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  1. NoobieDooz

    LF Alliance for Kraken (and Ghostship) EU PVE

    @hurricane moon Great to hear that mate! Now we are 3 or 4 small crews interested so that is great! I will think that we have to announce it a bit in advance so that people can plan on going, and so we can gather as many people as possible. I am thinking a couple of weeks from now, probably. I will inv you to our discord so u can see when i put out message to "everyone" in our discord, that way u can keep track of when we will try to go. Just let me know if there is any time or day that does not suit u. Might not be possible to find day/time when everyone can go, but, I will try to go when most people can go. Cheers! https://discord.gg/ukhYck
  2. NoobieDooz

    LF Alliance for Kraken (and Ghostship) EU PVE

    Great! @Mithriella I will keep searching for more small crews, also let me know if u find more groups
  3. NoobieDooz

    LF Alliance for Kraken (and Ghostship) EU PVE

    @Mithriella Great! We need to gather several companies, right now it is my company, (3 - 4 really active players), and then another small company, so I think we need 1 or a couple more! And then we can go. So maybe in 1 week or 2, I will keep this thread active, and I will also search in other places like Steam etc. I inv you to our discord so we can chat there and so that you can see when I announce dates for it. I will @ to everyone so u can see important messages in there. Cheers mate! https://discord.gg/9M2VvV
  4. Hello there @Egon von Sturmberg Are you still doing Kraken and if so when is next try? I have been trying to find alliances for our small company, but only found one other small crew so far, so I think at this point we would need more companies to do it with. Please let me know if you have any plans on doing it soon, and I would gladly join you. Cheers and have a nice day.
  5. NoobieDooz

    discovery point Discovery point nearly blocked off

    Can confirm that their walls are almost around the whole island, I had some difficulty finding the disc.point... But yeh, when I was there recently, there was like one little area where it was open onto the sea, so you should be able to find the d.p.
  6. NoobieDooz

    LF Alliance for Kraken (and Ghostship) EU PVE

    Hey guys, no one else needs alliance for Kraken? We want to try it soon, maybe in just a few days from now, if possible! We have found 1 other company for alliance. Cheers!
  7. NoobieDooz

    LF Alliance for Kraken (and Ghostship) EU PVE

    Hey there! Yes, we are still interested in alliance and helping each other. As I said, we will try for the Ghost Ship very soon, I understand the "locator" does not seem to work, so it will be a hunt for it, I suppose. Would be awesome if you wanted to join in on that. Also, would be nice to do Krakens and eventually ice cave too maybe. I will share our discord here, so you can join that and say you are alliance from the forums, so we know who you are. (We give mostly replies in evenings in discord) Cheers mate, here is inv: https://discord.gg/evVJttP @2-of-12
  8. Hello there! We are a small crew who have done all the powerstones and have now set a first day we are gonna try for the Ghost Ship kill, if possible. This day will be very soon. We also are looking to do Kraken some time within the next 3 - 4 weeks or so. After all that, probably Ice Cave, but we haven't planned that far ahead. Now we are looking to make alliance with other small crews, to do this. Mainly for Kraken, but other events aswell. I do not want to post any specific dates in here, because of "trolls" who might come and botch our tries etc. Instead if I do get some replies I will post invites to our discord instead, and we can chat there about setting dates etc. (Those we wanna make alliance with, have to have at least 1 battle brig or battle galleon, ammo for it, and be able to man it with at least a few people. ). Cheers, have a good day! / Jackie Sparrow Company.
  9. NoobieDooz

    Updated info on Ghost Ship?

    @Myrmidon Oh, yeah, I didn't think the Ghost Ship itself gave any discovery points, so far I am with you. But, is the Ghost Ship needed to get the "bonus" discovery points for Kraken ? I know you are supposed to do all powerstones, to get all the discovery points when you do Kraken. I just don't know if the Ghost Ship is also counted as a "powerstone", these days. ( I think it used to be, before). Thanks for all the other info, very nice. I am not exactly sure if I can see/ make use of the "grid editor" if I am on official server, but i don't rly know how that works, so I guess I can try and download it. Thanks again.
  10. NoobieDooz

    Updated info on Ghost Ship?

    Ahoy! Been trying to find updated info on Ghost Ship, not easy.... (including asking in Atlas discord without secure replies). Got a few questions, most importantly: Is Ghost Ship kill currently needed, to aquire all the sweet "bonus discovery points" that you get from Kraken, once you finished all powerstones? ( I think u needed also the Ghost Ship previously, not sure how it is now). For this question, please be very sure in your answer, such as "yes / no, because I have done Kraken after last wipe". Thanks! Would also appreciate anyway to find the current route.... Have googled with bad results. Also, the function of turning on the button in the quest log, does NOT seem to work... it shows me the ghost ship is on an island... Any further advice about the kill, how many ships needed, etc, also appreciated! Cheers mates! Thanks!
  11. NoobieDooz

    It’s live from Jat on Twitter

    Good attitude, @Realist ! I am very much like that too, rarely get bored of a game, it takes a lot to bore me, and I just grind endlessly I was In WoW for X many years and never tired of it. Until very many years had passed, and friends had moved on, etc. So I don't think I will tire of Atlas either, in at least another year or so. Granted, after playing a year now, I'd be happy to see them add some kind of real "quests" etc. But, I will keep on grinding in anticipation of that. I salute your attitude here, and please, let us know how you get on with your nomad discovery point life style! Good luck with it and post about how it is going!
  12. NoobieDooz

    The not at all official Xbox launch pool thread.

