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  1. We are on the largest island of B7, we hope to establish a free trade port on our island, we will be responsible for the construction of the port and the road, and to ensure the island is clean. I hope that everyone can visit our island and participate in the trade port plan we initiated. btw We have a large number of animal trainers, as well as all the seeds, can make all kinds of food, we can accept customized orders, catch all kinds of difficult animals, and even help you beat Clarken.
  2. ~Taming & Trading Gallery~ Finest Tames since release! EASTER EVENT: 20% Discount on tames, when paid with thatch! On behalf of the Taming & Trading Gallery I would like to thank all customers (before and after wipe). Your support and loyalty is simply amazing! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! You motivate us every day Of course we also thank our friends, alliance partners and settlers. You have been very supportive since release and we appreciate that! We have improved our system to be able to respond even better to our customers. Therefore we created a Discordserver, where you can find all data to the tames (prices, availability, stats etc.). So what can I say? CHECK OUR DISCORD ---> https://discord.gg/ZVfrpPj
  3. y0himba

    PVE-Taming Issues

    It is virtually impossible to find a sweet spot when the animal you are taming continuously hits you. It is impossible to tame some animals, like a giraffe, since every time you get close enough for the feeding spot, the giraffe then attacks you knocking you back. The most feedings I can get in on these creatures (giraffe, elephant, etc) is 3-6, then the creature starts attacking, and the taming percent falls so fast that I need to start over. Less attacks? Slower percentage loss so that one can get ahead and eventually tame? I tried for an hour today, wasting a lot of beets. The highest I got was 20-something %, then the animal started attacking every time I got near it. By the time it stopped, the percentage would be zero again. I understand the need for hardcore struggle, but making it impossible will just drive people away from playing out of frustration. Needs balanced? Also, issue with taming a horse. The run from you far too fast and long for taming. There Is no way to get them in a pen to tame them and no way to tame them in the wild. Best you can hope for is set up a trap and wait until something worthwhile gets in it. There needs to be a different mechanic for taming creatures that run, including lions as they run more than they attack. Looking forward to a solution. Thank you.
  4. Hello. We are currently building our base and noticed entire chunks of out base getting instantly destroied. We mostly see that an animal (crow, seagull) are getting spawned and it seems that they destroy all structures around their spawn location. Note that our base is build on the sea with pillars, maybe they forgot to update the spawnlocations on sea as well. Plesse fix that, otherwise there is no reason in building anymore for us. See attached pictures for examples.
  5. (1) Abusive Ownership. (a) kicks me off property in favor of a friend (b) kicks me off property because I won't farm for him, tame for him, breed for him, etc. After all, he gets to set those rules. (c) destroys or takes anything of mine he wants, punitively or just because he wants it (2) Sets limits on my building or docking of ships. But think about this - there is no infinite space so there must be some kind of limits, but this is ripe for favoritism too. I know I wouldn't want to be the landlord. It's a painful and thankless job. (3) Would not give me the opportunity to let allies build near me, which I could do if I had my own land. In my view, there is too much hassle and griefing potential even on PvE to make this iteration of the Claiming system satisfactory for the majority. I'd vote for our friendly devs to go back to the drawing board on this one. What about you guys? Anything else in the claiming system that would break the game for you?
  6. Small

