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  1. Hello, Last season this discord was the biggest trading discord on the EU PVE server. As of now almost everyone from the former company stopped playing, i decided to keep the discord alive by providing sell channels for smaller companies which does not have a discord of their own. At the moment two comapnies are selling: - Ostrichs - Monkey - Elephants - Giraffes - Bears - Tigers - Crows - a full black Bull - Razortooth - Rhinos - Wolf - ..... with a mix of bred and wild and neutered and breedable. So if you look for some of these, join and browse brows the channels If you are interessted in sell some goodies yourself wisper me (kumba) in discord, you will find me there. https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU Enjoy atlas, Kumba Here some pictures:
  2. Tired of the ruined official "experience" Come to one of the oldest and stable servers available! The LostTropolis Server (privately hosted) is looking for additional players to join our community! Come set sail on our huge 9X9 Grid. Half PvP half PvE. All content and quests are here! We feature; • NO Admin Abuse! None zilch nada.... • Excellent balance between PvP and PvE! • PvP rules are easy to follow. we have several companies that are having a great time! • Admins reachable on Discord 24/7 via Atlas Adminmail Bot. • Tiered difficulty and Harvest rates based on grid. See discord for info • 99% Server uptime and quick for updates. • 3x Harvest. XP, and Weight per point. • 3x XP • Increased Engram Points. • 5x Taming • Gamma enabled! • PvP Tame Decay/Destroy enabled. • PvP Structure Decay enabled. • Reward voting • Easy to follow, fair and balanced ruleset. • Server events, donor cosmetic tokens, and more! If you are looking for a friendly, non-toxic community to play with, come and check us out! Search LOSTTROP in the unofficial server listing in game to join. The Tropolis Collective Discord: https://discord.gg/s8UXD8v for our community, rules and server information. We are Looking forward to meeting you on the sea matey!
  3. The Coastal Escape is a custom 20 grid map complete with all quests and endgame content. We offer a boosted server with harvesting at x15, taming at x50 and xp at x10. Join our Discord to take advantage of all our daily giveaways, find info on the custom map and to join in on all the player events. (Discord code= 7xA4RCq) If your looking for a friendly community to enjoy playing Atlas on then come and try The Coastal Escape!
  4. 𝕱𝖎𝖗𝖊 & 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉 Ahoy Pathfinders! Unofficial PvE Server 6x5 map PC Only Roughly 270 Islands. Max Level 130 All Powerstone Islands Fog of War Enabled Friendly Fire Enabled Age Slower x2.5 xp x6.0 Gathering x4.0 Taming speed Wild Animal Levels 30 (Kept close to official because breeding is how you get higher lvls). Perfect wild tames come out at level 44. All power stone islands are on one Grid in C3. FreePort grid is in A1, but we do have freeport Islands in other grids where ships won't have rapid decay. Rates and other things may increase as we progress. A few things are still being worked on to get the server right (Nothing bad that would cause the whole server to wipe). No Collision Building so you can clip walls/foundations into anything Unlimited Player Respecs Automatic Updates Tundra & Polar Grids Whale spawns are Boosted All Players are welcome to our server! We tried to Keep some of the rates close to official servers, but some are boosted. With Official PvE map becoming smaller, and them forcing EU & NA players together we thought it would be great to give the PvE community another option. Mods are cool, but they are risky. We have no mods added, and have no plans to add any until the game becomes more stable. We don't like wipes, and we will do anything in our power to avoid them. If you need or want anymore info about our server you're welcome to join our discord. https://discord.gg/dXzRc4q
  5. OVERVIEW Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark and Conan servers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods (as they become available). We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary. Our servers are built for the community. If you've ever wanted to know that your voice is heard in mods and settings suggestions, this is the place for you! Don't take our word for it, join our Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. We have over 1200 members! HARDWARE Dedicated Hardware 20 core processor 256GB RAM NVMe SSDs Many hosts try to cut corners on hosting hardware, but we do not. Every penny donated goes to running our servers and gets put back into our services. As such, we host some of the biggest machines. We control all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for a premier Atlas experience providing a highly optimised server. ADDITIONAL SETTINGS Resource respawn radius reduced by 80% - more beneficial for people with large builds, helps with the immersive feel of living on the island, protects the environment! Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players) Cross Chat - Lonely? Not here, no more of that "I'm the only other player in the polar region and am sad" feeling. All grids talk across Global chat. MODS You can quick-subscribe to all of our mods in this collection Custom Item Stacks - Adjusts most stacks to 5k and reduces weight by 90%. Total Structures - Improved structures and QoL improvements to building Total Ships - Improved ships, additional types, more sail points. Peachy Ship Decor - Adds smaller crafters for those low deck ceilings and several decor items. Unlockable Submarine - Adds the submarine skill to the end of the Seamanship tree. SERVER IPs This is a list of our home servers where you'll start your journey. Please note their biomes and which ones are PVE and PvP: B2 (West Tundra) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57543 B4 (West Tropics) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57547 B6 (High Desert) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57551 C5 (Equatorial) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57561 E2 (East Tundra) (PVP) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57579 E4 (East Tropics) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57583 F3 (East Temperate) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57593 As Atlas evolves there will be several settings and configurations to fix, change and update. With this in mind please make sure you join our Discord server to you can be up-to-date with the most recent information and notified of server restarts and issues. Happy sailing!
