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  1. Coggage

    Single player loading mods

    It's annoying, but both Ark and Atlas eventually just hang loading mods into the directory. You need to exit the game and restart it, then it will download more. You may need to do this a few times.
  2. Coggage

    Can't connect

    EU, US, PvP, PvE, Official, Unofficial? Detail would be good.
  3. That's the reason I play single-player these days. With no-one around there's no point in me joining a server when I get exactly the same gaming experience playing on my single-player map.
  4. Coggage

    Single player mods

    Atlas Architect is one I really like. It has new parts to build and has a 1x1 Smithy, Loom, Tannery and Forge, so even a sloop could have them on board. Medium Gates is another one I like, as those stupid-looking gigantic gates in the vanilla game are FAR too big for the animals in this game. They're for Brontos in Ark! I have Better Bridges installed, which can make bridges 50 foundations long with no central support, but I haven't found anywhere suitable to build one as yet.
  5. Coggage

    Single player mods

    That's one of the mods I use, and it's very clever. There are some good building mods too.
  6. Coggage


    You can't place a solo? What do you mean exactly?
  7. Vitamins are super-easy to manage and because of that I've never bothered to learn any Cooking recipes at all. As for a trade economy, the game has never really developed one in the way the Devs had (vaguely) hoped for, probably for several assorted reasons such as the tedium of travel, the randomness of finding someone selling what you want to buy and someone who wants to buy what you are selling, the failure of Freeports to become trading towns and maybe just lack of player interest in the whole concept, just to name a few.
  8. Coggage

    A little clarification please.

    Because shores were crowded with boats at one time and because there could be a boat sat in the waters outside your base, blocking access, for months.
  9. I couldn't care less about Cooking, but each to their own. Too little reward for scouring for ingredients over several islands/zones and I view the majority of the skill tree as a waste of points. Once I train Water Storage and Preservatives I'm done. (Believe it or not I have NEVER seen Maize yet, not the Wild Potatoes that give the seeds to grow Potatoes - maybe I have been unlucky, I grant you.) Basic Fish, Meat, Veggies and Fruit keep me amply topped up, so I don't see the need the foods available in the Cooking skill tree.
  10. Coggage


    I use some SP mods for that, though I haven't made any Glass as yet. I'm not one to bother with furniture and fittings but it does help fill in empty space in a large-ish base.
  11. Coggage


    Nobody is forcing you to play on a modded server and as for single-player, well, /shrug...
  12. Coggage

    Hate to say it but single player is rocking my world

    Ah, right. The thread title and what he posted made little sense together to me.
  13. Coggage

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    Pointless Claiming on Single Player really, especially as crew don't need to be fed/paid via the Claim Flag with the new options now. The 10 day timer is irrelevant, too, since the timer stops when you log out, plus you can turn PvE decay off altogether anyway.
  14. Coggage

    Single Player very Good !!!

    You're so funny!! If you thing cheating can exist in single player I pity you, I really do. Who am I cheating in single player then? Not me, that's for sure, and I'm the only one there, so...
  15. Coggage

    Single Player very Good !!!

    I can see why people might enjoy claiming land anyway in SP just for the hell of it, but since it serves no function in SP maybe there's a way to just plant an ordinary flag. If I was so inclined I'd be happy just with sticking a large sign up with the name of my settlement, which we can do anyway. The wind doesn't bother me either, to be honest, since a schooner sails pretty fast directly into the wind anyway. I'm using a mod which puts hostile NPC humans in the game and it would be nice to see NPC ships, too. Even the humans make the game seem a bit more alive, so the ships would be even better.