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  1. ^^ Let us all live in peace together at last. May ATLAS be a better place to be for us all.... ^^ Man I felt bad for a bit at the mess stirred up in this post, but now we can all enjoy one another without friction once again.
  2. Been on my server's splash for quite a while. Not sure why you hadn't seen it earlier, but no big deal. Who knows why it pops up where it does. Unless you really want to make issue of it. If so, have fun with that. Dev kit still didn't come out last week, this week, or two weeks ago even though it was announced lol. I'll choose my battles, thanks. If I invite you to lunch later this week and call you next week, what would that make me? Not reliable that's for sure. And it would make you pretty unimportant. They're just facts man. no need to get tight.
  3. This topic was created to clarify and ask why the DEV Kit has not been delivered as promised in the splash plugs stating, "Later this week" (for 3 weeks). Bu it seems people are frustrated lol. Saying things like, "Patience truly is a virtue", as they themselves rant due to lack of said patience with forum threads others post lol. We are all free, as you are to share our view of what we see, just as you are. It's called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" for the uneducated. I for one will not attempt to change anyone elses view of the game based on my experience, because it is mine and may not be the same perspective. Having said that, be truly "Patient" and allow others to express themselves as they see fit. I never give others that kind of power over my behavior. It's weak. They will only poke you more because it is entertaining to control someone else's behavior. (lol watch this... poke poke... he he he) Don't do that to yourself lol. It is a fact that Modders helped ARK to become what it is today, and as a result, many on the team that built ATLAS were recruited directly from that very same ARK Modding Community. so the evidence is in and has been before this game was even a thought in anyone's mind. Facts are facts, and opinions are many. Grapeshot would do well to allow Modders to do all the work for them because Not only are Modders passionate, they are FREE. 80% of their current economic manpower burden could be liquidated and re-purposed elsewhere in days. Stop the bleeding.
  4. Agreed that the Dev kit is needed. This game needs saving. Where combat, crafting, and the terrible skill tree etc is concerned I don't believe the Devs are on the same page as what Players really want. If you want Clunky combat and swordplay, "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" has it. Go there. I'm here in ATLAS for the ARK Game play experience in a new world and theme. ATLAS really should have replaced the ARK: Extinction P.O.S. as an expansion. I believe that much of the clunky additions and minigames were created to distance ATLAS from ARK as a stand alone, but that obvious cat has been out of the bag for a while. It's like a Beautiful world with antiquated play structure. Let the Community build the game, and then Grapeshot can implement the popular MODs into Patches. As was done in ARK. Ragnarok is an excellent example of this. The only setback I can see coming from this, and it is a big one, is that with every update, MODs break. So at the rate updates / patches are being released right now, Modders would have to be on their toes to say the least. Keeping up with changes the Devs continue to make on what seems to be a daily basis.
  5. There has been a plug on the screen in the game telling the community to get their MODS ready because the DEV KIT is comming out later this week, but that was last week.... If true, the Dev kit should have been out and the Steam Workshop opened..... What's the Story Grapeshot? The faster you get the DEV KIT and Workshop open, the faster Modders can save this Game. The game has a lot of potential, but it needs mods right now and you guys could use Mod popularity to better know what direction to move in.
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