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  1. Mardoqueo


    Any one follows 5bravo? They get pms like this person... half the time i swear they are trolls because its always funny to read and they almost always a shirt with something the troll says. #guck
  2. Mardoqueo


    I really like this idea. To many options hurt the game population IMO. Single player is a bad idea. The private servers bad idea. Dont get me wrong thats how i played Ark, single player or a private server with wife and some friends. If the goal for atlas was to make a MMO... being an ark clone is not the way to go. The last MMO i played was ESO. Huge fan of ES series. ESO did a lot of what the OP suggested. There was an area that was PVP and an area the was PVE. And what you did in the PVP area affectes your PVP. Other MMO's like Aika had the same thing, a pvp and a pve side which one affected the other. Its not a totally new concept. I think if they had that mentality, basically force people to become a community, rather then allow every one to play in a protective bubble of seclusion it would have been a lot healthier in the long run. I think it would even have forced the devs to fix bugs/hacks/exploits a lot quicker as people who still want to play could be like "well guess ill just play singleplayer".
  3. My 2 pennies. I think, bugs, hacks and exploit need to be addressed and fix before adding new content. People using cheats need to be punished. Your not going to get a serious crowd of players when they invest 1k hours only to have some one exploiting and wipe them. This is honestly the biggest reason my wife joined a "mega" company. Not to prevent this but rather to make the rebuild less painful. Your never going to stop it. People always look for that advantage. Punishing it, making the crime cost more then the reward will however put faith back into the players mind. They need to fix the bugs before they start adding new stuff. Have you ever played an older game with an annoying bug? You tell some one about and they say "its always been like that, and now the game to big to fix..." This is the stage to clean that shit up. This get this stuff fix and going right then worry about new ship content, which should be the next step.
  4. Mardoqueo

    Birds lost in space...

    Ahoy pathfinders. So im a big sci-fi, space opera fan. I named a breeding parrot after the first commander of Babylon 5... well i think it went to his head as he is seemingly trying to fly to it. Also took 2 crows with him. How do i get them down? They are out of whistle range.
  5. Mardoqueo

    Increase sailing speed

    Thats why fast travel is not listed as my ideas as to fix travel in game. Thats why fast travel is listed in as fix for travel in this game. I agree it would not work.
  6. Mardoqueo

    Increase sailing speed

    Yes, as a causal player i generally only have time to play in 2 - 3 grids away from home base. One of the biggest hindrance is the speed of the game, traveling specifically. Most, almost all MMO's actually that i play have a fast travel functions. Sure we have beds... but its not the same as we cant take anything... My idea to fix this. 1) shrink the size of the grids, not huge but like 10% all ocean, no land mass. 2) i do want to note, im simplifying this. Wind speed mechanics needs to change. 50% of the time it needs to be high, 30% medium, and 10% storms, 10% low/calm. I understand in real life sailors had to deal with calm seas but this is a video game. I don't want to get rid if it, but it should be more of an event like cyclones.
  7. Ahoy Pathfinders! I have a super noob question, it's really a thought that just not clicking in me mind. Farmed vegetables and tames. I know I can use potatoes to feed babies, is it just potatoes or any farmed food? Do animals that eat berries, will they also eat farmed veggies? Like i said a bit of a noob question, but thanks for the help!
  8. Mardoqueo


    They could make it stay underwater and aggressively attack ships and when it attacks it "breaches" the surface and that's the only time it can be attacked. I kinda like the chumming idea too.
  9. Mardoqueo


    I would love this. However i do agree it probably be among the last things. Some people are going to hate me for this, but there are a few other games i played that instead of having important that affect the game play for sale in a cash shop, they primarily sale the deco items. Personally im all about people getting paid and making money. Im always for games selling frivolous, useless items over needed items to advance.
  10. Ahoy pathfinders, pirates, and other seadogs. I have found myself the king of the castle so to speak, and after a merge or 2 all my remaining mates have moved onto the new islands afforded to us, leaving me and a couple others on our original island. I got into the mood to Rp and rebuild in a manner to suit. Had to shirnk the footprint to make it easier for few people to defend. Part of the reason people moved out was tame limits. We are near cap. As part of my RPing desires, i want to have lots of parrots that dont normally live on my island. I figured i can breed/tame them then set them where i want them and declaim them. How long will they last until they go away?
  11. Who said anything about hacking? Thats a completely different beast. Hackers are filthy animals that has a special place in Hell set aside for them Finding errors and bugs is part of beta. Exploiting them, while not cool, atleast gives the devs an idea of how bad they are. Again this game is in beta, expect it, and move one.
  12. I got there is a lot of people mad, but remember this game is in Beta. Breaking the game at this point is kinda of needed, or atleast in all the beta's ive played. I dont mind as long as the Dev fix the breaks as quickly as they can.
  13. Mardoqueo

    Enough with the GD Tames

    As much as I love Ark, I feel like focussing on tames would be a bad direction for this game. They have a place BUT the game should be on pirate-like activities. Ship stealing, high seas action! I agree with the OP crabs and high power combat tames need to be nerfed. Crew members on the other need a buff and should be more versatile they are humans after all.
  14. Mardoqueo

    It is a PIRATE GAME

    Its a Pirate steampunk game. Im ok with that.
  15. Mardoqueo

    Disclose all changes in patch notes?

    I agree with the Op. It is ridiculous for any changes to be made and they not tell us. it can be something like: Change to pistol damage to do less during PvP. increase overall ship weight. decrease spawn time metal nodes. so forth and so on this at least gives us an idea something has changed, without giving us exact numbers. As players, it's reasonable to expect a heads up when they change the basic mechanics of the game. After all, we did pay for this game, it's not that much to expect a heads up to when the game is changed.