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  1. KleinHaynes

    Best PvP Brig design

    Cannon below deck and adding ramps to make ship armour on the deck.
  2. KleinHaynes

    Changes to Ship Combat for more Piracy

    I do agree with you all. Devs should read this topic.
  3. KleinHaynes

    sailing to N7

    The grids in this game are all connected as one single world. If you died, you could respawn anywhere where you put your bed.
  4. A Grapping Hook is totally the most powerful weapon for PvP at this moment without a doubt. It has the power to drag players as far as the holder wants to. The other weapons are useless when you encounter with a Grapping Hook. It's impossible to escape from a Grapping Hook when you were dragged. The enemies can drag you into a puckle tower, their friends, even across the ocean ...That's really the way to OP. One of my friends had been dragged from the island to the middle of the ocean by a Grapping Hook while the enemies keep on chilling on their boat.
  5. KleinHaynes

    How long does the disappearance of the sinked ship?

    Devs should have fixed this icon bug. It's really bad for my company... we definitely can't see anything on the map with these shipwrecked icons.
  6. ♥ For 1453 hours, I have played this game in PvP. As we know, this game is a pirate game but after a new patch, again and again, It seems to me that devs tend to focus on updating new content mainly in new tamed and environment instead of ship updating. I would like to discuss about the new contents that I want to see. Let's talk about design first. I would like to see the developers introduce new various ships to fulfil different purposes for players like Caravel for discovery, Indiaman for cargo, Privateer, Frigate, Ship of the line for battle and adding more sails as well. The ship's sails and ship appearance in this game are really annoying to me. Look at Brigantine for example. Most players often attach three speed sails on it and make the ship looks like the kind of weird. There's should have had sails like Spirit sail at the ship's bow and Spraker sail at the stern that can increase ship speed as the rest too. Not to mention the captain's cabin at the stern that is empty, no windows and no big company's flag. Next, we should be able to board the enemy ship and capture it in a short amount of time like 10 minutes when a ship is unanchored but we have to wait more than 8 hours to claim which is really suck. And some good news from the last patch, there's spear bolt which can pull enemy ship but a ship can still fire to each other. If a ship can't fire when spear bolt pulling it, that's mean the boading enemy ship will be easier and it's possible to capture it. And the last point is NPCs that can't do anything more than a mindless robot. It made the game lifeless. This game should categorize NPCs to many occupations such as crew NPCs for mounting canon and controlling sails, pirate NPCs that can board the enemy ship, etc. Moreover, at the Freeport there should be NPCs roaming around like a real port city and some of them can ask players for doing quests. And it is going to be better if there're NPCs cargo ship sailing across between different Freeport or even NPCs pratol ship that can be plundered by players to get foreign materials. But for now, we have to bear with a boring long haul journey to get materials for the blueprint. I hope that this game can be better when it comes out from early access ♥ PS: Don't mind my English skill xD
  7. Our Galleon ship named USS. Kirov in EU PvP server stuck and cannot move. Company named Siammanukulkit.