  6. Ink Gaming Community Welcome fellow Explorers! Discord Link 900+ Members on our discord Ink Gaming is a relaxed and friendly community that primarily focuses on longevity. We offer a small variety of mods to improve quality of life game play but keep the game basics active. The server consists of active admins! Also, in our community we love to do things together! We host events to bring everyone on all of our servers together! A1 and A3 are Home servers with freeports. B2 is the boss arena. C1 is a PvP lawless zone. For this reason, we have added a merchant in the freeport that is in the middle (sorta) of C1 that will sell you max level tamed animals for gold. I heard that merchant is a little greedy as well, so make sure to bring enough gold, but watch out for those other pirates, they want your booty. Map Layout A1 B1 C1 A2 B2 C2 A3 B3 C3 --Server Settings-- 3x Experience 4x Harvest 20x Maturation Unlimited Respec Max level 100 Atlas Shop/Starter Kits --Mods-- Architect Beastmaster Harvester 10k 10% Overseer Shipwright Editable Server UI Enhanced Quality of Life Market NPCs Medium Gates Rations Eco's Atlas Foliage Peachy Atlas Decor --Server Decay Rates-- Default Structures - 10 Days Tames - 8 Days --Server Link-- Grid A1 (0.0): Steam://connect/ (Daily Restart 6am Eastern Time) We hope to see you soon!
  7. SWB - STURMBERG WORLD BANK Looking for a job or mission?Tired of losing your wealth and money every world reset? Get your bank account today at SWB - Stumrberg World Bank and become a part of the World Economy System, SWB the first bank in the history of ATLAS(Headquarter Sturmberg City C7-Ganarial Island) simply just send a request to Management or in the Banking channel on our discord to get your personal or company Bankaccount. Benefits: -Persisten garanteed full access to your money and wealth even after a world reset! -Full access to your bank account 24h Day and Night -Store your money, resources or blueprints on your bank account to dont lose it if you re inactive or on vacation/holydays for a while -Easy and secure trade between players and companys(even for big transactions like an island selling) -Supporting small companys and solo players with having access to trading markets and connect them with each other -Access to the Sturmberg Unit Market and Auctions HOUSE STURMBERG IS HAVING THE WORLD RECORD We are happy to announce officialy that House Sturmberg is the first company in history of Atlas breeding natural bears on a official servers to a Alpha level . Havin the Strongest natural Bears on the World is the result of unbelievable hard work! We are happy to share our success with our friends and customers and giving even less successfull players access to our Sturmberg Alphabears. Check our Shop for more informations! House Sturmberg is a 50 players strong international company, in which adult players playin together to have a good time. We are highly specialized animal breeders with over 10.000 selfbred animals and a couple thousand animals sold to our happy customers&friends , leading and ruling the market for hundreds of years with our unic and overpowered Animals and Rare Items ! Because for us its not about profit, its about passion ! We are well known for building amazing Citys and intelligent construction solutions. We hunting all over the world to offer you magical tames and items. Much more Animals! Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn or in this forum. ATTENTION: THE LEVEL OF AN ANIMAL IS NOT HAVIN A EFFECT ON ITS STATS IF IS BRED!(WE RECOMMEND DONT WATCH FOR THE ANIMAL LEVEL ON BRED ANIMALS) Location: C7 - Ganarial Island - Sturmberg City( in the Big Bay) -SHOP- Limited 232% Mythical Shipyard 39k Gold 200% Mythical SHIPS FULLY CUSTOMIZED BY OUR ARTIST(CRAFTED IN 232% Mythical Shipyard) Galleon 16kgold / Brigantine 8kgold ULTIMATE BEAR - (Strongest Bear on the whole server) - Lvl +70-100, +270% Melee/ +1100 Health/ +1400 Weight/ +1200 Stamina - Price Starts from 4.000gold POWER BEAR : - Lvl +50-70/ +200%-232% Melee/ 500-900 Health/ +1200 Weight/ +800 Stamina - Price Starts from 1.999gold TREASURE MAP/ TRANSPORT BEAR Lvl +40-70/ +150%-190% Melee, +300-900 Health/ +4000(unskilled 1000-1600 Weight)/ +600-1050 Stamina Price Starts from 500gold sTURMBERG ALPHABEAR OF DARKNESS - 4.999Gold STURMBERG ALPHA ARMYBEAR - 4.999gold sTURMBERG ALPHA pOLARBEAR- 4.999gold Sturmberg Alphapanda - 4.999 Gold STURMBERG ALPHA RAINBOWBEAR - 4.999 GOLD RAINBOW BEAR - Legendary and Magical animal which is raised from the bloodline of the first Bear God Ursa. Tiger - From 999gold Puppies/haustiere from 499gold CRABS - FROM 3.000gold TORTUGARS STARTING FROM 1.000gold ELEPHANTS AND POWERPHANTS - STARTING FROM 2.000gold RHINOS AND POWERRHINOS - STARTING FROM 2.000gold POWERGRAFF - STARTING FROM 2.000gold And much more Animals! Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn or in this forum. STURMBERG CITY! - People from all over the world visited the Mega City to trade and gettin the deal of theire lifes. HOUSE STURMBERG'S WORLD RULING WAR FLEET - to keep the oceans safe for traders and hunt for rare items in the deeps of the ocean. FIGHTING EPIC SEA BATTLES AGAINST MONSTERS AND THE EVIL - to gather rare resources and offer them in our Mega City on the Market. BREEDING - Constantly working on improving our services and quality of Tames. Contact House Sturmberg on Discord: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn HOUSE STURMBERG, Nothing but the best!
  8. 4*4 with a interesting map. No stoneaging, no offline raiding. Choose to be civilian, no PvP. Everyone Else, Black Sails/Flags = able to PvP and raid other Black Sails. 30 slots per grid. Increased rates, but not too high. Discord - https://discord.gg/ytSQJC
  9. Hello and Welcome! We are East India Trading Co. We run a Trade Event that is now in its 3rd season. It's every Sunday 5pm Pst / 8pm Est Raffle Tickets 100g Raffle Events: The Three Doors: -Only 2 doors can be chosen every week -1 door is a good prize -1 door is a decent or bad prized -1 door is a guillotine (Heads will be collected and put on display at the at the raffle ticket building) 777 Doors: -7 Doors -7 Boxes -7k Gold The 7k gold is split in the 7 boxes and amounts can vary in each box, when you first enter you will have a choice to take the box or take the door on the left or the right, if you take the door you will be presented one more time with the same choice. The Doors can be picked as a raffle prize by 3 people. Treasure Hunts and the Monkey Toss Game Mystery Boxes & Tames Raft shops are currently limited to 2 per company and are 500g ea. which covers the cost of the shops crafted. Each raft has 6 shops. Raft Shops are run by multiple company's and are filled with a variety of items from food to fully crafted mythical planks and more! Obstacle course: 2 ways to play Time Trial: 150g a run can be run 3 times, best overall time is logged and fastest time of the day wins a prize. Race: 250g a run, can be run multiple times as long as there is 1 other racers. Winner of the race wins 500g Time trial will run for 1hr at start of event Races will run for 1hr starting at 6pm Pst/9pm Est (Changes to Obstacle may be made after this week depending on how things go) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will also soon start running an RP event at a port town we have built on our island in A11 We also sell tames at our sales area in i2 on the Buccaneers Island For more information visit https://discord.gg/JKCnTJx
  10. We live with pride in our guild's name. This seal we've carved into ourselves isn't merely decoration. It's the proof of our bonds as a family. Binding our fates together we put our lives on the line. Anyone that steps on that holy vow, be they evil or good, will be cut down. Even if you can kill gods, it doesn't mean that you can kill fairies! We have bent the seas to our will. We defeated the Demon of the Deep and made the Seas of Atlas ours again. We conquered Islands and build a town for all those who seek shelter or rest from the roughness of the Ocean. Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands! Be part of our Story, join our Adventures! Bring us back into the realm of Gods where we belong. We are located in B7 Brimingcona Haven. https://discord.gg/EYC7epU - sign up and join the biggest Trading and Event Discord on PVE EU.