    pve Bounty's Bastards

    LA based PVE 4x4 boosted rates to 15x for two weeks to get started. All quests, plugins and some mods. Players are in AU and NA connect here steam://connect/ mods https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1660304273 We are a small group, looking to expand our player base.
  7. Greetings Shipmates! With the upcoming mega patch I know many of you are looking for a new community to call home. [A1] is a community a cut above the rest with a unique map design that has something for everyone. Are you looking to be a Pirate who terrorizes the seas and lives on their ship? We have you covered! Are you looking to be a Merchant who seeks out the rarest materials and opens up a trading port? We have you covered! Are you looking to be a Mercenary who builds an epic fortress and lays siege to your enemy’s bases? We have you covered there too! At [A1] we have implemented a groundbreaking map design and faction system. Our 7 x 7 world includes multiple Golden Age Ruins so all power stones are obtainable, a zone for the Kraken, Lawless zones, PvE territories, and PvP regions. Our faction system consists of 3 individual groups. Merchants (PvE), which are your more traditional PvE role, will spawn with 20% more carry weight and intelligence. Mercenaries (PvP), which are your traditional PvP role, spawn with 20% more HP and Stamina. Pirates (Lawless PvP), which live on ships or on land that is claimless in Lawless regions spawn with 50% more Oxygen capacity and Gold Find as well as 20% higher Melee. Check out this presentation that goes further into our upcoming changes for post mega patch. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YUiAZ_jalWyp269jjC3sa1hZac-B3bYfTcak7LXRtdk/edit?usp=sharing Features: 7 x 7 world -Custom quests built by the community Weekly bonuses voted on by the community PvE, PvP, and Lawless Zones -Monthly events with epic rewards Clipping turned on for easier building -Unlimited Respecs Active admin team -All Power Stones Kraken (The Maw) Live map ( http://www.A1Atlas.com/ ) Merchant and Ghost Ships Grids are on dedicated boxes based in Canada Rates: Harvesting: 2x PvE & PvP / 2.5 Lawless PvP / 3x Bloodworks Taming: 2x Ship of the Damn: 0.5x Mods: A Custom mod built specifically for the [A1] community Pirate Quest Eco’s Atlas Foliage Eco’s RP Décor Server Link: Steam://connect/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/srRjA9Y
  8. Aus Pirates Down Under. It is a 5x5 grid and hosted in Australia. Please feel free to try it. Custom map created by our community, all end game/quests content enabled including the new Trench additions We have a decent size friendly community who are always willing to help out new and old players We also have 1 PvP grid that will be slightly boosted compared to the rest of the PvE grids Rates - XP Multiplier x 3 MatingIntervalMultiplier x 3 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier x 5 TamingSpeedMultiplier x 10 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier x 4 Mods 1. Custom Item Stacks 2. TnM Gaming Server Mod Pack 3. Lantern & Torches Galore 4. Both of Eco's decor mods 5.Atlas Plus https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1653209555 we recommend that you join our discord just to keep up to date on server updates and in game issues Discord https://discord.gg/Nnufndd
  9. EchoValley RP/PVP 7X7 Trenches and new quests/Mods/Powerstones/opTreasure PVP 5X gather and XP, Map 7X7 grids PVPE Compass Point - Connect: steam://connect/ Our Home Server and Freeport Location Discord www.discord.echovalleyserver.com
  10. Divinity Gaming is hosting... [DG Atlas Adventures] Active, friendly, laid back gaming community looking for more players.... No tolerance for exploits/discrimination to keep the riff raff down so you can enjoy your play time, no matter the game! Moderated Discord packed full of info to help you and your crew on your Atlas journeys! Have a question, need some help, just ask! x2 XP - x4 Harvest - x10 Taming! 100+ Player Levels and +++ Discoveries! Weekly events and giveaways! Steam Cards, Games, Discord Nitro, DG Store Credit! Monthly map image contest, if your map gets selected it becomes the background for 30 days 'Community Goals' set so that the players can work as a team to obtain boosted rates and unique rewards! Current mod list - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646275495 We'll be adding mods as the Dev Kit gets updated and as we see that things are stable to ensure the least amount of down time as possible! 4x4 Map! 2 Wipes since launch! We always find a way to make things work! Featuring the new Colonies/Settlement system on all grids! 