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  1. Marce

    Minimise the mega tribe?

    OFC 250 per company is too much. If a server has 150-200 CAP, a company can full a server. So máximum 100 per company would be fair
  2. Marce


    No please. Let chinese Community stay in NA
  3. Marce

    Terminate Jatheish for Unprofessional Behavior!

    Find a Life kid Jat is doing well and makin efforts to get Atlas better Try to troll another Game kid
  4. Why? On Pve...maybe In PvP... Do you want land? Win and deserve it Regards
  5. Same question here. Up
  6. Marce

    Insane amount of SoDs after recent patch.

    I agree. Too much Sotd. Its impossible
  7. Marce


    Im enjoying this Game . Playing very hours/day . Enjoying PvP , commerce. The Game is the best idea I found in a mmo
  8. Marce

    i hope this trash ass game dies out

    Dont forget to close the door when leaving
  9. We need less lag on the servers . The solution is to alleviate the data load on unnecessary structures. That is to say: if you do not visit or go near a structure in two days, consider It " abandoned" and start a strong decay process that disappear Bety fast. Thanks and regards
  10. Marce


    Take advantage of ban time to learn to be a better person.
  11. Marce

    Fix D 11 EU Pvp

    A new patch... And lag still remains in D11 EU Pvp . Please Fix It. Lighthouses? Try removing them, ir whatever.. do something. Its impossible to play i n this server 255 ping
  12. Marce


    If you want that after a month of play, the players would have reserved a piece of land for you when you came to play ... You have to wait, keep looking or join a company, like everyone else does.
  13. Good Morning . please fix the connection on server d11 EU PvP . It has a terrible lag always, as well as a high ping. it happens to everyone that goes to this server. other nearby servers do not have this problem Thanks in advance
  14. Marce

    Translate Atlas to spanish

    Thanks, but I will not do developers' work for free. They should translate the game into Spanish, as they have translated it into many other languages. Thank you
  15. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. please translate atlas to spanish.