are selling breeded animals and atm are we focusing on Bears, Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos & Giraffes All our breeded animals will be sold neutered / spayed, but we will sell a fine selection of stats animals - breedable animals from time to time. Over 200 bears , 50 Tigers, 40 Elephants, 40 Rhinos & 20 Giraffes in different tiers in stock. Lower tiers will allways be sold a bit cheaper then the max tier we can offer. All animals will be unleveled and will have points to set. We can offer up to following high melee animals : 237% melee bears, with 1400 stam, 1212 HP & 1436Weight ( lvl 96) 222 % melee tigers. with 352 stam 691 HP & 343 Weight ( lvl 78 + ) 217 % Elephants, with 759 stam 1209 HP & 2976 Weight ( lvl 81+) 200 % Rhinos with 399 stam, 708 HP & 1699 Weight ( Lvl 63 +) 200 % Giraffes ( lvl 40 +) If you think this could be something for you , please visit our discord https://discord.gg/rKefuTK and have a look around. More animals will be added over the next days there. Feel free to contact me on Discord ( Sterk#6636) to ask what we got in stock, before you are going on the long journey to K10 Cya soon and happy sailing Sterk -CLP Location K10
  4. Hello everyone We started a new Atlas Nitrado Server yesterday on the Blackwood map with boosted stats -PVE -30x XP gain (+ more XP for crafting stuff) -50x Taming -6x Gathering No Player or Animal stats are touched! So far we rented a Server for 10 Players, will be upped if we get enough People to play Name of the Server is: Tha pirates booty No Password so feel free to join whenever you want :)
  5. ☠ Welcome to the Atlantis Pirate's Server ☠ On the Blackwood Map Server has been Boosted: Less Water Drain Lower Spoil Timers Higher Resource Rates Higher XP More Gold Faster Taming 🏳 Info about Blackwood Map: 🏳 The full ATLAS experience (including all your favorite features and mechanics) merged into a single 1x1 server grid. 7 unique biomes across 11 islands, from hazy bogs teeming with life to mysterious jungles full of danger and toil. Resource-rich islands complete with every material from the core game. New cities and outlying areas ideal for roleplaying and server events. A beautiful mermaid city ripe for exploration. A new arena featuring unpredictable enemy types and spawn locations. The Forbidden Reach: a hard mode island featuring elemental beings. Other iconic ATLAS content, such as Army of the Damned mobs, all 9 Power Stone locations, the Fountain of Youth, your favorite tameable creatures, and much more... Server Events Coming soon... Join us today and let's have Fun Server Owners GT: X BloodWild X
  6. DarthVegeta89

