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  1. Fractal Shard

    Captain's Log 17: Co-Captain Content Edition!

    Thanks for the honorable mention guys. Cheers!
  2. Fractal Shard

    Boat disappeared after server travel.

    Had this issue on an unofficial server. Crossed a barrier right as the server restarted. Game made me respawn and my ship and bed disappeared from the map. Killed myself, saw my ship again. Wouldn't let me respawn. Only when I traveled into the square did I suddenly teleport onto my ship with all my gear intact. My companymen who sailed me over there saw my body suddenly "dc" even though I was connected. He "killed" the new/old me and I even saw myself die on the kill feed when I was still alive and on my ship. It was a really odd bug. Hope that helps
  3. Fractal Shard

    Why would anyone rent land?

    It's a simple system of checks and balances. Sure the large groups will claim large portions of land which is all fine and dandy. They also stand to benefit from renting out land to smaller companies. The check here is if you can suitably manage your subjects (see tenants) with the amount of land that you hold. Can you control the amount of land you have claimed successfully. All it tales for a large corp to lose land is to simply not pay attention to the political climate of their subjects. If your subjects aren't happy with you they will coalesce and start sabotaging, and eventually, overthrow you. So simply put. They have a large amount of land that they actually have to pay attention to with current system. It is a lot harder to hold onto that land than the small fish renting it realize.
  4. Fractal Shard

    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    Here's a great example of why you are wrong. Ark, has dev kit, has mods, has a healthy official as well as a healthy unofficial population. Extinction official servers where packed on launch. You will NOT save the game.....only improve it for those who don't play official. My issue is not the mods themselves, it's those that proclaim themselves "saviors" of the game when it just isn't true. Ark has proved that you aren't saviors of the game, otherwise official servers would be almost always empty....yet they aren't. Hell, there will still be 1000's of people connected to official just like there are now once mods do come out.
  5. Fractal Shard

    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    I never said anything about being able to mod official. I'm stating that the chances of your mod getting in are inherently small, therefore you're only improving unofficial and actually don't help official players at all. So the point is modders aren't "saving the game". Only improving the un-official branch of the game which isn't marketed to new players.
  6. Fractal Shard

    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    Everything you said about official is pretty subjective and incredibly generalized with the "3/4ths" comment. However i do wholly agree with the 2 latter paragraphs. Cheers!
  7. I....ok...the point i was trying to make was that you can't be racist to Chinese just because they are Chinese. The proper word is prejudiced
  8. Fractal Shard

    Fractal Shard's Suggestion Mega Thread

    EDIT: Modified suggestion as Added
  9. Fractal Shard

    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    Again you're improving unofficial by virtue of extending replayability not "saving the game". That is a bold statement that no modder can back up since hardly any modders mods make it into official which is the main part of the game and the only part of the game that actually matters to it's longevity.
  10. Chinese are Asian's. Asian is a race. Chinese are either an ethnic group or a culture....not a race
  11. The Chinese arn't a race, and no there wouldn't. Region locking your game is nothing new.
  12. Fractal Shard

    Fractal Shard's Suggestion Mega Thread

    EDIT: Added suggestions
  13. Fractal Shard

    Atlas needs less Ark and more Eve

    It's just personal preference for me
  14. Fractal Shard

    Translate Atlas to spanish

    Demands the game be translated to spanish (Exige que el juego sea traducido al español) Is given a link to help them translate it to OP's language. (Te dan un enlace para ayudar a traducir a tu idioma.) Refuses to help them translate the game to a language that they don't speak simply because you think it's work and they aren't paying you. (Se niega a ayudar a traducir el juego a un idioma que no hablan simplemente porque crees que es un trabajo y no te pagan.) You don't get to make anymore suggestions like this OP. Your the worst kind of person that demands something and when given the opportunity to make it a reality, backs out because of greed and laziness. (No puedes hacer más sugerencias como esta OP. Tú eres el peor tipo de persona que exige algo y, cuando se le da la oportunidad de hacerlo realidad, retrocede debido a la codicia y la pereza.)
  15. Fractal Shard

    Prime time raiding only please

    I disagree relegating everyone to "prime time raiding" would put tremendous strain on servers as everyone goes at it at the same time. A better alternative (even though I don't agree with it) would be offline raid protection. To prevent abuse by simply "logging off" it would have a timer that would start once everyone logged off. A safe bet would be 10 minutes unless the base comes under attack by a player during that period.