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  1. NMS is such a shallow, flimsy game though - it looks great but there's not enough meat on the bone to keep me playing for more time than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Unlike Atlas, survival in NMS is very easy and combat is a yawnfest that lacks any sense of risk. (I would mention crafting systems but the latest update has induced some bugs with missing blueprints and even if you have the blueprint the recipe sometimes isn't in the crafting menu - sounds familiar, eh!) That said, I definitely agree with you that as an example of self-redemption it hasn't done too badly at all, with about 30k playing NMS of late when, back at launch, the playerbase pretty soon dropped like a stone until, like Atlas, it only had a few k players online. Mind you, that fact that this forum was mysteriously dead in the water for about 3 days with people being unable to post anything doesn't inspire me with any confidence that a competent hand is at the tiller of this company.
  2. Same here - no longer play and just drop in sometimes to see what, if anything, is happening.
  3. Coggage

    Need Help pls

    I do sympathise and I think that a pop-up should warn people when they leave a company - even their own - because this has happened to people time and time again in Ark as well as Atlas. It would be so easy for the devs to do this, but they have never bothered.
  4. Coggage

    Need Help pls

    It beats me why people never seem to read posts by other people who have messed around with making a company and then left one they made. It must be like people in zombie films who have apparently never ever watched a zombie film. If on Official, contact Support, sacrifice 5 chickens, pray to Cthulhu and hope that they will even read your ticket. If on Unofficial, try messaging an Admin. If on single-player look up Admin Commands and reclaim your stuff that way.
  5. Coggage


    Assuming this isn't a troll thread, this forum is not part of Discord so you're wasting your time complaining here.
  6. Coggage

    Single Player God mode

    Hmm, odd. Every time I launch the game god mode is off, which is how I prefer it, but I do use it on an island I am on in Blackwood single-player where Cyclops are roaming around. It's insta-death if I don't use it when I see one coming to attack me, lol.
  7. Coggage

    Single Player God mode

    It only lasts until you log out. Next time you log in god mode is off.
  8. Coggage

    Are weight crates a scam??

    Having read some of that, thank the gods for stacking mods and the 90% weight reduction - it means I can carry what I want and don't have to do maths.
  9. Coggage

    Birds lost in space...

    Another long shot, but if you happen to be on SP use the fly command to get up to them.
  10. Coggage

    Blackwood is such a dissapointment to me

    I found catfish in an inland pond, but there are plenty of cows to tame where I am, as soon as I get Taming going.
  11. Coggage

    Hey DEV's where you at?

    Not forced, per se, but there's nothing to be gained from playing on Official servers because player activity is negligible. In effect you ARE playing single-player. Actual single-player is great because of the mods available for the game, at least for me.
  12. Coggage

    SP items disapear

    Any mods?
  13. Coggage

    Pinked out? what's that?

    ... but are there typewriters?
  14. Coggage

    Single player loading mods

    It's annoying, but both Ark and Atlas eventually just hang loading mods into the directory. You need to exit the game and restart it, then it will download more. You may need to do this a few times.
  15. Coggage

    Can't connect

    EU, US, PvP, PvE, Official, Unofficial? Detail would be good.
  16. That's the reason I play single-player these days. With no-one around there's no point in me joining a server when I get exactly the same gaming experience playing on my single-player map.
  17. Coggage

    Single player mods

    Atlas Architect is one I really like. It has new parts to build and has a 1x1 Smithy, Loom, Tannery and Forge, so even a sloop could have them on board. Medium Gates is another one I like, as those stupid-looking gigantic gates in the vanilla game are FAR too big for the animals in this game. They're for Brontos in Ark! I have Better Bridges installed, which can make bridges 50 foundations long with no central support, but I haven't found anywhere suitable to build one as yet.
  18. Coggage

    Single player mods

    That's one of the mods I use, and it's very clever. There are some good building mods too.
  19. Coggage


    You can't place a solo? What do you mean exactly?
  20. Vitamins are super-easy to manage and because of that I've never bothered to learn any Cooking recipes at all. As for a trade economy, the game has never really developed one in the way the Devs had (vaguely) hoped for, probably for several assorted reasons such as the tedium of travel, the randomness of finding someone selling what you want to buy and someone who wants to buy what you are selling, the failure of Freeports to become trading towns and maybe just lack of player interest in the whole concept, just to name a few.
  21. Coggage

    A little clarification please.

    Because shores were crowded with boats at one time and because there could be a boat sat in the waters outside your base, blocking access, for months.
  22. I couldn't care less about Cooking, but each to their own. Too little reward for scouring for ingredients over several islands/zones and I view the majority of the skill tree as a waste of points. Once I train Water Storage and Preservatives I'm done. (Believe it or not I have NEVER seen Maize yet, not the Wild Potatoes that give the seeds to grow Potatoes - maybe I have been unlucky, I grant you.) Basic Fish, Meat, Veggies and Fruit keep me amply topped up, so I don't see the need the foods available in the Cooking skill tree.
  23. Coggage


    I use some SP mods for that, though I haven't made any Glass as yet. I'm not one to bother with furniture and fittings but it does help fill in empty space in a large-ish base.
  24. Coggage


    Nobody is forcing you to play on a modded server and as for single-player, well, /shrug...
  25. Coggage

    Hate to say it but single player is rocking my world

    Ah, right. The thread title and what he posted made little sense together to me.