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  1. So I suppose the OP works for one of the major AAA game developers? Seems he is well educated in all there is to developing a game!! They are headed for another wipe and that is a good thing. When the officials wipe most private follow. Ark was just the opposite and took greif for being buggy when infact it ran and runs real smooth. This is VIRTUAL reality guys stop being so attached to what you have when playing a game in development. You were told if you bothered to read that loosing things would be part of development. Can only hope that GS unlike WC does what is best for the game and forgets what those that are unqualified to make the decisions want. You buy into the game not the company and therefore you are afforded no control at all how things are done. Ah so now I am getting what is really going on.....yeah there is a wipe incoming. Just except it and know you have NOTHING to do with the decision. Again you bought the game not control in development or the company. So those that are toxic at heart need just move on. Most of you hate the game yet have so many hours......curious how that is.
  2. Yeah and sadly I think that is the issue I saw this morning is the mod and his buddies having a laugh and not caring. After all if you know those in charge take no action against you then you do what you want right? They did not expect to upset to active parents. Husband had to get to court but I promise he is not done with this either. We take parenting serious and try to teach our kids. Eventually this moderator and his buddies will learn this. Feel free to stick around and add to this conversation. This is how you effect change. Considering Dick also happens to be a NAME banning for use of the word alone should not be allowed. Dick Van Dyke show was very popular back when kids still had respect for adults.
  3. A good friend of mine once throw a quote at me over and over. I really think it applies here. "Inorder for Evil to Conquer, Good Men should do NOTHING" There are many parents that shower kids with anything they want rather than using NO. That is a shame but I can not effect what other parents do. Many of my friends share my opinion. Just because we allow our kids to play video games does not mean they should be subject to such immature behavior. If we all stick our head in the sand and do nothing then what do we leave the kids? At what point do you take your head out of the sand? Will it be too late by then? I have always had more of an old school way of thinking. I grew up with values and taught to respect all adults equally. If i was out playing and the neighbor told me to stop doing something I did not use foul language and tell him off. I did as he asked because he is an adult and usually they know better. Today we teach kids run and tell if they get picked on. Show no respect to anyone. Do as you want because in the end what can your parents do to you? Well my kids know that if they do wrong I will handle it. No one will get to interfer in that. So therefore my kids RESPECT me. Sure they get out of line but I am there to snap them back really hard. This is why you do not see my son posting much. Last time I snapped him back he felt that for some time. See his Xbox One with all 100 games were given to a local shelter. He was made to sit there and teach the kids how to hook it up and play the games. Then we left.
  4. How do you know I am not concerned with these loot boxes? First off if parents do not give the kids the money for such foolish things then it all goes away. Though you see it as gambling I see it also as teaching the kid the value of a buck. They can spend all their money on that loot box for one game or save and get a whole new game. As a parent you pick your battles and win some without the kids knowing you won. My parents would be rolling in their graves if they were reading some of the crap people thinks is appropriate and respectful behavior in public. Was a time you did not even use that language in the presences of a lady. Though at one time more parents would be involved in something like this. Though it has only been here for what hour or two? Thank you to everyone helping me to keep it on top so more see it. Remember just because people to not say anything does not mean they are not hearing/reading.
  5. Well aware of where I am starting things and how many will see this. Most important people to see this I am sure will see it. Then they will see the tags they got on discord alerting them to the behavior in question. At that time those people will likely deal with the situation. It is called respecting the company to make them aware of things before you go big. Keeping it in house means they can deal with the situation and acknowledge the issue and take steps to prevent it or minimize it. Sure you are not going to clean up the language 100% but people need to learn how not to behave and keep in mind others use public forums as well. Also they have the rules in place to prohibit the behavior. They need to know that things are not being done to keep people in compliance with those rules. Sometimes you do not need a hammer when a pen will do twice as much.
