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  1. Schiffsschaukelbremser - Market Place - N13 Join our new Discord: https://discord.gg/skzkDqF +++DISCOUNT 20% - for the next 4 purchased giraffes !!!+++ +++The price of the bears has been adjusted, new bears has arived+++ WTS: Bear lvl 65 - female - Neutered 2275 G Giraffe lvl 41 - 2050 G Bear lvl 72 - neutered - 4320 G Crow lvl 52 (+12 lvl unused)- female - neutered 1820 G We now have penguins and ostriches on offer. PM with your offer when you are interested. Discord-Nickname: Mightypanda#5995
  2. OVERVIEW Supreme Gaming is a family of stable and long-standing Ark and Conan servers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop destination for players tired of searching for the right unofficial server. As players know, the unofficial scene is plagued by quick rise and death servers that disappear without a trace, admins that exhibit blatant corruption, pay-to-win donation incentives, and lack of player communities. Supreme Gaming seeks to get rid of all that and offer an accelerated and unique experience through boosted rates and QoL (quality of life) mods (as they become available). We work hard to make sure that rules are enforced where absolutely necessary. Our servers are built for the community. If you've ever wanted to know that your voice is heard in mods and settings suggestions, this is the place for you! Don't take our word for it, join our Discord server, ask around, and see for yourself. We have over 1200 members! HARDWARE Dedicated Hardware 20 core processor 256GB RAM NVMe SSDs Many hosts tr to cut corners on hosting hardware, but we do not. Every penny that goes to running our servers gets put back into our services. As such, we host some of the biggest machines. We control all of our hardware and are not at the mercy of under-resourced shared hosting services. This allows for a premier Atlas Experience providing a highly optimised server. ADDITIONAL SETTINGS Doubled Spoil Timers Resource respawn radius reduced by 80% All Powerstone Content including Ghost Ship (Hydra/Elementals/Rock Golems/Gorgons/etc) Kraken summon Increased skill points per level gained in order to learn more of what the game has to offer (great for smaller groups/solo players) MODS You can quick-subscribe to all of our mods in this collection Custom Item Stacks - Adjusts most stacks to 5k and reduces weight by 90%. SPUK Advanced Structures - Faster Crafters and pickup on all building pieces. Total Ships - Improved ships, additional types, more sail points. Peachy Ship Decor - Adds smaller crafters for those low deck ceilings and several decor items. Unlockable Submarine - Adds the submarine skill to the end of the Seamanship tree. * Total Sails to be added soon SERVER IPs This is a list of our home servers where you'll start your journey. Please note their biomes and which ones are PVE and PvP: B2 (West Tundra) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57543 B4 (West Tropics) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57547 B6 (High Desert) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57551 C5 (Equatorial) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57561 E2 (East Tundra) (PVP) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57579 E4 (East Tropics) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57583 F3 (East Temperate) (PVE) - s0.supremegaming.gg:57593 As Atlas evolves there will be several settings and configurations to fix, change and update. With this in mind please make sure you join our Discord server to you can be up-to-date with the most recent information and notified of server restarts and issues. Happy sailing!
  3. Greetings Shipmates! Our Freeport is currently open of the new 5x5 so people can start forming companies and making ships and start prepping for the upcoming launch! Wipe expected on the 21st or 28th With the upcoming wipe, it is your chance to finally get a fresh start in Atlas. Your chance to play how you want with whom you want. [A1] is a community a cut above the rest with a unique map design that has something for everyone. Check out the slideshow on the upcoming changes on [A1] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NbUEyXjPSNXI_pOAvGx4RhE3VUOJQZogUdirYdeEpLA/edit#slide=id.p At [A1] we have implemented a groundbreaking map design and faction system. Our 5 x 5 world includes multiple Golden Age Ruins so all power stones are obtainable, a zone for the Kraken, Lawless zones, PvE territories, and PvP Battleground. We are implementing a whole new class system that come with buffs depending on the class. We have a full time content/mod developer in the community that is constantly making [A1] a better game. For more FAQ about the upcoming wipe. Please check below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xEep9xHC95uTlTFSQLWL13EZ2O5Lacpi/view Features: 5x5 world -Custom quests built by the community Weekly bonuses voted on by the community Weekly/Monthly Events with prizes (ie. boat races, pvp, boat battles, etc) PVP Battleground that has higher rates, rare materials, and better treasures. Clipping turned on for easier building -Unlimited Respecs Active admin team -All Power Stones Kraken (The Maw) Live map ( http://www.A1Atlas.com/ ) Merchant and Ghost Ships Grids are on dedicated boxes based in Canada Rates: Harvesting: 2x PvE & PvP / 2.5 Lawless PvP / 3x Bloodworks Taming: 2x Ship of the Damn: 0.5x Mods: A Custom mod built specifically for the [A1] community Pirate Quest Eco’s Atlas Foliage Eco’s RP Décor NEW SERVER Freeport: steam://connect/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/srRjA9Y
  4. Razalon

