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  1. Melora

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    We've the same problem on O5 EU PvE cheat TP O5 -78996 -152204 1256
  2. Instead of solving the problem of foundation spam, you bing it to every Island. It takes only one day and the Island, where we starts, looks like a teenage boy with pimples all around
  3. I've played Ark *omg a lot of hours and I love Atlas so much more, I'm a pirat now there's nothing more to say. And I've a vegetable garden beautiful landscape, no need for trips to the seas, i will save so much money. And there are no Gigantosaurs and no hordes of T-Rex, with that scary noise.
  4. Melora

    pve Suchen Land in gemäßigten Gebieten

    Bei uns sind leider noch Bereiche von Leuten geblockt, die wohl aufgehört haben, leider sind die nicht in unserer Company und die Gebäude gammeln so vor sich hin -.- und blockieren den Platz.
  5. Melora

    Foundation Spam in Lawless.. wow

    On most lawless is the problem, but yesterday we came to A5 (the biggest of the islands there) , i was overwhelming from this breathtaking beautful Npc buildings, i explore a small farmhouse, a watermill near a small sea with beautiful cascades around, a little house in the montains and that really beautyful city near a giant statue. Awesome, really (hope the developpers expand the building system ) And everywhere other players has built the ugly foundations. For new players there is no possibility to built a shipyard, because of foundation and the big doorway-walls, you can't make a small fire. We came to a bay, somebody blocked the whole area, because he wants to make a town for beginners, who wants something like that? I think there's not enough land for players to claim, especially if they are new ingame and there's is to much land claimed by people, who doesn't play anymore. But this foundation spam and doorway surroundings should be changed
  6. Our Situation is opposite, we have given land to some People, we couldn't remove our flag cause of the overlapping (seaflags …) … but we made a good arrangement and form a Island alliance. Some changes in game makes them to leave the game, now we have the ruins at the land and can't do anything. We would remove the structures so someone else can find a place to build a base, shipyards etc. It's a little bit lonesome on our island Sry, my english lessons are a long time ago, and my teacher gets grey hair if he could read my tries
  7. Melora

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    Our base on official EU PvE
  8. Melora

    Building Tiers instead.

    Good idea. The Option normal Stone, insulated Stone and reinforced Stone sounds really good.
  9. Melora


    Oh i thought about that herbgarden, too. We have no medical herbs on our island and I think on the other Islands in this sector there are also only cooking herbs. To put a herbgarden or herb pots in the game for the medicalkits and for cooking it could be a good idea, especially a new option of trading with. Okay thats not really something for pvp-loving-big-companies-Pirates but for the Smutjes and the atmospheric Play. Barrels for rum, whine .. Grindstone
  10. We came to an island with a ruin of golden age, where maybe is a fountain of youth, me and my partner both aged 93. We looked around the whole island was full of mobs. We go to land and a lion lvl 129 aggroed, than we aggroed two fire elements, GORGONS... . No chance to reach the buildings, where maybe is the entrance to an cave full of mobs high leveled or something else... We go home will aged and I see no possibility for use to find it. We can't go over the whole map to look for the fountain. We do not have such fast ships Maybe you can create a walking support for very old pirates
  11. We built our base at a place with only a few stones on it, perfect no ressources influenced. Than came some treasure hunter, at that place was a treasure . We rise up our building. 10m away we built our new home and wtf at these place is although a treasure. There is not only the claiming problem, how should someone know where a treasure is when building a base.
  12. Melora

    Territory messages

    I hope that they will change, that everybody can change the territory message. Yesterday someone wrotes at our territory map, that there would live Nazi pigs, , only cause of our german name -.- nothing to do with that guy who came at night to our island. My english is bad, sorry that i was lazy at school
  13. Melora

    resource locations

    I don't want to sabotate your work, but in the official wiki is although a good resource map
  14. Melora

    Resources - Oil

    We've found Crude Oil yesterday @ N7 or N6. I can't look at my map at the moment. It's lawless and in the right sector in O is a powerstone region. (sry english lessons are years ago)
  15. I get frozen near the fire inside our house, in Temperate (Zone O5 PVE EU) the range of temperature: too hot to too cold, Climate Change is a promblem^^