150 pts per Company! PvE: 12 PvE Grids -> A1, A2, A3, A4 / B1, B4 / C1, C4 / D1, D2, D3, D4 PvP: 4 Center Grids! B2, B3, C2, C3 Equipped with Power Stone Islands, The Maw, Trenches, full of Mythical Creatures, and plenty of room for your crew to find a home! Contains all biomes, all resources! Full customized donations shop with plenty of packs to spice up your game! Wanna help boost the server hardware, or future server grid expansions, you'll be compensated for it! Want to grab that extra horse you don't feel like taming, we've got that too! \^_^/ You can even boost the server rates and reward yourself and the whole community!! Supporter named Islands! (For those who have helped sustain the server and ensure its longevity!) Hosted on an OVH box with high quality hardware for smooth game play! Outstanding connection with great up time! 4 Active dedicated Admins! We're here to ease the burden of Early Access issues to ensure everyone has a great time playing the game! Fast admin reaction time! Get problems solved quickly instead of waiting all day for someone to get on! We always respond!! 5 Tier Recruit a Friend Program! Invite, Play, Obtain great loots for your entire company!! A friendly, active Discord! - https://discord.gg/BxfyJsR Official Twitter! - https://twitter.com/DivinityGaming8 Official Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/divinitygamingcom/ Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DivinityCommunity/ DG Atlas Adventures servers are based out of Canada. We host a handful of games! Ping for most of our European players is around 35-50 and we've had zero complaints on any kind of lag! We even have a few Czech Republic players who are amazed with their connection! 99% Uptime! We host multiple game servers, not just Atlas! If you are looking for more adventures, we might have what is right for you!
  11. Hello Everybody, After the Wipe we are back online and more motivated then ever. We set up our Little Settlment in M15 Sandshaw Island and we want too Invite you to visit us. currently on Our List are the following Island Mythos Tin (Metal) Cobalt (Metal) Calcite (Crystal) Naphta (Oil) Blubber (Oil) Wetwood (Wood) Roots (Thatch) We Invite every Trading ship to Take brake in our Tavern. Best regards Efariam
  12. Setting up a 2x2 server for my wife and I to play on. Looking for some players who only want to PVE. Get in on the start of this and have input on how the server will be setup and what Mods. Pick island'a Become an Admin with me and lets have fun. Mwssage me here or Discord: JustShootMe#0201 I am paying for the 2x2 and will not ask for any money. Each grid will support 10 players.
  13. The Evans Hey we are a small Company in H15 Brismagne Island EU-PVE. We are selling tames specially Wolves/Bears/Pinguins. Our tames have always 100% Taming Efficiency and Wild Level 37+. At the moment our stock is quit small, but it will be grow next times ( Before wipe we had more that 40 Bears in stock) Visit our Discord for our Full Stock of Animals: https://discord.gg/KBqHNts Count of Animals in Stock: Bears: 2 Wolves : Penguins: If needed we can deliver the tames :50 G per Grid Price List : Tames with <= Wild Level 44 Bear : 80G per Wild Level Pinguin: 100G per Wild Level Wolf: 50G per Wild Level
  14. This is a notice that the PVE Server will have an auction March 02 2019, 2pm PST The following rules apply All items are 1. Sold for GOLD ONLY 2. Must be delivered to the auction house NO LATER than Thursday Feb28 - N12 3. 10% of sales are kept by the auction house extra tips are appreciated. -Here is how the auction will work. -You pick an item/animal/ship (boxed)/ blueprint that you wish to sell. -Items will be transferred to Echo Hill on N12 and held until the auction. -The auction will be lived streamed using Mixer with a 0.2 second delay for biding. -Winner MUST pay bill before the following Sunday to receive item. Failure to do so will prevent you from participating in future auctions. -Seller of the item will state a starter bid price, being the lowest price they would accept the item being sold. Any item that does NOT sell will be returned to the owner costing them nothing. All Sales are finale!! There will be a free bear given to 1 person based on a random giveaway program. Bidders will be required to verify mixer name with discord/forums/ingame name or tribe. All items that have been registered for the auction will be posted on the following spread sheet. Only 20 slots will be authorized for this auction please contact PaX#6297 on discord or Reply to this post with any questions.. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gzmz5-6c-bhrcDEl9roUy6ejvhy-fbSq4x4EjaLCh9Y/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Tiger2243