    pve AtlasWorld PvE Boosted

    Come join this new pve server, no need for claims just don't be a pushover. Come join a growing server for some pirate adventures
  7. Flying Dutchman's Curse Blackwood PVE 32 Slots New Wipe 10/20 Most asked about rates are as follows Gathering 5x Taming 15x Platform 25x (allows more items on ships) XP 3x with bonus 2x crafting xp Settlement upkeep and costs are 1/4 of official rates Gold 6x For any further info you can respond to this post or directly contact my xbox GT ChrisNinjaPants Discord https://discord.gg/PKb5ea7
  8. Hi We are a small company located at D10 an D11. We have some starter bears, elephants, rhino and Ostrichs to sell. At the moment all wild. We started to breed this weekend as well. If you are interested join us at: https://discord.gg/Efmy2Q. We are only online in the evening or weekends for pick up Looking forward to trade with you
  9. Hello all Welcome to the Lavapo - Trading Lounge Area. Here are the most important information: ++In Stock++ Last updated: 18 October 2019 Bears: 5 Giraffes: 0 Lions: 0 Horses: 0 Ostriches: 0 Tigers: 0 Rhino: 0 Olfend: 0 Our Animals can you find on Discord ++Discord++ https://discord.gg/UTWxSDU ++How can I contact you if interested?++ If you are interested in animals, you can pick them up from us. You can contact us directly Ingame or just write here or in Discord to Veini ++Do you deliver?++ No ++What are your prices?++ All prices for the animals can be found in the corresponding category (Discord). ++Do you trade for certain items?++ No ++Are the breeding animals castrated (Spay or Neuter)?++ Like most breeders in the game, we have chosen castration in our breeding animals. Good breeding animals means a high time investment. But we can make exceptions on a negotiated basis. Our Wild Tamed Animals are not castrated. ++Where is your location?++ PVE EU Our island is in J3/J4 (Muckel Tuckel) Our last added tames. All other Tames can be found on our Discord Bears #VK1 (WILD TAME) - WILD LEVEL 41 – MALE You can use this bear as Breedable Neutered/Spayed: NO Price: 2700 Gold Location: J3 Wild Level: 41 Tamed Level: you can choose #VK3 (WILD TAME) - WILD LEVEL 43 – FEMALE You can use this bear as Breedable Neutered/Spayed: NO Price: 3050 Gold Location: J3 Wild Level: 43 Tamed Level: you can choose #VK4 (WILD TAME) - WILD LEVEL 40 – MALE You can use this bear as Breedable Neutered/Spayed: NO Price: 1300 Gold Location: J3 Wild Level: 40 Tamed Level: you can choose #VK5 (WILD TAME) - WILD LEVEL 40 – FEMALE You can use this bear as Breedable Neutered/Spayed: NO Price: 1400 Gold Location: J3 Wild Level: 40 Tamed Level: you can choose
  10. PVEGaming is a community of gamers that play survival games, we host several servers with other games like Rust, 7dtd, Ark, etc. We have active and friendly adult admins that have been doing this for several years and truly care about their community. Servers are in North America. Website: http://www.pvegaming.com/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pHxZTRv Atlas Server Rates: 5x5 Grid (25 server zones) x2 Harvest Health x5 Harvest x10 Experience x10 Taming x2 Player Stats per level Increased Engram Points x2 treasure x5 shipwreck treasure *Many more tweaks, too many to list Island points: PVE-100 point solo to 150 points with 5 players in your company PvP - 250 100 is enough to buy one large island or 2-3 small/medium Other Features: Custom leveling tables for players and tames. Player max level before discovery points 130. Engram points increased so you can unlock everything. Breeding, gestation, and maturation speed increased. Running colonies system All Quests are completable All explorer notes the submarine is unlockable without the quest(engram) 4 freeports- A2, C4(PvP), D1, E2- pick where you want to spawn! PvP area in the lower right of map(4 grids-C4,C5,D4,D5) Cross Grid Chat Starter kits In Game points and Shop Web store /help menu Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1738460824 Map areas: steam://connect/ The Infernal Gulf (A1) PVE The Crystal Waters (A2)-Freeport PVE Tunna Bay (A3)- PVE Ellingterel Deep (A4) PVE Wasanola Ocean(A5) PVE Barrville Deep (B1) PVE Gatistall Tides (B2)-PVE Keeldiac Expanse (B3) PVE Millbury Abyss (B4) PVE The Depths of Stonedeen (B5) PVE The Gulf of Waheller (C1) PVE Minneney Ocean (C2) PVE The Maw (C3) PVE-Boss Islinghurst Expanse (C4) Freeport-PvP The Misty Domain (C5) PvP Summerset Waters (D1) PVE-Freeport Fordboro Gulf (D2) PVE Bientos Waters (D3) PVE The Mighty Abyss (D4) PvP The Grave Deep (D5) PvP Smithsburg Sea (E1) PVE Whitegrave Tides Gulf (E2) PVE -Freeport The Sea of Picrood (E3) PVE Presborg Sea (E4) PVE The Depths of Lamalis (E5) PVE Come join us!
  11. Ahoy m'artys! Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on the Explore Atlas V2. The aim of this was to bring all of our code base into one language as we previously had two. This meant maintaining two sites essentially which was not ideal. Now we're under one roof, we can concentrate on bringing meaningful and powerful updates to the community! For users who are new and don't know who we are, welcome! - Explore Atlas is a website that aims to deliver a convenient and resourceful way of finding creatures and resources throughout ATLAS. We also have sections for Taming calculators! (Similar to Dododex if you're familiar with ARK). One of our more recent features has been the introduction of Unofficial servers to map their resources and creatures! Check it out - https://exploreatlas.co.uk Back to V2 talk... V2 also meant we could re-write the code from the ground up. This allowed us to ensure that we increase speeds drastically throughout the site. Especially with the introduction of XBOX; we needed to ensure that console browsers & other devices could load the site quickly. We would like to share some of the enhancements to our Unofficial Servers section of the website. We're thrilled that the door has been opened to allow both XBOX and PC players to share the same seas and lands. To accommodate for this; we've completely re-approached the way we look at data for Unofficial servers. Checkout the new front end and admin management screens https://imgur.com/a/xuNbRYu We can't wait to see you in the Atlas! Fair winds ExploreAtlas Dev Team
  12. A1 Community is launching its new map on the 8th with crossplay enabled. The Shadowlands is a map specially designed to cater for those of us who like a little bit of both. A PVE map with a PVP grid battleground. Creative building, ships, breeding and trading at the heart of a friendly community with weekly events and challenges to win prizes. Community hosted events, group activities to enable not only solo players to engage in a more sociable feel but also groups joining to meet other groups. Lightly boosted with a dynamic range of grids that you will explore to find where the best level 40 wild creatures may be hiding. Like PVP but dont like the 24/7 lifestyle? No problem, take a trip to the Bloodworks and hunt for some ship v ship action or uncover bases and hidden camps. The community feel is important to A1 so if you want to be part of it pop into our discord! https://discord.gg/uR7HT5x
  13. Zedery

