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  1. DocOlds

    New Lead Designer

    Been a long time coming, just hope the new roadmap includes removing the bs the last guy added.
  2. The smallest group to attack my 3 man companies island since the wipe was still on the top 5 on leaderboard. Nobody that doesn't outnumber us 50 to 1 has tried anything.
  3. DocOlds

    Quests and discovery points

    I did all the quests and was at 150 right before I got the cartographer, no extra needed.
  4. DocOlds

    New Players

    You can't just throw unrelated crap on something and call it progress. Subs, torpedos, nonsense tames, they are crap that now needs time to clean off and will always leave a stain.
  5. DocOlds

    New Players

    I updated my review to indicate the poor direction, lack of progress, and continued balance issues.
  6. DocOlds

    King of the island

    There are probably unofficial servers that wipe regularly and enforce limits on numbers. The official server playerbase has made it clear they will exploit around any player caps with no fear of punishment.
  7. DocOlds

    What is wrong with the game.

    The problem is pretty much everything the devs have been working on. Subs, torpedos, nonsense tames, limiting ship layouts, limiting attack options on aod, ect. When people see the games direction it is hard to convince them to tough it out.
  8. DocOlds

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    I doubt a wipe is coming anytime soon because to many players would leave and they aren't working on any new content that would bring people back.
  9. I hope the next ship is the airship. Then maybe enough people will quit to get a change in leadership around here.
  10. DocOlds

    What constitutes a "settler"

    If the person already has stuff on your island, it will give the message as they enter and the coords will be to the stuff they had placed not where they enter.
  11. Hunting the ghost ship is the most boring thing I've encountered in video games. I fell asleep several times at the keyboard over roughly 10 days of looking for it. Then once we had it in our sights, it was sunk in seconds and gave no disco points. I only did it because at the time I thought it was required for the ice cave. Unless 20% extra gold from maps is a huge deal to you, its a hard pass. The route has barely changed to move around the new island layout and that icon is meaningless and NOT on the route.
  12. DocOlds

    SUGGESTION eta marker

    But it won't know what line you take around islands, ships of the damned, storms, navigation prowess, ect. Most people don't even know to sail into the waning wind 1st, captain skill can play a huge role in your timing.
  13. DocOlds

    Why can't I place bank?

    Try placing it closer to yourself, even if you end up inside it.
  14. DocOlds

    SUGGESTION eta marker

    The amount of time it takes to get from point A to B varies greatly because of things like captains ability, wind, and weather. The estimate would be about as accurate as their eta on everything else.
  15. DocOlds


    If you have no upgrade on damage and poor aim, 300 will get it done.