    pve Closed

  5. mega sale all tames must go 1500g for all tames lvl 37+ unleveled and 500g for leveled or under 37 includes crabs harvesters shoulder pets and more Dirty Hoe Seeds and Co D10 https://discord.gg/dNRNgJx
  6. CONSORTIUM GAMING COMMUNITY - Fresh Server Wiped on 6/8/19 - 9X9 Atlas World - 81 Servers - New Islands Added - ATLAS MEGA UPDATE 2.0 LIVE! - PVP - 16 Servers ** A6-D9 bottom left corner 4x4 PVP Area - PVE - 65 Servers - All Island/Biomes - Auto-updates enabled - Daily early Morning auto-restart - All official quests: Power stones / Essences of power / Secondary quests - Explorer Notes - NPC trade routes - Ghost ship - Kraken in the Center E5 - In-game cross chat - Dedicated Admins and Staff SERVER RATES - 300 Island Claim Points - Lower gold cost upkeep - PVE - 5x Harvest/15x Taming/5x XP - PVP - DOUBLE THE PVE GRID - Reward the Risk - Increased Skill Points per level, great for Solo players, accuire all the Skills - Max Player Level 150 - EggHatchSpeedMultiplier = 15x - BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier = 37x - Treasure Gold: 4x - Merchants at Freeports MODS USED: **SUBSCRIBE TO ALL BEFORE LOGGING IN https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1764390852 Custom Item Stacks Market NPC's Total Ships Total Sails Unlockable Submarine SPUK Advanced Structures Snapping Shipyards CONNECTION INFO: (Or search unofficial - Consortium Gaming) C3 steam://connect/ G7 steam://connect/ LIVE MAP: http://map.consortiumgaming.net:8880/ PLAYER MAP: http://livemap.consortiumgaming.net:8880/ DISCORD - Join The Community in Discord https://discord.gg/a3YRtea
  7. FlayAllster