    pve NA - PVE WTB Turnips seeds

    Want to buy turnips Seeds in PVE - NA server, i am in D10, i can move 2tiles to come and get them, let me know your price, thanks
  14. Super casual pve atlas server. • Blackwood map started 10-10-2019 Behaviour Rules • I prefer you join our discord channel for news and rule updates. • No intentional killings by picking people up and dropping them. • No tame interruptions • Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse. • Luring dinos to bases is forbidden (unless it is your own base). Building Rules • Old structures must be demolished. This includes abandoned, and unneeded structures or we will delete all without a warning. Unbuilt rafts, single campfires and storage boxes must be removed after use. • Reserving construction sites is forbidden (for example, with foundations, • Keep distance to other bases, leave enough space for expantion. • It's not allowed to block waterways. Build bridges always in a way that it allows players on a raft or dino to pass it. • Unlock taming box gates so others can use them ••• These are simple to understand and easy to follow. Failure to follow them will get you removed from the server. ••• Discord: https://discord.gg/Yfm5qq5 We also host 2 pixark clustered servers
  15. BadSpencer

    pve [FR] Casual Effect 3x3

    Bonjour, Nous sommes une petite communauté de joueurs dit “casuals”, pour faire court, on a une famille, un travail et forcément pas beaucoup de temps pour jouer. Nous sommes une dizaine à jouer à Atlas sur un serveur privé en 3x3 configuré pour que des joueurs casu puissent profiter du jeu sans devoir y consacrer trop de temps (Récolte x2, Taming x6, reproduction accélérée). Nous jouons en mode PVE dans une ambiance détendue (pas d’attaque ou de pillage entre joueurs sauf si c’est voulu). On préfère s’entraider et progresser ensemble plutôt que de se tirer dans les pattes mais ça ne nous empêche pas de nous organiser des batailles navales entre nous ou contre des pnj lors d’events. 9 cases pour 10 joueurs… on est larges ! Il y a pas mal de place et on peut se permettre d'accueillir quelques joueurs supplémentaires. Si tu es toi aussi un joueur occasionnel et que tu souhaites découvrir (ou redécouvrir) ce jeu dans une bonne ambiance alors n’hésite pas à nous rejoindre sur notre discord https://discord.gg/V4jqUbB
  16. Beginn your Journey trough the World of RadioactiveATLAS! A custom map with over 240 Islands, featuring all Vanilla aspects of the game, as well as bringing you unique Systems like Rituals, Summons, Magic Flasks und so much more! PvE? PvP? Don’t just be happy with one mode when you can have both! Choose and travel freely between 20 PvE Grids and 5 PvP Grids! Unique Creatures! Done settling in? Fought your first Kraken? Tackle a new Challenge and try to tame rare creatures by summoning them! No limits to Creativity! Wether it be Decorative Objects, plantable Trees, or even tree platforms, we got it! There’s no limits to what you can do and create! Big Community! With over a 100 active players that are online simultaneously we can count us to one of the biggest Communities out there. Teamspeak, Discord and even Crosschat is provided to ease communication with other sailors you might encounter! Visit our Homepage
  17. Salty Melons

