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Fractal Shard

Fractal Shard's Suggestion Mega Thread

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So, to preface I'm making a personal suggestion megathread for myself so I can keep track of what I have already suggested. Expect bumps in the form of post edits as I add more suggestions.
If you do leave a suggestion and I like it I will add it to the main list with credit to the submitter. Keep in mind that if i don't choose yours its because i don't like it and at the end of the day this is my suggestion thread. Also if the feature is either Confirmed, Denied, or already Added by Grapeshot I will strike-through the suggestion and denote it with the previously mentioned color coded options.  So, here goes.

  • Reduce wolf, lion, and tiger attack speed. It is much too fast and makes armor useless as they barrel through your health at mach 10.
  • Eliminate animal damage to boats and wooden structures. Animals would have no interest in chewing their way through a sturdy built wooden wall or a boat.
  • Eliminate creatures ability to damage you through structures and boats. This ones pretty cut and dry and rather annoying watching a croc or wolf eat your crew members/pets/friends sitting in the middle of your ship.
  • Slightly reduce wolf and croc attack range. It just a bit too ranged.\
  • Disable animals from attacking your crew/friends on your ship Added on Patch v10.75
  • Make cannons more effective against creatures. A level 1 wolf should not be able to tank a cannon round to the forehead
  • Make leaking or non existent planks allow water into the ship only when they are below the waterline. It doesn't make sense to be taking on water when the panel is clearly above the water line
  • Make ships actually start sinking instead of just filling up with water. Also make ships incapable of sinking should the be resting in shallows and the water line would never go above the deck. A solution to prevent abuse would to then make the ship start taking damage to the frame when it is in this state and is being actively damaged by an opposing player. If it is fixed the frame would instantly revert to make health. If it wasn't fixed and it took enough damage it would sink by virtue of breaking apart.
  • Make the rigging on sails climbable.
  • Reduce creature knockback. A dog bite does not send you flying backwards 10 feet
  • Reduce amount of waterspouts spawned around player ships in storms.
  • Make the metal on doors and windows paintable
  • Make axes paintable.
  • Reduce barrel water weight. Increase reservoir capacity. -=Suggested by TrevorJD=-
  • Overhaul the current repair mechanic with a board and pitch mechanic. Currently when a plank received max damage it is destroyed and the whole thing falls off. A better way to handle this is the board can, once it reached zero health, have a large hole appear somewhere on it. The method for repairing it would be to have to stock repair boards and pitch on your ship. You would then have a single person (and only a single person) play a repair minigame where they hammer in the nails (4 slider games) and then pour pitch to seal it up (maybe 2, one to pour one to smear). This would eliminate a massive crews ability to repair spam the same plank and make all damage to it evaporate in a manner of seconds. Currently ship combat between large crews is more like seigeing a castle than actual ship warfare simply because you trying to exhaust each others ship resource box first.
  • Add bilge pumps to remove water on a sinking ship. They would prevent sinking on (if there is an appropriate amount) for at least 2 planks "missing". These must be manned by players to operate. I'm thinking 1 for a schooner, 2 for a brig and 4 for a galleon. Ships in the age of sail had elm chain pumps to remove water from the bilge.
  • Add ship rams to ships like the Brigantine. Make the rams take the brunt of the durability damage and distribute a percentage to surrounding planks. Damage would be proportional to speed. Once the durability drops to zero the ram breaks and dumps the remaining damage to the surrounding planks leaving behind a "broken ram". The Durability would be at your discretion Grapeshot.
  • Add ownable trader NPC's to the game like the taxation building. -=Suggested by Greylance Ravenwind=-
  • Add a gaming table for long journeys. -=Suggested by King Carahan=-
Edited by Fractal Shard
Added More Suggestions
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