    pve [EU-PVE]D5 Mini-Shop

    Welcome our mini-shop We sell unnecessary animals and goods, some of the sold animals can be trained or low-level (read the information on the screenshots). We do not deliver animals and goods, you will have to pick them up yourself from the D5 sector. But we are also trying to compensate for this with low prices. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/bsjUkWH Our location: Prices: We use standard price mechanics - "gold for level". It is also possible to pay at the expense of certain resources or items. Bears: 30 Gold per Wild Level Elephant: 20 Gold per Wild Level Giraffe: 20 Gold per Wild Level Tiger: 40 Gold per Wild Level Wolf: 10 Gold per Wild Level Wild Razortooth: 300 Gold per Wild Level Bred Razortooth: 600 Gold per Wild Level If the creature has distributed points - the price is reduced by 50%. We also accept such resources as: 10Wood / 1G: Darkwood, Ironwood 5Metal / 1G: Silver 25Flint / 1G: Chalcedony 20Thatch / 1G: Twigs 25Fiber / 1G: Bamboo, Silk 20Sugar / 1G: Sugarcane 4 Crystals / 1G: Pearl 5Gem / 1G: Sunstone Other methods of payment or barter are possible, contact us with discord https://discord.gg/bsjUkWH Creatures: Blueprints: Only in discord https://discord.gg/bsjUkWH Shipcraft Service: We can also assemble you a ship with a quality of 200% (maximum level 52)
  8. PVEgaming is a community of gamers that play survival games, we host several servers with other games like Rust, 7dtd, etc. We have active friendly adult admins that have been doing this for several years and truly care about their community. Server is in North America. Website: http://www.pvegaming.com/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pHxZTRv Atlas Server Rates: 4x4 Grid (16 server zones) x2 Harvest Health x5 Harvest x10 Experience x10 Taming x2 Player Stats per level Increased Engram Points x2 treasure x5 shipwreck treasure *Many more tweaks, too many to list Island points: PVE-100 point solo to 150 points with 5 players in your company PvP - 250 100 is enough to buy one large island or 2-3 small/medium Other Features: Running colonies system All powerstone quests and others are completable 2 trenches the submarine is unlockable without the quest(engram) 4 freeports- A3,B2, C3(PvP), D1- pick where you want to spawn! PvP area in lower right corner of map(4 grids) Cross Grid Chat Starter kits In Game points and Shop Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1738460824 Map areas: The Infernal Gulf (A1) PVE The Crystal Waters (A2) PVE173.208.238.42:57552 Tunna Bay (A3)-Freeport PVE Ellingterel Deep (A4) PVE Barrville Deep (B1) PVE Gatistall Tides (B2)-Freeport PVE Keeldiac Expanse (B3) PVE Millbury Abyss (B4) PVE The Gulf of Waheller (C1) PVE Minneney Ocean (C2) PVE Smithsburg Sea (C3) PvP-Freeport Islinghurst Expanse (C4) PvP Summerset Waters (D1) PVE-Freeport Fordboro Gulf (D2) PVE Bientos Waters (D3) PvP The Mighty Abyss (D4) PvP-Boss Come join us!