  6. Do not know how to respond to such ignorance. There is no abuse of public opinion. Thing is in time more parents will pick up on what is going on. This is not the only game communtiy that markets to kids but then ignores the very rules they set because it is easiest to do. This thread gives the inhouse parents an awareness of things. It will serve to let the PR people for this company know what is coming. If this thread fails to resolve some basic issues then I will move on to where more mature adults/parents will see things. Twitter seems to be popular for this company. It is one thing to allow toxic behavior on their servers as that is harder to monitor. When you have a concerned active parent pleading for some moderation and nothing becomes of it, then something needs to be fixed. This will not the first developer to have to deal with this. If parents started to crack down and not allow their kids to buy these games, companies like this will no longer exist. That is a clear fact. Thank you all for your participation. Those of you that add something nice to see others that feel as I do. Those with your toxic or pointless opinions, sorry but you are either not a parent or clearly aim to raise your kid differently. I do not know what studies you speak of that show people that do not know how to speak in public correctly are smarter than others? In this country if you use such language in a court room expect the judge to hit you with fines or jail. called respect. Something I am attempting to teach my kids. Something that sometimes you show a lack of to a community trying to call out and get rid of the bad apples.
  7. First off you do not know what steps I have taken. Secondly I am aware of what I am doing. See companies do not take one person seriouosly but when you have a large number of people behind you then things get done. After a long conversation with the so called moderator it became clear that talking to them was pointless. This thread is about getting the attention of other parents as well as the people in charge of Grapeshot and their image in the eyes of the people that may buy their product. The court of public opinion is a powerful tool. If it is used well it can do more harm than any other weapon known to man.
  8. So are you representing this company with your post? You a so called moderator around here? I am well aware of my son and his behavior and that is why he is not allowed to post here again. If you are a moderator then I suggest you have someone look into this topic. If you are not a moderator then I would refrain from pretending to know me or my family. Clearly you are not a parent or you would understand better. When you see vulgar language being used over and over with a moderator involved with the conversation that just feels wrong. I do not think that is how this company wishes to be represented. If it is then parents around the world need to know. Sure kids are going to hear the language but that does not mean it should go on and on. Does not mean that a parent should be attacked (which is against the very rules these people set) because they care. Too many parents ignore what their kids are doing until law enforcement gets involved. Very hard to teach a child anything when the so called more mature people out there act like children. This being a pirate game has nothing to do with the choice of words at all. If that is the case then Racial and Sexist language would be permitted as well huh? Clearly that is not the case because I am sure if I use the right words someone will report me and this account would be banned. Take your immature self back over to Discord where the smart crowd hangs.
  9. MrJoeBarbarianToday at 8:12 AM @Sovreign This is why you wear a kilt, no zipper .. no noise Easier to get to the sheep that way DangerDanToday at 8:12 AM The silent stroker? It goes on and on. This nis what kids that participate in this community have to see and read? This is acceptable behavior?
  10. Does the forum have issues with bahavior like the discord? Below is on statement of many of not only disregard for rules but attacking a parent that cares enough to say something. Meanwhile this Bunny moderator(who before I realized there was a color code did not seem to be a moderator) sits there and disregards use of language such as words like FUCK. Guess it is okay to use the word here if Discord allows for it? MrJoeBarbarianToday at 8:01 AM @TiggerToo Regards to 1.1 You didn't treat the bunny (a mod) with respect. You called them out openly instead of going the right route to report your insecurities. 1.2 the word FUCK is not Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speed. However your personal attack on bunny was. 1.8. You are telling people here you will get them banned and telling them to follow the rules. You are either the dumbest parent to have ever posted here or you are a failed attempt at a troll. This thread is not about the moderator. This thread is about the behavior of people and how our children should not have to be exposed to over use of such language. Then to have my parental skills attacked because this kid does not agree. My husband passed this off to me as he headed out the door to work. He has 9am court and lawyers can not be late. Before moderators take action on this yes it is my kids account. I am not going through the headache of creating one. Devloper/Community Manager needs to be aware of some things though. I do not think they want this on Facebook and Twitter where more concerned parents may see it and wonder. Seems this game already is unpopular.