  11. Server Objective: Our goal is to provide players with a community they can call home. A community that's fun and active. Server configurations have been setup to accommodate players with a working/gaming lifestyle. Server Details: 7x7 Grid Colonies PVE 25% Upkeep Costs Max Player Ship Level Ups - 76 Wild Level 120 Tames 320 MAX Island Points - Company Grids With Boosted SOTD & Treasure = More Challenge, Loot, & Gold!!! Boosted Mytho Drops Globalchat Shop (Earn currency for time spent on the server!) Voting Reward System (Get rewarded gold & chance of mythos for voting for the community) Fog Of War Disabled Unlimited Player Respecs All Quests & Resources Structure Collision Disabled 10x Experience 10x Gathering 10x Taming 10x Breeding 3x Player Engram Points 3x Player Stat Level Ups 2x Treasure Map Gold Multiplier 2x Floatsam Multiplier Automatic Updates Crash Detection & Launching MODS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854853733 Website: www.infinitisquadron.com Join our Discord https://discord.gg/hNajVE7 In-Game Server Name: |7x7|InfinitiSquadron.com|10x|PVE|Rewards|Shop|
  12. Mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes I have the feeling that Grapeshot wants to enter the Guinniss Book of Records with the game that has the most bugs. (Irony off) The fact that ships from the Companys have been removed from the system over and over again in the past seasons has certainly hit everyone. But now the skeletons of the missing ships remain, so that one is always reminded that the atlas or the atlas team destroyed the whole work for no reason. Furthermore, the number of sunken wrecks that are stuck so far in the ground that the treasure cannot be retrieved has greatly increased. If Grapeshoot can't fix that, it would be helpful to reset the wrecks every 24 - 48 hours until you can fix the error. After you have brought the submarine back to the hangar you are trapped in the chair that remains shameless in the water and surrounded by an invisible submarine. unfortunately only help to die and leave inventory behind. It also accumulates the animal to be bent from the ship, not only when changing servers. It has happened to me several times that I had to collect animals in the water after driving through the hulls of the Sods. After losing 2 giraffes, a rhinoceros and a raven, I got into the habit of pressing the F key and checking the number of crew on the ship. The more and more sod-ship hulls standing around on the sea was thankfully taken by the developers. I only bring it up again because of the urgency. The fact that the ping has generally improved a bit is probably due to the fact that the number of active players has almost halved in the last 4 weeks. Which is very sad. It would be nice if other players and fellow sufferers report their bugs here. And it would be even better if Officelle or Admin keep us up to date on what's going on and which of our worries have made it onto the to-do list. ========================================================================================================================== Deutsch: Bugliste PVE Server Fehler, Fehler und noch mehr Fehler Ich habe das Gefühl Grapeshot will ins Guinnissbuch der Rekorde mit dem Spiel was die meisten Bugs hat. ( Ironie aus ) Das in den vergangen Seasons immer wieder Schiffe aus den Companys vom System entfernt wurden hat ja bestimmt schon jeden getroffen. Aber jetzt bleiben auch noch die Gerippe von den verschwunden Schiffen über, so das man immer schön daran erinnert wird das Atlas oder das Atlasteam einem die ganze Arbeit Grundlos zerstört hat. Weiterhin hat die anzahl der versunkenen Wracks die soweit im Boden stecken das der Schatz nicht geholt werden kann sehr zugenommen. Wenn Grapeshoot das nicht fixen kann, wäre uns ein reset der Wracks alle 24 - 48 Stunden erstmal Hilfreich bis Ihr den Fehler fixen könnt. Nachdem man das Uboot zurück an den Hangar gebracht hat ist man auf dem Stuhl der scheinbar im Wasser bleibt gefangen und von einem unsichtbarem Uboot umgeben. Da hilft leider nur noch sterben, und Inventar zurück lassen. Es häuft sich auch das Tier vom Schiff gebugt werden, nicht nur beim Serverwechsel. Es ist mir schon mehrfach passiert das ich nach dem durchfahren von Schiffshüllen der Sods Tiere Im Wasser einsammeln musste. Nachdem ich 2 Giraffen, ein Nashorn und einen Raben verloren habe, hab ich mir angewöhnt öfters die F-Taste zu drücken und die Anzahl der Crew auf dem Schiff zu prüfen. Das immer mehr Sod-Schiff-Hüllen auf dem Meer rumstehen wurde von den Entwicklern gott sei Dank schon wargenommen. Ich erwähne das nur nochmal wegen der Dringlichkeit. Das der Ping im allgemeinen etwas besser geworden ist liegt wohl daran das die Anzahl der aktiven Spieler sich in den letzten 4 Wochen nahezu halbiert hat. Was sehr traurig ist. Es wäre schön wenn andere Mitspieler und Leidensgenossen hier von Ihren Bugs berichten. Und es wäre noch schöner wenn Offizelle oder Admin uns hier auf dem laufendem halten was aktuell passiert und welche unserer Sorgen es auf die ToDoliste geschaft haben.
