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  1. Im logged in now, I can make a boat if you are ready
  2. OK!! The dock WILL NOT let you make a boat on your own. I NEED TO MAKE IT FOR YOU. Bring all your matts, planks, decks, sails, and a ships wheel. I start the boat, you place your planks and sails. We launch the boat, I release it to you. That's how this will work. I have done a few so far for some. Post here if you are interested. If I am ready to help, please be ready to go. I suggest pulling up your current boat next to the shipyard with everything and then reach out to me in-game or here. My in-game name is Tom Brady. I do this for FREE. I may or may not be able to help you right away, so please be patient. If you give me any attitude, you can go pound whale blubber. Thanks!
  3. Im logged in a lot, just sailing about doing maps.
  4. We will sort it out, and no tip required. What are you building? A brig or Gally?
  5. I'll check it out. I may need to place the resources in it for you. Maybe you don't have large shipyard trained? What ship are you trying to build? Worst case scenario we can build it together. I'll be back in-game after 1230 EST.
  6. Hello, There is now a Large Mythical Shipyard, 206%, available for public use in A5, Hadsonee Ait by the lighthouse. (There is also a Journeyman Small as well) All builds should be completed within 48 hours. After 48 hours unfinished builds will be cleared. There is an open Smithy, Workbenches, and Storage containers if you need them. But they are used at your own risk as they are unlocked to everybody. Plenty of room to sail up and park next to the shipyard for a more secure experience. The best practice is to make your planks, decks, sails, and a wheel before you start. Then you can build quickly and sail it out of the dock to fit and finish elsewhere. Enjoy!
  7. Olthoi

    Ship Lantern Toggle?

    Thanks! Thanks!
  8. Olthoi

    Ship Lantern Toggle?

    I know we can turn lanterns on ad off with a lever on land, but I thought I saw someplace there is a hotkey for ship-mounted lanterns? Does anybody know? Thanks!
  9. Olthoi

    Whats that X Shaped Sail Called?

    Thanks. Wanted to make sure I wasnt missing out on something.
  10. Um, what? So its Singleplayer, PvP NA, or nothing at all for a week? Theyt actually want people to play the game right? And why does it feel like everything they do hurts or hinders the dedicated few who have sticking around?
  11. Used to be pretty mcuh every weekend, maybe every other. Now they cant be bothered. The end is nigh me thinks.
  12. Olthoi

    Where is 2x?

    I look forward to the 2x to fill up on mats and gold. Its been a solid 2 weeks amd I am getting ansty. I have plentry of things to do when its NOT 2x, but when it comes to farming, I need the 2x (or 3 or 4 for that matter!) or its not worth it. Like many have stated: I dont need 2x every day. But if I need to farm without 2+ or higher without enough content im not going to stay. I like the game and want to play every day, but dude you need to know its precarious. Farming isnt fun and if thats all im doing im out. Give me 2+ X every now and then or im gone.
  13. Olthoi

    Just Claimed A Tiny Island, How to...

    Thanks for the info
  14. NVM, found it in Comp[any Governance. But the changes dont save, any ideas?