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  1. TyGeR_STD

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Sync zones so the winds is the same across all the zones, with the exception of storms. Sucks to plan a trip across 8 zones, wait for good wind to leave harbor, only to zone to the next grid and the wind is a different direction and low. Give players the ability (on a long cooldown) to change the direction of the wind. a few different ways to do it. 1) a skill to unlock, comes with some type of big penalty. 2) an idol you have to craft or make. takes alot of resources and a one time use. gives a 1 hour debuff that you can not use another one. 3) small alter on the ship and you have to make an offering to the gods. (resources, gold, animals, food, ect). if they accept you can do it, if they dont you get there wrath. could spawn SoTDs all around, spawn storm that's 2x or 3x as strong as normal, lightning bolt kills everyone on your ship, spawns monstrous whale that chase only you . teleports you and ship to a random grid in the game. lots of stuff you happen. you get the idea. How much of a game changer would it be to be able to change wind in pvp...
  2. TyGeR_STD

    What happened to the player Market?

    I would have rather seen an auction house type system.
  3. TyGeR_STD


    With this being mostly a ocean game and sailing game why isnt there a megalodon? it could follow a path like the ghost ship, maybe it could randomly spawn in a trench, could even add a chum system using meat to lure it or something. OR, (just thought of this) Make it one of the large creatures (like hydra and drake) that you have to fight for a power stone. Would be perfect for another quest.
  4. TyGeR_STD

    Nice new bug With fast decay

    We had 5 or 6 ships poof on us, galleon, brigs, and schooners
  5. The 1's and 15's tend to have a higher level of SoTD, also have aggressive whales.
  6. TyGeR_STD

    Treasure Map

    Not to say that this isnt an issue, but I do not think this is the issue I was having. atleast two occurrences of 5his for me yesterday were fresh spawn bottles.
  7. TyGeR_STD

    Treasure Map

    Since one of the last few patches I’m having the issue that when I pick up a treasure map (Message in a bottle) it does not show up in my inventory. It seems to happen mostly with higher level maps. Its happen about 4 times in the last hour. Anyone else noticing this?
  8. TyGeR_STD

    Increase sailing speed

    I moved my galleon from O5 to O9 last night. I had a strong wind south the whole trip, it took about 20 mins to get there and it was fucking amazing! If I could sail like this most of the time I would play a lot more. As it is if I log on to do something and have a shit wind then I log out and go play something else.
  9. TyGeR_STD

    Fixing foundation spam

    My thoughts... Give each placeable item a point value. Foundations 0 points. Ceiling, wall, doors, roofs, beds ect are 1 point. Smithy, loom, tannary, forge, resources box, are 5 points. Any structure or building that does not have 100 points as a 4 hour decay timer once the owner logs off. The points could be adjusted as needed. most player structures I've seen, even the crappy starting base are well over the 100 point. A 8x8, two walls high, flat ceiling with 2 doors and all the crafting stations and resource box would be over 150 points. This can be built in about an hour solo under 1x conditions. Boats would would not fall under this system. What are your thoughts? Have a better idea, please post it.
  10. TyGeR_STD


    Cant say that your wrong. it would be nice to have a schedule for incoming patches, with the exception for game breaking bug or exploit fix. it really sucks to be waiting around for hours sometimes for a patch, never knowing when it will drop. do a patch at X time once a day. if it's not ready push it till the next day.
  11. TyGeR_STD

    Increase sailing speed

    My recommended sailing changes. Repurpose weight sails, they are now called Base Sails. They no longer give a weight bonus. These sails have a 270 degree range of motion to aline with wind. give you 100% speed. Handling sails. these sails have 360 degree range of motion so you can align with the wind when moving in any direction. They only provide 80% of of your max speed. Speed sails. They only have 180 degree range of motion for aligning with the wind, but they give 120% speed. You now have a rock/paper/scissor for PvP. Also the PvE groups can either move fast with the wind with speed sails, or move at a steady pace with handling sails no matter wind direction, or use a good all around with base sails. Or whatever combination someone wants to run. these percentages could be changed for closer balance. I also think some tweaks to the speed reduction due to weight would be nice.
  12. TyGeR_STD

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    Change the pack spawn of SoTD to back to single spawn, give players a 30 second immunity buff when zoning to a new grid, or a way to see what's on the other side before zoning (I think the buff would be easer)
  13. TyGeR_STD

    Under Water Rocks

    Agreed, I was doing the same thing but unable to finish because of the large shelf rock.
  14. I believe we should remove the speed penalty from cargo racks. seems like they are useless at the current state. most everyone I've seen use them will add them, see how slow they go with them then removes them. It seems like such an awesome idea, hate to see them not being used.
  15. TyGeR_STD

    Ship crew

    A way to see the range an item like the food larder or ammo box has when placing would be nice. But I do believe the range should be increased.