  13. Die Grundeinstellungen The basic settings 3x XP (Wie viel Erfahrungspunkte man erhält.) 3x Ernte (Wie viel Materialien man bekommt, pro Schlag.) 2x Gold (Wie viel Gold man pro Schatzkarte erhält.) 3x XP (how many experience points you get.) 3x harvest (how many materials you get per field.) 2x gold (how much gold you get per treasure map.) Spezielle Charakter Einstellungen Special character settings 0.8 Der Hunger von deinem Charakter. Wurde bei uns um 0.2 verringert: Damit kommst du etwas länger aus ohne Essen. 0.8 Der Durst von deinem Charakter. Wurde bei uns um 0.2 verringert: Damit kommst du etwas länger aus ohne Wasser. 0.8 Die Vitaminen von deinem Charakter. Wurde bei uns um 0.2 verringert: Damit kommst du etwas länger aus ohne Essen. 0.8 The hunger of your character. Has been reduced by 0.2 with us: This means you can get by a little longer without food. 0.8 The thirst of your character. Has been reduced by 0.2 with us: You can get by a little longer without water. 0.8 The vitamins of your character. Has been reduced by 0.2 with us: This means you can get by a little longer without food. Die Tier-Einstellungen The animal settings 3x Tame (Wie schnell das Zähmen von statten geht.) 0.5x Paarungsintervall 10.0x Wie schnell die Schwangerschaft geht. 10.5x Wie schnell das Baby erwachsen wird. 0.5x Wie schnell das Baby Nahrung verbraucht. 4.0x Wie schnell man das Baby wieder Prägen kann. 0.6x Baby-Kuschelintervall. 3x Tame (How fast it can be tamed.) 0.5x pairing interval 10.0x How fast the pregnancy goes. 10.5x How fast the baby will grow up. 0.5x How fast the baby consumes food. 4.0x How quickly you can imprint the baby again. 0.6x baby cuddling interval. Unsere Extras special - PvP-Zone bei C6 C7 D6 D7 inkl. speziellen Events. (Sind noch in Planung die Events.) - Cross Chat man kann von überall mit allen Leuten schreiben. (Im Global-Chat im Spiel) - Events: Jedes zweite Wochenende 6x XP Harvset und Tame. - Claim für alle! Solospieler haben bei uns 35 Claim punkte dadurch kann jeder eine mittelgrosse Insel beanspruchen. Ab 2 Company Mitglieder hat man schon das max. erreicht und kann alle Inseln ohne Einschränkungen Claimen. Die upkeep kosten sind bei uns 1.0 gesetzt. - Mods zurzeit noch keine auf dem Cluster weil wir das mit allen Spieler abstimmen möchten und mod-wünsche all falls auch eingehen - PvP-Zone at C6 C7 D6 D7 including special events. (The events are still being planned.) - Cross Chat you can write to anyone from anywhere. (in the game Global chat) - Events: Every second weekend 6x XP Harvset and Tame. - Claim for everyone!! Solo players have 35 claim points with us, so everyone can claim a medium-sized island. From 2 company members you already have the max. reached and can claim all islands without restrictions. The upkeep costs are set to 1.0 with us. - Mods are currently not on the cluster because we want to coordinate this with all players and if necessary, mod requests are also received There are currently no mods on the cluster because we want to coordinate this with all players and if necessary, mod requests are also received Discord: https://piratesgames.net/discord.html Unsere Seite: https://piratesgames.net Der Server: Servername: 11x11 Piratesgames.net Deutsch/English (um in Atlas direkt nach dem Server zu suchen) Wir würden uns über deinen Besuch freuen am besten auch im Discord. Discord: https://piratesgames.net/discord.html Our site: https://piratesgames.net The server: Server name: 11x11 Piratesgames.net Deutsch/English (to search directly for the server in Atlas) We would be happy to see you in the Discord, too.
