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  1. I don't mean to be rude or anything but how can you be so sure of this? Why would the tames auto decay rules work differently on land, than on ships... I cant see a timer on my animals nor have I read any official clarifications on this. I am not prepared to take that risk so I have to touch all animals until I know for a fact they are all safe. Also, the problem still remains with the crew on the ships. It's very common that we get extra crew standing around on ships since we wanna transport them to another ship later on for example. Or have them standing around sweeping (repairing) is also convenient. But right now can't do any of that cause any idle crew gets stolen immediately. Before I knew about the whole ship change, around 20 crew got stolen.
  2. Agree! This is making the game almost unplayable for me, very, very sad! We have tons of tames and there is NO way that I will be able to touch every single one, all the time, everywhere. The last few days several have been claimed by someone cause I didn't know about this change. I've always gotten by just fine with feeding them and being in rendering range from them, have never ever had an animal claimed by someone by using "render in" method. And now suddenly, it seems like animals are "free for all", unless you touch every single animal. (Just imagine picking up and throwing down 20 chickens every day, not to mention all the giraffes, elephants, bears, cows, pigs, etc. This has to change very fast, this won't work for companies with multiple tames. Feeding animals and fast travelling to all bases is enough work..... thanks if you guys can check this, devs, truly thanks, cause I don't wanna have to quite the game over this sudden massive new work load... thanks again for checking this. @Jatheish
  3. NoobieDooz

    Stolen animals and crew

    This is extremely annoying with many ships and crew and tames to keep track of, it's enough of a chore to keep them all fed and with gold, and now this on top of it.... Pls change back so no one can step on other peoples' boats, (in PVE at least)!! We do not need even more work to keep our crew and tame safe. Thanks @Jatheish
  4. NoobieDooz

    Why can't I place bank?

    @KarmaComa yes I suppose I will have to do that. Thanks for your replies. @gadefence Yes, it is still my island, it says so on the text in upper right corner of screen. And yes we took away the previous bank but of course we kept flag up and gold in the flag...
  5. NoobieDooz

    Why can't I place bank?

    @KarmaComa yes I thought of this too, but it doesn't seem to be the case, I've asked everyone and have run around looking for another bank but there doesn't seem to be one, so this shouldn't be the problem... but Yeah, thanks. @Martyn yes I agree, in this case there is no error message at all, in fact it turns blue when I try to place it, just as if it would do when things work. But then it simply doesn't get put down, it just doesn't want to be placed, so weird...
  6. NoobieDooz

    Why can't I place bank?

    @DocOlds Thanks! I have tried placing it from different distances, far and very very close, it is still the same, that it just doesn't get put down, but I will for sure try it again! Thanks.
  7. NoobieDooz

    Why can't I place bank?

    Hey guys, thankful for any help! I am wondering why I can not place a bank on my claimed island? I will give you all the facts here: I previously ( a month ago or so) had a bank set up in another location on the island, this bank has been torn down since a month ago. The new location where I wanna place the bank is far away from the flag location. (No risk of possitble "interfence" with that, as someone suggested). I have tried to place the bank on both a dock (made of ceilings and pillars), aswell as on solid floor instead. None of this worked. When I tried to place bank, it turned out "blue" upon placing, but then just simply didn't get put down on the location at all. No error message, nothing, it just didn't place. (Tried in a different couple of spots of floors, just to make sure it wasn't that particular spot). I already tried: - relogging, - fast travelling to another grid to see if it was buggy, - restarting the game and Steam, - etc. Also having a company member having him try to place the bank instead of me, no luck. - Running around the island to see if per chance any other company member had put down a bank accidentally, but nope, they haven't... i am quite at a loss of what to do next, we really need to have a bank at our new base or we won't be able to run a proper managemnent of the base. If anyone has advice, please tell me what to do, thanks! !!
  8. NoobieDooz

    Kraken EU PVE

    sorry for late reply, me and a mate will come on a brig! hope we can join! (jackie sparrow company)
  9. NoobieDooz

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    I want to have rounded structure pieces so I could build completely/perfectly round towers and also arced bridges etc. That is my biggest wish
  10. NoobieDooz

    Storm Suggestion

    The storms must cease to be so absurdly often, it must be able to rain a lot of the times and be a LITTLE bit windier without frikkin' hurricanes showing up all the time, that is frankly not only annoying af, but also extremely ridiculous, cause it is so surrealistic that it takes you out of the immersion of the game. I know it says it's supposed to "only" be 33 % of the time or something, but I swear it is more like 70 % of the times I see rain, that I suddenly get 15 cyclones around me.... It is way too unrealistic and also if the devs are hellbent on keeping it this annoying, they should definitely put in a storm warning for a grid at least 5 minutes in advance, so you can park at an island if you're overloaded or just don't wanna deal with these extreme annoyances that are the storm. A lot of the time I do cargo and I just wanna get to where I am going.... The FOG, the LOW WIND; the SOTDs, the WHALES, etc, are enough!! Do NOT need frikkin' storms on top of that, really... Another suggestion I have heard and that I really like, is if it would be possible to make some kind of trading routes for sailing, that are a bit safer so you can maybe go afk for just a minute or so, to have bathroom break or whatever, without having to go through the hassle of parking at an island and backing out/ getting out again, etc. Either that, or make a pause function of some kind (at least on PVE). It is really, really annoying that it is so hard to get just a small tiny break, when sailing a lot of grids etc... it is the single most annoying thing in game for me. (And that is saying a lot, since I HATE cobras more than anything, ever... .:p )
  11. Please create an option to delete the company I have listed on this website. I since a while back have a new company, and want to list that instead, so new recruits may find me on this website. But alas, no option to delete my old Company makes this impossible. The solutions that are there now aren't really working. I've tried posting to ask for admin help but no reply. I've tried "editing" my Company, which only leads to change in information presented, but still keeps the company listed way way back in the Company list, so it does not get a bump to the front of the list, like it should, as a New Company. The way it is now makes it hard to recruit new people for a new company, if you change companies. Please make it so it is possible for a player to delete his old Company from this website and create a New one. Thanks.
  12. As title says, can a forum moderator/website admin please delete my company from this website where the companies are listed? I have started a new company in game and want to list that instead, here on website. Thanks! (Noobie Dooz Company, EU pve ).
  13. Hello! As title says, need to remove Company from forums here (Not in game). Cause I need to register new company on here. Thanks for any quick help, can't find any info anywhere, seems to be a forum moderator thing? (Company that needs to be deleted from forum is my company: Noobie Dooz company, EU pve ). Thanks!
  14. Yes, the other day i checked the map and was surprised to see quite a few 56 point Islands that were left unclaimed. And here I am without land... And can't claim any.
  15. NoobieDooz

    Some noob questions

    There should be bamboo, silk, jute, hemp and straw as different kinds of fiber in this game. But, they are in very different regions so it requires lots f travelling to get several different kinds. Or ask to trade with others or maybe player shops? Before megapatch there was a vendor in freeport that could sell you a small amount of every kind of resource (expensive). Now I don't know if they took vendor out of the game and made it to be on the (very randomly appearing) merchant ships. * I've read reports from players that straw is basically removed from the game. Best of luck!