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  1. Coggage

    How Hard Is It To Get It Rite

    Snap. He can't even SPELL "right".
  2. EVERYBODY. What, this company make a deadline? We ALL know better than that...
  3. Coggage

    Wood Ceiling broken

    This is a bug that affects random items from time to time. Fast Travel usually fixes it, and if that doesn't do the trick death/respawn in really stubborn cases.
  4. It needs wiping, badly, but the new claim system is no improvement, to say the least, so it will need wiping again in a couple of months.
  5. Coggage

    so after the wipe

    Lawless, of course.
  6. It seems Lawless is still the best place to build in PvE then?
  7. Coggage

    Griefing to look forward to...

    Yes, since the Devs don't seem to have a grasp on how to fix anything, this IS what we will be seeing after the wipe.
  8. Coggage

    Please stop demotivating the devs

    Ah, I see the problem. You failed to fully understand the intent behind the term "initial excitement" which is Adultspeak for "hype" but, from your use of the hideously insincere and childish Millennialism "my dude" I have lowered my expectations accordingly and will henceforth aim only to address adults.
  9. Coggage

    Please stop demotivating the devs

    In the almost 3 months since the game has been available, the devs haven't inspired confidence in their skills. In fact, confidence has shrunk on a daily basis. I've seen the number of players at 55k initially, 35k after the initial excitement and now, because the game is in such a state that they had to announce a wipe prior to a very large patch, I see 5,500 players on tonight. Some of those missing players see no point in wasting their time until the patch, some will probably never return. What's not depressing about that?
  10. Coggage

    Running TO Free Port while in fight

    So, if they do the same thing all the time, why not have people waiting to attack them as they flee to Freeport?
  11. Coggage

    Reformation of or new companines

    Effectively, they will. They already know where the best resources are and the best sites to build, and all servers will be able to be chosen as home servers so you will be able to pretty much start anywhere you like in any case. They might just spawn in the closest Freeport, gather cheap resources and head off with a fleet of Ramshackle Sloops, which would make it easier at their chosen destination - that's what I would do. Some other people out of the old Company might well go straight to the site of the old base and pillar/floor the area in order to prevent other people building there. No doubt they have a Discord channel so they will be able to organise themselves easily enough and designate roles. They'll have everything nailed down with the basic stuff in a few hours and dominate the area again within the day.
  12. Coggage


    I just ignore mini-games. I can't believe someone thought they were a good idea.
  13. Coggage

    A pirate game?

    You're 45? Pffft, just another kid to someone my age. You write like a kid, anyway. Sounds like you only started playing games very recently, too. It's only $20 of pixels on your screen - try not to take it so seriously. The grown-ups don't.
  14. Coggage

    ship compartments

    The White Star Line had something like that.
  15. Too many pople have too little in real-life to worry them, so in their sheltered lives and limited mindsets a computer game becomes something paramount to them, at an almost tribal level. The amount of importance they attach to $20 of pixels is both funny and at the same time, pitiable.