  9. AHOY Captain's, House Sturmberg is specialized on Bear breeding and we are selling diffrent tiers of Bears, we are having the Strongest Bears on the server and always around 300-500 Bears in our Shop. Contact us on Discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs or in this forum. (We are having a lot requests about the level of animals. The Level of an animal is not givin you any effects on the stats if its bred!) ULTIMATE BEARS - (Strongest on the whole server) - Lvl 60-70, 250% Base Melee, 929 Health, 1300 Weight, 1000 Stamina - Price Starts from 6.000 Gold CELESTIAL BEARS : - Lvl 60-70, 240 % Base Melee, 929 Health, 1300 Weight, 1000 Stamina - Price Starts from 5.000 Gold POWER BEARS : - Lvl 40-70, 226 % Base Melee, 929 Health, 1300 Weight, 1000 Stamina - Price Starts from 4.000 Gold IMPROVIED BEARS: - Lvl 10 -70, 120-202% Base Melee,,450-929 Health, 1064-1300 Weight, 600-1100 Stamina, Price Starts from 500g
  10. Divinity Gaming is hosting... [DG Atlas Adventures] Active, friendly, laid back gaming community looking for more players.... No tolerance for exploits/discrimination to keep the riff raff down so you can enjoy your play time, no matter the game! Moderated Discord packed full of info to help you and your crew on your Atlas journeys! Have a question, need some help, just ask! x2 XP - x4 Harvest - x10 Taming! 100+ Player Levels and +++ Discoveries! Weekly events and giveaways! Steam Cards, Games, Discord Nitro, DG Store Credit! Monthly map image contest, if your map gets selected it becomes the background for 30 days 'Community Goals' set so that the players can work as a team to obtain boosted rates and unique rewards! Current mod list - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646275495 We'll be adding Total Ships/Sails as soon as I get the OK from their Mod Author! Going to be DG's GO TO ship mod! 4x4 Map! Featuring the new Colonies/Settlement system on all grids! 150 pts per Company! PvE: 12 PvE Grids -> A1, A2, A3, A4 / B1, B4 / C1, C4 / D1, D2, D3, D4 PvP: 4 Center Grids! B2, B3, C2, C3 Equipped with Power Stone Islands, The Maw, Trenches, full of Mythical Creatures, and plenty of room for your crew to find a home! All quest lines and new content!!! Contains all biomes, all resources! Full customized donations shop with plenty of packs to spice up your game! Wanna help boost the server hardware, or future server grid expansions, you'll be compensated for it! Want to grab that extra horse you don't feel like taming, we've got that too! \^_^/ You can even boost the server rates and reward yourself and the whole community!! Supporter named Islands! (For those who have helped sustain the server and ensure its longevity!) Hosted on an OVH box with high quality hardware for smooth game play! Outstanding connection with great up time! 4 Active dedicated Admins! We're here to ease the burden of Early Access issues to ensure everyone has a great time playing the game! Fast admin reaction time! Get problems solved quickly instead of waiting all day for someone to get on! We always respond!! 5 Tier Recruit a Friend Program! Invite, Play, Obtain great loots for your entire company!! A friendly, active Discord! - https://discord.gg/BxfyJsR Official Twitter! - https://twitter.com/DivinityGaming8 Official Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/divinitygamingcom/ Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DivinityCommunity/ DG Atlas Adventures servers are based out of Canada. We host a handful of games! Ping for most of our European players is around 35-50 and we've had zero complaints on any kind of lag! We even have a few Czech Republic players who are amazed with their connection! 99% Uptime! We host multiple game servers, not just Atlas! If you are looking for more adventures, we might have what is right for you!
  11. EvgeniZ

