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  1. H3 and a couple of other servers/grids ( I believe H2, H1, and G11), have been offline for like 8 hours mate. We are still waiting to hear about a fix. We players can't get back in, if we have sailed or fast travelled to those grids. Sorry. We have the same issue so it is not just you. And there is nothing you can do until the dev. team fixes the server, sadly.
  2. I understand the issue mate, however, you can still earn gold by diving (diving attachment + oil) from a sloop for sunken treasures. You can also tame a couple bears and start doing a lot of common quality maps, and maybe green maps (depending on the bears' health). It takes maybe a few days / a week, depending on how much playtime you have, but is quite doable, to get a schooner. Best of luck. That said, I agree there should be a limit to amount of farmhouses, especially on lawless etc. Cheers.
  3. Just saying to devs: Please don't do this, it is likely a move that will kill the game entirely... Even a wipe after 4-5 months, is exhausting for a lot of players who spend a lot of time with building, breeding lines, grinding for all sorts of stuff. Not to talk about the achievement of claiming 1-2 islands, getting up at 4 am to do that, and sacrifice sleep for a whole night, etc etc. And the grind to build up a main base, get new ships etc. A wipe after 6-8 weeks is completely intolerable, and any gam devs who do this, will give their game a very bad reputation, and lose most of its playerbase. Thanks. I hope to see an official post from devs assuring us there is no plan for wiping until at least spring/late spring. The dev. rep. who said end of year on discord, that stuff needs to be said in an official statement if it's true. Cause the rage from players if you don't go public with this now, is gonna be huge. Imagine all these people grinding, grinding, grinding, for 6 weeks now. And then after that, hearing "now there's a wipe".... Gee. Too tired to write more, this whole thing was crazy to hear. Hope to hear good news from devs, soon. That they are realizing their mistake etc.
  4. Hey mates! (PVE server) WTB Male parrot, wild levels 38-44 (or higher), and NOT spayed/neutered. Tell me your price and where u are located and we can see if we can make deal. (PVE official server). Cheers!
  5. Hey there! As headline says, I would be very glad to buy MEAT, in bulk. Any forms are interesting: Raw, salted or cooked! Any form of meat aswell: Fish meat, Animal meat, prime meat or prime fish.Maybe you are an island owner who just has tons and tons of meat laying around in your flag/bank, and never really use it? Then might aswell sell it, right?As for quantities, the more the better. Minimum for me to come pick-up would probably be around 30.000. Also depending a little bit of where you are located, on the map, and how much you would charge. PM me if interested in selling! Cheers mates! Arrrr Or comment here.(Official PVE server only).
  6. Hey, trying to see if this is just me, cause I've heard several people with this issue, and I don't know if anything is being done about it, or how big the problem is. For the last week or so, I've had some extreme login issues. As in, it can take me 30+ tries, to login, if I get in at all. It takes at least 20 mins or so, to get in after tons of tries. Usually the issue is that it doesn't show me a lot of grids on the login screen (from the "join" option and onwards. "Rejoin" option has been broken for me for many weeks). And then it usually says something like "failed to query server for invite". A friend in my crew can't seem to login at all. I have also heard several other people complain about these login issues. I've tried: Restarting Steam, restarting computer, verifying game files. None of this works to help with the issue. On top of this, Steam has in the last day or so started to say: "unable to sync your files of Atlas game to the steam cloud", which seems to mean it warns me that I might lose progress if I play on different computers(?). (Which I don't do). Don't know if this issue worsens the login issues with Atlas, it seems so. (But, the login issue was there long before this Steam message started popping up!). In regards to the Steam message above, I've tried deleting some folder called "userdata" or something like that. (Solution suggested on google). Didn't help. Any ideas about what is going on? Are they working on this issue, or is this just gonna persist? I know I am having this issue, and heard some people have it too... But, are there a lot of people having the issue? Can I do anything more from my side, to solve this? For me, with breeding and everything, I have to be able to reliably login. If it takes me 30 mins to login each time, this is kind of game breaking, for me. Thanks for any advice or info!
  7. @ExploreAtlas site down right now? Was gonna go for disc. points, oh well, I guess I'll check it later again... it is so helpful for the discoveries. .. thanks
  8. @hurricane moon Great to hear that mate! Now we are 3 or 4 small crews interested so that is great! I will think that we have to announce it a bit in advance so that people can plan on going, and so we can gather as many people as possible. I am thinking a couple of weeks from now, probably. I will inv you to our discord so u can see when i put out message to "everyone" in our discord, that way u can keep track of when we will try to go. Just let me know if there is any time or day that does not suit u. Might not be possible to find day/time when everyone can go, but, I will try to go when most people can go. Cheers! https://discord.gg/ukhYck
  9. Great! @Mithriella I will keep searching for more small crews, also let me know if u find more groups
  10. @Mithriella Great! We need to gather several companies, right now it is my company, (3 - 4 really active players), and then another small company, so I think we need 1 or a couple more! And then we can go. So maybe in 1 week or 2, I will keep this thread active, and I will also search in other places like Steam etc. I inv you to our discord so we can chat there and so that you can see when I announce dates for it. I will @ to everyone so u can see important messages in there. Cheers mate! https://discord.gg/9M2VvV
  11. Hello there @Egon von Sturmberg Are you still doing Kraken and if so when is next try? I have been trying to find alliances for our small company, but only found one other small crew so far, so I think at this point we would need more companies to do it with. Please let me know if you have any plans on doing it soon, and I would gladly join you. Cheers and have a nice day.
  12. Can confirm that their walls are almost around the whole island, I had some difficulty finding the disc.point... But yeh, when I was there recently, there was like one little area where it was open onto the sea, so you should be able to find the d.p.
  13. Hey guys, no one else needs alliance for Kraken? We want to try it soon, maybe in just a few days from now, if possible! We have found 1 other company for alliance. Cheers!
  14. Hey there! Yes, we are still interested in alliance and helping each other. As I said, we will try for the Ghost Ship very soon, I understand the "locator" does not seem to work, so it will be a hunt for it, I suppose. Would be awesome if you wanted to join in on that. Also, would be nice to do Krakens and eventually ice cave too maybe. I will share our discord here, so you can join that and say you are alliance from the forums, so we know who you are. (We give mostly replies in evenings in discord) Cheers mate, here is inv: https://discord.gg/evVJttP @2-of-12
  15. Hello there! We are a small crew who have done all the powerstones and have now set a first day we are gonna try for the Ghost Ship kill, if possible. This day will be very soon. We also are looking to do Kraken some time within the next 3 - 4 weeks or so. After all that, probably Ice Cave, but we haven't planned that far ahead. Now we are looking to make alliance with other small crews, to do this. Mainly for Kraken, but other events aswell. I do not want to post any specific dates in here, because of "trolls" who might come and botch our tries etc. Instead if I do get some replies I will post invites to our discord instead, and we can chat there about setting dates etc. (Those we wanna make alliance with, have to have at least 1 battle brig or battle galleon, ammo for it, and be able to man it with at least a few people. ). Cheers, have a good day! / Jackie Sparrow Company.
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