  14. Starting out has never been better: NPC Ships Mega Update - Released Standing & Faction System Mega Update - Released Beginner Harvest Boost! Server Radioactive Atlas: Welcome to the world of Radioactive Atlas, a 5x5 map with 20 PvE and 5 PvP grids. While we have provided PvE with useful rules, there are no rules in PvP, except for general rules like the tone of voice! Here you can loot, pillage, plunder & fight as you please. NEW!!! You're just starting? All beginnings are hard, especially at low rates, so all players who haven't reached level 30 now have a permanent x2 Harvest Boost! Our world is a special one, not only do we have Foxes, Eagles & Hippos. Wild young animals are on the agenda! Realism in a new dimension! These are also tameable, but must be raised afterwards. The seas are different... in addition to the Ship of the Damned, two NPC factions, Pirates & Navy, are fighting each other. You decide for which side you stand or if you stay neutral! But there is also a lot to discover away from ships. In our polar regions the narwhal is up to mischief, the black dragon terrorizes the PowerStone islands and somewhere on the map this mysterious black fog has appeared... You want to know more? Then visit the trading post, perhaps you'll find answers in the tavern. Here you can also offer animals and items to other privateers through our trading system or purchase goods from them. Sometimes too many animals? Our unique stable system allows you to store animals in any freeport or trading post and pick them up at any stable. Later on you can also set up your own stable! Still not enough? Then try your hand at Magic & Alchemy. Both of these sophisticated systems are only available here! Use powerful spells, create powerful potions, new metals and much more! Build something beautiful. The modpack from Radioactive now offers well over 1000 decorative items, some of which bring new features to the game. There's also plenty of structure to choose from with over 36 stone and 18 wood variations! What are you waiting for? The world of Radioactive Atlas is waiting for you! Write history! https://www.radioactivegaming.eu
  15. Located in A3 in Allerdon Islet, I have a number of full grown Elephants for sale! The price is 40 gold per wild level. Base weight is 2400. Any questions? Just ask me
  16. Survivor Gamer Presents X-Nation New islands!!!! PvpPve RP Based severs 20 4x5 in total Do you like Rp? Do you like pPve? Do you like to pvp once In awhile then..... CALLING ALL RP PLAYERS ATT: The Survivor Gamer Presents X-Nation We believe in the commitment and players to be able to learn and reach out. We are like minded individuals that love gaming and the survivor experience! We have a young adult 18 to age 60 server and want you to participate we want you to have fun Rp and not have to worry about not being able to play the game and get to end game without getting foundation wiped everyday. We want you to check us out to see for yourself see our web page out as well and enjoy https://thesurvivorgamer.com/ any and ALL questions about rules mods servers ect can all be answered here at this web page Please visit thanks https://discord.gg/Y78jbPe ADMIN LOGGING ENABLED =NO admin abuse active community Rates 3x to 4x server 3x loot 6x 3x harvest 4x 6x mating 6x breeding high tier loot maps 200 level player ships ie player vessels can be leveled up to 200 max level players 130 ie player level cap and more so solos can craft ect without a big company. skill tree unlocks all engrams after a certain level so we welcome the solo player as well subs also unlocked so you can tame that crab or explore the ocean depths. npc shops to buy mats sell mats and buy custom tames from a npc vendor shop is not attached to any company so the gold is balanced as well. So if you don't or cant or wont farm you can use IN game gold to buy your mats to craft that mythical ship Or trade with other companies!! vitamin drain food balanced 200 max island points WE also custom program our loot tables from sotd drops to supply crate drops allow for custom items to be looted are sotd are balanced with our servers so that there can be a progression to your gameplay also balanced leveling that gives you awesome stats but stays with the balance of the servers to make it not be to op also different creatures drop different items such as tools armor and much much more!!!! are admins focus on issues that affect you asap and strive to make your experience a great one. THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post !
  17. Hi We are a small company located at D11, playing mainly in the evening (European time). Join on discord to see the animals we offer https://discord.gg/yyUTXmF At the moment we offer: - Starter bears - Crabs high level - Elephants (located at I5) - Rhinos (located at I5) - Shieldhorns - Eggs (Shieldhorn and Razor) Playershop: Playershop Update everey Friday 9 pm EST We will host a little lottery next to our playershops. You can buy a ticket and if you are lucky you can win a shieldhorn
  18. Hi there fellow sailors, i'm getting into the bear trading scene to let go some of my scraps as I work towards my map line. I'll be posting my bears on my discord channel https://discord.gg/aa27dtY so drop by and have a look. My island is located in A9. I'm also open to trading for some high level stat bears and I have an awesome 16pt (1254) weight bear to trade for those that are interested. Enjoy.
