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  1. The patch meant to fix them to make them more docile clearly did not work. You go into the water and you suddenly see the yellow nameplates all over as they all instant aggro and they hit like freight trains
  2. Manta have absolutely been made much more aggressive. Go into the water and suddenly the swarm from every direction to kill. Manta Ray are peaceful creatures that youc an swim with in reality and even hold onto etc. This more dangerous than a shark thing is screwed up
  3. Manta are absurdly aggressive. Sharks arepeaceful animals compared to them in this game
  4. Who do I need to talk to in order to give details and get this addressed?
  5. The Building radius for preventing respawns is clearly way too high. Had a neighbor move in down the island from me. Its a good 2+ minute run to get to their base yet all the rocks, trees etc. between our bases are all gone and not respawning
  6. Don't think its working as intended. Woke up in my base to my Territory being contested. Went outside and yelled at the person and they pulled their flag and ran off.
  7. PVE land is not supposed to be claimable if the player is active within last 3 days.
  8. The Radius that foundations block is just way too large. Its beyond unreasonable. The Island I am on went from being rich with rocks etc. to about 3 rocks left on the entire Island.
  9. Happened to me this morning. Went to bed for 8 hours and came back to my Sloop sunk in my harbor. Something clearly messed up. Had 11 points in sturdiness so should have had no issues
  10. Woke up this morning to someone attempting to steal my base. Had only been offline like 8 hours. So clearly the patch did not work
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