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  1. Come check out our new 7x7 all! See the top post for all the new details!
  2. Update (see map on top post) New additions (current with official content!!) 9 x New trenches, 1 in each of the Golden Age Zones 1 x New Golden Age Zone in A2 (previously a Freeland) 19 x New Tundra Islands (2 are small and only clustered with other islands) 4 x New island clusters (9 islands included in these clusters) 10 x New stand-alone islands Come join our large map and fun!!!! Still sailing strong (thanks to the map team and admins!)
  3. It's a tough time guys for a lot of us. We put up a 5x8 on 3 new servers and dropped 95% in player base. Sitting here looking at this hardware for 1 game idling is tough. On the flip side, we have a nice platform for the future with this game. Once things start popping in it will be exciting again. The launch hype was massive. My community brought in 300 new members and just excitement in the air. We kept a lot of good people and looking forward to the changes. Hang in there all. I started early with ARK and it turned out to be a gem in the end
  4. Now that we have an Auto-Updater that works (Thanks to Phoenix for making it) now we can entertain a few mods. Keep in mind we will not be going CRAZY with mods. This game is still VERY early access and some mods can cause issues down the road. After running ARK for 3+ years, we tend to wait a bit until the bugs/updates slow down. We have 40 zones, so lots of restarts and we want this limited. That being said, we are going to add Eco's RP Decor mod as the first mod. Eco has proven to be a great dev over the years and has a solid mods. We want you guys to enjoy some fun while the updates are being worked on, so hopefully this can give you some more to do. Again: Please do not request a ton of mods. Let's wait for the update and play with this one for now. Thx Mod Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1643109631 Subscribe to the mod prior to joining to speed up load time!
  5. We now have the 5x8 map online to the public!!! Come join this awesome community creation!!!!
  6. I'm having some issues with the tile server. I posted on the GitHub Looks like a great project and I can support. Thx.
  7. Awesome job Phoenix! I'm using it on my 3x3 now and will on my 5x8 this weekend Very helpful. The Start selected grid is awesome because I'm testing and it's very helpful.
  8. Nice work Phoenix. I will test this once you get the larger zones (IE: 5x5, 5x8). Request for mod updates would be awesome to for future. Thx for the work.
  9. Yeah seems to have been fixed on patches
  10. I tried everything and not editting my Redis unless we get detailed instructions. Still getting removing entries and blank map. Thx
  11. Same here. I wonder if they need to update it because of the patch changes to ships moving on map, etc.
  12. I've been using JetFox and it works great (Discord, RCON) He did a good job
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