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  1. Because steam sales, i dont know how it works xD
  2. It is an ood bug, only rare if the server is running well. As soon as it statts to desync what happens is the physical location of the whale and its actual hitbox are in two locations. So sometimes you might "hit" an invisible whale, but its actually a whale somewhere nearbys hitbox. If you hit the whale it resets the hitbox, but there is literally no way to see it till you hit it sadly.
  3. Thats a beacon for your death location, has had a skull at the too since month two or so of the game, as for why you see it and havnt died i am not sure
  4. Contested means there is someone within the AOE of the flag, so either there is someone else there or someone else has a flag down as well.
  5. Some time ago they did mention that they will be doing trade routes to allow for automatic sailing by NPCs. Was mentioned within the 1st 3 momths, but a lot has been changed since then so whether or not they plan to do it still is a mystery, they never explained in depth what it would be.
  6. You dont get gold from the whales spawned by the shiprecks, you only get it from the passive whale on the surface and the agressive whale in the polar regions. You shoukd still get enough gold though from just 1 or 2 whales which would cover the cost of your island.
  7. I love the new sotd but i honestly do hate the fact i have to kill anywhere up tp 5 of them before i can generally loot the boxes and by them sometimes they decay into bags ehich makes em harder to see, i would love it if a crow or sometjing could collect stuff from em or if an NPC cpuld throw a grappling hook to it for you.
  8. Any idea if the rumour of beingable tk tame up to level 50s from powerstone islsnds is true? @ifixxed
  9. I think ots partly to do with your speed, the faster ypu go the slower ypu turn, and i dont think it means your boat turns faster but your sails do. But im not 100% sure
  10. The duravility definently affects it then, my mythical boatyard gives 155% quality when you inspect the boats, the boatyard is 165% durability.
  11. Heya people, I hear a rumour that you can now tame up to level 50s in the wild on powerstone islands, does anyone know if this is true? This is on official islands.
  12. Alroghty so there isnt a way around it, little bit of a bummer but thats fine doing the admjnship to him temporarily. Thanks guys!
  13. Heya all, our company has set up rank settings to help control the company, I want to know if there is a way for non admins to change the rank settings on a tame or building or be goven the right to change the settings. We have a breeder who is not an admin, but he cannot change the ride rank of the bear, an admin has to come and do it. Is there a way for him to be able to?
  14. Well the sub is mainly used to get the other 9 power stones they are introducing, there are no other underwater areas that they have announced except for those 9 servers. Sure it will help you salvage and sure it can be used if you wanna try and gather jute etc from the seaweed but tjats about it. Also for tsming i forgot about that.
  15. They only repair planks, sadly everything else you will need to repair, so masts, decks, ceilings, walls etc. Everything that is not a plank. And only when you are anchored and not in freeport. I do wish there was a repair option thag is similar to a podium and requires a person be on it to repair at sea except during combat, but right now thats a dream
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