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  1. NoobieDooz

    Devs please: ships disappear after only a few days

    Thanks for all the replies, guys! It is excellent that people reply so the devs can see that it happens to several people. @Guybrush Threepwood yeah I understand how you mean, but the sub doesn't seem to be the reason in my mind, since it was several ships without subs, too. The mystery goes on, for now. Thanks for the input.
  2. NoobieDooz

    Devs please: ships disappear after only a few days

    @Guybrush Threepwood Yes, 1 of the ships had a sub on it. That ship disappeared, aswell as 2 ships on either side of it. But, also a ship further away disappeared too. One ship in between all of these ships, stayed intact. Also one other ship a bit even further away in same harbor, stayed intact.
  3. NoobieDooz

    Devs please: ships disappear after only a few days

    Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciate it!
  4. Hello, The other day our Company had 4 ships go "poof" suddenly... I have been guarding these ships for people in vacation etc so have made sure I: Fast travel to them at least every 4 Days, raise the anchor and move the ship a little bit back and forth, and then lower the anchor again. In the official version it is said to be enough to refresh the timer every 14 Days... then how is it that ships can decay after only a few days? I will make a bug report for this too on yer discord later, but I wanna raise awareness that this game breaking bug is very real. I don't really care about minor bugs but this is a huge one that needs to be addressed quickly, in my opinion. If there is never any way to make sure our ships are there, then how can we play a sailing game? I can rebuild, no worries. This time. But if it keeps happening, it will probably take away my enjoyment of the game. I know it's EA and all and that is why I wanted to give feedback on this crucial part of the game. I hope you guys look into this problem (I have read of others having same problem). If anyone else reads this thread and have same problem, feel free to mention it so the devs might see it's not just one person. Thanks!
  5. NoobieDooz

    The blue pill

    I agree that handling the vitamins and especially blue vitamin, is very hard for beginners. Overall, the game was extremely hard for me to get Into, as a new player. Especially if the devs are interested in attracting new players, they might wanna make it a little less of a steep learning curve in the beginning. I lost my stuff over and over and over in the beginning and died constantly from vitamins/overeating/ heat wave/thirst etc etc. If I weren't a very patient person, I would have turned the game off after a few hours of that. Luckily I stuck with it But with a tendency of maybe many people having a bit of a shorter attention span today, it might be a good idea to be just a little bit kinder to noobies. Spoken by a noobie Some way to easier handle vitamins from start, would be a good idea. It might not be as realistic as fish or cow, but just for kindness to noobies, they could probably quite easily add a berry type that would give vitamin D. All this said, I still want cooking on higher levels to pay off in the form of really nice buffs etc.
  6. Oh Yeah that the "regular" ships need to be unanchored I am pretty aware of, but I am just unclear about if we need to do anything at all with the subs themselves to keep them "refreshed" aswell.. anyway, I haven't done anything with the sub, only raised the anchor of the ship itself so I guess it's fine... @kummba
  7. NoobieDooz

    When should we just pull the plug

    I hope it turns around with people cause I really love the game. But yes, I agree with all posters who say that it needs to be less like a chore with all the upkeep. Also I have suggested before, I really think that more in the way of easier quests for easier xp, Gold and gear, would make the game more interesting and keep people sucked in for longer. It doesn't have to be extremely easy but just manageable for solo players and really small crews. If there were a bunch of interesting quests given out by npc pirates, and the quests changed weekly or monthly, there you have your Golden ticket right there for keeping peoples' interest alive. Just spoken as an old WoW player.
  8. @Kummba is it really true that you need to use the sub so the ship it is attached to doesn't decay? Asking cause I haven't used the sub the last month or so, only raised the anchor of the ship itself, and the ship and sub are still intact.... thanks for any more info if you have.
  9. NoobieDooz


    I agree with @krazmuze in what he says that a combined pve pvp server will drive away a lot of the more "pure" pve and / or pvp people. And I will add that a forced combined pve/pvp server certainly would make me (pure pve player), want to quit. Especially if that was the only option to get access to a big world/map the size that it is today. It is precisely the possibility of having the world of atlas free from pvp that makes me love the game. I can build and farm and explore in peace and quiet and don't have to deal with people ruining all my stuff. I also agree with what krazmuze said that a combined pvp/pve server would Most likely have the best resources gated behind a pvp "gate". So no thanks, I love pure pve.
  10. NoobieDooz


