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  1. cpspok

    did they wipe again

    been gone since the first wipe , did they wipe again for the latest release or was there the only wipe a long time ago
  2. cpspok

    Non-Dedicated Multiplayer Mode ?

    then if i set it up then it must be running on my machine all times for others to play . That sucks
  3. cpspok

    pve NA PVE server N8 Market booth

    we have bears too contact me in game Fredrick Oliver
  4. does the one who starts the game have to leave there machine on all the time ? so others can play when the host goes to bed or work ? This is for the non dedicated mode with up to 8 players seems strange if that is the case so the host has to be on for all the others to play ?
  5. Where ? N8 Island ? Pottersville location ? North part of dock , look for large docking area and Light house.. Selling ? - Opel's -Silver -Blue Prints -Much more resources and items all in the trade booth....
  6. cpspok

    What happened to the player Market?

    no one plays the game no more so there useless ..... 4,000 players and most are on private dedicated or EU or NA so to many options to be a busy server for player markets to work for shit..
  7. cpspok

    Can't connect

    So i was playing game and all was fine , went to dinner and came back hour later tried to log into game and it keeps saying cannot connect to server timed out and keeps looping that on screen . Anyone else have issues atm ?
  8. cpspok

    schooner question

    i haven't played in some time but ya seems slower than it use to be for some reason and yes i know how wind works .
  9. cpspok

    schooner question

    for some reason it seems the ships are slower , either way i have a schooner and was wondering what your opinion is on the best way for speed cause it is dam slow atm with a large speed sail. thanks
  10. Is there a server manager tool that can be used on a server that is hosted through a company like GTXgaming or what not ?
  11. cpspok

    land ?

    so is lawless still the same as it was before the wipe though ? cause i dont mind living on lawless
  12. cpspok

    land ?

    is there any land left or is it all gone again also is lawless screwed all up again like it was with foundations everywhere or can you actually get a base on lawless
  13. what do i search for i have done that and cant find it or dont know what to type to find it
  14. ok so is there a list or something that shows what islands i need to have the 7 stones and all the resources in my server so i know what islands to choose when setting up server ? i dont want to place islands on my serve that duplicated non stop the same resources i want to make sure my server has access to all resources and end game content like the 7 stones thanks
  15. question i have with the changes to the claims and so on will this affect the dedicated servers where we will have to wipe them once its released too or no ? thanks