    I bet 1 hour late I think, but I don't see my name in your list.. Anyway It does not matter maybe cause the latest news is they've delayed launch 4 hours...... lol. So sad
  13. NoobieDooz

    The not at all official Xbox launch pool thread.

    I honestly don't know if I could follow your very detailed instructions But I'm gonna give it a try... ! My very honest hope is that they actually do it on time, cause even on time, it will be very late for us here in EU, (including the download of the update etc). But, wisened by experience, I am gonna bet on a max of 1 hour late release. So, 1 h after relase. I feel like a fool now but hey let me be proven wrong, I hope for it so much!! I want it to be on time. Otherwise, I have no chance in hell of getting an island, cause the day after, I am back at work again, so... If they are several hours late, that will probably be the end of my journey with Atlas. I sincerely hope not, since I've been here since day 1. But, I am probably not gonna stick around, if they botch this release.. I didn't stick through 2 wipes to be stuck in a disgrace, a bad lawless situation, that's beneath me at this point
  14. NoobieDooz

    Ok so we decided on official pve

    I agree with Jack Shandy, always go with at least 2 picks (for 1 mountain). It'a usually enough. If you are really nervous, have really low stamina (low level character), or if you are going to fall down and climb up repeatedly on same mountain, you can be extra safe and carry 3 - 4 picks. I really liked your thread by the way, It was really a lot of fun for me, with such a thread. It makes me think back to how much grinding it was in beginning, heh. As some of the others might have said in the thread, you can also take a break from discovering and do something else. Even if it's just building a small base somewhere where you found a resource rich island. Or taming a bear to make life easier. Or paint your whole ship and color your clothes, the clothes of your crew members. Or your own hair. The reason I say this is, there will be times when you might need stuff like this. Sometimes the wind goes dead, for a while. Then it is nice to anchor at nearest island, have that small base to teleport back to, to maybe grind a bit for wood, thatch etc. (Maybe for a brig). Sometimes even though you do all you can, the ship might actually sink due to unforeseen events. Then it is very, very nice to have that small base to start back from. Where you have gathered a lot of materials already, (in those "dead wind breaks"), to quickly build a new ship. Just a thought. Be well. PS I was a hunter in WoW too! Lol
  15. NoobieDooz

