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  1. Dawg711

    Open a NA PVE server NOW!

    All I can say folks is you have CHOICES!!!! If you make a choice not to play what is there it is on you. Sure GS is not going to loose sleep if you never play again. No so much because they have your money but because they know they are never going to please so someone is going to be mad no matter what. Keep hearing crying about there being no NA PVE but also hear lots saying the EU PVE is running fine for NA people. So at the end of the day seems that some people can just go pay for their own server and do as they please. The end of the day if you do not pay the bills you do not get to say what happens. There are still 4 offical servers to choose from and the decision was made to merge the PVE likely from lack of need for 2 of them despite those crying about it. Think about this one cluster is 15x15 only 4 regions to a server. So you do the math on number of servers. Then do some research on cost. Not like they are saving $200 by not adding a 5th cluster we are talking 10's of thousands of $ to run just one cluster. Simple math combined with common sense. Why dump money is something under used. Current system is meant to push people to Co op play the game. Not for one little group to struggle to own all the islands. Which I hear is what is going on. People crying they can not dominate and bully as much as before. Still have people exploiting the system which I say ban them. No matter what they do someone is going to abuse it. End of the day ban all abusers. If you can not behave then you can not play.
  2. Is there a working Discord link? Also did this server wipe with the new update? Link posted at start does not seem to work.
  3. So everyone has 10 flags and at some point all the islands are full. I come in 2 days later and there is nothing at all. No reason for you to allow me to share your island I just do not get to play? That is not what GS wants and at the end of the day it is their call not ours. Also they did this based on community feedback which means you are in the minority. Many must have wanted change. Some like to be able to bully. Now you can not do that it would seem I do not know. The system is not without flaws because people find ways around it. Like large groups taking the small islands so that the solo players have nothing. That is your fellow player to blame not GS.
  4. No the idea is you alone do not get to keep the island. You are suppose to Cooperate with your fellow players. This is meant to be this way. Great idea and if you do not like it there is the Empire servers.
  5. Dawg711

    SP and Small Group map setup

    So at one point I heard that there was going to be the ability to host a full Atlas map on about the same hardware as Ark for those in small groups or playing solo. I have looked over the appropriate areas of the website and found nothing about this. My friends and I would rather have our own custom server then play on one of the many servers out there because our playstyle does not match up. So I am just wondering if this is something that was found to not be doable or was it a horrible rumor that was never going to happen? Our current dedicated server box can run any map of Ark with up to 5 people no problem. Would like to run a good size Atlas map with the same hardware. Would also love it if someone could point me to a Server Manager similar to the Ark Server Manager.
  6. Short sweet and could not have said it better myself. Guys recently saw the store page linking it to a friend. Reviews are still in the tiolet for this game. Lets bomb Atlas with POSITIVE feedback and try to clean up the mess from the rough start. My buddy will likely buy the game but not everyone has someone that already owns this game. Positive feedback in the reviews are too far and few sadly.
  7. Dawg711

    Hey Americans - Look What Your Future Is.

    This whole thread should have been locked but since it is left open I am not going to remain silent. I am proud to be a Stuck up American. I live in the greatest country in the world and one of the MOST POWERFUL countries in the world. These are FACTS. The brits should resent us as we kicked them out of here years ago and have become bigger and better. They only wish they had what we had. Again your prince needed an American woman to be his princess? What does that say for all the women over there? Like all countries we have issue but unlike many others we rise above whatever you throw at us. Terrorist learned this. The brits learned this and many more will learn this. If it were up to me I would say cut the world off from travel to our great country only allow goods to flow through. Then again we can live without most things as the important things we have enough of our own. My attitude will never change. I do not care how ignorant you want to be. Fact is we are a SUPER POWER and will remain there. No one on this earth can change that. We got there on our own and will stay there. So you can take your hollier than now attitude stick it where the sun does not shine and kiss my feet. As we are great and we always will be.
  8. Dawg711

    Hey Americans - Look What Your Future Is.

    If you do not live here then to not PRETEND to understand what is going on here. We are working toward locking out criminal element that seeks to break laws by any means. Clearly you are a brit that thinks your independence will work for you. See how that works if EU seeks to just get rid of your country all together. Also Americans are not that bad as your Price choose a woman from America. Shows how great your women are when they do not cry about stupid things like what shoes to wear. I could go on and on but I will leave this for now. America is the GREATEST country in the world we know it. We have the greatest city in the world and the world needs us a lot more than they will ever admit. After all without us policing the rest of you there would just be WW 3
  9. You are not alone with this elephant issue. I have tried 4 different elephants changed my box to all doorways. Dropped the thing away from the doorways and only get to feed it when I first drop it. After that it will not take food. Can not get in close to the mouth as it just knocks you back. Even if you could take the beating being knocked away keeps you from ever feeding it. I have a feeling the nerf was somehow directly tied to PVP and some exploit. This is very sad that we all suffer because of cheaters but this is the world we are in I guess. All I know is this 2x weekend is pointless if so much is broken.
  10. Dawg711

    Double resource weekend?

    YEs but they may not have this dynamic things set up. Really does not matter just sit and wait long weekend if you are in school or in government work. For NA anyhow.
  11. Dawg711

    Hey Americans - Look What Your Future Is.

    Well when the british fall on their face with out the support of EU they will be begging someone to take them under their wing. As Americans we will stand proud and ALLOW you under our wing as one of our COLONIES......we promise not to tax you too badly.......
  12. Dawg711

    Double resource weekend?

    The resource change would require a server restart, which they are not going to likely do until the patch is ready. You can not change settings like that with the server live. Sure it will come now that i have heard about it I will prep for some work.....stor what I can get.
  13. Dawg711


    Yeah people think locking out China will solve so many issues are misguided. I had my raft sunk by a couple of American Teenagers that were playing as girls. The punks and cowards come from many countries. Too bad they can not just start BANNING anyone remotely thought to be doing any of this. Issues resolved.
  14. Dawg711

    Ships Being Attacked!!!

    This can only be a bug and a serious one. You expect Crocs and sharks to attack in water but having a dozen wolves attacking your ship is crazy nuts. Also the amount of damage that a croc does to a ship as you try to run away not to mention killing the helmsman over and over is nuts as well. Once on a ship Crocs and HammerHead Sharks should no longer be a threat. I can see a Great White getting to you but that is it. Please can we get this fixed ASAP? Outside of that developers you are doing great work. I can not blame you for the griefers though be nice to see them gone. Great to have some mods or a way to get ahold of someone to report these kids so we can elimate the issue.
  15. Dawg711

    Stuck inside a Shipyard

    On the NA PVE server in J4. I was on a shipyard that is not mine trying to fight off a snake when a restart happened. Have used this before for logging off and fighting but now I am inside the thing. Tried everything have no health left no stamina ate 7 rotten meat and no effect. I need admin help PLEASE!!! Thank you in advanced. Ingame name is Dawg