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  1. I see it being discussed all over. I also made a ticket like I am guessing many others have. But have they made any official statements regarding it that I have missed?
  2. Have they officially announced a wipe yet? I don't care wither way, just say "Yes" or "no" please.
  3. The problem is they aren't answering the question. It would be so much simpler if they just said yes or no. By ignoring the question, it creates hype and a bit of drama. I simply want to know so I can save 45 minutes a day emptying farmhouses and feeding tames. And of course, when there is a non answer its a passive yes. Id probably have better success asking them if they intended on packing the supreme court....
  4. What if they just add some ? I'm ok with a wipe. Just wish they would say it so I dont have to feed 50 bears every day.
  5. I was in this spot a couple wipes ago and made a ticket. They said they wouldn't do anything about it.
  6. I cant get in at all. Its missing?
  7. Wood one working fine, cant get the stone to work. What am I missing? T
  8. I don’t have an issue with wipes. I will always accept a wipe that bring new content and fixes... BUT.... Grapeshot isn’t wiping to fix bugs; it’s not to add new creatures or quests. It’s changing the map and playstyle of the game, it wants people to play differently. It’s shifting from a lot of PvE to more PvP. That doesn’t sound terrible if you like PvP, but the problem is, MOST of the remaining people STILL logging in every day are really enjoying the PvE, the building, crafting, exploring, etc. The people that have been MOST loyal to the game are the ones in game right now playing in a PvE fashion. I like PvP too don’t get me wrong, but in Atlas I have the most fun doing the other stuff. Why is it so offensive to them that people are enjoying the game differently than they had imagined? The people I know who have left the game didn’t leave because there wasn’t enough PvP, they left because there wasn’t enough content. What metrics did they see that told them that moving away from their PvE’rs and trying to lure more PvP’rs was the way to go? There is nothing at all stopping people from playing PvP all day long every day already. That should be a clue for them. Ill log in after the wipe and give it the ole’ college try, maybe I’ll be surprised. But I am saying right now that I am not excited about it. I should be. Olthoi
  9. Olthoi

    New World Map!

    What else is everybody playing? Atlas?
  10. Olthoi

    New World Map!

    Did they say when? Timeline?
  11. All of a sudden, it was fine the first half of the day, now this. I can get in, but the game is wonky and I can't click anything. After a while I get booted with: "Network Failure Message, You have been kicked by BattlEye. Reason 'Client no responding'" I've verified game files (1 file fails every time), reinstalled the game, rebooted a few times, and even started the router. Nothing. No changes to the PC of any kind. Any ideas?
  12. Im logged in now, I can make a boat if you are ready
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