    (PS if you are in EU pve and want a bear for free, and find D11 very far, I also have other bases spread out on map so just direct message me, if so.)
  11. NoobieDooz


    Sorry to hear that. I remember what it was like before having better tames, it was a real uphill struggle for sure. If you are playing solo, taming can be even more annoying. It is Always better to have a second person as "guard' to help out with unwanted predators disturbing. Other tip is to wear plate armor if possible. Also I have noticed that some Islands are a bit more difficult in terms of more predator spawns and more alphas spawning (sometimes it even seems bugged). I haven't written down which Islands I have found "easier", but you could try a few different ones. On our very small island there are very rarely predators and alphas, I have seen alpha rattle snake and wolf only once, in a months time or so. I usually run around naked without weapon or bear. there are a few bees but i can run from them or carry a sword. On the beach there usually no bees at all. There are bears there so if you wanna try that island you could. You might have to kill bears to make high level spawn tho but maybe you know that. It is in D11, on the East side in grid, the third island up, if you count/see from bottom grid line. If you are in EU pve I might even be able to give you a nice bear, I have quite a few of them. Just the other day I found 2 abandoned hugh lvl ones on a Beach. The other day I found abandoned elephant and rhino. That is Another tip, sail around doing treasure maps and you are likely to find abandoned tames. Good luck, I know it can be tough but hang in there. Once you have your tames get them a Nice solid shelter (built in stone) if ye want to reduce risk for them getting killed. )
  12. NoobieDooz

    Noob Question about farmed Veggies

    Am not an expert on the babies thing since I don't do breeding. But I Believe all my adult tamed animals eat all the farmed/cultivated vegetables I put in their trough. The farmed veggies last a lot longer than berries. Best of all is celery though (gathered out in nature), celery lasts a lot longer than any of the farmed vegetables, from what I have seen. A trough full of celery will probably keep your adult animals fed for anywhere between 5 Days up to a week or more. Don't remember exactly. But celery is not found in many places so you will have to look for it on exploreatlas website and then travel there. I did a celery run a couple days ago, 5 - 6 troughs full of celery, will keep my animals happy throughout this upcoming work week. * the above does ot apply to carnivores that is, (lion, tiger, etc ). Those meat-eating animals need raw meat very often. Good luck
  13. NoobieDooz

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Yeah I think our experiences might be quite different, I am owner of a Company and have responsibility 2 bring in Gold for upkeep of 2 islands and that is a bit rough sometimes. Even more so since almost everyone else is away on holiday. Also we have tons of tames to look after. The weekdays mon - fri being lower rates don't bother me - I always have tons to do then anyway - transport rare resources, take care of tames, do our big gardens, look after and keep our islands clean from spam, etc. But if there werent 2x rates on weekend I don't Think I would be as interested in the game - cause everything just takes too da*n long already, as it is... If they removed 2x, they would have to make sailing way way faster or something, for it being worth it, to me. Perhaps up the minimum wind speed by 100 %. Just upkeep alone, when you're an island owner, takes up lots of time. Aswell as trying to recruit new people etc. I almost never have time to go out and just explore stuff, it's mostly upkeep and farming materials i spend time on, as slow as everything already goes in this game. I don't have any numbers to support it but my thought is that I have seen far more people talking about what a time sink this game is, and that that makes them bored, rather than the other way around. Just my opinion though, just as you are allowed yours ofc.
  14. NoobieDooz

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    The 2x weekends is imo the only thing that enables some players to actually keep playing. I am away 13h / day for work during the weeks so weekend is only time i can really farm and play more etc. If it was 1x rates on weekends I would lose interest very very fast. Those rates are way, way too low for people with busy real lives, (which should be a lot of people these days). I've never messed with breeding for same reason, I don't have infinite time to put into game. Often I have to choose on the weekends too: farm materials or go out for Gold upkeep etc. To conclude: to take away 2x weekends would probably results in many more people fleeing this game, feeling they don't have time for this game anymore, since everything becomes (even more) a time sink. Long live 2x weekends!
  15. NoobieDooz

    How to broke cargo saddle in PVE?

    I hope they change this so that we can fully use the abandoned tames we claim. If they don't want us to use the cargo saddle from previous owner, maybe it could auto decay upon someone claiming the animal. Either that or let us claim the cargo saddle and storage box also. It is a bit annoying not to be able to use the tame fully when we are lucky enough to find one.