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  1. NoReason

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    Where's the bank placed when I claim an island? Where the flag is, somewhere in the center or where? How do you conquer an island? Destroy a bank? Destroy a flag?
  2. NoReason

    Map and Compass Zoom

    I need this bug to be fixed as well.
  3. NoReason


    How long before the bug is fixed?
  4. NoReason


    You guys are serious? You think I came here for help on how to use the ladder?
  5. NoReason


    Or with the waves. Or wind. I'm not a tester. A player.
  6. NoReason


  7. NoReason


    We are unable to climb ladders. Game's unplayable. Thank you for your attention.
  8. NoReason


    I Have GTX 970, 8GB RAM. I have to play on low/medium for 60 fps and sharp edges and even then I'm getting somne freeze frames (mostly on a ship). Game eats so much RAM i have to buy some more and change my install directory to SSD drive (due to very long game loading times).
  9. NoReason


    The problem with wolves is that there's no counter for a pack of them other than jump into the ocean. They are faster than a player and even with fulll metal armor kill players on 3-4 bites. We need 1 headshot or 2headshot if they are mateboosted and the wolves quantity for now is overwhelming on some maps. And there's no escape from alpha wolf. The best idea I have come up to is to nerf their aggro range which is way too high right now. And reduce their number by 30-50%.
  10. NoReason


    But I have already lvl cap of 52 and need to find another 30 islands to raise it up XD.
  11. NoReason


    https://prnt.sc/m8k9nr Look at the screenshot and tell me this should be as it is now. Try to counter packs of wolves on the land. There's more wolves than rain drops on the map. What do they feed on? Players, I guess?
  12. NoReason

    Ghost ships - no one noticed yet?

    I can't believe no one noticed this yet, but ghost ships doesn't look like ships. They look like submarines or industrial ships... Seriously, no sails, no deck, no crew. No one?
  13. Hello! There's currently a large disballance between diferent biomes all over the world. We live in a desert biome and all we have on the island is a large quantity of predators - wolves, crocodiles, giant snakes, lions. They are everywhere - we are fully equipped with firearms, armors and melee weapons and that still is not enough. We kill hundreds of agressive animals everyday just so we could farm basic resources. Firing guns is cool, but after thousands of bullets it gets boring. Every each of us has to carry a carabine, 2 flintlocks and a sword to farm fiber and wood! Once we travelled to temperate biome we saw peace there - nothing tried to kill us! A lot of luxury resources, including gems and water everywhere. No problems with temperature and i think we saw a rain! A real rain, would you belive it? Also we were able to pick up treasure maps worth over 1k gold each. The only problem we had was that we needed to sink few enemy ships and made ourselves even more enemies. Also the weight on ships of all kinds should be increased by at least x2. For example Brigandine has 8k max weight. 10 cannons with 500 cannonballs = 3k weight. Add ladders, ceilings and storageboxes that's 4k. Then some resources for repair and other basic stuff and from nowhere ship has nearly 6/8k weight without players on it. Let's assume we want to play pirates and destroy others ships so we could then retrieve resources from it. How are we supposed to do that if our ship is almost sinking from overweight? Also is it normal that a Schooner is faster than Brigandine and Galleon? You know? Black Pearl was a Galleon after all. Oh and a bug/exploit report I have! We were able to sink other poor guys ship IN FREEPORT just by jumping on them with some weight XD. We stood there with them for 5 minutes watching their feets getting wet XD. We were also dancing and it was fun!