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  1. Um, what? So its Singleplayer, PvP NA, or nothing at all for a week? Theyt actually want people to play the game right? And why does it feel like everything they do hurts or hinders the dedicated few who have sticking around?
  2. Used to be pretty mcuh every weekend, maybe every other. Now they cant be bothered. The end is nigh me thinks.
  3. Olthoi

    Where is 2x?

    I look forward to the 2x to fill up on mats and gold. Its been a solid 2 weeks amd I am getting ansty. I have plentry of things to do when its NOT 2x, but when it comes to farming, I need the 2x (or 3 or 4 for that matter!) or its not worth it. Like many have stated: I dont need 2x every day. But if I need to farm without 2+ or higher without enough content im not going to stay. I like the game and want to play every day, but dude you need to know its precarious. Farming isnt fun and if thats all im doing im out. Give me 2+ X every now and then or im gone.
  4. Olthoi

    Just Claimed A Tiny Island, How to...

    Thanks for the info
  5. NVM, found it in Comp[any Governance. But the changes dont save, any ideas?
  6. I build.... A LOT. I also have built specialty ships (whaling, speed, SOTD killers, etc) and spend some time here and there just doing that. One thing I have fun doing is just grabbing my exploration gally and going on walkabout. I've gone "around" each poles and the equator. I'm going to try a diagonal run next. Each time took me between 3-5 days depending on how much I am logged in and how much I stop to explore. I load up on mats for blueprints and such and look around for decayed bases and unclaimed tames. Whatever floats my boat (pun TOTALLY intended) I have tried about everything (breeding wasn't for me). Whenever I see a newbie show up on my island I help them out as I am loaded with crap. I will say I am missing some of the higher content being a solo player. But I still have fun.
  7. I'm walking down the hall at the office. I pass a seam in the wallpaper where one panel is slighter darker than the other and for a nanosecond I feel I need to do a repair.
  8. I may, but im quite happy with my base and structures. If it comes to that, that's what ill do
  9. I'm the only one keeping their boats floating and the tames fed. I'm 100% trapped as the Company owns everything, all my boats, structures , and tames. You cant just make a timer that looks at days not logged in? Its been like 60 days, what is the game trying to save for them? Cant you just make an executive decision and say anybody logged out for more than X days opens up the ownership to be lost? The only way I can fix this is to start over, that seems to be a bigger travesty/crime than a Company owner losing the ownership because they want to keep ownership after an extended break. I still play the game every day and find fun things to do, I advocate for the game. But stuff like this makes it hard. That guy could log in tomorrow and take all my stuff if he wanted. *sigh* Olthoi.
  10. Im pretty much the only one left that plays, most havent logged on in nearly 8 weeks including the company owner. Is there a way to take over the ownership without them?
  11. Olthoi


    Can you trap the Alpha and leave it?
  12. Olthoi

    Hide your Gold

    I have a stone 4 x 4 building about 30 meters under water with a resource box filled with gold. Unless you are specifically looking for it, you cant see it.
  13. Olthoi

    QOL Wish List

    Changing the math to make a boat back up is VERY DOABLE. Adding to a table of blueprints that pop up in a smithy is VERY DOABLE. I understand you are 3 weeks into your online coding class, but ease up a bit.
  14. Olthoi

    QOL Wish List

    Here is my Quality Of Life wish list: #1 Please allow everything that can be made in the players inventory also be able to be made in the smithy. Its silly moving mats back and forth. (very doable) #2 When your sails are 100% closed, please increase the turning and backup speed so we can dock in a reasonable amount of time! (very doable) #3 The ability to dredge. My island, and many others, have these odd "rocks" that have weird clipping mechanics that make it very un-fun to create docks and park ships and such. You cant build on them or pick at them, they exist but they don't. Maybe some way to blow them up or remove them? With restrictions or whatever? (fanciful) #4 Anchoring. Dear lord I need some rhyme or reason to this. Can you make the ability to anchor based on the distance from the island rather than depth? Or something? It boggles my mind sometimes when trying to anchor what mechanic is being used. (very doable) #5 People building 100's of foundations or posts to keep others from building in lawless ruining frames. There are islands I don't even go to anymore because the experience is so unpleasant. I don't know what the solution is, but please fix it. (doable) #6 Add snap-points to shipyards for building. I would build my entire base over mine. (doable) #7 Some sort of overlay grid system for lining up structures when in placement mode. Maybe even have it show you if it will snap with adjacent structures before you place it. (doable) #8 A command to have NPC crew unload your pet or ship. Click on one storage location and have them move it to another. (fanciful) Ill take those to start, thanks Grapeshot, I'm sure all of these will be in the next patch!!! (At least 1, 2, 4, and 5, please!)
  15. 20%, What do you think?