  19. Hello Ladies and Gents of the 7 seas! -It's about time [The Norsemen-ZFG] Came around here again Yarr! We are the same highly active community with a great deal of action going on ! Currently we are the happy owners of 3 islands with our market located at A7, Come and visit our player shops or enjoy our tavern Get your dragons tongue on, or if you feel a bit hot, our Spicy rum would be for you, or a plain old grog might even do the trick. Atm. We are working on 6 different breeding-lines and have every animals for sale, that could make you have a good start ! Bears - Elephants - Crows - Rhinos - Giraffes and Ostriches All home breed, for you to enjoy. Our kitchen is open for business again , known to a ton of people already from Season 3! , -for the quick cooking and completion of huge orders, we are your galley! We also have some of the most capable skippers for freighting goods , and the option to protect your precious cargo -So any transportation needs ? -Swing by! Check out our reviews and if you have any questions, feel free to DM on Discord. -We are an old school company with % respect and positive reviews and been around for a long time! Please allow me to put up an advertisement for our active market, player shops, maps Any questions, please feel free to join our discord and ask Join Norsemen A7 Market Discord! <--- Click Link to Join us! #Keeping the community alive and active Atlas -Safe winds out there! and see you soon!! Kindly, Scar Filsket & Cpt. Anno
  20. Hello all Welcome to the Lavapo - Trading Lounge Area. Here are the most important information: ++In Stock++ Last updated: 13 August 2020 Bears: 2 Our Item Shop. Location: J6 (Midland Isles) near the lighthouse Our Animals can you find on Discord ++Discord++ https://discord.gg/UTWxSDU ++How can I contact you if interested?++ If you are interested in animals, you can pick them up from us. You can contact us directly Ingame or just write here or in Discord to Veini ++Do you deliver?++ No ++What are your prices?++ All prices for the animals can be found in the corresponding category (Discord). ++Do you trade for certain items?++ No ++Are the breeding animals castrated (Spay or Neuter)?++ Like most breeders in the game, we have chosen castration in our breeding animals. Good breeding animals means a high time investment. ++Where is your location?++ PVE EU Our island is in J6 (Midland Isles) Our last added tames. All other Tames can be found on our Discord Bears ############################################################################## #VK1 (IMPRINTED BREEDING BEAR) - WILD LEVEL 77 – MALE Not usable for breeding Neutered/Spayed: YES Price: 3000 Gold Location: J6 Wild Level: 77 Tamed Level: you can choose Stats BEFORE Imprinting: Health: 813.8 Stamina: 1150 Weight: 1197 Melee: 176.3% Food: 7200 Oxygen: 486 ############################################################################## #VK2 (IMPRINTED BREEDING BEAR) - WILD LEVEL 77 – MALE Not usable for breeding Neutered/Spayed: YES Price: 3000 Gold Location: J6 Wild Level: 77 Tamed Level: you can choose Health: 813.8 Stamina: 1150 Weight: 1197 Melee: 176.3% Food: 7200 Oxygen: 486
  21. Fog Whisperer's presents - The Pussy Pagoda "Cat Shop" It's time to rebuild our customer base. Last season, under the name The Debalts in partnership with The Black Locks, we made a name for ourselves as the premier cat whisperers in NA PVE servers, maintaining the best prices and selection of these little companions. Selling out of our stock every swap meet. But now, these two companies have combined. And we haven't lost sight of our love of pussy cats! New Pricing Guidelines: Lvls 1-4: 100g Lvls 5-9: 125g Lvls 10-14: 150g Lvls 15-19: 175g Lvls 20-24: 200g Lvls 25-29: 225g Lvls 30-34: 250g Lvls 35-39: 275g Lvls 40-43: 300g Lvls 44+: 350g+ The Fog Whisperer's are located in F9 Bigsevain island, SouthEast tip, next to Tames R Us. May also contact: Savoir Faire#2284 in discord for pictures of current stock or reservations.