    Sail Variety

    At the moment there is only 1 viable sail configuration per ship with very very few exceptions: all Speed and the bigger the better. Sailing Speed is currently one if not the most important attribute for ships and not only for PvP ships. Roughly 95% of all the ships are currently like this: Sloop: 1 Medium Speed Sail Schooner: 1 Large Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail Brigantine: 3 Large Speed Sails Galleon: 6 Large Speed Sails But this game offers 3 different sailtypes with different blueprint attributes in 3 different sizes. We have the Speed Sails, the Handling Sails and the Weight Sails, each in Large, Medium and Small size. Lets have a look at what these Sails have to offer: Common Speed Sails: By far the highest unmodified topspeed Fast ship turning at top speed Average sail opening, closing and turning speed Blueprinted Speed Sails: Max Velocity attribute is currently not working and has 0 effect on your speed Sail Turning Effectiveness allows for even faster ship turning at top speed, works as intended Common Handling Sails: Around 25% slower than Speed Sails, very noticeable Fast ship turning at almost closed sails or low speed By far the fastest sail opening, closing and turning speed, allows quick stops and rapid acceleration Offers the best wind angles, allows sailing against the wind with decent speed Blueprinted Handling Sails: Acceleration attribute currently gives the sail both Top Speed and Acceleration increases, outruns Speed Sails in top speed at above the 130% value Wind Angle attribute offers better speed against the wind by improving the wind catch angle of the Sails Common Weight Sails: Around 40% slower than Speed Sails, extremely noticeable Average to low ship turning speed By far the slowest sail opening, closing and turning speed, slow acceleration and requires a long time for a fullstop Same wind angles as Speed Sails, even though Weight Sails are visually more similar to Handling Sails Provides a flat Weight Bonus of 1000, 2500 or 4000 depending on size (reduces the speed slowdown for ships that usually have above 55% weight) Blueprinted Weight Sails: Offers only 1 special attribute: % increase to the Weight Bonus of the single Weight Sail (example: 120% = from 4000 to 4800, only 800 more carryweight) Now lets take a look at the different sizes: (The numbers below are from rough speed testing with the sextant on a testserver) Large Sails - Sail Unit points: 2.7: Maximum Speed / 100% Weight Sail Bonus: 4000 Extra Weight Medium Sails - Sail Unit points: 1.7: Below half the Speed / ~46% Weight Sail Bonus: 2500 Extra Weight Small Sails - Sail Unit points: 1.0: Very low Speed / ~ 22% Weight Sail Bonus: 1000 Extra Weight Now lets take a look at some possible Speed Sail configurations and size variety: Sloop: 1 Medium Speed Sail: 46 2 Small Speed Sails: 22+22 = 44 (additional mast = more crew required) (slowest) Schooner: 1 Large Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail: 100+22 = 122 2 Medium Speed Sails: 46+46 = 92 (25% slower) 4 Small Speed Sails: 22+22+22+22 = 88 (2 additional masts = 2 additional crew required) (slowest) Brigantine: 3 Large Speed Sails: 100+100+100 = 300 5 Medium Speed Sails: 46+46+46+46+46 = 230 (~25% slower) (2 additional masts = 2 additional crew required) 8 Small Speed Sails: 22x8 = 176 (~42% slower) (5 additional masts = 5 additional crew required) (weird) 2 Large Speed Sails, 1 Medium Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail: 100+100+46+22 = 268 (~11% slower) (additional crew required) Galleon: yes My personal Solution to the lack of Sail Variety would be: Speed buff to Small Sails by 50% Speed buff to Medium Sails by 40% Sail unit cost of Medium Sails from 1.7 to 1.8 Decrease the speed of Speed Sails by around 10% Allow all 3 Sailtypes to have an increase in speed by blueprints Slightly better Wind Angles for Weight Sails Additional Notes: The buff to the Small and Medium Sails would still not make them faster than larger sails but close the giant speed gap between them, allowing for different setups without losing too much. Weight Sails are clearly the least useful sailtype at the moment and need a rework. (3 Large Weight Sails are slower than 2 Large Speed Sails at average weight) (even after recent changes) Fixing the Max Velocity on blueprinted Speed Sails would make the other 2 sailtypes way more useless. Speed Sails should remain the most used sailtype in my opinion, the other appear to me as support sails.
  12. Join us in Discord HERE North Wind is a small trading company with small outposts all over Atlas. We have had a company taming and breeding location on the N/W island in K13 and we have grown! We now have far to many animals for our own company's needs and the desire to continue taming and breeding. That said we're offering our animals for BELOW market pricing to make room for more! Jump in our discord and say hello or just browse around, don't see what you're looking for or have specific stats you're looking for in an animal send an admin a msg so they can assist you in searching our inventory for YOUR next new friend forever! We're a US based company so normally on during peak time in US time zones. What do we have? Bears, Tigers, Ostridges, Lions, Wolves, Horses, Elephants and Giraffes... On hand in-stock for sale today! Jump in our DISCORD HERE for more info!
  13. Kummba

    pve PVE EU - Cows and Bulls

    Hello, i am a lonly breeder of the fines of the finest tames, the cows. I am still in need of cows/bulls with hight stamina, health and/or weight (again on EU PVE). So if someone has a cow/bull to sell with eighter (unleveled) health > 370 Stamina > 600 Weight > 800 Dont hesitate to pm me here, or kumba11 on discord. I prefere to pay in fertiliser, but i also have alot of gold, some mythos, or stats of (other) tames to trade. Regards, Kummba
  14. From the Unicorns: And a couple from Scissors Thanks for taking the time to browse
  15. Mythathos

