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  1. I'd find another hill to die on. If someones objective is to grieve then they will find a way. They always do.
  2. Nari

    worst map in the history of maps

    a·maz·ing causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. Really?... There are much bigger fish to fry and 2 months is nothing in terms of development.
  3. Nari

    Respec and tamed creatures

    You lose the ability to ride them until you unlock riding again, and any other perks like feats or commands of course.
  4. Don't give tips when you don't even play the game...
  5. Nari

    My ship now has cow power

    Just because it's not the next thing on the list doesn't mean it's not a top priority. Fixes like these take time. I'd bet money that if they could have patched this INSTEAD of nerfing all spawns into easy mode they would have. The real issue probably has more to do with the servers and chunk streaming than it does collision in-engine.
  6. I'm fairly certain Merlin is right, everything BUT the box is fair game. I keep a Galley in between 2 brigs and have never had one leech from the other.
  7. Nari

    breeding statis

    It's working as intended. I just got done babysitting 3 newborns to Juvy then left em to fate. They're all 50% now. Temperature spikes and Food are both no longer an issue.
  8. Nari

    Pets imbalanced ?

    Those are the numbers and numbers don't lie. I posted them right after grabbing highest level 0% imprint bear and beating on a dummy. Then I unlocked Natures Cry one again and tested again. T1 is a 200% buff and T2 says in it's description that it only affects duration. Edit2: Lol... You're also not wrong I just tested again, then unlocked T2 and DPS dropped to LMB: DPS 74 RMB: DPS 97 Edit3: First off, I'm starting to think I need glasses neither T2 or 3 increase the buff they both only increase duration. Second, after losing DPS I decided to respec. I'm getting different numbers than before with the same bear at the same MD%. Without Cry base is 40 not 56 with RMB and T1 doubles it to 80 not 112. (the same DPS as Edit2 97) Edit4: Neither T2 or T3 decreased DPS this time after respec. It just lasts longer as intended. Something is fucky tho... A bug or shadow nerf to bear with that update. Maybe the dummy can't be trusted. I know for a while it was unreliable in ARK. I'm going to keep this bear at 140.4% for testing purposes. FinalEdit: So I'm not going crazy. With a different bear that has the same MD 140.4% the numbers are the same. Both with and without the buff.
  9. Nari

    Bookshelf - Release Meow

    And the cosmetics plz?
  10. Nari

    Pets imbalanced ?

    Lol yes you can. Reverse engineer the base stats and then extrapolate with the assumption of 100% affinity. Look up DodoDex for ARK.
  11. Nari

    Stand down

    The C and V keys when at the wheel? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by stand down mode.
  12. Nari

    Pets imbalanced ?

    I forgot to mention Natures Cry. Using the first tier alone doubled those numbers. LMB Base 85 / DPS 85 and RMB Base 92 / DPS 112. Tier 2 is just duration but T3 increases damage even further. Don't have it (yet*) so I can't test it.
  13. Exactly. People breeze over patch notes like this: - Optimized performance of various server subsystems. then complain about X,Y,Z not being addressed because it didn't directly impact their experience. What they don't realize is that these are the necessary steps to get from here to there.
  14. Nari

    Pets imbalanced ?

    Bear: Wild levels 42. Tame levels 31. MD 140.4% Imprint 0%. LMB: Base = 42 / DPS = 43 RMB: Base = 46 / DPS = 56 Edit: These are numbers from just your avg high level spawn. Affinity affects the value you receive per tamed level too so to min/max you actually need Beastmaster T3 affinity perks, and maybe an affinity scroll even, to perfectly tame breeding material (who's wild levels are RNG so some are better than others) then you need to pure breed them for imprint and so on. If they reintroduce Mutations the rabbit hole goes even deeper. This is why I advocate that Bears are OP. Name ONE other tame that once you complete this process has any chance to compete?
  15. Nari

    Pets imbalanced ?

    Child's play. Pure breed from level 30's and imprint 100% THEN dump all level into melee and report DPS and MD% from a dummy as Kummba mentioned.