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Prime time raiding only please

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Playing on official PvP EU. Since day one we have had trouble with getting our ships destroyed during the night. Not by people we are at war with, but by randoms passing through. Just griefing I guess.

Can we have a certain time for raiding during prime time please. Something like this maybe:

Stone buildings can only be destroyed during prime time 18/19:00 to 22/23:00.

Same goes for ships anchored in own territory. - Except after a ship pulls anchor it can not go invulnerable for 1 or 2 hours. 


This way people can sleep at night and those who play off hours, can still do sea battles. 

People need to be able to have a real life or this game will for hardcore huge companies only.


A competing survival game has done this and it vastly improved the player base.

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I disagree relegating everyone to "prime time raiding" would put tremendous strain on servers as everyone goes at it at the same time. A better alternative (even though I don't agree with it) would be offline raid protection. To prevent abuse by simply "logging off" it would have a timer that would start once everyone logged off. A safe bet would be 10 minutes unless the base comes under attack by a player during that period.

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