  11. You need to find and follow a good guide. I have looked over the SP files and they are very much the same as the dedicated server files. Thing is Atlas is not an easy to modify game. Guides from more experienced people will help you more than a forum post. For the dedicated server version there are Server Managers you can use. Not sure why you would want a 2x2 for SP when you can have a huge world to play in. Bigger would give more content. Could also try Blackwood for an easier fix.
  12. Well you have that opinion and that is fine. See some people read things and immediately feel they are being personally attacked. In my opinion that means THEY do not have a strong understanding of the language being used. Now that said if anyone does not understand English well and uses translators that is not my problem. Forums are for opinions and that is what I give. Yet if that was true this game would be dead. Opening weekend over 21k in Negative reviews. That would bury some AAA tittles. Clearly there is enough money behind this game they do not need people to buy the game right now. So no they do NOT need the toxic waste that seems to enjoy buying games just to tear said game down. Same thing was tried with Ark. Review bombing was an embarrassment for that communtiy that they had to endure because Steam does not care. Still Ark remains a great game. Even more new content still coming out for the game. Some of the best money I ever spent. Like Ark though Atlas is not for anyone with a potato PC and that is where most of the big issues with either games are reported from. REQUIREMENTS are not a suggestion but again understanding of language is needed to know you MUST meet requirements. Does not matter what other AAA game from 5yrs ago you play. Ignorance is a big part of the world and sadly the more you flush out the more pops up. This thread and responses to my comments show some of that. Sad really but still not my concern. So if you are now butthurt from my words..........oh well not my problem as I will still sleep at night. They are words and they can not hurt anyone, stop being a over sensitive 2yro and this will prevent being so hurt.
  13. Yeah you two need to get off your thrones down below and come up to reality. Thinking that you are owed anything from a game developer of any level AAA or Indie is outright arrogant. Their job is simple to build the game not to hold your hand daily and keep you informed. There is more than enough information put out there when they have it to put out there. Seems some people want said info dropped in their lap daily and that will not happen. Also when they give too much info or ETAs they get blasted from all sides because ignorant people do not comprehend the meaning of ETA. It amazes me that people buy into Early Access games from small companies and expect more than they get from AAA companies. Do you think that These larger companies like Rockstar are going to hold your hand with daily updates? Of course not they have too much to do. End of the day you people are trying to dictate how a company is run and you have no rights at all. Infact the FACT is if GS decided tomorrow that they are walking away from Atlas you have NOTHING you can do no matter where you are in the world. You agreed when you bought into the project that there are risk. Still some think they would be special because of where they are. I find that to be a joke too. I always thought that the US was full of the biggest ignorant idiots in the world but slowly the Net has helped me learn that we may have the smallest population. Also to sit there and tell people to kiss your A#$ should have been an outright permanate ban for disrespect. Some of the other comments should also earn that. You people are NOTHING to GS and you need to come to terms with that. Atlas will succeed whether you agree with how they do things or not. People tried to take down Ark too and FAILED horribly. Today that game is still very popular. Some day we will rid a good % of the world of their ignorants and maybe some of the arrogance. Until then there will always be guys like me to slap you back down when you start thinking that you are something in such a big ocean. You are not even a minow in the ocean when you act like an arrogant Donkey!!!!!
  14. So yet another thread started by someone that is more entitled to know exactly how GS is running their company? So instead of working on the game they should be updated the king what was his name......he is so important I forgot what his name was. When they WANT you to know something you will know it. Until then sit in your chair and rotate if you have no interest in playing the content you already have. Where do you think you have any expectation to know everything that is going on? Because you bought their game? That gives you 0 power/rights/entitlement or anything else. Gives you not even a guarentee of a game that will be completed!!!!
  15. All you have to do with those BAK files is change their name and the BAK to the some things that the original file has. Then that will be the file that the save info is retrieved from. Just that easy. I always pull that file out of there and use copy past then deleted the not wanted file and insert mine.
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