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  1. Just downloaded the latest patch and now I can not log into my 9 server cluster as there are no unofficial servers can be found. Way to go wildcard, I mean grapeshot!!!
  2. Southernfried31

    Unofficial Map Issues

    I have a 9 server cluster and upon creating the maps I log into most islands uninhabitable as most of the island is missing, water covering where beaches and trees are. Under the island is no land and you can completely swin under it. I thought it was the forked server grid editor I was using but after a wipe and restarting with the original version, I still have the same issue. It seems the freeports, PVE island and only a select few islands are not affected by this, but all other islands are. Has anyone else had this occur and is there a fix? Thanks
  3. Southernfried31

    Walkable land missing from Islands

    I'm having the same issue on all 9 of my servers in the cluster. Only a few islands are even inhabitable. I thought it was the server grid editor I used with the power stone button on it so I switched back to the original editor and still the same. I've wiped the servers and created entire new maps and still the same problem exist. I love the game but really frustrated with all the problems it has.
  4. Southernfried31

    Does anyone know what this is????

    Like title says. It looks like a body beam but with a skull at the top. I've never seen this before and it's not my body beam. The skull will fade in and out. Not quite sure what to make of it. This was in a PVP island while we was attempting taming a Sheildhorn.
  5. Southernfried31

    Why are we being ignored?

    Seems we all are getting ignored. Look in the xbox section and see how many post have zero replies and the ones that do get replied to are form other players. I even have a post regarding this issue and guess what? No reply from dev's. They just dont care about any of us. But they do care about our money though. They get your money then throw you out with the trash.
  6. Southernfried31

    Treasure map crashing

    Join the "abandoned but payed for server club". I have 5 servers and fell your pain also well. It seems they have problems not telling people they are looking into/working on issues we are experiencing. Customer service is just shy of that feeling after stepping in dog poo barefooted that you get after posting a issue here. Here's the problem, yup it happened. Now just grit your teeth and go wash your foot yourself, and be careful it stinks. Just look at all the post on the first page of this xbox bug forum. See all the post with zero replies? I even posted about this issue and no one cared enough to do a reply from the dev team. Almost 95% of replies are from people like you and me stating, yup I got the same problem. That leaves 5% with the dev team or customer care stating, yup that's a issue and we will look into it. For this being a Atlas forum, it's only players communicating back and forth. Makes me think about dropping my servers and game everyday. It's really a unatenanted feeling I get here. Seems so empty in the forums besides my brethren of frustrated minds alike.
  7. Southernfried31

    Expansion Server Lag and Crash

    The issuse still exist on the dedicated expansion servers. Yes the maps seem to be fixed but the lag and dashboarding/crashing is still almost unplayable. Everything is fine for 5-10 seconds then everything freezes for 10 seconds. And that's if you lucky. If your not so lucky you will crash back to xbox dashboard home page and have to relog back in to only be able to play for 5-10 min of constant lag city until you crash agian. This is not fun and cant be good for our machines. It's not my connection either, running 65down/45up. I've ran official at 20 before so I know it's not the connection. Dev's fix this. The lag and crashing makes me want to uninstall the game. But wait, I got 6 servers I've rented and 5 are completely unplayable.
  8. Southernfried31

    Treasure map crashing

    There was supposed to be a fix in the pipeline waiting on cert from a previous post last week but havent seen any updates on this issue. Certs usually dont take longer than a week. Empty promises, we should be use to it from dealing with wild card.
  9. Southernfried31

    All these post, yet no replies for days!

    Ok I get it, most are busy but there should be some sort of forum customer care service. Even if it's just a generic BS reply. I just look at the at the post here in this forum with zero replies days after posting and the ones that do get replied to are usually other players with the same issue. And the ones that help are the ones that may have found a solution and are sharing the knowledge. Rarely is there a grapeshot representative that chimes in only to say this is a issue and we are looking into it. I understand the game is in beta and it is discounted to reflect this, but customer service is something that is included into that price. So Grapeshot/Wild Card, please look after and respond to the customers that purchase your products that keep you in business. It's simple business practices. Get involved with the communities and reply to a person's post. It reflects to the community you actually care about them and the bugs they find while playing your game as we are basically testing and revealing the bugs for free, but at a frustration level on our end. So let's see if anyone reads and replies to this.
  10. Southernfried31

    Freeport non Harvestable Resources

    Unofficial dedicated server. As the title states, non of the resources on the 1 and only freeport island is harvestable. NCPs and animals still spawn and you can purchase and tame animals. But when it comes to harvesting materials it's a no go. Makes the hit/ harvesting sounds but does not give any resources. I have even tried multiple angles to try and hit the hit boxes but have been unsuccessful. I've tried to narrow down the possibilities and have updated and server configs and maps images but that did not help. Is there a hidden setting or command line that maybe causing the issue, or is this just another wonderful glitch this game has provided? Thanks to all who respond And I am still waiting on the map and lag fix that was supposed to be in cert last week!
  11. Southernfried31

    Treasure map crashing

    I have a feeling that's how it's going to be for awhile. Patch one thing and break many other things in the process.
  12. Southernfried31

    Elephant taming does not work.

    It works alot better if there are 2 ppl trying to tame. 1 to get health down and bola, then run away. That way the other can sneak up without aggro and feed. That gives you time to find the sweat spot right behind the front legs without being caught in the striking.
  13. Southernfried31

    Maps still broken...

    I hope the lag fix is in the pipeline also. Just crossed into a expansion server with a loaded brig only to hit instant lag with 4 ghost ships directly in front and then dashdoarded straight to xbox home. Log back in a ship was sunk. Thanks Grapeshot, hours upon hours of progress lost!!!!!!
  14. Southernfried31

    Maps are still broken after patch

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease. We just got to keep these topics at the top of the list. If politicians can make straws illegal in California, I think we can keep posting these issues until they are fixed. I get evil looks when I ask for a straw nowadays.
  15. Southernfried31

    Maps still broken...

    Yes, the maps need fixed! Players are leaving from our servers loosely translate to player base leaving the game. Most console players are playing on unofficial dedicated as we can not compete in any larger sized battles with PC as the lag is so great and our machines can not keep up. Player base was already down so low before console was introduced and now between PC mega companies griefing and trolling new console players and now the unofficial dedicated server issues I fear the player base is dropping drastically yet agian. I believe with the new games out now and upcoming releases, and problems exist for consoles it can be the beginning of the end for Atlas if not remedied very soon.