    pve NA-PVE WulfPack tames for sale

    UPDATE FOR POST-WIPE: We are still going to be selling tames Hello! https://discord.gg/hPFVYRC Please join the above discord to view WulfPack's up to date details on available animals, stats and prices.
  18. AHOY Captain's, House Sturmberg is a 20players strong international company, in which adult players playin together to have a good time. We are highly specialized animal breeders with over 1.000 selfbred animals and a couple hundred animals sold to our happy customers&friends , leading and ruling the bear market since the wipe with our unic and overpowered Ultimate Bears ! We are proud to say, that we achieved this success without any help or buying and reselling the work from other players/companys, because for us its not about profit, its about passion ! We are well known for building amazing Citys and intelligent construction solutions. We hunting all over the world to offer you magical tames and items. ATTENTION: THE LEVEL OF AN ANIMAL IS NOT HAVIN A EFFECT ON ITS STATS IF IS BRED!(WE RECOMMEND DONT WATCH FOR THE ANIMAL LEVEL ON BRED ANIMALS) Location: E11 - Bonacroft Archipelago ------------------------------------------------ SHOP----------------------------------------- ULTIMATE BEAR - (Best Weightbear on the whole server) - Lvl 40-60, 168% Melee, 700 Health, 1500 Weight, 1100 Stamina - Price Starts from 4.000 Gold POWER BEAR : - Lvl 40-60, 140%-160% Base Melee, 700 Health, 1100 Weight, 1000 Stamina - Price Starts from 2.000 Gold RAINBOW BEAR - from 500gold RAINBOW BEAR - Legendary and Magical animal which is raised from the bloodline of the first Bear God Ursa. Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs or in this forum. STURMBERG CITY! - People from all over the world visited the Mega City to trade and gettin the deal of theire lifes. HOUSE STURMBERG'S WORLD RULING WAR FLEET - to keep the oceans safe for traders and hunt for rare items in the deeps of the ocean. FIGHTING EPIC SEA BATTLES AGAINST MONSTERS AND THE EVIL - to gather rare resources and offer them in our Mega City on the Market. BREEDING - Constantly working on improving our services and quality of Tames. ECONOMY - With our industrial fabrics, we make sure to offer you the best possible price and quality! HOUSE STURMBERG, Nothing but the best!
  19. CONSORTIUM GAMING COMMUNITY - Fresh Server Wiped on 9/28/19 - New Layout - 7x7 Atlas World - 49 Servers - New Islands Added - ATLAS MEGA UPDATE 3.0 LIVE! - PVP - 2 Servers **F6 and G6 Grids - PVE - 47 Servers - All Island/Biomes - Auto-updates enabled - Daily early Morning auto-restart - All official quests: Power stones / Essences of power / Secondary quests - Explorer Notes - NPC trade routes - Kraken in the A1 Grid - In-game cross chat - Dedicated Admins and Staff SERVER RATES - 300 Island Claim Points - Lower gold cost upkeep - PVE - 5x Harvest/15x Taming/5x XP - PVP - DOUBLE THE PVE GRID - Reward the Risk - Increased Skill Points per level, great for Solo players, accuire all the Skills - Max Player Level 150 - EggHatchSpeedMultiplier = 15x - BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier = 37x - Treasure Gold: 4x - Merchants at Freeports MODS USED: SUBSCRIBE TO ALL BEFORE LOGGING IN https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1764390852 Custom Item Stacks Market NPC's Total Structures Total Ships Total Sails Unlockable Submarine Death Recovery Mod eco's RP Decor Lanterns and Torches Galore Improved Settlements Master Navigator CONNECTION INFO: (Or search unofficial - Consortium Gaming) C3 steam://connect/ PM FOR DISCORD - Also located on Server message when you login to Server
  20. We live with pride in our guild's name. This seal we've carved into ourselves isn't merely decoration. It's the proof of our bonds as a family. Binding our fates together we put our lives on the line. Anyone that steps on that holy vow, be they evil or good, will be cut down. Even if you can kill gods, it doesn't mean that you can kill fairies! We have fought the majestic dragon and made him our own. We have bent the seas to our will. We defeated the Demon of the Deep and made the Seas of Atlas ours again. We conquered Islands and build a town for all those who seek shelter or rest from the roughness of the Ocean. Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands! Be part of our Story, join our Adventures! Bring us back into the realm of Gods where we belong. https://discord.gg/EYC7epU - sign up and join the biggest Alliance of brave Pirates, landlubbers and strongest beast on PVE EU.