    pve [Ger] Zockerstube 8x8 PvE

    All content of new Mega update now available Powerfull rootservers Exp, farming, taming, breeding 3x New Settlement System Discord: http://discord.gg/GTUghNg Teamspeak: Btw. i am the creator of this map
  16. OVERVIEW Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark and Conan servers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods (as they become available). We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary. Our servers are built for the community. If you've ever wanted to know that your voice is heard in mods and settings suggestions, this is the place for you! Don't take our word for it, join our Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. We have over 1200 members! HARDWARE Dedicated Hardware 20 core processor 256GB RAM NVMe SSDs Unlike many other servers, we control all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for the optimal Atlas Experience providing a highly optimised server. ADDITIONAL SETTINGS: - Doubled Spoil Timers - Water drain reduced by 50% - Resource respawn radius reduced by 80% - Resource respawn timer reduced by 50% - All Powerstone Content including Ghost Ship (Hydra/Elementals/Rock Golems/Gorgons/etc) - Kraken summon - Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players) - Increased per level Health, Weight and Fortitude for players and tames SERVER IP'S You can search for us in the unofficial listing under "Supreme Atlas" or add the following IPs to your favourites list (these are the spawn zones for your first connection): Supreme Atlas * G9 (PVE Spawn) : [s0.supremegaming.gg:57555] * H12 (PVP Spawn) : [s0.supremegaming.gg:57581] * H13 (PVE Spawn) : [s0.supremegaming.gg:57589] As Atlas evolves there will be several settings and configurations to fix, change and update. With this in mind please make sure you join our Discord server to you can be up-to-date with the most recent information and notified of server restarts and issues. Happy sailing!
  17. Come join our server if you like to build and sail and do treasure hunts. Friendly admins with no admin abuse. join our discord @ https://discord.gg/SWMPpqZ
  18. ­ La Team-Anonyme est une communauté de joueurs majeurs et actifs, c’est-à-dire ayant un emploi ou une activité (études, stage ou autre) qui occupe nos journées ou nos nuits. Notre plaisir est de nous retrouver après le boulot pour décompresser autour de jeux multi-joueurs ou simplement discuter entre amis. Nous aimons particulièrement les jeux de types "sandbox" pour lesquels nous mettons en place des serveurs de jeux de qualité (car "faits maison") sur un serveur dédié administré avec amour par des gens compétents. Mais pas que. Nous jouons à tous types de jeux multi et solo : FPS, MMO, Battle Royale, Moba, Simulation... Nous acceptons tous les types de joueurs : solo (qui aiment vivre, découvrir et jouer seuls), casuals voir plus (comme dit, difficile d'être hard gamer si vous êtes vraiment comme nous), en team ou en recherche de team. ­ Fair-Play Respecter les règles et ses adversaires sont la clé de partie de qualité. Si ça joue bien des deux côtés, quelque soit l'issue du match, la partie aura été bonne. Entraide Que ce soit en répondant aux questions sur le discord ou bien en jeu, nous aidons volontiers les débutants pour qu'ils puissent un jour aider les autres à leur tour. Bonne humeur On est là pour s'amuser et surtout pas se prendre la tête. ­ Il n'y a que 2 conditions pour nous rejoindre être majeur et actif. Nos contraintes familiales/professionnelles et notre temps de jeu réduit ne sont pas compatibles avec ceux des personnes ne remplissant pas ces conditions. Le serveur est privé avec password (donné uniquement par un admin). Merci de suivre ces quelques règles afin que ce serveur soit le plus accueillant pour toutes et tous. Nous partageons une map 4 cases (2x2) avec 4 biomes : tropical en haut à gauche, désert en haut à droite, neige en bas à droite et forêt en bas à gauche. Les règles de base sont : - Pas de constructions irréalistes (cubes/volant/etc...). - On ne touche pas aux affaires des autres sauf si consenti par les deux parties et si aucun dommage collatéral n'est fait. - On ne bloque pas les ressources. - On ne détruit pas les donjons et autres constructions du jeu. - On essaye de garder une map propre donc on détruit tout ce qui est devenu inutile (y compris les cabanes temporaires, les feux, les torches, etc...). Ces règles sont non exhaustives, n'hésitez pas à demander aux admins si vous avez un doute sur ce que vous pouvez faire ou non mais suivez la logique des règles ci-dessus et normalement vous aurez votre réponse ! ­ Tu te retrouves dans notre description et tu as les mêmes envies et aspirations que nous ? Alors rejoins nous vite sur notre discord : https://discord.gg/nJyr9Fc
  19. isaboo