    PVE Claim After Wipe

    It seems like you all put a lot of thought into PVP and then forgot about PVE until the last moment. I urge you (developers) to reconsider your decision to remove claims from PVE. Doing this will destroy your plans for trade and player markets in the future as everyone will have access to everything. Or nothing as most spawns will be blocked by foundation and pillar spamming. Player will log in to find their ships enclosed in walls. Resources will be built over by careless players and trolls. This decision doesn't resolve anything and adds even more issues.
  16. Aficius

    pve Draco Caelestis Bear MARKET

    [PVE EU] Draco Caelestis company sold many bears. they re all neutered/spayed : all bear have : 971 HP 185 Damage 1140 Weight imprint increase this stats and (imprint between 60 and 100%) Unique price of 2500 for each bear Special pack : 12500 gold = 6 Bears Join our discord :https://discord.gg/k9aMayS Enjoy
  17. Ahoy Pirates, The Fairy Tail company is a small group of people that formed on EU-PVE at release of Atlas. Since the early days we´ve been taming and trading animals, well known for our unique "gold per level" system and the high quality tames. All our tames are personally tamed by us and are 100% tames to guarantee the best of the best. We are also trading resources and blueprints for the ones interested. You can´t find what you looking for ? Place an order and we will try our best to get your dream tame in the level & colour you wish for. Want to see the tames we have for sale? Why not visit us on our island "Magnolia" in G10? We always love to have a nice chat with visitors & show our little village. There will always be some free place to anker and rest! For those who want to see the wares before traveling the seas we provide a Discord with clear pictures and stats of the animals. https://discord.gg/EYC7epU <------------------------------------ Click here for awesome Tames May the Wind be in your favor Pathfinders _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ahoy Piraten, Die Company Fairy Tail ist eine kleine Gruppe die sich am Release von Atlas im PVE EU geformt hat. Seid Anfang des Spiels haben wir Tiere gezähmt und gehandelt und sind bekannt für unser "Gold pro Level" System und der hohen Qualität. All unsere Tiere sind selbst von uns gezähmt und sind 100% Tames, um die besten der besten Tames zu garantieren. Zudem handeln wir mit Resourcen und Blueprints für alle interessierten. Ihr findet nicht was ihr sucht? Dann bestellt doch einfach euer Traumtier in der Farbe und Level die ihr euch wünscht und wir besorgen es! Ihr wollt die Tiere sehen die wir im Angebot haben ? Dann besucht uns doch einfach auf unserer Insel Magnolia in G10. Wir freuen uns immer riesig über besuch und eine nette Unterhaltung und geben auch gern eine führung durch unser bescheidenes Dorf.Wir haben immer einen Ankerplatz an unseren Docks frei für müde Reisende. Für alle die sich die Ware gern vor der Reise durch die Ozeane anschauen will findet dazu Bilder und die Stats der Tames auf unserem Discord Server. https://discord.gg/EYC7epU <------------------------------------ Hier klicken für starke Tames Mögen die Winde euch gewogen sein.
  18. BadSpencer