  21. This is a re-post, due to original poster being lost at sea. We are The Friendly Server, already hosting a vibrant and (forgive the pun) friendly Ark community across 7 Ark maps. In January this year, our tireless leader launched The Friendly Server for Atlas and our 2 communities live side by side in discord which now boasts a healthy 800+ members. The bulk of this of-course is Ark players, so never fear, our Atlas server has plenty of space available for new players and builders to setup their fortresses or seaside towns. We are running on 2 dedicated, high spec servers, free from rubberbanding or lagg. The servers are based in the UK but we have players from allover the world joining us. As mentioned, it's a 5x6 map home to more than 100 islands. 5 grids are reserved for all 9 powerstone islands and 9 trenches whilst a 6th grid is reserved for the Kraken. We also have 1 pvp grid and another grid for hosting server events/games. The remaining 22 grids are for building and player bases with a balanced mix of all the biomes. We are a pve server and an entirely a pve community, but since we all get a kick out of blowing each other up, we've added a pvp grid for fun. Easily avoided and clearly marked Both in Ark and Atlas we do not support a "pay to win" environment and we keep our boosted rates at a sensible level to ensure that the intended game mechanics are still relevant but also boosted enough to take away the grind found on official servers. Server settings/features: 4x Harvesting 6x Taming 3x Exp 6x Egg/Gestation 7x Maturing 2x Difficulty (max level wild spawns are 60) 4x spoil timers(increased stacks for spoilables) Noclip enabled, Fountain of Youth permanently active on all powerstone Islands, Old flag claim system, Servers are never wiped unless official updates force it, All 9 powerstones, 9 trenches, Ghostship, Kraken grid, Ice Cave The Friendly Server Mods: Atlas Transfer\\Pickup Gun Custom Item Stacks (for spoilables only) eco's RP Decor Unlockable Submarine We are very careful about adding mods that cannot promise long term support or severly damage game mechanics. Many servers have already wiped for installing mods that are no longer supported. More mods will be added in future. Rules, join links and mod links can all be found on our website or in Discord. The Friendly Server website: http://thefriendlyserver.phokxx.com/ The Friendly Server Discord: https://discord.gg/bM6yb9n
  22. Hello we are looking for some specific BPs and any tame with high single stats on EU PVE. For Bps we are looking for Legendary - Sword ( >190% wd) - Bow ( >200% wd) - Metal Hatchet > 200% wd - Metal Pick > 200% wd - Crossbow >200% wd - Medium Cannons with >175% wd BPs with any kind of quality: - large handling sail with >117% acceleration - wood ceilings, walls, roofs with >130% durability For tames we look for high stats, that means stats at tame or birth (we only want none or low mustations), not after leveling them. If you think you have one, please send me a picture here (send link instead of picture bc limitations), or type the wild level / tamed level and current stats. You can also join our discord ( https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU ) and send DMs from there. We pay really good, we can offer gold, mythos, other tames stats, breeded tames and crafted items. We will pick stuff up form your location, or pay additional for delivery. See you on the ATLAS, Kumba [Pink Fluffy Unicorns]
  23. EU PVE - The Whales Solitude... Grid J8 - The Green Isler - The green lighthouse - NW - Long: 22.14 / Lat:0.46 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ships For Sale.: Animal Sale.: Used Crab 2000 Gold. - Used Tortugar 2000 Gold. - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40 Player Shop´s - BluePrint are in the Shops - it's mixed blueprint. ShipYard bp's. - Armor bp's - Ship bp´s - Weapon bp´s - Tool´s bp´s - Cannon´s bp´s. DiscorD: https://discord.gg/rVFhvfk
  24. Hello, we the Pink Fluffy Unicorns contiue to sell and gift wild tames and bred tames. We started doing three auctions over the weekend. We also do a giveaway for 3 times 5k gold over the weekends. We trade almost every tame in the game, almost every species is offered breedable too. For more information and our catalog visit our discord please. Permanent discord link: https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU For hobby breeder we have trade parter markets, you can get your own shop in our discord. See the markets for offerings like: lions, tigers, wolves, parrots, crabs and bears. Our oldes parter Calliope is also offering allmost every crow color. If you havent visited her place you should somewhen. Join Disord now to participate. We sell top-notch bears on the server from now on in E11, they are level 90+, all come with 253,5% melee, 1118 Hp, 1250 Stamina and 1430+ weight UNLEVELED. Starting from 4k gold each. Differnet colors; Food and Oxygen will differ (lower), Weight can be even higher. We can breed up to 1450Stam and higher health (~1200) on request. Also even more Food and Oxygen is possible on request. See you ingame, Kummba
  25. DanceWithME

    pve (NA PVE) WTS Dino/Mythos

    (B11 Cartoon Company) Mythos 1:3 player shop near bank (E9 Cartoon Company) Mythos 1:3 player shop near bank Intellect set x88.832% 10.000g P.S Dino sold mb coming soon