    pve Stonewall LGBT

    We have a 3X3 grid that we redesigned after the 1.5 patch to have everything needed for the Kraken boss fight. Gathering and taming are slightly boosted, plenty of space to find your place to settle For more info and server details, request to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/ARKStonewallSurvivors/ Note that we also have a few Ark servers and a Conan server
  20. Kummba

    Gold is taxed on pve

    Gold is taxed on pve. Is gold not considered a resource?
  21. OVERVIEW Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark, Conan and now Atlas servers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, frequent wipes and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods. We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary. Our servers are built for the community. If you've ever wanted to know that your voice is heard in mods and settings suggestions, this is the place for you! We have a NO WIPE policy unless it's absolutely crucial for catastrophic failures, so your progress will continue for as long as possible. Don't take our word for it, join our Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. We have over 1200 members! HARDWARE Dedicated Machine 20 processor cores 256GB RAM NVMe SSD Unlike many other servers, we control all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for the optimal Atlas Experience providing a lag free running server. EVENTS We've had three successful events so far including a sunken ship treasure hunt where admins sunk a dozen or more ships across grids with a ton of loot and quality BPs and materials, a Sloop Death Race that ended up even more fun with a storm and a Schooner Showdown where companies were able to bring their best designed Schooners to have an all out sea battle! We try to have fun and engaging events that players can take part in. Have an idea? We'd love to hear it! Wanna host one with admin supported prizes? We will provide whatever is necessary to make your event a success. SETTINGS 5x All Rates for PvE (10x Breeding) 10x All Rates for PvP with double flotsam quality (20x Breeding) Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players) MODS Custom Item Stacks SPUK Advanced Structures SERVER IP'S These are our home servers (spawn zones) You can search for us in the unofficial listing under "Supreme Atlas" or add the following IPs to your favourites list: B2 (West Tundra) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57543 B4 (West Tropics) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57547 B6 (High Desert) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57551 C5 (Equatorial) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57561 E2 (East Tundra) (PVP) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57579 E4 (East Tropics) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57583 F3 (East Temperate) | s0.supremegaming.gg:57593 As Atlas evolves there will be several settings and configurations to fix, change and update. With this in mind please make sure you join our Discord server to you can be up-to-date with the most recent information and notified of server restarts and issues. Happy sailing!
  22. Kummba