    pve [FR] Casual Effect 3x3

    Bonjour, Nous sommes une petite communauté de joueurs dit “casuals”, pour faire court, on a une famille, un travail et forcément pas beaucoup de temps pour jouer. Nous sommes une dizaine à jouer à Atlas sur un serveur privé en 3x3 configuré pour que des joueurs casu puissent profiter du jeu sans devoir y consacrer trop de temps (Récolte x2, Taming x6, reproduction accélérée). Nous jouons en mode PVE dans une ambiance détendue (pas d’attaque ou de pillage entre joueurs sauf si c’est voulu). On préfère s’entraider et progresser ensemble plutôt que de se tirer dans les pattes mais ça ne nous empêche pas de nous organiser des batailles navales entre nous ou contre des pnj lors d’events. 9 cases pour 10 joueurs… on est larges ! Il y a pas mal de place et on peut se permettre d'accueillir quelques joueurs supplémentaires. Si tu es toi aussi un joueur occasionnel et que tu souhaites découvrir (ou redécouvrir) ce jeu dans une bonne ambiance alors n’hésite pas à nous rejoindre sur notre discord https://discord.gg/V4jqUbB
  19. THE FRIENDLY SERVER 5X5 -PVE-JOIN NOW, UK Join the Friendly server PVE (based in the uk) , nice friendly helpful players, large 5x5 (25 separate) powerstones, trenches, everything is there. The settlement system has been removed and we just use the basic claim flags. There is still plenty of un occupied islands to make your home. We have strict rules against grievers and over-claiming. We are the top servers on https://atlas-servers.io Here is our rules: ADDITIONAL RULES FOR ATLAS ---------------------------------------- All general Friendly Server rules apply CLAIM FLAGS: these maximums are PER COMPANY. You may use claim flags in your main base only. Maximum main-base flag coverage = 1 water flag plus 2 land flags. These must be connected/overlapping to form a single continuous base. You can have additional small outposts. These must be on separate cells and must not have a flag. These must have a maintained outpost build on them. If your company has 6 or more people, then you can have a second main base - which must be on a different cell. You must not have more than one base in any single cell. Do not place any claim flags in, or close to, a Freeport town. I am not the owner, just a player, but this server is the most friendly and helpful server i have ever played on. Admins are both in game and on call 24\7 for any problems. The server is not wiped unless it has to be due to updates ect, such as we just wiped recently for the mega patch. Come join us. ATLAS Servers 5 x 5 grid server (25 cells) Server is called "The Friendly Server - Community PvE" IP for the A1 Master is Freeports A3 - Challenger Freeport - steam://connect/ B3 - Grand Turk Freeport - steam://connect/ D1 - Port Elizabeth - steam://connect/ D3 - Port Nelson - steam://connect/ D4 - Providence Freeport - steam://connect/ Each freeport cell is a home region, with 1 freeport island Islands of every type, biome, and variation with all known resources available Full "Voyage of Power" quest line Fountain of youth always active on all power stone islands All cells are saved, shut down and backed up at 5am UK time There is a daily wild creature wipe at 5.15am Come talk to us on discord for more information https://discord.gg/hsMHHk http://thefriendlyserver.phokxx.com/
  20. Salty Melons

    pve NA-PVE Wulfpack tames for sale

    Hello! https://discord.gg/YhvaXzU Wulfpack is a taming and breeding focused company in NA PVE that has several animals for sale, both bred and wild tamed. Please join the above discord to view up to date details on available animals, stats and prices. if you’re looking for something specific that we don’t have listed we’ll be happy to get it for you We’re also always looking to buy more tames if their base stats are better than what we currently have.
  21. i search mythical shipyard pre build or blueprint 200% and more
  22. We are selling two rare color high lvl crabs. Both are lvl 41. 15 000 gold per crab.
  23. zottel

    pve WTB Mythos

    As the Titles says we are currently looking for someone who sells Mythos. Send offers here, per Pm or in our Discord.
  24. Kork

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    Dear pirates, captains and even scum of the Oceans, we finally celebrate the grandopening of our brand new and super fancy market! we sell and trade all sorts of goods and qualities, from seeds and food, general supplies, ammo, to guns and cannons, and even animals with 100% imprint to a fair Price... there is basically nothing we can't offer! for travelers from afar: we have a complete free-to-use repair station, located in the center of the city after your stay you always can hangout at our beachbar to relax in the whirlpool with some rum... only condition: do not steal from others, exploid, or harass other sailors… thank you! LOCATION: L10, GRAVELTON HAVEN, northwest of sector futureplans: some evil Labyrinth connected with a huge reward if you can make it! Save travels, Epic Fails
  25. Ahoy Captain's and Mermaid's, we re sellin Tortugars check our discord for more informations and pictures: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs5