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    Soo uh, what do?

    Shipwrecks are decent at providing gold since the recent update. Use the gold for crew because having a crew on your ship opens up a whole new world of options. I have less people then you and every quest except the ghost ship(which I can't find) done, on pvp.
  2. DocOlds

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    Making life harder on the little guy, one new feature at a time.
  3. DocOlds

    Chines Destroy the Game

    In my experience the entitled American kids are the salty griefers trying to ruin the game for others. I actually moved closer to China after the wipe because they are better neighbors.
  4. DocOlds

    NPCs food and gold costs

    I'd take longer range on the resource box/food larder over lower payment any day. Gold/food are easy, stocking all the bins is the pain.
  5. DocOlds

    Will I lose levels.....

    Would have been nice to know this before i got vet explorer
  6. DocOlds

    Will I lose levels.....

    If you fast travel into a new server you usually don't get the disco point on the first try. But if you die and spawn at the bed a 2nd time it will give the point.
  7. It doesn't go up with level as far as I know, 2180 is 104 for me(still roughly 39 per level above 51)
  8. Nakeds with grenades exist, I'm one of them. Nades work wonders and 400+ hp is all the armor I need against this games weak guns. Then again, I'm small time, maybe the megas have moved to a post naked nade world. I wouldnt know what they do, they mostly leave me alone because I'm not a d-bag or easy score.
  9. DocOlds

    Remove Target lock

    Agree 100%
  10. DocOlds

    Combat phase too long

    They could throw small groups a bone and scale the time by group size. Like a couple hours less for the little guys and a couple more for big.
  11. With how you can pump up your ship weapon damaged now, the slight HP buff on whales isn't really an issue.
  12. DocOlds

    Blocking ships with shipyards/big walls

    This isn't new, I dropped a yard in front of somebody my first week of the game.
  13. The island claiming is far to cheap and fast, especially with the new shipwrecks giving so much gold. This cheapness will lead a lot of weak groups to claim islands they cannot hold simply because they were online when the update happened. As soon as the first wave of raid windows open, it is going to be a bloodbath. Nobody is going to buy war tokens because the 9 hour raid window is plenty to take an island. I suspect the 2nd land rush will be where things really shake out and we see how many players remain.
  14. DocOlds

    Empires vs Colonies

    The war tokens aren't even useful, you can take islands during the raid window easy enough. Anybody throwing 100k around is prolly not going to need the extra time to get the job done.
  15. DocOlds

    PTR count down

    I suspect it will be a beta you opt into under steam properties, might be explained soon, servers just came back online and jat is testing now.