    PVE Claim Review

    TLDR: - Point system does not work + 10 day everywhere - Island points assignment - Possiblity of demolish things build before claimed - In no way it reduces spam + Lawless much improved, Claim not really needed. WHY EVEN BOTHER implementing the claim system? Because we ask for it and they hear us? POINT System does not work: Lets start with island points distribution and points a company has: Company gets ~ ROundup(26.6 +N*2,45) Points with N= members. Some breakpoints Member / points 4/37 11/54 39/123 --> inaccurate 50/150 --> inaccurate Now look at the map how many of the island are claimable for companys <=10 member. How many of them are claimed by Companys with more then 11 Member that could have claimed a bigger island. HOW many Island >50 Points are claimed at all at the moment? ISLAND Point assignment: I dont even know, the assignment just on size is lazy/lame af. IT makes claiming multipe small island with great location / ressources more valueable than claiming one big island. Big island with bad location/resources (~>50% of them?) are Noobtraps only. I MEAN >53 points for an island without pure metal and/or suggar source on the island????? SEE grids in thundra with all island >=53 points, what for?? DEMOLISH things that where build before the island got claimed. Resulting of the above, the bigger islands are kinda lawless now. You can assume they will never be claimed. But can u use them therefore as an lawless island? Kinda. BUT keep in mind that people can claim that island and demolish your stuff. WHY the claim owner has a demoshing timer but the normal Guys not??? WHY we dont know when a building is save? I am wondering if dedicated griefer pirate company, only temporary caliming islands will apear. After claiming the island just look for free stuff after demolishing, also demolishing shipyards seems funny. Afterwards go off to the next island. 10 Days everywhere: OK, this is a huge improvement to the old 4 days, not 21 days but way better. So now you dont even benefit in any way from having a claim (also 10 Days) other then collecting taxes! My take on PTR to LIVE: So on PTR we had 10 Seconds onclaim, 10 minutes claim. I did not get the message that the claim time would be increased to 1 hour. I guess they even avoid giving numbers anyway. PTR was kina useless, they fixed some bugs, but never balanced (tested) the claim things for PVE. THEY did not have a fully working build for their lates claim fixes (inventory dc bug). Important bugs regarding claiming stayed in the game.
  23. Search for TheArk.Life and you will find our 5X5 Grid. See our Live Territory map at https://www.atlasplayers.com/ We are the #1 upvoted server on https://atlasserverlist.com/server/260608 All Biome types All Power Stone islands Dedicated Kraken Grid Ghost Ships working x10 Gather x10 Exp Lowered Water Drain Lowered Stam Drain Lower Breeding Timers Better Treasures in PVP Grids Increased SoTD in PVP Grids Higher Level Tames in PVP Grids Lowered SoTD in PVE Grids Stack Mod / Transfer Gun Black Map Fix posted on our Discord PVP are on B4,B5,C4,C5,D4,D5 Grids Rest is all PVE Grids Direct Connect - Copy and paste into browser url A1 - steam://connect/ A2 - steam://connect/ A3 - steam://connect/ A4 - steam://connect/ A5 - steam://connect/ B1 - steam://connect/ B2 - steam://connect/ B3 - steam://connect/ B4 - steam://connect/ B5 - steam://connect/ C1 - steam://connect/ C2 - steam://connect/ C3 - steam://connect/ C4 - steam://connect/ C5 - steam://connect/ D1 - steam://connect/ D2 - steam://connect/ D3 - steam://connect/ D4 - steam://connect/ D5 - steam://connect/ E1 - steam://connect/ E2 - steam://connect/ E3 - steam://connect/ E4 - steam://connect/ E5 - steam://connect/ Discord - https://discord.gg/5wkCmwS
  24. y0himba

    pve PVE Land System-A Mess

    While I appreciate the efforts of the team to develop a solution for land claiming on PVE, this system is a mess. Within seconds of completing my starter building on an island claimed by our company, a new player spawns and builds almost right up against our walls. Yes, we were able to destroy his building, but what if we had been offline when he built? We work, and some of us cannot get on for a day when working. I was unable to get on until Tuesday night, having worked for 48 hours. The current system encourages trolling and foundation/pillar/building spam. If nothing else, an option on the flag for "No building except allies" or even "No building except company" would be nice, with the company understanding that all upkeep is their responsibility. This would allow folks to land and collect resources, but not troll by pillar/foundation spam, and build right on top of other players. Even a HUGE radius of no-build next to enemy structures would be nice. I dare say we return to the old flag system for PVE, so that players can stake out claims, build in peace, and have the beautiful views we love on PVE, without being trolled or spammed. There are going to be shipyards on top of each other, clogging the waters, building everywhere destroying resource spawns and the beauty of the landscape. Please, please reconsider this land claim solution?
  25. Its nice to have this forum. But wouldn't it be utterly cool to have an auction house in freeports where you could auction in game items, tames and services? Comparable with the ones in LOTRO. Along with a rentable vault.