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  1. Nari

    The Danger Zone

    I'll level with you. I read between the lines here and I see are 3 things. 1: Pop is particularly low today - Excuse. 2: You don't like claims. Period. - Opportunity. 3: You're bored. - Motive. People looking into buying the game on the other hand won't see this. They'll see yet another thread about how "deeply concerned" someone is about the population. Not aware of any of the aforementioned improvements or upward trends. Which is why I took a moment to point them out. I would have left it at that but you didn't.
  2. Nari

    Non-dedicated multiplayer LIMITED WHY?

    General Rules: Non-Dedicated Host Tether Distance. Default is 1.0. Max is 3.0 Below that is max players.
  3. Nari

    The Danger Zone

    By actually playing the game... I've met a lot of people in game who recently purchased. As in since MU2. Your experience on the other hand.... is watching some numbers move up/down on a screen and jumping to conclusions. Hell, a quick peek into the Steam Discussions and you would see that every other thread is a new player asking questions, for advise, reporting bugs. A large portion are people who just bought in for SP. Stop talking out of your ass as if you know what you're actually talking about you don't. Likewise for your suggestions. *Oh look, Non-Dedicated was released. There's quite a few who've been holding off for this feature specifically.
  4. Nari

    The Danger Zone

    How about not making the same "Population is X = Game is Dead/Dying" thread over and over and over... believe it or not it would actually help. I'm serious. That's my suggestion. Reviews are on the rise. New sales are too. WPE is sure to bring in some old and new (if all you care about it population) and who knows what's slated for MU4 or beyond. There's still 17months of EA. The devs themselves have made it clear they do not care about the concurrent numbers at this point in development. Your username is Realist ffs. Its ironic really.
  5. Nari

    What happened to the player Market?

    Location. Location. Location. Story time. So I was minding my own business sailing the around this wide open donut we call the Atlas with the wind blowing -75 to Port when I spotted a White Whale off the Starboard side. Pretty close but nothing to be concerned about, or so I thought. So I held my course fully expecting to just sail on by. Turns out my client (or the whale) was out of sync pretty bad because the next thing I know the Bow starts taking some serious damage. *cue battle music* Planks explode. Ships goin down. No mats or spares on board just gold. Real clusterfuck of a situation. So I bank hard to Port into the wind, adjust the sails, and pray to Poseidon that we can make it to shore in time. Upon arriving, to my surprise, I find a dock with a shop perfectly positioned and stocked with everything needed to patch up before it was too late. I'm talking Pirates of the Caribbean style where Jack pulls in just as the ship sinks.gif Are they useful? Absolutely!
  6. Nari

    What happened to the player Market?

    They were implemented.
  7. Nari

    The reality of ATLAS

    I was talking about the EA release of ARK up to its official release. Not post-release. It was a fairly polished experience at that point compared to the first year of development. Comparisons to ARK are common around here because it's practically the same devs and Atlas started as a forked branch of ARK not on a clean slate. So it's really easy to draw parallels. The term Beta represents a stage of development, EA's vague description allows it to cover multiple stages ranging from a Minimal Viable Product to a Feature Complete Product that needs a little testing prior to release.
  8. He has to log in, walk over to a resource box, grab gold, and put it in the flag. It's very labor intensive. 15hrs a day apparently.
  9. Nari

    Make more recipes + buff cooking

    They need to get their ducks in a row first before adding new ones imo. Like you said there's a lot of potential here, for Recipes/Buffs/The economy even/etc, but that course is on the back burner. Personally I think it would be neat to have a more dynamic contextual cooking system based on the ingredients you choose to use or currently have available to you (Think BoTW for ex, or ARK custom recipes). There's still a meta for endgame but the players get to play around and experiment to see what works and what doesn't.
  10. Nari

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    None. All can be explained with the exception of the recent changes to decay which have resulted in some speculation about bugs. 99% of all statistics are pulled out of someone ass on the spot.
  11. Nari

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    Yes deleted. Plenty of reports about decay, Possible bugs even. Not a SINGLE person has reported a plank magically being deleted for no explainable reason.
  12. Nari

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    I've NEVER seen anything like this happen nor are there any reports of it either. 99% is a bit of stretch... I agree with the OP. The source of a leak should be identified particularly if the source is another player. This sounds like a way to sink entire fleets without a trace.
  13. No warning, only after the fact. The entire region gets a raze alert when it actually happens. ALL structures are razed even landlords.
  14. Didn't even realize this was a thing tbh. You should display this on the UI like every other container of water and maybe increase it's capacity beyond a single use.
  15. Nari

    Skill Requirements

    If they don't want equipment as a commodity then I can settle for less. I wont be mad, just disappointed...