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  1. Yes, the other day i checked the map and was surprised to see quite a few 56 point Islands that were left unclaimed. And here I am without land... And can't claim any.
  2. NoobieDooz

    Some noob questions

    There should be bamboo, silk, jute, hemp and straw as different kinds of fiber in this game. But, they are in very different regions so it requires lots f travelling to get several different kinds. Or ask to trade with others or maybe player shops? Before megapatch there was a vendor in freeport that could sell you a small amount of every kind of resource (expensive). Now I don't know if they took vendor out of the game and made it to be on the (very randomly appearing) merchant ships. * I've read reports from players that straw is basically removed from the game. Best of luck!
  3. NoobieDooz

    Crazy overspawn of snakes + lions

    Hello, on Boltois Cay (the most northwest island of A11), in EU PVE, there is an insane amount of respawns on a northwestern beach. (Didn't check rest of island cause we could not stay there, it was unplayable). We must have killed 50 cobras in 1 hour. They spawned in pack of 3 cobras, as soon as we killed them, they respawned again. There was also 2 lions on the same beach, same with them. The minute we killed them, they respawned in same location. A pity, it was a nice place to build a base otherwise, with metal and a beautiful view. But, it must have been bugged cause these spawns were insane. Hope it gets looked at. Thanks!
  4. NoobieDooz

    From an island owner view

    Exactly, it would work. It would also be better cause more people would be happy and not leave the game. Game is better when there are a lot of active (and happy) players in the game. Oh well, we will see what happens in the future I guess. Maybe if enough people start quitting the game, they will change it again, who knows.
  5. NoobieDooz

    From an island owner view

    Uhm, there is no need for them to put out "5000 islands"... if they would have kept some version of the old claim system, but with a limit on how many flags you can own, the problem would have been solved or at least almost non-existent... Cause there would have been a LOT more land for everyone! Not just companies with 5 members or more. As a solo player, then you could have had maybe 1 or 2 claims. Now, instead, a few companies own the whole Atlas, and the rest of the population is told to rent or go to lawless. When there was a much more fair solution that they could have implemented instead. I don't know how many times I saw players suggest to the developers to simply limit the amount of claims, and scale it according to Company size. I am sorry but this system is deeply unfair. We all paid the same amount of money for the game and should all have a Fair chance at owning a piece of land, However small it would be. I am not a greedy person, I don't need an island. Just a small claim for a shipyard, a base, but I want it to be my own, don't wanna be at the mercy of a landlord. The old claim size was perfect. It was enough for a base for a solo person or small company. They could have limited something like: 1 claim for solo player, 2 claims for 5 person Company, 5 claims for 10+ Company, and so on. With a max of maybe 15-20 claims for the larger companies. Most people would have been able to see the fairness of such a system. But instead they went with this and it makes me sad cause I really have loved this game from the start but it is getting so frustrating with this unfair system.
  6. NoobieDooz

    From an island owner view

    Ok, so to start on a positive note, I will say that you sound like a good landlord. And for some people, they might be very happy to be a renter at your island and that might be enough for them. However, that's not really the point, whether the landlord is Good or "bad". The point is, to be free of a landlord altogether. I believe this is a deeply rooted human need. It is the dream of very many people, to have some place to call "My own". I sure know that's True for me. I rent an apartment IRL, but would a thousand times more want to have my own place. So I rent IRL, now I come Into a fantasy world, a game, and am going to rent and pay taxes just like in real life? A game is supposed to be an escape from real life... where you have a good chance to get stuff you can't in real life. The deep seated human need to have your own space, you can see in every neighborhood of Residences. They have fences around their house. The fences are even low, not able to keep out people, simply to mark out "This is my territory". As you say, you have a landlord's perspective. It is the same IRL. The people who have money in society, most often Believe that "the other half" doesn't need more money, or that they should be content with what they have, etc. Empathy for others, true empathy, is quite rare, sadly... I am not saying that you don't mean well, I think you do. But, what you're saying is a little bit like a millionaire telling the beggar to be happy with what he's got. It might make sense to you since you're in the privileged position. This claim system is a disaster for solo players and small groups and sadly it will drive away many players. I am still debating whether to give up the game or not, since I don't rly like lawless and would like a landlord even less.
  7. NoobieDooz

    I don’t want to stop playing.

    A very good idea. I've been contemplating quitting the game due to this new claim system, but I might consider this instead.. I'll give it a few days, maybe level up a bit more and Think about this. Whether I join or not, congrats on a rly Good idea.
  8. NoobieDooz

    New Claimsystem finally makes me Quit the game

    I understand the OP completely, have the same thoughts and feelings myself. I really love the game but as solo and sometimes a very small group, I feel it isn't working out. They should have just made a cap on claims instead of this. Most solo/small groups would have been happy with a few claims or in some cases even just one slice of land to own and have safe from interference. I am contemplating whether to settle on lawless, join some Company, or maybe just quit the game. Used to love this game but feeling resignation with this new system. All I wanted was a small claim but the initial land rush was too hard for me as a solo. (My friends mostly quit at wipe announcement). It's quite sad cause I think this system drives away many solo players and small groups.
  9. NoobieDooz

    What creeps you out on Atlas?

    The snakes! I would pay 30 dollars more for this game (If I could still have it on official server), if they'd only remove the snakes. They're horrible, disgusting, hate everything about them. Alternatively, if they have to keep them for some weird reason, decrease the spawns by 90%. I doubt even Amazon jungle IRL has this many snakes!
  10. NoobieDooz

    Will living on a Lawless server be possible ?....

    I think lawless will be pretty much the same as it was before. At least it seemed that way when I tried it out on the pvp test server, while waiting for the pve test server to come up. Two things are quite negative about lawless, in my opinion. They have been mentioned already but I agree with it: 1. 4 Days is not much considering you might want to go on vacation for a week or so, not possible without losing the base. (Yes you can band up in a company but this is a bit trickier when playerbase is decreasing). 2. Also, the radius of how close people can build to you is very very small. This still worked for me a long while. Until one day someone har spammed hundreds of Foundations next to my house.. Oh well, we will see how it all works out I suppose.
  11. NoobieDooz

    The silence is freeking me out....

    Plenty of people have been asking for pve test server in the Atlas discord. So yes there will probably be some competition for Islands.. Developers have not given any reason for why they haven't put up the pve test server today. The only message I have seen is in discord where Jat wrote like an hour ago or so, that they have no timeline and that they will return to share news whenever they have some. Judging from the pretty big delays they had in putting up the pvp test server, my guess is anywhere from 1 more day, to several more days.. I know, it's a bit boring to wait.
  12. NoobieDooz

    Any news on the Pve PTR release?

    I am wondering too! Have tried to check various places for info but nothing new. Really want that pve test server up! The silence makes me think we will get a delay message towards the end of the day...
  13. NoobieDooz

    Im not sure whether there is weather

    Noticed the same thing in a grid where it usually rains a lot. I saw no rain at all there this weekend. I reported it as a bug on their discord bug channel. I think they have a bug report action here on forums aswell, if you wanna report it to the developers.
  14. NoobieDooz

    In Loving Memory of EU Pve v. 1.0. (post pics)

    Hello, if you're looking for the screenshots you've taken, you can find them in your Steam window > Library > scroll down and you will see "Screenshots". From there you can choose "Show on disk", and you will also find them on your computer. Good luck and hope to see your pics here. It is not visible here, but I put some cannons around the fortress, all around the gardens, and painted them in gold, just cause it looked quite nice.
  15. NoobieDooz

    In Loving Memory of EU Pve v. 1.0. (post pics)

    ..and some of the tames