    Ok so we decided on official pve

    Great to see that you are starting the game - I hope you'll have fun! @Realist I am a PVE player who has played from the very start, so I'll try to give a bit of advice for a start-up nomad pirate, like you said you wanna be. Sorry if my reply gets lengthy, I've been out at sea a long time in single player now, so I am a bit weary of sailing at the moment, heh. Ship: You might have to start out with a ramshackle sloop which you buy from freeport, with materials you gather there. But then it's on to the nearest lawless island to build a real ship. From what you're describing, I'd go for a schooner with 1 large and 1 small speed sail. I know some people say that brig and galleon might be "faster" in testing or whatever. But, somehow, I've tried all 3 of them, and I've found the schooner to be the fastest "explorer". It is also very easy to turn around, and easier to park near islands with shallow shores/reefs, I've found. This is only anecdotal evidence but it is my feeling, after sailing quite a lot. Absolutely spend the extra time for a schooner, rather than a sloop. A sloop is crazy slow. Please note that I make an exception for the polar regions, ( 1 and 15 grids). I prefer not to go with schooner there, cause there are aggressive whales there and also hidden ice bergs, and somehow it just feels safer with a brig, sailing around there. You might wanna hold off on polar regions anyway, since they are very harsh for beginner players. I'd recommend a bit more fortitude and/or at least green quality fur clothes, for any extended stays in polar regions. Also, there are yetis on those islands, and they are quite hard to kill when you're low level w/o a good tamed bear. I'd really recommend you to pick up a couple crew from a free port, as soon as you can get some gold (you can fish up gold from flotsam, using a grappling hook). Ship "necessities" etc: The no. 1 things are: 1. A bed. 2. A smithy. 3. A box to keep the most necessary stuff in. 4. A water barre. In my humble opinion. Other good things to have on a ship (especially if you're gonna use it a lot on the sea), is: A few spare planks/gun ports, (if one breaks), repair hammer, bucket, Large storage boxes, Cooking pot (later: grill), Preserving bags (and preserving salt. Or ice box, but this one will be harder since it doesnt produce ice in hotter regions). Loom, Tannery, mortar and pestle, Grappling Hooks (several), Climbing picks, Book shelves (for maps/blueprints etc).Mess table/larder for crew. Feeding trough for animals. Ship resource chest for repairs (so you dont have to carry repair mats on you) and gold for crew. This little list will also give you a clue on how to spec. Preserving bags (with the pres.salt / or ice), really makes a huge difference, it gets a lot easier once you have that and don't have to worry about the fast spoiling of all the food you gather. Very useful talent/talents! A general tip for an explorer ship is to spec its levelling points a lot into resistance, and also into weight. (You probably won't want any cannons/damage stats, since cannons weigh you down a lot). As soon as you start going over around half the ship's max weight, you start losing speed, So keep an eye on the ship's weight, a lot. Resistance is really good for if you suddenly get caught near Ships of the damned, so they don't damage you too much. Don't panic but just look where the wind is heading, turn the ship to there, and escape with the wind. Nothing sucks as much as losing the first schooner you worked really hard for. Food: Since you won't be doing any crops/farm right now, I'd highly recommend to spec into the diving attachment ASAP. Apart from quite nice gold, you get lots of food from the ship wrecks (salted meat/fish, berries, and longer lasting vegetables) from looting ship wrecks with the diving attachment, which will be helpful for both you and your hired crew members. Also, even if you don't wanna spec far down the beast mastery tree, I'd highly recommend specing into tier 2 taming. Just so you can have a cow on the ship. It really helps a LOT with the blue vitamin, so you don't have to worry about getting fish all the time. Also, it helps a lot if you really need more blue vitamin, but you're full at the moment, then you can often drink a milk or two. This really helps quite a lot with vitamin management! And cow is an easy animal to tame (just feed it rushes thatch, or in lack thereof, berries/veggies). I wish I'd known about this from the beginning, how much it helped with the cow. Other than this, just gather a little of what you find on islands, berries, veggies, meat etc. Overeating and vitamin skills do help a lot, but they are also valuable points to "waste" in beginning, so this is your own call... Taming: If you don't wanna spend the energy on taming a bear right now, that is understandable, it takes a bit of practice/time, usually. A "poor man's bear" , is instead a fast taming of a little "army" of pigs. ( 3 or 4 pigs of a higher level, at least 15 or up. spec them into health/stamina primarily). Very easy to tame with just feeding them berries. (Maize even easier, but that is not readily available). With a little pig army you can more easily defend yourself on very low levels in the beginning, and you can also likely do some of the very easiest treasure maps, if you wish. Useful talents/ talent trees to look at for spending a lot of time at sea: Fortitude and health, is what I'd go for first. Captaineering and Piracy. Both of these have RLY nice talents for a nomad pirate!! As an example, who doesn't want cheaper crew payments, etc. Check it all out and decide what's best for you. I didn't mention Seamanship, but that one is a bit obvious, heh. For other talents, I've mostly talked about them above, as a side note. I'd worry a lot about fast getting to smithy - shovel - grappling hook - climbing pick - preserving bags and salt - taming tier 2. Tips for a "new" pirate: In most of the desert grids, there are usually no rain storms / cyclones. It might be advisable to actually start sailing here. Sure, you might die a bit from heat, or mobs, before you get more fortitude/health, but, you dying is nothing compared to the agony of losing the schooner you took time to build, (maybe even paint!), to the cyclone storms... H13 is a nice freeport and from there you can go right or left to desert grids. ( The grid to the right, I13, has a lot of salt, which is nice for preserving salt!). You might wanna check in general which islands have lions/tigers, as these are very, very annoying for a new player. (At least when going solo). You might wanna stay clear of those islands, or just jump ashore and then back on ship. Resources and beasts on islands, can be checked out at exploreatlas website. It's a little bit off now after new update in game, but largely still quite relevant, I'd say. Don't forget to put rope ladders around the ship as soon as you released it - for schooner I usually put them on 3 or 4 places around the ship, so that it's easy to get up from all sides etc. Sharks are a very real (annoying) thing, and you might need to get up, fast. Don't forget to really check the depth when you place your shipyard - if it is too shallow, your ship will blow up when you release it after building it. Make sure there are no huge rocks inside shipyard. You will have to swim down under surface level and check the bottom before you place the shipyard. Also, you can look on map, to see the water color where you wanna place the shipyard. If the map shows it as a very light blue color, it's probably too shallow. If insecure, try to swim out a few meters more to place it. It's better to have to build a small walkway out to the shipyard, than have to gather all the materials for a new ship! That's all for now - and I guess that's plenty! Lol. Feel free to ask any questions you could think of. I've made ALL the mistakes from the beginning, hehehe. Have fun! Smooth sailing.