  22. Hello all you fellow RPers and those thinking of dipping their toes into RP! Rise Gaming Community has added in Atlas to their community and after set up and testing, we're finally ready to open our sails for new members! Have you been searching for an RP focused server but yer spyglass has been leading ya astray? Join us on Rise of Tides! http://rotrp.com/atlas.html - For full lore, info, rules, and more! Our server is whitlisted to protect our community and players, so be sure to apply! We have an amazing community of like minded individuals who all enjoy RP, but never take ourselves too seriously. Our community prides itself on being both friendly and helpful as well as creative and a touch insane. If you're new to atlas or RP you're welcome to join us! We'll do our best to help you on your journey and give you a fun place to experience both! We are all working as a community to come up with story, events, and ways to improve our servers. While this is Rise's first Atlas server, our owners have been running Ark servers for five years and are experienced with atlas itself and communities. If you've been lost at sea looking for a new home, check out our info below and rules on our website to see if we might be the perfect home for you. * PVE AND PVP GRIDS! Have your cake and eat it too. We have both zones on the map, which can be seen on our website, with PVP being marked by a skull and crossbones. PVP has RP rules and is a set up for fun battles at sea - not offline base rading. Check out of rules for more information on this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2175866818 Mods Atlas Architect Atlas Overseer Atlas Shipwwright Ecos RP decor market NPC Regenerating ships tnM animal Taming Enhancements Gameserverapp.com Atlas integration Rates Gather - 5X Taming - 5X XP - 3X Longer days/shortened nights Player location extended bag and spoil timers Increased animal harvesting increased mating timers hatch/birth increased decreased hair growth speed + hair grow potion fortitude and eright per point increased Rename modded ships All weights on ships increased Planned events, auctions and more! Join us on discord if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/WjbJefT
  23. New season, new start, same company as in S3 The crimson shops are back up running and ready to serve the community once again with the same crimson service and approach as last season. From the map shops to the tames, from food orders to custom themed ships & sails, everything is back up and running. We also prepared a personal spawnpoint again for all the customer but this time not a raft but your very own personal sloop equipped with a bed, resourcebox, bookshelf and storage box. PM one of us to claim your own sloop. bare in mind u need to regular spawn on it so it doesn't decay. At the same time the shipyards are up and running to provide people again with custom themed ships & sails. After having build 164 ships for the community on eu-pve last season we looking forward to seeing u again for new creations. Feel free to have a look at our community discord in the link below at #completed-orders & #customer-feedbackto give u a idea of the work we do and whats possible and ofcourse u can always pm if u have specific wishes for your ships/sails. At the time of making this post we are not in possesion yet of a 200% max lvl shipyard and will post it on our discord once we have. For the time being its possible to order custom ships of 100% quality ships with reduced prices on Galleons, Brigatines and Schooners, pm on discord if u have interest in that. Maria's Kitchen is up and running aswell and ready to recieve food orders in quantity aswell as Razortaming food . check out the #cooking section. The coming days/weeks we will be filling the shops by the day and getting the bred tames in so keep an eye on those aswell We also start with the popular map shops again last night with Fine, Journey and Masterwork maps for people to buy. Rest us nothing more then to wish everyone a great season with alot fun and rum! Safe sailing pirates Discord: https://discord.gg/DWYBz2P
  24. Ahoy fellow Captains, gladly we can announce the opening of our new quality animal tradecenter located in J11 & K2 CrazyLostIsland. For time being all trades will be done in J11 We are selling animal stats and will focus on deliver thoose for all the breeders outthere. Visit our discord to have a complete overview of our current stock. All animals will be unleveled and will have points to set. If you think this could be something for you , please visit our discord https://discord.gg/AAV4EHr and have a look around. More animals will be added over the next days there. Feel free to contact me on Discord ( Sterk#6636) to ask what we got in stock, before you are going on the long journey to J11 Cya soon and happy sailing Sterk - CLP
  25. Ahoy, pirate, and welcome in the shop of L'odyssée Fragile ! We currently sell and donate a wide range of elephants, giraffes, monkeys and parrots. In the future, we will sell our best bears, rhinos, ravens, horses and razors. Join our trading Discord here: https://discord.gg/wBJN7rJ _______________________________________ Ohé, pirate, et bienvenue au shop de L'odyssée Fragile ! Nous vendons et donnons actuellement une large gamme d'éléphants, de girafes, de singes et de perroquets. À l'avenir, nous vendrons nos meilleurs ours, rhinocéros, corbeaux, chevaux et razors. Rejoignez notre Discord commercial ici: https://discord.gg/wBJN7rJ
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